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10 Erotic Cheating Stories to spark your Sensual Imagination

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Let's be honest:

In most instances, if you mention an Erotic Affair or infidelity, your comments will be met with disdain and outright disgust.

But in the world of Erotic Fiction, affairs are common. And instead of being frowned upon they’re often expected and more so welcomed. Especially in the cuckold or cuckquean subgenre, affairs are the name of the game!

However, when dealing with the fantasy and simply complex idea of steeping outside your marriage or relationship, literature is rife with possibility.

And who wouldn’t agree that Erotic Cheating Stories or Erotic Affair Stories can give us everything we want of a steamy read?

They not only give us high-heat sex scenes, but also complex emotions about love, betrayal, reconciliation and “alternative” partnership models in one! And most importantly: they give us an endless opportunity to take a deep dive in our hidden fantasies and let our own imagination fly.

But be aware: These stories contain everything. And with everything we really mean almost everything you can imagine...

So, without further ado, have a look at our selection of 10 especially hot, smoky and great Erotic Cheating Stories you should add to your bookshelf.

Erotic Cheating and Affair Stories which give you everything you need.

#1 Her Husband's Father by Tammy Weekes

Her Husband’s Father is a Cheating Wife Erotic Story with an extra turn. It is of course a tale about sex outside marriage, and there is a lot of sex, but it comprises an additional layer of betrayal.

In this story you’ll meet Luanne Howell. Now Luanne isn’t a goody two-shoes wife who obediently acquiesces to her husband’s every need. No, when her husband, Mark, leaves on business, you’ll find that Luanne has already set up a clandestine rendezvous with none other than Mark’s father, Howard.

Now Luanne isn’t one to prescribe to a particular attraction to older men. She, by her own admission, has a penchant for attracting, meek and mild men who are more comfortable being told what to do than doing the telling themselves.

But when she met Howard, about a year after she and Mark had started dating, there was an instant spark that turned into a flame and that flame didn’t look like it was going to go out anytime soon.

Howard knows how to take what he wants, and Luanne is a woman who desperately wants to be taken, on every surface in her home.

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Of course, we all know that sometimes affairs aren’t something anyone goes out looking for. Some people are serial cheaters and can’t even explain to themselves why they stray. Sometimes, however, the heart has needs that can only be met by someone other than a spouse and in Raine Miller’s Cherry Girl: Elaina and Neil-A Blackstone Affair spin-off, Elaina and Neil are two such people.

Neil is a soldier, one who knows what it’s like to fight for the right cause and now his only cause is Elaina. When life stomps all over Elaina Morrison’s dreams, she feels cast aside and so far from seeing any of her dreams come true, until Neil shows her that romantic dreams are something you never let go of. He’s not giving up, but will Elaina be willing to sacrifice even more to make their dreams come true?

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#3 A Summer Affair by Jeni Rae D

While most affairs last for years or until someone gets caught, there are those that are just for a season. And sometimes an affair isn’t about infidelity at all. In Jeni Rae D’s A Summer Affair, Liam isn’t at all prepared for a trip back to the past when his best friend Jackson wants to drag him back to Sin City for his bachelor party.

Liam initially declines, stating facts like work and women, but when Jackson all but begs, pointing out that It's practically sacrilegious for the best man to skip the bachelor party, Liam can’t worm his way out of the trip.

Leilani Isn't one to be played and when Liam makes a bet he can’t take back, Leilani lets him know, in no uncertain terms that she isn’t pleased. When she decks him twice at his best friend’s wedding, Liam knows he’ sunk and determines that Leilani is going to be his, but will the independent young woman allow herself to be caught by Hawaii’s most notorious playboy?

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#4 Foreign Affairs by Mitzi Szereto

Now Foreign Affairs his exactly what you’d expect, a set of erotic and explicit affairs that take place in foreign places. Written by an international cast of storytellers, and edited by Mitzi Szereto, this 21-story set will have you wondering how quickly you can travel to places like Brussels, Santorini, Rome, Tokyo, Vietnam or even St. Lucia. You’ll get the chance to imagine your most sensual encounters in a hotel, bodega or even a gondola. Can you imagine, after all, sneaking down to the Siene and exploring the finer points of a wooden river boat with Mr. Just here on Business?

Authors Opal Palmer Adisa, Lisabet Sarai and Linda Jaivin-Author of the best seller, Eat Me-will bring you to the brink in exotic places that make erotic play seem like the next best thing to do during your travel itinerary.

