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Author Interview with Sallyanne Johnson

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We had the opportunity to have a chat with Sallyanne Johnson, a British newcomer author. Her first Erotic Romance Trilogy, The Black Series, is starting out in 2021 with the first part, Dark Desires coming out on January 8th.

We wanted to know from Sallyanne about her fascination of the Erotic Romance genre and her motivation to share her story with the rest of the World.

Why are you fascinated of the Erotic Romance Genre, why do you write in this genre?

I like reading books with a little (or a lot!) of steam, so I write books that I would want to read. As a writer I don’t think you can go wrong doing that. First and foremost, you’ve got to believe in what you’re putting down on paper and enjoy the story that’s unfolding. But I’m of the view that however hot the sex scenes might be in a book, they need to add something to the story, otherwise it’s just sex for sex sake and it’s almost meaningless. Sex is a deep, intimate connection between two people and it’s a very good way for us to scratch deeper beneath the surface of the characters on the page.

What is the Sub-Genre (Romantic, BDSM, Age Gap, etc) you mainly write in and why?

My debut series, The Black Series is an Erotic Romance trilogy with elements of mild BDSM. I love a good love story. I think most readers want a HEA for the characters when they start reading a romance novel (me included) but it’s how the characters get to the finish line that’s key. In my view, the more twists and turns in the road, and more complex a character is, the better. I want the characters to work for their HEA, because let’s face it… life ain’t all sunshine and lollipops!

What do you want to achieve for yourself as an author?

I’d love to be able to support my family by my writing alone. Ditch my day job and solely focus on writing.

What do you want to give to your readers with your books?

Escapism. When I read a book, I like to be totally drawn in, so I become totally emersed in the storyline and characters and lose hours of my life 😊. I hope that’s what I achieve with my writing and what I give to my readers. Reading can transport you another life, city, world, lifetime. It’s truly magical.

Which book did fascinate you the most or do you have a favorite other author? What makes this book / author special to you and your personal story?

I have lots of favorite authors; some who write in the same genre as me, others who don’t. All have inspired me to write and carry on writing in some way. I can’t choose between them…

Talk about your actual book “Dark Desires”: Where is it available? In which forms is it available?

Dark Desires will be released on 8th January 2021 on Amazon and will be available through Kindle Unlimited.

What is the story about? What make the story special? In which Erotic Genre is it, e.g. Romantic, BDSM, Lesbian, Age Gap etc?

Dark Desires is an Erotic Romance. Both main characters are unable to fight the undeniable physical attraction they feel towards one another. Art Black, the leading man is hot, but controlling and is used to getting whoever he wants. Sophie Ward is scared of getting hurt and adamant another guy won’t control her again. Both fall hard but are hiding secrets from their pasts they’re not yet ready to share. It’s full of twists and turns and it ends with an almighty cliffhanger.

Dark Desires is the first book in The Black Series. The second book in the trilogy will be released in March. Readers will need to read the first book before reading the others in the trilogy.

Are there additional books in the works?

I’m working on some bonus content for The Black Series told from Art Black’s point-of-view, and I’m busy plotting my next book which will also be part of a series. There will be a link to the leading man in my new series and Art Black. Eagle-eyed readers may spot a clue to this, in the final book in The Black Series but that’s all I’m saying…

I want to thank Sallyanne that she took the time to answer our questions and let us be part of her own fascination for Erotic Romance. And yes, we know, you’re now all interested in checking out the blurb and having the info’s on where to enter the The Black Series...

He told me that it was inevitable he’d have me… I swore I would never let a man control me again… until I met him. Wedding Planner, Sophie Ward, is surrounded by love and happiness every day of her life, but happy-ever-afters happen to other people not her. She’s had enough heartbreak and has vowed to never let a man control her again. When the surprise new owner of Gladstone Country Manor tears into her life, his sizzling looks and cocky arrogance stir a reaction in Sophie that she isn’t expecting. Art Black is a wealthy entrepreneur who’s into fast cars and fast women. He likes to exercise control in all areas of his life and the bedroom’s no exception. He always gets who he wants, and he wants Sophie. Sophie fears Art's trouble, a heart breaker wrapped in a handsome veneer but she can't deny the attraction she feels for him. Even though she does her best to fight her feelings they soon become embroiled in a steamy relationship, which pushes her boundaries, and she begins to learn the truth about the man she’s falling for. Sophie knows there’s more to Art than he's willing to reveal and she's worried her heart won't be able to survive a break from this man. When secrets are uncovered that threaten to unravel their happily-ever-after, Sophie’s wants to run, but will Art let her go? AVAILABLE TO PREORDER FROM KINDLE UNLIMITED AMAZON UK AMAZON US

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