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Interview with 2020 People Choice Award Winner H.L. Swan

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We are so proud to present you an interview with one of our favorite authors: H.L. Swan!

H.L. Swan is maybe best known for her great Emden Series containing the books Aiden an Emilia. And when you read through our top lists of Erotic Romance Stories, you realize that we talked more than once about Aiden and Emilia. Both books not only made it in our Best Erotic Romance Series list, both (!) made it in our 8 best Erotic Romance Novels of all time!

So if you want to learn more about our view on those books, just hit shortly our top list section. Ok we admit that we are a fan of the work of H.L. Swan. But we are not alone! Her book Aiden won the 2020 People’s Choice Award! So it is officially confirmed: Aiden and Emilia rank among the best of class you can read in the Erotic Romance genre.

So take a dive into the interview with H.L. Swan and learn about her life as author, about her motivation, inspiration and upcoming projects!

H.L. Swan. Book Aiden of H.L. Swan promo picture

What did motivate you to become an author?

So, I learned about Wattpad after finishing Anna Todd’s After series. I was absolutely captivated by her writing and it sparked something in me. The day after I finished reading them, I started a Wattpad account and began this journey!

What was the most difficult part of becoming an author?

Putting myself out there. I’m a very shy person who worries alot, but everyone has been so kind and really made me come out of my shell.

What do you think: in what stage of the process of an author are you right now?

I’m still finding my bearings, constantly learning and growing. I don’t think I’ll ever stop the learning process, but I love every minute of it!

What keeps you motivated to push forward each day as an author?

One hundred percent, my readers. They inspire me daily!

Do you have yourself favorite authors or books which deeply inspired you as a person and as an author?

SO many! It would be too long of an answer. Haha. But Ellen Hopkins, Anna Todd, Paullina Simmons, and Colleen Hoover to name a few!

I’m personally a huge fan of the Emden Series (containing the books “Aiden” and “Emilia”). Please tell us a little more about it. (e.g. where did you get you inspiration from, how was the writing process, what do you like about the books, how long did it take you to write them etc)?

  • Inspiration: Aiden and Emilia crawled their way inside my head. I wanted to read something with a strong, possessive hero and a sweet, loving heroine, so I wrote it.

  • Writing Process: The writing process was very interesting as it was chapter by chapter, one every three days on Wattpad. It was really awesome putting that rough draft out there and getting instant feedback and finding out what my readers liked and disliked.

  • What I like about the books: I adore their dynamic. I’m a softy for a protective, passionate man and a sweet, loving girl who calms him down.

  • How long it took: It took me eleven months to write both books and publish them! It was an absolute rollercoaster.

Please tell us a little more about your other books “Haven” and “Guarded by Death”. What are they about and who should read it?

Ahh! My standalone babies!

Book Cover of Guarded by Death of author HL Swan
  • Haven is about a girl named Arianna, who has a rough home life with her alcoholic father as she raises her younger sister. She finds an escape through a charming, mysterious man named Alexander who she has seen in her dreams since she was Sixteen. One night while she’s sleeping, during her dream Alexander lays a rose in her palm and she wakes to it in real life! So, she sets out to find him and the land ‘Haven’ that he calls home. It’s a steamy fantasy about love and magic!

  • Guarded by Death is a young adult romance, about the angel of death -Pierce- falling in love with a mortal -Scarlett- as he protects her from the evil that wants to steal her light. For anyone who loves the Twilight series by Stephenie Meyer, or Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick I would recommend Guarded by Death for them!

What is the fascinating thing of romance and steamy or erotic romance for you as a reader and as an author?

As a reader, it’s such a form of escapism. Traveling to different worlds, or cities. Falling in love with characters and letting them rip your heart out over and over again.

As an author, it’s the exact same!

Where do you get your inspiration from? Are your characters solely based on your imagination or do you let inspire yourself by real people or stories?

My brain! Haha. Sounds cliché, but it’s true. From the time I was a kid, I would make up stories in my head, and I’m so thankful I’ve found something to do with them! The world is beautiful and offers so much inspiration, so I draw from that as well!

What do you want to achieve for yourself as an author?

I feel so incredibly blessed to have what I have now that I truly can’t imagine anything more. Every time I hold one of my books in my hands, or a reader post a picture with them it just makes me so proud. I would love to do this forever.

You won the 2020 People’s Choice Award. First of all: Congratulations! Secondly: what does it mean to you to win such an award? Does it motivate you even more to write?

Thank you so much! I was honored, I couldn’t believe people voted for something I wrote, and I’m just so happy that readers enjoyed Aiden!

What do you want to give to your readers with your books?

An escape. The world is hard, and it can be cruel and if my books can help another person to escape if only for a little while, then I’ve done my job.

Your books, where and in which forms are your books available?

Please tell us a little more about your latest novel “Race to me” which was released on the 24th of April 2021?

I’m so excited for Race to me to be released! This is a series that focuses on a girl named Skyler Johnson who comes from the perfect family and falls deeply for a mysterious motorcycle racer the wrong side of the tracks. It has twist and turns, love, and passion. This book dives into more serious topics including parental abuse and body dysmorphia.

On what are you currently working? Are there any additional books in the works?

Currently I’m working on the ‘To me’ series! In addition to a very steamy Teacher x Student novel that I can’t wait to share with y’all!

We again want to thank H.L. Swan for giving us the time for this interview. And we think we all should now take a deeper look into “Race to me” coming on 24th of April.

HL Swan. New book of HL Swan namend Race to me

Race to me:

Skyler Johnson lives the perfect life.

A promising future, endless wealth, and two loving parents.

But it’s all a lie.

The glass mansion she calls home hides dark, painful truths behind its sparkling exterior. A truth that Skyler wants to break free from, shattering her old life and starting anew the moment her gaze lands on Foster Jennings, an irresistible underground racer.

He’ll do anything to free her, and she’ll weather any storm for him.

But nothing is ever that simple, is it?

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