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Author Interview with Jerrie Alexander

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Discover with us Erotic Romance Author Jerrie Alexander. She is not only a bestselling author of Erotic Romance, but also published awesome Romantic Suspense stories like the Lost and Found Inc. Series. And learn how becoming an Erotic Romance Author helped Jerrie in a dark life-period and gave the joy of writing back to her!

What did motivate you to become an author?

I think I always wanted to be a story teller. I studied journalism but soon discovered it was too restrictive for me, so creative writing became my passion. This is until a tall handsome Texan married me and then a husband, two kids, eleven horses, a dog, a cat, and a career in logistics kept me busy. But writing was never far from my heart. I’d kept every paper I had turned in as we moved around the country with us. One day I dug all of it out and started writing again. That was ten years, ten romantic suspense, and three erotic romance books ago. It’s just what I do.

What was the most difficult part of becoming an author? What do you think in what stage of the process of an author are you right now? What keeps you motivated to push forward each day as an author?

Accepting that not everyone is going to love my work was a bit of a downer. Writers are fragile creatures and want to please every reader, especially in the beginning. Once I accepted that all I can do is write the absolute very best book I can and put it on the market, I became more relaxed.

I’m at a comfortable stage in my writing. I’m not finished learning my craft and hope I keep learning.

Motivation is hard to describe. The end result, holding a published book in my hand makes me want to start a new one. Hearing from readers is always a pick me up for any author.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Are your characters solely based on your imagination or do you let inspire yourself by real people or stories?

My plots come from different sources. Hearing true stories on the news and researching FBI profiler’s lives have helped me create stories and characters in my head. The erotic romance books stories came from tons of research and chats with bloggers who live the lifestyle.

Which book of yours should a reader in search of an Erotic Romance story choose first in order to get to know you?

There are three books out in the Club Silken series. Come Hard, Come Hot, and Come Together. I’m working on the fourth, Come Undone. I write standalone stories. My characters mingle through the books but each one focuses on a particular couple who always get a happy ending. Each one can be read independently of the others but will be more enjoyable to read in order.

Why are you fascinated of the Erotic Romance Genre, why do you write in this genre?

I write to entertain my reader. (and myself) I’ve enjoyed changing to a new genre and hope it’s given me a fresh approach to my writing style.

Most other books than the Club Silken Series we would more put into the Romantic Suspense genre. Is that correct? Why did you know get to write more an Erotica piece?

I lost my husband suddenly a little over three years ago. For a while I couldn’t find my way back inside a story. My doctor suggested I try a different genre, one I liked but would have to dig deep and learn more about it. I’m so glad I did. Erotic romance has given me back the gift of being excited to write.

What do you want to achieve for yourself as an author?

I want to write the best book ever printed, which is exactly what all writers wish for. I’ve made the Amazon Best Seller list a couple of times and would love the hit the New York Times list too.

What do you want to give to your readers with your books?

Entertainment. Escape. Enjoyment with a happy ending. If I can move a reader, make them feel the emotions in a book, then I’ve done my job.

Which book did fascinate you the most? What makes this book special to you and your story as a person and as an author?

Hell or High Water, book one of the Lost and Found, Inc. series is very special to me. I got the idea from a news story during the Super Bowl. Human trafficking crimes rise during major events like a big football game. The number of missing girls during that period was surprising. I started reaching and before a word of the book was written I had eighty pages of research including a phone conversation with an FBI liaison.

Talk about your actual book series, the Club Silken Series: - What is the story about? What make the story special?

Club Silken is about three men who after leaving the military and making their fortunes open three night clubs. One by one they meet the woman who have no experience in the BDSM lifestyle. Each couple will trip and fall a number of times before finding their way to a happy ending. Their struggles and emotions open long buried emotions and life experiences.

- On what are you actually working? Are there additional books in the works?

I’m currently working on book four of the series. Come Undone is set in Satin, a new members only club they’ve just opened.

Come Hard (Book 1)


Permanent isn’t in my vocabulary…until she walks through my door. My brokerage business built me billions, and my clubs wet my appetite. Not many women can handle the kind of kink I crave. When fate has Morgan knocking on my door, all I want to do is take her to Club Silken and make her scream. Relationships are for the weak…so why do I want to give up control the moment we meet? I’ve only experienced sex in shades of vanilla, but Zack…oh God, Zack…he turns me inside out with desires I’ve never known I had, but I sure as hell want to explore. Come Hot (Book 2)


She’s the only woman to ever run from me. Literally bolted and left me alone—fantasizing about the scene we’d perform at Club Silken. Six months later, the sexy runaway bridesmaid, Kayla, is back in town and I’m stuck escorting her down the aisle at our friend’s wedding. She’s more beautiful than I remember—a vixen in heels who feeds my desire to show her exactly what she missed. Six months of intense therapy has allowed me let go of my ugly past and heal old wounds. I’m ready to live—quench the passion building inside me. Seeing Nick at the wedding sends my heart racing and makes me crave what he offered. His lifestyle scares me, yet the dark promises in his gaze are enticing and I find myself helpless to resist his touch, his kiss, his promise of ecstasy.

Each book in the Club Silken Series is standalone with a guaranteed happy ending. A different individual from a group of men who are friends interconnects the stories.

Come Together (Book 3)


Chelsea Coffman is one of those women who takes your breath away. The one heated look we shared exposed her trapped inner vixen just waiting for me to set her free. I was in no position to approach her then, but my life has changed dramatically after a year in Europe’s club scene. I’ll introduce her to the lifestyle, the pleasure, the ecstasy she craves. From the moment I looked into his heated gaze, Taylor Horne has starred in my late night fantasies, because in real life, my limo driver disappeared. Now he’s back in town living in a much higher tax bracket and the hunger in his eyes won’t be denied. Can I yield control? My independent spirit says no, but my shameless body screams, “Yes, Sir.”

We want to thank Jerrie Alexander for sharing her fascinating personal story with us; and of course we want to thank her from the bottom of our heart for writing great Erotic Romance stories for us!

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Amanda! thank you for hosting me on your blog. I had a great time answering the questions.

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