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#5 The Affair by Beth Kery

The Affair by Beth Kery brings us the adult story of Emma Shore and Michael Montand. Emma, a registered hospice nurse truly loves her job and seeks to put the patients' needs and desires before anyone else’s, even if that person is the one footing the bill. While she’s technically not indebted to Michael, she still finds she must respect that he is, indeed, the owner of The Breakers, a massive, sprawling mansion that boasts quietly of wealth in an understated yet no less obvious way.

Starting out as a set of serial stories, Kery moved them into one novel in 2015 and has since gone on to publish several other novels as well. But this one presents a particular sweetness in its examination of fleshly delights and desires and what drives us all to culminate all of our experiences in heady, erotic sex.

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#6 A Forbidden Love Affair by Kizzie Darker

In A Forbidden Love Affair, you’ll meet Ruby, Mackenzie and Keeley James. Triplets and just as diverse and unique as if they’d been born in three distinct births instead of just the one. Ruby is the main focus of this first installment of the Liaison series and in such, she’ll meet Matthew Lochart. Matthew is married to Erica, but the feelings and emotions that normally go along with marriage just aren’t there anymore. And haven’t been for a while. But while Erica wants to hang on, Matthew wants a clean break and Ruby is just the sort of motivation he needs to get moving.

A Forbidden Love Affair is a cheating sex story which really could be drawn based on thousands of real life stories. This is what it makes such a captivating and emotional story, at least for me, to read over and over again.

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#7 Stocking Suffer by Jack Ryder

Stocking Stuffer by Jack Ryder is a fun, holiday season erotic fantasy story that will definitely get you in the sexy holiday spirit. And by the way it could also be a great gift for a friend during the holiday season...

Jane and her daughter Stacey, who is barely 18, have a bit of a thing for their neighbor Jack. And Jack has more than a bit of a thing for Jane and doesn’t mind one bit eyeing her barely legal daughter either.

When Jane, Stacey and Tom - Jane's husband - moved in a year prior, Jack knew he’d do anything to get Jane in his bed. But when Jane and Stacey hatch a plan for Jack, will he play along or demand his own way?

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#8 The Affair in the Blue Pages by Julian Faustini

In Julian Faustini’s The Affair in the Blue Pages, Misha - a fifty something, internet newbie - starts a blog about his wife’s infidelity. Before he knows it, he has a cult following of interested parties who want nothing more than to know the outcome of their failing marriage. Bab - twenty-six years younger - thinks everyone’s fake and suffers from insufferable panic attacks.

While Misha looks for ways to justify his negative behavior, and Bab looks for ways to survive her life, Misha is plagued by someone who’s got a bit of an obsession with finding out who he is.

The Affair in the Blue Pages is really an extraordinary read and truly something different compared to the most Cheating Wife Erotic Stories (and Erotic Romance). The plot and characters are so 'real life' but deeply emotional that you won't stop turning the pages.

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#9 A Calculated Affair by Max Sebastian

Max Sebastian, author of What’s Mine Is Yours, is back with a story of forbidden desire and accepted lusts in A Calculated Affair. When Natasha tells her devoted husband, Jon that she’s got it bad for a co-worker, Patrick, he laughs it off until he gets a good look at her face. His first reaction is natural but isn’t one of anger or disgust. And the more Jon thinks about it, the more desire he feels to see Natasha not just happy, but abundantly satisfied. And the idea of her with another man starts to become a fantasy of his own that he’s chomping at the bit to fulfill.

Will Jon and Natasha find out that sometimes and affair can be beneficial to both spouses?

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Last but not least is Slut Wives: A Wife’s Confession by Andrea Martin. When the main character decides to unload all her dirty deeds, she does so in an anonymous letter that she has every intention of destroying once her confession is signed and sealed. She’ll share every dark and dirty thought, every sexy, surreal encounter, every nasty rendezvous in hopes of purging herself from the weight of what she’s been doing to her husband for years...cheating.

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Just a Thought about Erotic Affairs, Cheating Wives and Men...

Every one of us at one time or another have fantasized about scenarios of sexual adventure. Whether an affair is personally offensive to you or not, is entirely a matter of personal perspective and one each of us must undertake for ourselves. That being said, fantasies often make great reads and these affair based novellas and short stories are no different despite their often touchy subject matter.

Not found want you looked for?

Maybe you are still searching for your next high-heat story or novel. No worries: we can give you a lot of other smexy reading ideas. For instance: what about reading a Loving Wife Erotic Story?

And why not have a look at the list of books we curated which we think are great Erotic Stories especially for Women.

Or just drop by our Top-Lists and find great books all about Erotic Romance and it's wide variety of sub-genres.

And by the way: do not forget to check our section of FREE Erotic Stories!

**All of these great erotic fiction options are for adults only and not intended for anyone under 18. That being said, they may also contain triggers, scenarios in age-play, BDSM, and power exchange. Read at your own risk.



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