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Interview with Gay Erotica Author Samer Bo

Updated: Feb 14

We are honored to present to you in this interview a real specialist: Gay Erotica Author Samer Bo!

His life and background make for a dedication to writing erotic stories rarely seen in our interview series.

And they show that, especially in MM Romance, the value created with each story goes far beyond just the narrative.

So dive in and get to know Samer! We promise: You won't regret it!

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Gay Erotica Author Samer Bo Portrait Picture



What motivated you to become an author?

Writing has always been my passion. Growing up in a country where homosexuality is illegal and unacceptable made me want to create a safe haven, a place where people could be free to express themselves and their love without judgment or fear. Writing stories, especially erotic ones, was a way to do that.

It was my way to fight against the norms and the stigma, to show people that love has no boundaries and that regardless of gender or sexuality, love should be celebrated and embraced.

The writing was my way of bringing awareness to the struggles of the LGBTQ+ community in Egypt and the Middle East, as well as highlighting the beauty and importance of love and acceptance.

I saw writing as a way to not only express my own experiences but also to give a voice to the LGBTQ+ community in Egypt and to provide a platform for their stories to be heard. I believe that by sharing these stories, we can break down the stereotypes and prejudices that exist in our society.

Was there a defining moment when you knew that you wanted to become a published author?

I was writing stories for a few years and only sharing them with close friends. When a close friend of mine was arrested and persecuted for being gay, I was shocked and devastated by this news and it made me realize the urgency of the situation.

The LGBTQ+ community in Egypt was facing immense danger and something needed to be done to bring attention to this issue. I decided to take the plunge and publish them online. I knew that it was a risk, but I felt that it was an important step in breaking the stigma and prejudice against the LGBTQ+ community in Egypt and the Middle East.

What was the most difficult part of becoming an author?

One of the most difficult parts of becoming an author was the fear of being judged or misunderstood. Finding the courage to put my work out there and the risk of being identified and accordingly discrimination, harassment, and even persecution.

However, I knew that the importance of my message and the impact it could have on others was worth the risk.

Another difficult part was finding the motivation and energy to write. Writing can be demanding, both mentally and physically, and it can sometimes be draining. It took a lot of self-discipline and dedication to stay focused and motivated, but it was always worth it in the end.

What keeps you motivated to push forward each day as an author?

One of the things that keeps me motivated each day is the knowledge that I am writing something that is inspiring and bringing joy to people around the world.

I receive messages and letters from readers who tell me that my stories have given them hope.

These messages are a source of great encouragement and they remind me why I do what I do.

When it comes to criticism and bad reviews, it can be difficult to take. I try to take constructive feedback and use it to improve my writing and my craft. I also remind myself that no one is perfect and that everyone has different opinions. As long as I am proud of what I put out there, that's all that matters.

Do you have a favorite author or book which deeply inspired you as a person and as an author?

As a gay man, the work of Oscar Wilde has been particularly meaningful to me.

His writing and activism have helped to pave the way for future generations of LGBTQ+ individuals and his work continues to inspire me to this day.

Also, the work of Nawal El Saadawi, a renowned feminist writer and activist from Egypt, has had a profound impact on me. Her writing about the oppression of women and the intersection of gender and sexuality in the Arab world has inspired me to use my own writing to bring attention to similar issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community in Egypt.

You specialized in the genre of Gay Erotic Romance. Why do you write in this genre, where does your fascination for Gay Romance come from?

Cover Picture of the erotic MM Romance Novel Catfish by Samer Bo

I love writing in the genre of Gay Erotic Romance because I believe that love and desire are universal experiences and that everyone deserves to see themselves represented in the stories they read.

As a gay man, I was often disappointed by the limited representation of LGBTQ+ characters in popular culture and I wanted to fill that gap by creating stories that reflected my own experiences and those of the LGBTQ+ community.

My fascination for Gay Romance comes from my own personal experiences and the experiences of those around me.

The only stories that I found about LGBTQ+ in the Middle East were often ones of violence, discrimination, and persecution.

However, despite these challenges, the beauty and strength of the LGBTQ+ community and the incredible love and passion that can exist between two individuals, regardless of gender or sexuality, exist.

