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Dark Erotic Stories and Erotic Historical Romance: An Overview

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Why you should not miss Dark Erotic Romance Books and Erotic Historical Romance Novels in your must-read list – and we suggest which you should add now.

Sometimes it’s easy to assume that because something is similar to something else that they’re exactly the same. This occasionally that might be true, but when it comes to Erotic Romance, there is literally a favorite romance genre for everyone. And while those things might be similar, they are loved just as much for the ways in which they differ.

If someone is into Dark Erotic Stories, for instance, they might find that they aren’t really into Historical Erotica, Paranormal Erotic Stories, Sci Fi Romance or Fantasy Romance etc.

The sub-genres all have eroticism in common, but the ways the high-heat stories are told are as different as night and day.
Erotic Woman with blindfolded eyes

Dark Erotic Stories bring the Thrills and the Chills

So let’s start with a discussion of Dark or Thriller Erotic Stories:

The word, dark, denotes that at some point in the story you’re going to encounter something sinister or shocking. And that to say the least. It may be the revelation of a lie or deceitful information that you didn’t see coming. Or it could be a twist that completely floors you.

Whatever the instance for the thrill: these stories are sure to keep you guessing.

And this will pull you even deeper and deeper into the heart of the story. So they procide you with romantic suspense at the highest level.

Take the MindFuck Series by S.T. Abby for instance.

The Risk, Sidetracked, Scarlett Angel, All the Lies and Paint It All Red comprise the series books 1- 5. And this series is all about psychologically sexual encounters.

So S.T. Abby takes you on a wild ride as Lana. On the outside Lana is a no-nonsense, revenge seeking, specific man hating young woman who will settle for nothing but absolute payback. But be assured, she has her reasons...

Her methodology is practiced, concise and utterly misleading, as FBI profilers try to track her down, only to be led astray by the clues she purposely leaves behind. But when she gets tangled up with profiler Logan Bennett, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether or not she’ll get caught. Or if she simply give herself away.

S. T. Abby pulls you in from the start!

She straps you in and takes you on a ride that is chock full of love, passionate revenge, righteousness and a heavy dose of blurring the lines between right and wrong.

Trust me, you’ll love it from start to finish!

The reason S.T. Abby’s series is so enthralling isn’t the sex. Now worries, the sex is hot and leaves you wanting just a pinch of what Lana and Logan share. But it is that same intensity for the truth to be revealed, which will make you want more and more. Mix that with heated, sinfully good sex and you’ve got yourself a Dark Erotic Series that will make you pant and beg for more.

You see, Dark Erotica isn’t just about great sex scenes. It’s about great sex scenes that are wrapped around a story that grabs you by the throat. These stories don't let go until you see the whole sordid picture. It’s an enticing sub-genre of Erotic Romance that can give you a wonderful break from the sappier, lovey-dovey romance that comprises most other sub-genres.

Remark: If you’re interested in reading such a story from a new and upcoming author, do not miss to discover Sallyanne Johnson’s debut album ‘Dark Desires’. We had the joy to have a short chat with Sallyanne. We suggest you shortly check out and find more about her and her really hot, steamy and great debut novel. It could very well be that you will add her then to your favorite romance list…

If you want to have a first dive into Dark Erotic Stories (or are already a fan) and want to go with more well-known authors: we suggest that you have a in-depth look into the Black Ink Series from N. M. Catalano. Or try the War and Peace Series from K. Webster. Naturally besides the already mentioned Mindfuck Series...

Erotic Historical Romance brings the Past into Focus

Sometimes when it comes to romance, the idea of chivalry comes to mind.

It’s an easy connection: the idea that men once treated women like royalty, no matter their station.

The whole idea of a man setting his blazer over a puddle just so a woman wouldn’t get her feet wet or pulling out a woman’s chair so she could sit down first, standing when a woman enters the room; you get the idea.

