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Essential Romance Books: Erotica for Women

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Are you looking to branch out of your genre of choice? Are you tired of picking up the same types of books over and over?

We have some exciting ideas for you!

With the book industry shooting up by over 6% in the first three quarters of 2020, you've probably checked some books off your list. It's time to add some more to it. By more, we mean more books and more spice.

With more isolation during this pandemic, people are seeking out some steamy novels. They want to escape the world we're currently living into a simpler time.

A time with a lot of sex.

To help you escape, we've compiled 20 books in the genre of erotica for women. We promise you won't want to put these down!

Man and Woman loving each other. Quality Erotica for Women

What Is Erotica for Women?

If you're new to the erotic romance books genre, we're here to tell you all about it. You probably think of Fifty Shades of Grey as the most famous erotic novel because it's all about sex.

You're not wrong. But there is so much more to it. Every good erotic romance book needs to have a good plot that the reader can follow.

The characters have to be believable, realistic, humorous, and likable. Erotica can create stories that you fall in love with and cannot put down.

Just like in Fifty Shades of Grey, there is a deep plotline that follows the two lovers through the intimacy of their relationship. The reader learns of their struggles, desires, problems, and sexual relationship. Like Fifty Shades, nothing is left out in erotica.

Although many times someone may pick up an erotic romance novel because it gives them the escape they need, it's not just for that. Many couples also use erotic stories to spice up their relationships and give them more ideas in bed. As a woman, you can get some steamy ideas to bring to your own life, spicing up your sexual desires and life.

So let's get started: Erotic Books every Women should have read (at least) once!

If you are a seasoned Erotic Romance reader, you will probably also know the first few picks of our list. But do not miss the last ones of less famous authors!

#1 Lady Chatterley's Lover by D. H. Lawrence

Book Cover Lady Chatterley's Lover Erotica for Women

This book is meant for you if you love literature that contains also drama and tragedy. Lady Chatterley was introduced to love affairs as a teenager. After her husband is sent to war and becomes paralyzed from the waist down, she begins to look elsewhere for love and affection. Lady Chatterley continues to have erotic affairs and the novel follows her during these.

Lady Chatterley is one of those erotic historical romance novels that is unforgettable.

#2 Delta of Venus by Anais Nin

Book Cover Delta of Venus Lover Erotica for Women

The Delta of Venus follows multiple women through their erotic desires. These stories possess an erotic quality that brings about secretive affairs and will arouse the desire with you as well.

Anais Nin takes on a genre of writing that has been dominated by male writers and brings her own perspective to the erotic world.

#3 Outlander by Diana Gabaldon

Book Cover Outlander Erotica for Women

Outlander puts Fifty Shades to shame. This love story will keep you captivated and turning the pages to see what happens to the beloved characters.

This story follows the life of Claire Randall.

After Claire's husband comes back from war, she finds herself torn between two men and the safety they provide. You'll follow the plot along with Claire's life and how she decides she must live it to stay safe, yet immersed in passion all the while.

#4 Normal People by Sally Rooney

Book Cover Normal People Erotica for Women

Also a Netflix show, Normal People has taken the ranks for one of the most popular novels in the past couple of years. After its debut as a show, it has become more popular as a novel.

This novel by Sally Rooney follows two young people who have come from different backgrounds. Rooney breaks the barriers of past literature to ignite fuel in us as readers to think about love beyond social bounds. Complicated by social and economic divisions, the love of the two main characters is unpredictable yet awe-inspiring.

Knowing what happens to the two characters, Connell and Marianne, becomes addicting.

#5 Call Me By Your Name by Andre Aciman

Book Cover Call me by your name Gay Erotica for Women

Call Me By Your Name, a nifty erotic fiction novel, follows the love story of Elio and Oliver, two young boys who spend their summer in Italy. The book follows their love and how it continues to shape who they are for years to come.

Oliver is an American graduate who has been chosen by Elio's family to come to stay abroad with them for six weeks to continue to develop his writing skills. Their summer on the Italian Riviera is unforgettable.

Reading about gay and lesbian romance opens up a completely different world in erotica fiction.

And Call Me By Your Name is an ideal starting point into gay erotic romance.

#6 Command Me by Geneva Lee

Book Cover Command Me Erotica for Women

With over two million copies sold, this book by Geneva Lee is a bestseller in the erotica for women genre.

This book is full of passion, romance, and curiosity.

The romance begins with one kiss with Prince Alexander of Cambridge and it goes from there. You will be tearing up, laughing out loud and smiling like a fool from page one to the end.

#7 Forever by Judy Blume

Book Cover Forever Erotica for Women

Katherine Danziger meets Michael Wagner. They meet when her friends and family are helping her on her path of self-discovery through adolescence. Her family openly discusses sex and intimacy, believing that every part of life is important.

Once she meets Michael, another world opens up for her. She begins to explore her own sense of intimacy, discovering herself and her desires. Meeting Michael sets her up to know what she wants out of life.

Follow this funny romance novel through her world of self-discovery. Believe us:

You'll be forever cheering for Katherine Danziger.

#8 The MacGregor Brides by Nora Roberts

Book Cover The MacGregor Brides Erotica for Women

Written by the number one New York Times Seller, Nora Roberts, this romance novel is grounded in the intelligence and strong will of female protagonists.

The patriarch of the MacGregor clan wants to see his three granddaughters married before he passes. To see this happen, he selects three gentlemen as candidates. The matchmaking doesn't quite go as planned.

#9 The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Book Cover The Time Traveller's Wife Erotica for Women

Henry DeTamble, an adventurous librarian, accidentally travels through time. On his journey, he meets Clare. The Time Traveler's Life follows the passionate love affair of Henry and Clare, which traps them in time.