These experiences inspired me to write about the positive aspects of gay relationships and to showcase the beauty and joy that can be found in LGBTQ+ love stories.

Writing Gay Erotic Fiction allows me to explore themes and ideas that I am passionate about, particularly around issues of identity, sexuality, and love. I'm also drawn to the joy, passion, and connection that comes through in these stories.

If somebody doesn’t know you and your books. Which book should you start with to get to know the author and the person Samer Bo?

If someone is new to my work and wants to get to know me as an author and as a person, I would recommend starting with my book My Encounters in Egypt.

This book is a collection of my most personal and autobiographical stories and it provides a good introduction to my writing style and my perspectives on love, desire, and the LGBTQ+ community in Egypt and the Middle East.

What would you say makes your stories special and worth reading? Who just must read one of your books? What do you want to give to your readers with your books?

Cover Picture of the Gay Erotic Romance Book My Egyptian Master & his Men by Samer Bo

My stories are special because they strive to represent and celebrate a wide range of voices and experiences, particularly those of marginalized and underserved communities.

I create stories that are diverse, inclusive, and empowering, and that show LOVE in all its forms.

I create characters who are flawed yet brave, and stories that highlight the strength, resilience, and beauty of those characters.

My stories provide a window into a world that is often unseen and unrepresented, and they showcase the experiences, emotions, and desires of a community that is often marginalized and discriminated against.



My stories are for anyone who is looking for a powerful story of love and hope in a captivating, thought-provoking, and sensual read. They are for those who want to explore their own identities and relationships, and for those who want to be moved, challenged, and inspired by the characters and stories they read.

I want to create stories that challenge the status quo and allow readers to explore and celebrate their own truths, no matter what they are.

I want to give my readers a sense of hope, inspiration, pleasure, and joy. I want to provide them with a space where they can see themselves reflected and celebrated, and where they can escape from the challenges and prejudices that they often face in their daily lives.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Are your characters solely based on your imagination or do you inspire yourself by real people or stories?

I have drawn upon my own personal experiences to create stories that reflect my own journey of self-discovery and sexual awakening.

In other cases, I have been inspired by the stories and experiences of others in the LGBTQ+ community, and I have used my writing to bring their voices to the forefront and to give them a platform to be heard.

However, some of my characters and stories are based solely on my imagination.

I am always on the lookout for new and exciting inspiration, and I am constantly reading and learning from the experiences of others.

Whether it is through personal interactions, online communities, or other sources, I believe that there is always something new to learn and to be inspired by.

My goal is to create stories that are both authentic and relatable, and that capture the heart and soul of the LGBTQ+ community in Egypt and the Middle East. I strive to create characters that are complex and true to life, explore the nuances of identity, relationships, and self-discovery, and create stories that are meaningful, powerful, and thought-provoking.

Tell us more about your upcoming projects. What can we expect from Samer Bo in the next years?

I have several exciting projects in the works!

In the next few years, I am looking forward to continuing to explore the world of gay erotic romance, and to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in this genre.

I believe that there is always room for growth and experimentation, and I am constantly seeking out new and innovative ways to tell our stories.

One of those projects is about a group of gay basketball players searching for love and sex. In this book, readers can expect to follow the journeys of a diverse cast of characters as they search for connection and fulfillment in a world that often presents significant challenges for LGBTQ+ individuals.

These characters will offer a powerful and intimate look into the lives of gay men in a sports-centered community. It will maintain the core themes of love, desire, and sexuality that have been the hallmark of my writing thus far.

Whether you're a fan of sports, romance, or MM romance, this book is sure to offer something new and exciting. So keep an eye out for it, and I can't wait to hear what you think!

A great thank you to Samer for this open and inspiring interview! For us, this Samer's personal story and dedication shows the true value of Erotic Romance.

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Excerpts of the works of Samer Bo

Sex and the Windy City

Cover Picture of the MM Romance Book or Gay Erotic Fiction Novel Sex & the Windy City by Samer Bo

My name is Adam Hussein, and this is my story of exploration, passion, and pleasure. I was born and raised in Jordan. I am the youngest of 4 boys and grew up with a privileged upbringing. My family is one of the most influential and richest families in the country. My parents were always busy with their lives, making money, appearing in public events, etc., so they never had time to spend with us kids.

