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Author Interview with Kuristien Elizabeth

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Are you interested to get to know an Erotic Romance Author of which the famous Anna Todd, author of the «After Series» has praised her excitement for?

If this sounds awesome, you should definitely not miss our interview with Kuristien Elizabeth!

Kuristien Elizabeth is the author of the romance novel Until I found you which debuted in December of 2020. Since then it has reached the top 100 Best-Selling list in three different categories on Amazon. And that «Until I found you» is a great piece of Erotic Romance is obvious, just look at the reviews Kuristien received!

Kuristien is a spirited 27 year old author from New Orleans, Louisiana. When she isn’t busy doting on her beautiful children or following her dreams as a writer, she enjoys reading, cooking, listening to music and finding new adventures and shenanigans to get into with her best friends. Her passions also include Disney karaoke, cuddling with her children and giving back to her fellow man and charities such as the Wounded Warrior Project and the St. Jude Children’s Research Foundation.

But now we don’t want to tantalize you further. Learn about Kuristien, her motivation, inspiration an upcoming projects!

You’re first book went public in December 2020. What motivated you to become an author?

“Well I’ve always dreamt of becoming an author since I was a child but it wasn’t until the COVID-19 lockdown that I finally decided to go for it! I figured what better opportunity than now? I finally have the time and the story is in my head just waiting to be written.”

Tell us more about your journey to publishing a first book. What was the most difficult part of becoming an author?

“Finding the time to make my dreams become a reality. I’m a mama of two strong willed, beautiful babies so juggling raising them and writing was definitely a journey if not a challenge for me. I would take care of them during the day and as soon as they would fall asleep at night I would start writing. I would write all night long until 4 sometimes 5am and would basically nap until they woke up later that morning. I did that for nearly a year to complete my book. I didn’t want to take time or the special attention they needed away from them, but I also wanted to pursue my dreams! So I dug deep, focused on the end goal and made it happen. The loving encouragement of my best friend Holly, my stubborn determination and coffee got me through it. Haha.”

What do you think: in what stage of the process of an author are you right now? What is the most challenging side in a life as an author? What’s the most enjoyable?

“I would say I’m still at the learning stages of being an author. I’m a baby in this industry haha. But I’m learning everyday and applying that to my writing because I want my readers, my ‘Elizabethians’ as I like to call them, to be happy. They mean so much to me. I hate calling them fans because they’re more like a bonus family to me. My book family. I cherish each of them so much. As for the most challenging side of being an author? I would have to say it’s a tie between balancing time being a mama and being a writer. And also the desire to make everyone reading your work happy with it. But that’s just not possible unfortunately. One person may think it’s great, the best they’ve ever read and the other will say it’s just ok. You can’t please everyone. I wish I could. And as for what’s been the most enjoyable about being an author, is my readers HANDS DOWN! I know every author says this but I truly have the best readers/book family ever. I love connecting with them. I truly enjoy when they message me.”

What keeps you motivated to push forward each day as an author?

“My readers and my precious babies for sure. For my readers because I want to bring them incredible stories they can get lost in. Stories they can relate to. Stories that become apart of them. For my children because I want to set an example for them that determination and hard work pays off. I want to be an inspiration for them. Like ‘look what mom did’. “

Do you have yourself favorite authors or books which deeply inspired you as a person and as an author?

“There’s so, so many that I could list. But my top favorite authors would have to be Jane Austen, Nicholas Sparks, Colleen Hoover, Anna Todd and my author friends Kim Jones and H.L. Swan. Each of these insanely talented authors have touched me in different ways with their powerful stories. It’s incredible.”

Tell us more about your debut novel “Until I found you”. In which genre would you place it? What is the story about? Is it part of a series?

“Honestly it’s a beautiful mix and mashup of different genres. It’s romance but it also has elements of mystery to it. It’s definitely erotic but it’s also a deep and intriguing story. It focuses on two broken people. Both with a heartbreaking past of their own. They share a strong, unexplainable connection that draws them to one another like magnets. With both being broken in their own way, they slowly become each other’s solace and safe haven. But neither of them would be prepared for the devastating outcome that one of their secrets carries. Readers are obsessed with Micah and Leyna! And I can’t blame them. Their story, the all consuming love and passion they have for one another is incredible. Powerful! And yes this will be a series. As of right now, I plan on writing at least 4 books in this series.”

You received really great reviews, congratulations for really strong 4.9 stars on average. How does this feel like for you? Are you relieved that readers admire your work? Does this put you under pressure for your next projects?

