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10 Great Elite School Romance Books You Need to Read

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Romance novels are the best-selling and most popular genre of fiction in today's world. In 2021, there was a 24% increase in romance book sales. They estimate that over $47 million worth of romance novels and erotic literature were sold in 2021.

The popularity of romance novels is not surprising, since these novels are an escape, a thoroughly enjoyable trip into a world where love is and always will be victorious. It's the hopeless romantic's dream.

If you consider yourself a lover of romance novels and all things love, you likely realize that some of the most popular stories are set in elite schools.

These novels are filled with stories of the wealthy and tackle the challenges of the top 1% when it comes to love and romance.

If you are ready for a light escape filled with money, power, and romance, check out ten popular elite school romance books.

sexy young and rich women as a depiction used in an article which lists the best elite school romance novels

#1 Let's Talk About Love by Claire Kann

Cover of Let's Talk about Love by Claire Kann which is one of the greatest High School Romance Books

If you're looking for a college romance book that has you on the edge of your seat, Let's Talk About Love should be the next book in line for you to read on your Kindle.

This novel explores the inner workings of asexuality and what that means when it comes to relationships.

Alice thought she had her entire summer planned out - working at the library and spending time with her girlfriend.

That is until her girlfriend dumped her when she confessed she was asexual. But what her summer does have is a few unexpected twists and turns in her love story.

Join Alice on her journey to figuring out what love means to her.

#2 Deviant King by Rina Kent

Cover of the Rich High School Romance Book Deviant King by Rina Kent, Cover picture of one of the greatest steamy Elite High School Romance Books calles Deviant King, Picture of the sexy bully high school romance novel Deviant King

Deviant King is a novel a bit on the darker side, so if you like rich high school romance books with a twist, look no further than this novel.

This isn't your average romance novel. Instead of having the main character be the hero, he is actually not.

Instead, he is the high school bully that finds himself in situations that he shouldn't be in.

Situations that could lead him to trouble.

Curious about what types of situations he keeps finding himself in?

Go pick up the book!

You won't regret it.

How you can enjoy the Deviant King for FREE!

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#3 Truly Madly Royally by Debbie Rigaud

Picture of the Sweet Elite School Romance Book Truly Madly Royally, Cover Picture of the sweet romantic Elite School Romance Novel Truly Madly Royally

Truly Madly Royally is a feel-good romance novel about a black girl who is spending her summer at a prep school and meets her prince.

But actually, he really is a royal prince.

While she once felt out of place at the prestigious prep school surrounded by white guys and white girls, Zora feels more connected than ever when she meets Owen, the prince.

And then Zora gets invited to go to Owen's brother's royal wedding. All attention turns to her and her family, and she can't get out of the spotlight.

The rest? It's history.

#4 Tradition by Brendan Kiely

Sexy Elite School Romance Book Tradition Cover Picture, Sexy Boarding School Romance Novel called Tradition by Brendan Kiely

This book is a lot like it sounds.

It dives into the traditions of prep schools and the darker side that many of them can have - the toxic masculinity and the rape culture that prevails in many schools.

Jules and Jamie, two kids who attend the prep school, Fullbrook Academy, want to just make it out of the school into the college of their dreams.

But they come from different pasts and are at the school for two very different reasons.

How does a jock act in a place where he's supposed to judge a girl based on her looks and her figure?

How does a girl act when she realizes she feels a connection to a jock, yet wants to blend in to get out of there as quickly as possible?

This passionate novel explores what it really means to fall in love at Fulbrook Academy while learning about love, sex, and what it means to truly be friends.

#5 Paper Princess by Erin Watt

Cover of the Boarding School Romanc Book Paper Princess by Erin Watt

Wealth. Privilege. Royal.

All things that Ella Harber is not used to.

After moving around from town to town with her mom who was far away from having anything together, Ella has to figure out how to navigate and survive. But that may have been easier than what she is about to deal with.

Once she is placed in a mansion with five captivating Royal boys, she has to figure out how to live up to the expectations so she's not sent back where she came from.

You won't be able to set Paper Princess down once you pick it up. Be prepared for hours of reading!

#6 Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

Cover of the steamy elite School Romance Book Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas

Two star-crossed fifth graders are set up by their teachers at different boarding schools while they are young.

Yet, the ungendered names of the two fifth-graders came across as being the opposite of how they really identified, and the two figured it out.

But they decided not to meet to keep things the way they were.

And for seven years, they didn't.

But then they did...

#7 The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan

Sexy elite College Romance Novel the Hook Up by Kristen Callihan

If you want an elite school romance book about college that you can't set down, this one is for you.

There are only a few rules: No kissing on the mouth, no falling in love, and no spending the night. Easy, right?

The star football player, Drew, is used to fame at his college, while Anna just wants to get through college to start working. After a fun night of incredible sex, the two have more going for them.

But Anna doesn't want more.

And Drew does.

How can he convince her to stay?

The answer: More sex and more satisfaction.

But will it convince Anna?

You'll have to read the book to find out.

#8 Make Your Move by J. Bree

Cover Picture of a great steamy Elite High School Romance Novel called Make your Move by J. Bree

Make Your Move is part of the Hannaford Prep Book Series by J. Bree. It's book two of four in the series.

Told from the perspective of the protagonist, he claims he's won over the heart of his lover - the queen of the school.

But that's not where it ends.

The brother of his lover hates him, thinking he has all of these bad plans and is just a plain old murderer.

He stands out, but not in a good way.

So he has to make a move.

Where will that move lead him? how will this love story at Hannaford Prep end?

Sexy Elite High School Romance Book Cover Picture of In the Arms of the Elite by C.M. Stunich

The name says it all.

In the Arms of the Elite is part of the Richy Boys of Burberry Prep series. It's the last in the book series.

And it's all about falling in love with the wrong person - the one who isn't rich.

Marnye Elizabeth Reed has completely changed the lives of the rich boys at the school. Love has changed them.

But what will happen when the Infinity Club meets? Will money destroy them, or will things work out?

If you haven't read the others in the series, be aware that this series is a darker series, all about high school bullies of the elite high school romance books.

#10 Just Drop Out by J. Bree

Cover of the steamy Elite School Erotic Romance Novel Just Drop Out by J. Bree

Surviving foster care isn't easy. But she did it, and she did it with grace.

And now she has a path to freedom from her past life: a scholarship to Hannaford Prep - one of the most elite schools in the area.

But is she really going to find freedom?

She tends to find herself in situations that make her the target of humiliation while attracting the wrong guys at the school. Every single boy is out to date her, except for the only boys that she actually wants to date.

Instead of wanting her, they want to destroy her.

If you were intrigued by the second novel's brief synopsis for Hannaford Prep, this is the first one in this steamy Elite School series - and one that you do not want to miss. That's also why part 2 of the Hannaford Prep Series made our list on #8...

The 10 Best Elite School Romance Books

Once you breeze through these ten best elite school romance books, you'll be looking for your next book to pick up. After reading through so many elite high school romance books, you may want to consider checking out boarding school or college romance books.

Or maybe you're more into erotic novels. Either way, check out our top lists to see which books you should be putting on your shelves.

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