We hardly ever saw them and when we did it was usually only for a brief moment. My dad is also very politically savvy - he's been involved in many important political developments over the years in addition to owning several businesses.

Growing up, I was always interested in boys. I didn't know how to say it or display any signs of being attracted to them, so I just kept it hidden. I knew this would be considered a problem because in Jordan growing up as a boy who is attracted to other boys is practically unheard of! Sure enough, if my family had found out about my sexuality they would be extremely unacceptable.



So, for years I tried to hide my feelings, but it was difficult. I would daydream about being with a boy or imagine what it would be like to kiss one. It felt amazing and exotic to me as if I was discovering something new and exciting. But I was too afraid to tell anyone about these thoughts or feelings because I didn't know how they would react.

One summer when I was 16, I travelled with my family to Spain. One night, my parents were busy with their friends while my brothers went out trying to meet girls. I told them that I would prefer to stay in then I sneaked out to explore the gay area. While there, I met this guy named Gabriel who was 18 years old. We were standing outside a bar chatting when he kissed me. It felt fantastic as if a dam had burst inside of me and all the tumbling, churning emotions swept out in a gushing torrent.

I never saw Gabriel again, our brief encounter left a profound impact on my life. Kissing him was like finding a piece of myself that I had been missing all these years. Back in Jordan, I went online and tried to meet other gay guys. We would meet up in secret and share what felt like magical moments together. But it was always a risky affair as any time we were discovered we risked serious consequences. But it was also thrilling and exciting. What made things even more complicated, I wasn't attracted to just one guy, I was attracted to many and I was thrilled every time I met a new guy.

In the meantime, I convinced my parents that I was an actor. I began acting in school plays in fifth grade. I told them about my plans to study acting in the USA. After a lot of convincing, they agreed that I could move there when I turned eighteen. I applied to more than one college and got accepted into the school of the art institute of Chicago into the Performance department.

On my 18th birthday, I was on a flight from Amman to Chicago with a transit in Berlin. My father's secretary had already arranged everything. My father did not want me to rent so he bought a penthouse in Lincoln park. The secretary also arranged for someone to pick me up at the airport.

As the plane landed and I saw the Chicago skyline for the first time, I felt like this was my new home. As I walked out of the terminal, I saw a man with a camera holding up to take a photo. I quickly stopped to let him take the photo. This is when I noticed the guys he was taking a photo of.

One man stood out from the others. His sensual deep golden-brown eyes flitted over the busy crowd with an eternal smile on his full lips. He was in his mid to late thirties and stood at about six foot six. His body was dark-skinned and his taut muscles stood out from under a very expensive-looking silk shirt unbuttoned down to his cleavage, which hugged him in all the right places showing his large pecs and biceps.

I waited for a minute until they took the photo. I knew better than to stare but I just couldn't take my eyes away from this man. It seemed like he was some sort of a celebrity and people were surrounding him to take photos with him. I dreamt that one day I would be a famous actor that would be stopped in airports for people to take photos of me just like him.

He looked at me and smiled and I noticed his teeth. They were so white they were blinding. I blushed and looked away to notice a lady holding my name. When I looked back, he was busy taking more photos with more people. I waved at the lady then I walked towards her. She introduced herself as Lauren, the assistant to Frances, the real estate agent that helped in buying the apartment.

A black sedan with a driver waited for us outside. Chicago passed by my window like a movie and before I knew it, we arrived at a high-rise modern development. Laura directed me to the 42nd and last floor, where she let me into the penthouse. I immediately saw the stunning views of the lake, city and parks from its various living areas. She then took me on a tour showing me the white oak flooring, gorgeous kitchen with quartzite counters, a huge dining and living areas. She then took me into the three bedrooms which were all en-suite with marble vanity and heated floors. In the master bathroom, I fell in love with the free-standing soaking tub overlooking the city and the lake.

