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Uncover 10 of the best books on cheating wife sex stories

Updated: Feb 14

Picture your favorite fictional crush igniting your desires, or reminisce about the most passionate experience you've ever had. Now, cease your daydreaming, for there exists a realm where all your desires can be explored without judgment. That's what we are here for!

So in this selection, we cover the topic of the best cheating wife sex stories.

Although sexual fantasies are inherently unreal, their impact on your sex life, especially during moments of self-pleasure, can be remarkably tangible.

These fantasies are a natural part of life, with some remaining enticing only as figments of the imagination, while others may be real-life explorations.

The more we openly discuss and destigmatize sexual fantasies, the less we'll criticize ourselves for having intricate and passionate thoughts. This is precisely why we've compiled this guide to fantasizing.

In reality, while initial hurdles may deter you from embracing your sexual fantasies, harnessing your imagination is an intrinsic aspect of human nature. Who among us hasn't daydreamt about real-life infidelity?

Every facet of your life can seamlessly merge into your realm of desire. In these playful and alluring tales, desire knows no bounds, and secrets are the name of the game. These stories promise an exploration of passion, seduction, and the thrilling pursuit of forbidden pleasures, leaving readers captivated and craving more.

Now, let's dive into this complex yet tantalizing world of extramarital encounters or cheating husband or wife sex stories.

You see, when it comes to the fantasy of straying beyond the confines of a marriage or relationship, literature offers a boundless playground of possibilities.

Sexy man and woman having a romantic time in a bathtub




#1 Cherry Girl: Elaina and Neil by Raine Miller

Best Cheating Wife Erotic Story called Cherry Girl by Raine Miller

Sometimes, affairs happen unexpectedly.

"Cherry Girl: Elaina and Neil" explores the depths of desire and connection when Elaina and Neil find solace in each other's arms.

Neil, a soldier who knows the battles of both the heart and the battlefield, is determined to make Elaina's romantic dreams come true.

It's a story of passion, resilience, and the pursuit of love beyond the bounds of marriage.

#2 Her Husband's Father by Tammy Weekes

Cover of the Cheating Wife Story Her Husband's Father by Tammy Weekes

Enter a world of seductive secrets with "Her Husband's Father."

This Cheating Wife Erotic Story takes a steamy twist, delving into the clandestine world of extramarital affairs.

Meet Luanne Howell, a woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to take it, especially when her husband, Mark, is away.

But it's not just about physical passion; it's a tale of betrayal and a tantalizing rendezvous with Mark's own father, Howard.

As the flames of desire ignite, you'll discover that age is just a number in this sultry affair.

#3 A Summer Affair by Jeni Rae D

Cover of the Sexy Erotic Cheating Wife Story A Summer Affair by Jeny Rae D

Not all affairs last forever; some are fleeting, like a summer romance.

Join Liam on a trip back to Sin City for his best friend's bachelor party, where he encounters the irresistible Leilani.

Sparks fly, and Liam can't resist the challenge of winning her over.

It's a Hawaiian adventure filled with passion and playfulness, as Liam seeks to capture the heart of this spirited woman.



#4 The Affair by Beth Kery

Cover of the one of the best Erotic Cheating Wife Stories called The Affair by Beth Kery

The Affair introduces us to Emma Shore, a dedicated hospice nurse, and Michael Montand, the enigmatic owner of The Breakers.

This story is a heady blend of passion and desire as Emma navigates a world where love and lust collide.

Beth Kery's narrative explores the depths of erotic connection and unveils the secrets of two entangled hearts.

So if you are looking for a story full of forbidden eroticism, feelings, inner conflicts and a strong heroine - The Affair is definitely for you!

Cover of Slut Wives which is a really sexy Cheating Wife Book

In "Slut Wives: A Wife's Confession," indulge in a salacious and anonymous letter from a wife unburdening herself of all her hidden desires and secret liaisons.

This confession reveals the enticing world of her infidelity and lust, providing readers with an intimate and revealing look into her most intimate moments.

From one-off affairs to passionate affairs - she has lived it all. Definitely an incredibly hot book, but also full of contradictions....

