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About – The website dedicated to Erotic Literature

The days of hiding away our romance novels under the couch cushions, or feeling embarrassed to admit that we enjoy the sex that goes along with the intrigue of our summer read are officially over.  Female erotica is a billion dollar business and women are proudly shouting from the mountaintops that we are the ones spending all that money and we deserve to be treated as the demographic that we are - smart, highly educated women of ALL ages.  The secret is out!

Women who love erotica (and naturally everybody else who does) understand that romance novels are not just word porn used to get turned on. The books, like women themselves, are so much more complex than that. We have been in search of a place to go to have an intelligent conversation about our favorite genre. Amanda Boyd heard our call and answered our need for a community. This is it : the classy Erotic Romance Blog ! The Erotic Literature Website on which everybody who loves this genre finds everything needed about it.

Amanda is a lover of erotic literature, just like you and I. She spent her 20's in Europe and then came back to the United States to build her family. She is similar to us, also, because she did not let her domestic pursuits steal away her sensual side. She kept it alive by writing erotic short stories for herself and her friends. The stories made such an impact on those who read them that she began releasing them to the public. But she didn't stop there.  Amanda also started the erotic literature website and blog as a place for readers to go to learn more about erotica.

In addition to getting access to Amanda's latest work (readers that sign up for her newsletter are given a free copy of her short story Forbidden Complication) Filthybooks provides access to all kinds of information about the genre. She provides lists and reviews of the latest online and print erotic literature and no subject matter is off the table. Some examples include «The Best Paranormal Erotic Romance you Can't Miss», «Best Erotic Short Stories,» and «Here's to Some Supremely Hot Gay Erotic Stories

Amanda also adds the exciting segment of author interviews where readers can hear from writers such as Jerrie Alexander author of «Come Hard», Sallyanne Johnson ,author of «Dark Desires» or Tracy Sumner, National Reader’s Choice Award Winner and author of «Chasing the Duke». Her conversation with these erotica writers are creative and thought provoking.  

Filthybooks brings the erotica genre to a new level by giving it, and its readers, the respect they deserve.  Amanda Boyd is pulling back the curtains and letting the light shine on an inventive, exciting and sensual side of literature.  Women and all Erotica fans have been longing for the opportunity to embrace their naughty side and Amanda Boyd has given it to them.


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