Lauren explained that the apartment was in my father’s name, but there was only a couple of paperwork that I would need to sign with Frances. I agreed to give Frances a visit to her office by the end of the week to do so. Before she left, Lauren told me that she was asked to show me a set of keys to a car that were left on the dining table with a card from him. It was a birthday card, with nothing special written on it. She told me that the car was parked in my dedicated parking spot in the underground car park.

I thanked Lauren and quickly went down to the car park using the keys I was able to locate a new Ford Mustang convertible. was a beautiful dark blue, with a sleek fastback design. It had a white leather interior and came with all the bells and whistles. I could not wait to get behind the wheel. At that point in my life, I felt like I had all I needed. I wanted nothing more than to enjoy being free. Life was wonderful.

The next night was a Saturday night, so after I took a good amount of sleep, I took a shower and got ready to go out. I put on put on a tight white shirt and red jeans and pointy black shoes. I looked at myself in the mirror and admired my appearance. I was quite a handsome young man with an oval face, perfect teeth, beautiful small eyes, perfect tanned skin, and straight black hair. At 5’9”, I had a lean smooth body, with a broad shoulder and a chest that was expanding widely with each of my breaths. My arms were smooth and tan, with some veins running along. Below my small waist stood strong and muscular legs.

The hot, night wind whipped through my hair while I drove the car into the gay area. The car attracted everyone's attention on the way. After parking the car, I noticed a gay couple looking at me and smiling. One of them shouted out “Nice car, man!” I thanked him, then asked him where they were heading and they said they were going to a bar called Rosco’s and invited me to join them so I agreed.

Using a fake ID that I had ordered online, I was able to get into the bar. The guys I met were called Sergio and Nicholas and they were in a relationship. I immediately noticed the bartender. He was a tough and bearded white guy in his early thirties. He had a strong handsome face and a beefy chest that was tightly pressed against the t-shirt he wore. The forearms were covered in a layer of fur that promised much more under his t-shirt.

“What can I get for you?” he asked in a sexy manly deep voice.

How I would have loved to be on my knees behind that bar servicing that hot man. I looked him up and down before I was able to answer him. I ordered a cocktail for myself and ordered drinks for Sergio and Nicholas too. I then gave the burly bartender my credit card and asked him to open a tap behind the bar.

I then continued chatting with Sergio and Nicholas and some of their friends whom they introduced me to. I also chatted with other guys I met at the bar. Most of the guys at the bar were in their early twenties and none of them was my type. Meanwhile, I kept glancing at the hot bartender. Occasionally he would look in my direction and smile back at me. For the next hour, he would come by several times to ask if we needed anything. I ordered a few more drinks and shots for myself and the other guys I was talking with.

After a couple of hours, we moved to a table and I ordered a couple of bottles for the table. I was trying to make friends and I was having a good time. This is when I noticed an older white guy in his forties talking with the bartender. He was in his mid-forties, muscular, bald and also quite handsome. He was wearing a tight shirt and I could see his hairy chest and pointy nipples through it. He looked like he was the manager of the bar. My first thought was that this bar hired the hottest guys.

The older guy spoke with the bartender for a few minutes then I saw the bartender walking towards us. He then asked to talk to me. I got up and walked with him to a corner.

“I am sorry, but your tap had reached $2000, and the manager won’t allow you to order any more until you pay,” said the bartender.



“I don’t understand, you have my card. And my card limit is much more than $2000” I answered.

“That’s not the point! We can’t confirm that you have the funds until Monday.”

“What if I pay the amount in cash?”

“You have $2000 on you?”

“No, I don’t! But I can drive home to bring it over!”

“You shouldn’t be driving, you had too much to drink!”

“Why don’t you drive me then? I live about 10 minutes drive away.”

“I can’t, I am already in enough trouble because I let your tap reach that amount.”

“I have a new Ford Mustang convertible”

“Oh wow! OK then! Let’s go!”

“Cool! What’s your name?”

“I am Kurt. You are Adam, right? I saw your name on your credit card.”

“Correct! Let’s go!”

Kurt and I then headed outside. He walked in front of me and I was able to look at his ass. His beefy ass looked so good in the dark jeans that hugged his cheeks. When Kurt saw the car, he got very excited to drive it. We drove to my building and headed upstairs. When we got into the penthouse, Kurt couldn’t believe his eyes.