“Thank you so much! I can’t get over it really. I still wake up every morning and ask myself, ‘is this real life? Are my dreams actually coming true?’ I’m so incredibly grateful for this entire experience and the amazing people that are on this journey with me. It brings me so much joy to know that readers love my book! Every time I get a message request from someone that’s read my book and they tell me what all they enjoyed about it or even vent about all the emotions they felt reading it, I end up feeling like I may cry from all the joy it brings me. And yes the pressure is definitely on because I see their excitement and pleasure from reading it so naturally I want to keep that going for them.”

What is the fascinating thing of romance and steamy or erotic romance for you as a reader and as an author?

“I think the thing that fascinates me the most about this genre especially the sex scenes, is that as a reader as well as an author, it’s a challenge. You have to set up the scene, create the mood, put in all the right details without dragging on and on or either focusing on too many details that it pulls away from the lovers and their story. I write my scenes in a way that when people are reading it, it plays out in their head like a movie. Vivid, descriptive, HOT! I want my readers blood pressure to go up, I want their breathing hitched when reading my scenes. And many have claimed just that so apparently I’m doing it right haha.”

We like your attitude about the integration of the sensual parts into the whole storyline. Please tell us more about it.

“Thank you! Yes I definitely wanted to show all the different sides and spectrums of couples in my book. I wanted everyone no matter what race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, no matter who they were or what different background they came from, I wanted them to see their self in my book. To be able to relate to these diverse characters. The world is filled with beauty of all shapes, sizes and colors. I wanted that to be felt in my book.”

Where do you get your inspiration from? Are your characters or storyline solely based on your imagination or do you inspire yourself by real people or stories?

“For the most part it’s my vivid imagination. But there are definitely parts in this book that come from my own life story. When readers comment how powerful this part or that part was, I smile to myself knowing I endured and survived that. It’s a sense of validation knowing that something bad can happen but also good can come out of it too. Even knowing that someone can relate to this or that in the story and feel less alone because they can relate to it? It makes it all the worth it.”

What do you want to achieve for yourself as an author?

“I would love to make it big! Haha. I don’t know one author that wouldn’t. But honestly it’s not the riches or fame I’m wanting for myself. What I strive for is to be someone’s favorite author! That is what means the world to me. For an avid reader to have read hundreds of books and claim that mine is in their top favorites. That would be everything. I also really, REALLY want to be a chosen author at BOOK BONANZA one year! They only select a certain amount of authors to attend every year and if I were chosen... oh my goodness, to actually be in the same room with some of my favorite authors not only as a fan girl but also as an equal..?! I would faint. Quick somebody catch me!”

You achieved to get a personal shoutout and received praise from famous author Anna Todd! That must be a really great feeling to get your work appreciated by one of the actually most successful Erotic Romance authors. What does it mean to you?

“I was feeding my 19 month old son when I got the notification that ANNA freaking TODD tagged me in her post about my book! I literally screamed for joy. My son threw his pasta in my hair and I didn’t even notice because I was happy crying. Haha. My 3 year old daughter came running into the kitchen saying ‘mama you happy?’ That was an amazing day! I’m so incredibly grateful. For one of your favorite authors to shout you out on her social media and praise her excitement for your book? That was honestly like hitting the lottery for me. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that! That meant everything to me!”

Where and in which forms is your book available?

“My book is available through paperback and ebook on Amazon!”

On what are you actually working? When can we expect a second novel from you?

“I’m currently writing the sequel now. And I must say, my readers are NOT ready for this! I’m so excited for them. The heat, the emotions, the rawness, all of it from the first book is getting dialed up. If they only knew what was in store for them! I’m hoping for a later summer/early fall release.”

Until I found you by Kuristien Elizabeth

Book Cover of Erotic Romance Novel. Title: Until I found you by Kuristien Elizabeth

Fate. Can we fight against it? Do we really choose our own path or is it chosen for us? Are the ones in our lives put there for a reason or is it all coincidental? Leyna Blake has had many hardships and heartaches in her 21 years of life. It has left her guarded and untrusting of others. She’s broken, feeling as though there’s nothing left of herself to give. She thought she was content living her life feeling only half alive. That is until he comes into her life and changes it all, the charismatic Micah Eason. Micah has a devastating past of his own that he doesn’t allow the outside world to see. It leaves him feeling detached and void of any emotional connection until he meets Leyna. The two share a connection that draws them to one another like magnets. With both being broken in their own way, they slowly become each other’s solace and safe haven. However, neither of them would be prepared for the devastating outcome that one of their secrets carries. This romantic emotional roller coaster leaves to question... Can you truly outrun your past or will it follow to haunt you forever? Can love truly overcome all? Can you even outrun your own fate?



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