#6 A Calculated Affair by Max Sebastian

Cover of the Erotic Book A Calculated Affair which is a really great Cheating Wife Story one has to read

In A Calculated Affair, penned by the renowned author Max Sebastian, readers are immersed in a narrative that delves into the realms of illicit desire and unspoken wants.

The story unfolds as Natasha confides in her devoted husband, Jon, about her intense attraction to a colleague named Patrick.

Initially, Jon's reaction is one of surprise, but notably, it isn't one filled with anger or disgust.

As the notion settles in, he finds himself increasingly drawn to the idea of Natasha not just being content but profoundly satisfied. Strangely, the idea of her being involved with another man starts to take root as a personal fantasy he yearns to explore.

The central question that hovers throughout the narrative is whether Jon and Natasha will discover that, in some unconventional way, an affair can prove advantageous for both partners.

If you're looking for more enticing reading options, you might consider delving into the world of Loving Wife Erotic Stories. However, for those of you who like a more contradictory stoyline, A Caluclated Affair is a must-read!

#7 Foreign Affairs by Mitzi Szereto

Collection of sexy Cheating Wife Stories called Foreign Affairs

Foreign Affairs delivers precisely what you'd anticipate - a collection of sensuous and explicit liaisons set against foreign backdrops.

Crafted by an international ensemble of storytellers and curated by Mitzi Szereto, this compilation features 21 tantalizing tales that transport you to destinations like Brussels, Santorini, Rome, Tokyo, Vietnam, and even St. Lucia.

Here, you'll find yourself envisioning the most intimate encounters in various settings, from sumptuous hotels to quaint bodegas, and even the romance of a gondola ride.

Can you make out the excitement of an passionate escapade along the Seine or exploring the shades of desire on a wooden riverboat with a stranger who's "Just here on Business"?

Authors Opal Palmer Adisa, Lisabet Sarai, and Linda Jaivin, renowned for the best-seller "Eat Me," indicate readers to the brink of passion in these exotic locales, where erotic exploration becomes an alluring adventure that might just be the next best thing to include in your option.

#8 The Affair in the Blue Pages by Julian Faustini

Cover of the Affair in blue pages which is a thoughtful and different Cheating Wife Story

In this gripping tale, Misha, a middle-aged internet novice, starts a blog about his wife's infidelity, attracting a cult following eager to learn the fate of their failing marriage.

Meanwhile, Bab, his twenty-six years younger wife, grapples with panic attacks and skepticism.

The story delves into Misha's self-justification and Bab's struggle to navigate her life while dealing with a person obsessed with uncovering his identity.

The Affair in the Blue Pages is a deeply emotional and genuine narrative, distinct from typical cheating wife erotic stories and romance novels.

#9 Stocking Stuffer by Jack Ryder

Cover of the sexy erotic Cheating Wife Book Stocking Stuffer by Jack Ryder

Stocking Stuffer is a festive erotic fantasy that's sure to put you in the holiday spirit.

This story centers around Jane, her barely legal daughter Stacey, and their neighbor Jack.

Feelings and desires intertwine, leading to an intriguing plot. Whether Jack plays along with Jane and Stacey's plan or asserts his own desires becomes a compelling question.

#10 A Forbidden Love Affair by Kizzie Darker

Cover of the sizzling sex and hot Cheating Wife Romance Book A Forbidden Love Affair by Kizzie Darker

This story introduces readers to Ruby, Mackenzie, and Keeley James, triplets with diverse personalities.

Ruby takes the spotlight in this first installment of the Liaison series. She meets Matthew Lochart, a man married to Erica but emotionally distant.

Matthew seeks a clean break, and Ruby becomes the catalyst for his decision.

A Forbidden Love Affair is a captivating and emotional tale, drawing inspiration from countless real-life stories, making it a compelling read.

You are not alone - enjoy the freedom

At Filthybooks, we follow the mission driven by Amanda: We love female literature in all its forms, from sweet to steamy, and are always here for you so that you always have the right reading at the right time!

In this article, we have dedicated ourselves to the best erotic books on the subject of cheating wife stories.

But even in this genre, there are important distinctions!

So if you haven't had your fill of sexy stories about sex beyond relationship boundaries, then you should definitely check out our other selections:

So you see: the world of erotic literature is almost inexhaustible!

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