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Erotic Comics will seduce you in completely new ways

Guest article from Juliette Hardy - visit her on

Reading a well rendered Erotic Comic Book story is like losing one’s virginity again, with all the trembling excitement, and more.

You already know how breathtakingly good it’s going to be, in so many physical and emotional dimensions, but you still teeter on the edge of the moment, trying to capture every fervent sensation.

Erotic Comic picture from Juliette Hardy of

And because we all want those luscious moments to last forever, hoping for the tantalizing intensity of consummation to build and erupt and yet linger, we have the perfect balance of being simultaneously forward and backward in time, of thrusting in and out, coaxed by drawn images that tempt us with the right visual starting point, so that our imagination only need work just enough to stir the monster in our loins.

Why Erotic Comics...

You want to be awakened, but need to be approached a very special way?

That's when Erotic Comics come into play...

When seeing a book by a familiar or accomplished comics artist, possibly one whose style enraptured you before, you know as you slowly spread apart the pages that the experience will furnish a profound visceral satisfaction, but you long to savour each second to the fullest, as you control how the luxurious process will unfold… and unlike traditional texts, you don’t have to imagine quite so hard how gorgeous your sexual partner (or partners!) will appear.

Why Erotic Comics are different than Erotic Photos

With still porno/erotic photos, the reader has to try just a little too hard to imagine a story, which, after all, is how sex unfolds; it’s an event. Erotic comics give us that inviting stroke to get those balls rolling, and awaken all our eager parts, and feel present.

Because every person, no matter his or her denials, imagines being involved intimately and deeply in the plot, fantasizes about being inside the action and how it feels.

Even the best edited and most intense movies cannot provoke true flights of imagination because it all goes by too quickly, like a car accident.

Rather than commandeering our fixed attention through sudden shock, high-quality Erotic Comics provide the best of books and movies: the visual banquet is prepared, and you can choose the pace at which you partake - a shy taste or slow lick here, a deep, lustful suck there, as you probe the offerings more deeply, or wholesale savage swallowing frenzy.

It’s laid on a plate or page for you to hold, and fondle, and turning the pages feels like having something in your hand that’s yours to stroke back and forth, a seduction at an unhurried tempo so much more sensual and palpable than trying to freeze-frame over and over again as you miss that golden split second and lose the sweetness of heightened climax, just as it was bulging forth.

Why we love Erotic Comics

With comics, the story’s visual engine never stops moving even as the co-populating printed words encourage our minds to wander.

With an inspired blend and balance of images and words, the talented erotic comics artist knows how the drawings provide an augmented reader response, since she must also be a cunning linguist (in real life too, I can confirm).

For readers who prefer something even more phantasmagorical (sex with gods or with imaginary creatures? giant phalluses or a clitoris that can talk?) the medium of comics still allows it all to feel normal and natural, to our bodies and minds.

And so it is with our imaginations; only with the animated nature of the comics format is it all possible. Erotic comics sit astride the real world and the fantastical adeptly, like an adroit lover riding on top of you, performing the latest creative positions and rhythms with aplomb.

The stunning international rise in popularity of Japanese hentai comics attests to this phenomenon.

And sexual experience is always good; even when it’s “bad” it’s still delicious!

After all, even a limpidly executed porno photo still sets our imagination into motion.




The Role of the Cartoonist

An accomplished cartoonist creates an erotic comic story with just the right amount of suggestion, like a cordon bleu applying spice.

The storyline has to make us sit erect on the edge, letting us glimpse the bodies about to make love – as they pass from apparent calmness to passionate encounter – along with a truly enticing, hypnotic story that performs the familiar snake-charming dance, a foreplay whose steps may vary, but whose pathway leads to a climax that is never in doubt.

Getting there is half the fun, and cumming to the glorious summit fills that desperately greedy place. You know the one; every human being is curious and knows it’s there.

Whether we allow ourselves to feel it, and fulfill it, dictates whether we become self-actualized as sexual beings, and ultimately erotic comics give us that process in a unique way.

What the reader should feel when reading an Erotic Comic

Example of an Erotic Comic Strip from Juliette Hardy
A character who finally allowed herself to explore things she always wanted to try

The reader sees the story unfolding, but lazes over each detail (without it flashing past, as on a screen), like lying next to a lover and enjoying every little aspect of his/her body before imbibing yet more again… even as you keep imagining how every subsequent step of the story action will go.

Anal? 69? Fellatio? Multiple orgasm?

You can have it all!

Did you like that last little step, and how it made you feel?

Stay on the same panel or page, or let your eye flick back one, and re-imagine yourself in that scene as your lover does something ever-so-slightly differently… What if he wants to go down on me for another few hours? If only!

The Freedom of Erotic Comics

In the comics pages that stimulate and simulate what we all want, everything is possible in a way that can only be conveyed by sequential visual erotica of the most literate, artistic variety: a story that blows our minds with its turns of narrative, as we finally cum to have our lust blown open likewise with sweet physical and emotional satisfaction, time and again.

From the artist’s hand to yours as a reader, there is a tangible chain being gifted.

I received this gift early in life, in a culture that values sexual freedom and encourages fullfilment.

For me as a comics artist, the work of many fellow European cartoonists, such as Serpieri and Manara, allowed me to permit myself to explore artistic ideas boldly – simply because they proved that it was possible to penetrate the low expectations of mass mainstream comics to a more sublime confection of storytelling – a visually sated orgy with a journey and conclusion.

Cover of the Erotic Comic by Juliette Hardy from
The latest book, based on true experiences. Cum for the release!

With the discovery of Casotto’s work, I was further encouraged to reveal to audiences a still largely untapped dimension of erotic comics, told from a woman’s viewpoint.

Reviewers express that my artwork holds appeal for both male and female readers, because the story makes the sexual tension and closure meaningful. And that’s what makes for a truly great episode in erotic comics – like unutterably fantastic sex, it conveys genuine emotional content.

Mere mechanical sex is good, but making love is so much more delectable. It’s not just about the final orgasm… or even unexpected additional ones, if you are so lucky to engage with an exceptionally proficient lover!

Allow me to pass on the gift to you, dear readers, and relish it alongside the greatest classic forms like erotica novels. You can find examples of my artwork to discover deeper pleasures at I’m sure I’ll enjoy your company.

You are not alone - enjoy the freedom

At Filthybooks, we follow the mission driven by Amanda: We love steamy and sexy literature in all its forms, from sweet to sexy, and are always here for you so that you always have the right reading at the right time!

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