“Oh gosh! The view up here is spectacular.”

“Not as good as you behind that bar!” I said.

Kurt laughed and said “I noticed you have been checking me out at the bar”

Kurt looked at me then he put his hand on his package showing a nice package. His meaty cock was pressed tightly against the so-lucky jeans he wore. I wanted to reach out and grab at his dick badly. My own dick got hard immediately and I smiled at him. He grabbed my confined cock and smiled back at me.

“Hmmmm” he said.

“Feels nice.”

He groped my dick again and then pulled away. I instinctively licked my lips as I gawked at the awesome site. He grabbed my hand and placed it on his crotch. I groped at the confined meat held in those jeans. I wanted to fall to my knees and haul out his cock. I looked at the top of his t-shirt and noticed the hairs popping up from the collar. My cock sprang to life big time.

Kurt then pulled up his t-shirt. he rubbed his abs. I could see a line of fur crawling up past his navel and up into his t-shirt. I knew his arms were covered in a nice fuzz but what was on his gut promised to be a nicer fur. he grabbed his nipple through his shirt with the other hand and lightly moaned.

That sound was all I could stand. I got up off my stool and headed for him. I closed the gap between us in seconds. And I was on him fast. I stood right before him and reached for his abs. My hand felt the trail of fur. It was soft and inviting. I reached up and grabbed his head. I bent over and we kissed. My mouth pried his open mouth and we made out there in the middle of my penthouse’s living room.

We made out there for several moments. My hands were all over him. I reached down to his jeans and to his crotch. I groped at his already responding dick confined in that denim. He moaned lightly as I kissed him. Then I released his mouth and looked at his sexy face. His goatee framed his round face so well that he was actually quite beautiful to look at. I pulled his cock through his jeans again.

“Feels real nice,” I said to him.

“Hmmmm” he just hummed at me.

I had to get at his body badly now. I reached for the bottom of his t-shirt and pulled it up. He lifted his arms and let me pull his t-shirt over his head. I looked at where the trail of soft fur led. He had a light dusting of fur on his chest and I dove for his exposed nipple. my hungry mouth engulfed his tit and I sucked on it.

“Ughhnnn” He moaned.



His body tensed as my mouth took his nipple. My hand roamed over his hot upper body while I licked and nibbled on his chest. He tasted very good on my tongue. I licked his nipple while my hand moved back down to his now bulging package. I groped for his cock through those lucky jeans. It felt nice in my hand and I rubbed at it. I wanted to get at his dick so badly, but I loved chewing on his hot hard nipple. he continued to moan as I munched on his nipple.

“Sooo good man” he cooed. “Your mouth feels so good on my nipple, boy! Aweeee fuck” he cried out.

Then he grabbed me and pulled me up. His mouth latched onto mine and we made out. My tongue fought his for control in our hungry mouths. My hands were pulling at his jeans, and his hands were also at my own jeans. he undid my belt and yanked it out from its loops. I heard as he tossed it aside. He pulled down my zipper and pulled on my slacks. I too was undoing his jeans. I had a bit more trouble getting them down as they were tighter than slacks on a body. And it didn't help that his dick was raging in them. My pants fell to the floor and he released my mouth. he quickly dropped to his knees before me and was pulling down my underwear. My cock sprang out before him. I was almost hard as he grabbed my dick.

“Nice,” he said before he opened his mouth and took my cock in it.

His hot little mouth engulfed a good portion of my erect dick and I moaned.

“Awee yesss!” I cooed. “Go on and take my dick”

I reached for him and touched his head. I caressed him as he sucked down my raging cock. Slowly guiding my dick in and out of his wet mouth. His talented tongue danced along my shaft from the underside and around and he slid down it to back up the head and along the top of it. In moments he was balls deep on my dick. This hot guy had swallowed all of my 7 inches into his hungry little mouth without issue. He was obviously a pro at cock sucking. I then felt his hands on my ass cheeks and his fingers reaching for my ass. A digit reached my hole and circled around the opening.