Chivalry, at least how we’ve always been accustomed to it, isn’t necessarily dead. But we don’t expect to see it and deem it ‘old-fashioned’ in today’s modern much more feministic society. However, there is a sub-genre of Erotic Romance for those who still enjoy the way things “used to be.”

These books are for those of us who love the dominant male and submissive female, the traditional gender roles and a hero who always gets the heroine and saves the day.

The ever-popular Erotic Historical Romance sub-genre is really here to warm our hearts. You can be assured in this genre that the hero and heroine will always fall in love, at least at the end. These stories therefore give you a "Happy- Ever-After" guarantee.

If you happen to be a romance fan of several sub-genres and if you’ve just finished reading something dark and seedy, take one of those sweet and sexy books. If your last ‘good book’ sent chills down your spine or had you wiping tears away from the perceived pain of another; an Historical Romance Novels can be just the dose of sweetness to make you right as rain. And if you happen to be a history buff or something the least bit interested in facts from the past, these are great ways to enjoy some of that too.

Take the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon, for instance. In this series Claire Randall finds herself thrust into a time shift that catapults her into the middle of the 1700’s and eventually forces her to face a reality far from her present 1945. In her own time, she’s married to Frank. After the war, where Claire was a combat nurse, the couple finds themselves in Scotland on a second honeymoon of sorts. But then Claire’s world is turned upside down. After stepping through a standing stone on the British Isles, Claire is yanked out of her own time and surreptitiously planted in the Scotland of 1743 where she is eventually married to Jamie Fraser.

This series takes place in Scotland during both the 18th and 20th centuries as Claire straddles a fine line between both the time she was born to and the time that holds her heart. While this is certainly a historical romance novel, it also holds elements of adventure, science fiction and fantasy. And be sure that the books are that good to read, that even the producers of the world-famous TV show didn’t really touch the storyline…

So, if you want to dive into a world of history but much more erotica than the Outlander Series provides (or if you have already binge watched the TV series): you simply can't miss A Kingdom of Dreams by J. McNaught and A Lesson of Thorns by S. Simone. Both are favorites of us in the Erotic Historical Romance genre.

And again we have something special for you! Do not miss to read our interview with National Reader's Choice Award Winner Tracy Sumner. She is all into writing steamy Historical Romance stories. If you don't know her and her books yet, do no hesitate...

Read (Erotic Stories) Regardless of Who’s Watching

But whatever your choice is: It doesn’t really matter why you pick up a book. Be it Fiction, Autobiography, a Steamy Romance, a Thriller, or even a set of poems by your favorite poet. The idea isn’t to pick something that satisfies your critics; the idea is to read and thoroughly enjoy something that satisfies your soul. To find something that challenges your current set of predisposed notions about the world around you or perhaps even your own belief systems.

There are no right or wrong reasons for finding a quiet place to kick back and enjoy your favorite author’s newest or oldest works. There’s no precedent to dictate how or at what pace you should consume the pages. The only concern you should have is that you’re doing something every time you read that sets your soul free or ignites a passionate fire that flares with possibility.

If you're still looking for more erotic reading ideas, do not miss our top lists! And do not miss our other exciting interviews with authors! is a homepage dedicated completely to Erotic Literature. We love the variety this genre of Literature provides. Therefore we try to bring to you all the different facets Erotica provides. On you can find articles on erotic stories which are purely sweet, funny or have a historical setting or cover certain preferences like, lesbian, gay, BDSM or are located in a more special subgenre like paranormal oder mind control stories… In order to give you a short overview of which sort of stories we’re talking about, we always try to shortly say something about the speciality of the genre first and then, most importantly, give you some awesome reading ideas. And furthermore we provide you with interviews of authors which write in different genres and are maybe not known to you yet. So do not miss to discover new writers and hear about their motivation and love for Erotic Literature from the first hand.

And yes, on you will find links to those greatest reads. We are partner in Amazon’s affiliate program. This shall help us to finance some of the costs which arise. So we do highly appreciate if you would buy your books through our links.



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