If you're looking for a timeless classic that highlights the strong bond of love, this is for you.

#10 Bad Behavior: Stories by Mary Gaitskill

Book Cover Bad Behavior Erotica for Women

These stories follow multiple characters around, creating a deep sexual desire within all of them. As a women reader, these short stories will hold your attention. You will follow wild characters, intense sex, and the rawness of the women character's feelings.

If you're a woman reader looking to feel connected to the power of your sexual desires and the intimacy of your emotions, this book is for you.

#11 Unrestrained by Rhyll Biest

Book Cover Unrestrained Erotica for Women

Similar to Fifty Shades of Grey, Unrestrained leads its characters through their past traumatic experiences in a healthy manner.

Holly will need to get past Stein's obsessive, intimidating ex-girlfriend to get to Stein. But she has to do more than that, too.

To reach all of Stein, both sexual and emotional, Holly will have to release her own inhibitions. She'll have to overcome her dark secrets to get to Stein's heart.

Unrestrained has a 4.12 rating on Goodreads and is one of the best novels under the genre erotica for women. Don't pass this one up.

#12 Danger Zones by Sally Beauman

Book Cover Danger Zone Erotica for Women

If you pick up Danger Zones by Sally Beauman, you'll be hooked. From page one, the secrets and the sex will draw you in. The sins in this book will leave you shocked, yet wanting more.

Sally Beauman has had a lot of success writing erotic romance books, and having the chance to read one of her books shouldn't be passed up.

#13 The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

Book Cover The Kiss Quotient Erotica for Women

Less mainstream than other erotic romance novels, the Kiss Quotient follows the lead female who is on the Autism spectrum and a male escort. Stella hires the escort, Michael, to help her professionally with her own dating insecurities.

As you can probably guess, this professional exchange doesn't quite go as planned.

This sensitive, funny, and sensual novel gives a refreshing twist on the modern-day erotic novel.

#14 Finding Gideon by Eric Jerome Dickey

Book Cover Finding Gideon Erotica for Women

Gideon has been a hitman his entire life, living on the edge of danger every single day. While Gideon is tangled in his own dangerous revenge, he is unable to say no to the woman who has his heart.

This novel will give you chills as you follow the story that breaks every rule, the obsession between the two characters forming within yourself as well.

#15 Damage by Josephine Hart

Book Cover Damage Erotica for Women

If you like novels with love affairs with an immoral twist, this is for you. Damage follows an obsessive man who has everything he could possibly need. Yet behind the scenes, his life needs more passion and more lust.

Because he follows his obsessions, he is left in a tricky situation with his son's fiancé.

#16 Bared to You by Sylvia Day

Book Cover Bared to you Erotica for Women

Eva Tramell keeps accidentally bumping into a handsome man at work, in the elevator, and during presentations.

Bared to You follows the story of the two who become intertwined with a possessive, sexual relationship.

Gideon Cross is a survivor of sexual abuse and is working on his own trauma. The two go back and forth, forming opinions about whether they want a sexual relationship or a deeper connection.

They continue to navigate their sexual intimacy, working through ways to have a healthy relationship.

#17 Dark Desires by Sallyanne Johnson

Book Cover Dark Desires Erotica for Women

Sallyanne Johnson had her debut novel, Dark Desires, come out in January of this year. It is part of a trilogy called The Black Series.

The series focuses on mild BDSM that furthers the plot. In an interview with the author, she explains that she loves a story that puts forth a complicated character. Her novel is an erotic romance book that displays two characters that cannot keep their hands off one another because of their intense physical attraction.

With twists and turns, dark secrets, and elements of control, this novel will leave you wanting more.

#18 Sin Brothers Series by Rebecca Zanetti

Book Cover Sin Brothers Erotica for Women

This series follows three women who want to explore their deepest and darkest desires with men they cannot keep their eyes off of. The novels will bring to the surface the darkest desires of the women, coupled with a twist of paranormal activity.

Within this series, you'll find some steamy elements of BDSM on display. If you're looking for erotic BDSM stories, this one won't disappoint.

The passion will be irresistible, both for you as a reader and for the characters within the novel. Forgotten Sins, Sweet Revenge, Blind Faith, and Total Surrender are the four books in the series.

#19 Night Class by Hannah Crow

Book Cover Night Class Erotica for Women

If you're looking to change your bookshelf more than just adding erotica romance books, you need to add Night Class. This book is an enchanting erotica thriller book for women.

Night Class is a passionate, yet quick read, centering around Rachel as the main character. It follows her through college, where she becomes entangled with her professor, who has a dark secret.

#20 Forbidden Complication by Amanda

Book Cover Forbidden Fingers Amanda Boyd Erotica for Women

Forbidden Complication by Amanda Boyd is a short erotic story. Amanda Boyd does not hold back from letting the word porn flow. In just 5,000 words, she gives you more steamy, hot sex than you'd get from a normal novel.

This story is short and steamy, but will leave you downloading more erotic ebooks. Do not miss how Veronica, a self-confident young woman, finds her way into Mark's heart.

Convinced to Read Erotic Romance Books?

There's nothing better than walking up to your bookshelf ready to read the next book. Adding erotic romance books will keep you going back day in and day out to grab another book off of your shelf because you can't set them down.

Although reading erotica novels is often frowned upon or disregarded as porn in words, it's become a billion-dollar industry. So obviously, you're not alone in your love for erotic romance books! And most importantly, you do not have to hide these high-heat, high-quality Erotic Romance Books.

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