“Ughnnn” I groaned again as his fingers tickled my asshole as he slobbered on my cock.

Then I felt a second digit at my asshole the sensations were getting so much better as he rubbed my bud with those fingers. Then he pressed those two digits at my hole and shoved hard into my ass. I squealed as his fingers took my ass.

“Awwee yes. Fuck my ass good”

It was an awesome feeling to have his fingers shoved up into me while he continued to slobber on my dick. After a few moments, he got up, opened up my shirt and pulled it off me. he then bent over and his fuzzy face was at my own nipple. I felt the wiry goatee on my chest, and it tickled me ever so much. Then his mouth was on my nipple and my body twitched from the intense sensations racing through me.

I soon felt a third finger getting inside my hole, then a fourth digit. It felt like a strange cock was shoved up in me. Something more like an octopus with tentacles that were digging up into my gut. My ass was going crazy from this. I was literally squirming on his fingers now.

“Ohhh my world” I cried out.

I reached for Kurt’s head and pulled him to my mouth and started to make out with him again. I kissed Kurt more and then pulled from his lips to nibble on his neck. I licked and kissed the stud's beefy neck. I then dropped to my knees before the bartender. His boxers were showing signs of the cock confined in them as a tent was rising up from his crotch. I opened my hungry mouth and went for the tip of his dick. I enveloped it into my mouth even while he had the boxers still on. So I was chewing on the head of this big man's dick through the confines of his lucky shorts.

“Awee that's really nice, man” he cooed. “Chew on my dick boy.”

I then grabbed for the waistband of the boxers that held the dude's cock, and pulled them down and the beefy 8-inch pinkish cock bounded out from them. It bobbed there before me. I grabbed at the cock and quickly took it into my mouth. I sucked down his cock with my hot mouth. I swallowed a good 5 inches of Kurt’s cock into my own hungry mouth. He continued to moan as his dick was worshipped by my mouth. I continued sucking on his beef stick for quite a while, but the bartender was soon getting close to doing a load. So I halted the assault on his cock.

I got completely naked in seconds as I crawled on all fours on the floor before him.

“Fuck me, man!” I asked the bartender.

Kurt kicked off the jeans that were at his ankles and crawled down on the floor behind me and quickly pressed his cock to my ass.

“Ughhhn “ I moaned as the fat head of the guy's cock was pushed into my ass.

With that, he thrust hard into my ass. I cried out, but then quickly cooed and moaned in pleasure. Kurt just continued to fuck the enveloping hole on his dick. He groaned and I could feel his body thrust as he fucked me harder.

“Ugghnn yesss” I cooed. “Take my ass man. Do it. I need you to fuck me harder, stud”

I was then flipped over on my back and the stud bear lifted up my legs and positioned himself at my hole with that meaty cock head.

“Now you're gonna get dicked” he said.

I felt the head of his cock pressed at my hole. He pushed hard and I almost heard the pop of his cock head punching through my opening. Then as he realized he gained access he thrust hard. 6 or so thick inches were shoved deep into my guts.

“Oohhh Gosh” I cried.

He felt bigger in that position as his cock jammed deep into my bowels. I was at a loss of breath as his dick was definitely bigger and thicker than any cock I had before. But it felt great. I had what I had wanted since I stepped into the bar earlier. I had the burly man’s cock embedded in my hole. I reached for the beefy hairy chest of the bartender. It felt great to run my fingers through it.

“This is a Nice tight hole” he growled. “Gonna be nice to breed your hole”

He grabbed my sides and shoved in hard.

“Ughhhnnn” I groaned as the big thick dick ploughed deep into my guts. “Such a big cock” I cooed.



The big burly man just thrust again and again into my asshole. He began to pick up speed. His thick dick pried deeper and deeper into my body. I moaned louder now as I felt him push all his big cock into me. His dick would dig deeper and deeper with each thrust of his hips. I was loving it as his cock burrowed into my bowels. I was moaning with delight as he continued to push himself into me.

“Fuck me, stud!” I cried. “Drive that big ole bear cock into me hard” And he did.

He grabbed my sides again and continued to thrust his big club at my ass. He started to grunt as he picked up the pace of his fucking. He then reached for my aching dick that was laying there between us, pulled on my raging cock and stroked it while he fucked my ass. He grunted as each thrust drove his dick deep into me. I felt his beef stick rake along my ass walls as he pushed deeper still into my ass. I loved it as his hairy crotch mashed up against my ass repeatedly. I reached for his hairy chest again and then for one of his nipples. I pulled on it and he moaned and pushed in again harder.

“Such a sweet ass” he growled. “Feels no nice on my fat cock boy. Always nice to get a fresh hole to fuck” He commented.

Kurt continued to pull on my dick as he fucked my hole well. I was soon writhing on the dick shoved into me.

“Ooohh sooo good” I cried “Do it. Do it. Fuck me hard, stud!”

Kurt was soon thrusting harder and faster at my hole. The thick slab of meat buried inside me was battering my prostate. The incredible sensations had me edging closer and closer to orgasm.

“Ohh Gosh yes” I cried out again. “Gonna blow a load soon. Keep goin”

The big fat bear cock ploughing my guts had me going crazy. I was whimpering as I rode on the big meat buried deep inside me. Faster this hot bear fucked my hole. His big beefy ass was a blur as he pummelled my ass with his granite cock. The constant battering on my prostate blew me over the edge quickly. I felt my balls pull up and my body tense up as orgasm hit.

“Fuck man. Here I go, dude. Gonna bust a fucking load.”

I started to thrust as my balls exploded their cum load on my stomach. I shot a good 6 blasts as my body writhed on the big dick inside my ass. In turn, my ass clamped down hard on Kurt’s big dick. I was practically convulsing on his dick as I blew my load.

Then when my body stopped rocking and twitching from my orgasm, Kurt pulled his dick from me. He pushed me down and flipped me onto my stomach and fell on top of me as I lay there on the floor. His fat crank was thrust back into me hard.

“Ughhnnn . Fuckkkk” I cried.

“Take this whore” he growled.

The hot burly bartender proceeded to slam my guts hard and fast. This hot hairy bear proceeded to power fuck my ass. He crawled up on top of me and started to really give it to me good. I could feel the slapping of his fat balls and they slammed repeatedly against my ass. His thick dick battered my guts and prostate like a pile driver. I was loving the fucking he was giving me. My lucky guts were getting torn up good by his dick. he started to grunt and growl like an animal as he continued the assault on my bowels.

“Fucker” he grunted. “Gonna breed this fucking pussy good”

Then the hot stud tensed up as the inevitable took over. he then crawled up on me more. It was like he was trying to dig his cock into my stomach from below. His ass thrust and twitched as he blew his load into my guts. I felt his hot hairy chest on my back as he held me down to unburden his balls of their thick lava. then the first boiling blast erupted into my bowels. Then another and another. he kept busting his balls cum deep into me for what seemed over a minute. It was a good 10 shots he blew into me.

“Take it Bitch” he cried. “Take my cum dump into your hole! Fucker, whore!”

After he finished his dump into me the hot bear bartender just lay on top of me as he regained his breath and slowed his thrusts. I could feel his cock still twitching in my ass from the huge load he gushed up into me. He was still breathing heavily as he lay his weighty hairy self on me. I could smell the smell of our sex as it filled the room. Then he got up off me and pulled his semi-rigid dick from my ass. I felt a river of cum start to pour from my ass. He then dove for my ass and licked my hole clean from the oozing cum that came out from it. When he was done, Kurt grabbed me, and we made out for a couple of minutes.

“I am going to be fired, man! Grab the cash and let’s head back!”

“Oh yes! I forgot about that!” I said.

I went into my bedroom and grabbed a couple of thousand dollars then quickly caught up with Kurt and we drove back to the bar.



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Internship UK
Internship UK
Feb 15, 2023

Samer Bo is a talented writer who has a real passion for crafting captivating and steamy stories in the world of gay erotica. His dedication to his craft and unique perspective on love, desire, and sexuality are evident in his work. As a reader, I have always appreciated his ability to create characters that are relatable, three-dimensional, and deeply human. I highly recommend checking out his Patreon page.

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