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Updated: Jan 23

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That was definitely where Mary excelled. She might love being in charge, but in bed, that translated to an amazing set. Of course, she set the pace, but her blowjobs and unique positioning always made him come back for more – normally multiple times in a given night. – Forbidden Complication

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Forbidden Complication

Chapter 1

Mark walked the same path to work he did every morning, stopping in to get his identical double shot expresso from the yesterday and the day before. He was a man stuck in a rut and finding it coloring his day in shades of grey. He could remember back in his college days being the life of the party, but now as the years of his career dragged along, he was just surviving. He wanted more, desired the passion and zest of his youth. As he sat down at his desk and noted that it was seven o’clock in the morning to the minute, he sighed heavily before turning on his computer.

Mary would call him shortly to ensure he made it to work and probably schedule their bi-weekly date. She liked to control all aspects of the relationship, which was exciting and new for him. After two years, he felt like a whooped puppy who could not find a way out from the suffocation. She was an amazing and surprisingly lover and gorgeous in a way that made men hit on her, even when he was standing beside her lovely body.

Not that Mark was a bad looking guy. At six foot tall, thirty-five years old, well-employed with thick sandy blonde hair and dusky blue eye, he had his fair amount of offers over the years. Loyalty was critical to him, though, and he would never stray from a relationship even if someone had managed to spark a flicker of life inside of him.

He started through his inbox as the phone on his desk rang. “Hello?” He said, already knowing it would be Mary.

“Morning, handsome,” she returned. “Do you have the calendar in front of you?”

“I do,” he said as she listed off times she would be available this week. “What about Saturday? I thought we might take a long walk on the beach or maybe a hike?”

“What is wrong with you? You know that is my yoga day and then a night out with the girls,” she groused.

“I know, but it seems like two nights a week that I make your calendar isn’t quality time. Maybe Sunday.”

“Mark, you know how busy I am, and this is my way of compromising. I schedule you in first thing on Mondays to ensure we get in date night, and of course, a little loving each week to stay connected,” she said in a tone that he knew she would assume sounded sexy. It was just grating on his nerves. He wondered as the thought crossed his mind. He was unusually edgy this morning. Maybe he was coming down with something.

“You will remember to make the reservations for Wednesday, of course. Anything but Italian, and of course, they must have a prime wine list.”

Mary believed herself a wine connoisseur and had thrown a few public fits when the offering at an establishment had not met her refined palate’s needs.

“Of course,” he responded half-heartedly.

“Mark,” she snapped. “You don’t sound like you are up to this. Are you getting ill? Do you wish to reschedule?”

“No, I was just hoping to maybe break our routine and try something new.”

“Why? We are seen out and able to network while in each other’s company. This works ideally for our busy schedules, and then we will be able to help the other with a bit of tension relief between the sheets.”

That was definitely where Mary excelled. She might love being in charge, but in bed, that translated to an amazing set. Of course, she set the pace, but her blowjobs and unique positioning always made him come back for more – normally multiple times in a given night.

“I think that is it. Have a fabulous day, and I will see you for dinner on Wednesday,” she said firmly before disconnecting.

He sat, staring at the phone for the longest time. Was this really what an adult relationship was supposed to be like? This was staid, boring, and didn’t appear to be leading anywhere. On the other hand, he was overly busy with work that could sometimes reach eighty hours a week. He loved his job and had been steadily climbing in ranks until he was one step away from a VP role. He was well-liked by the owner, Mr. Lopez, and enjoyed his coworkers.

He definitely had to be coming down with something, as this melancholy was not his normal emotional state. He enjoyed the routine, thrived on it, in fact. Mary was everything he could want in a woman – well, except for the spontaneity part and the fact that she had already laid down the law about ever having children. She had provided a clear roadmap for the progression of their relationship toward marriage, co-mingled homes, and the like. He was only a few months away from that large shift possible, and maybe that would give him the new lease on life needed.

Swiftly shaking his head, he refocused on his work. He had numerous reports due this morning and had never missed a deadline in his working lifetime. He was not going to start messing with perfection this morning, he decided. Trying to wade through all the numbers for the new acquisition, he knew that Mr. Lopez would need an answer on his recommendation ASAP. His love life would need to be sidelined for something truly important.




Chapter 2

Mark was knee-deep into another day of numbers when a knock at the door broke his train of thought. Glancing up, he noticed Mr. Lopez outlined in the doorway and bobbed his head back a bit. Quickly he scanned his memory banks to ensure that he wasn’t missing something due to him.

“Hi, Mark,” he greeted him as if they were old friends and not employer and employee.

“Mr. Lopez,” he stood and walked around the desk extending his hand.

“What have I told you about calling me, Robert?”

“Robert, what brings you by today?”

“Well, my daughter was in for a short visit and surprised me with a visit. I thought I would bring her around and introduce her to everyone,” he said with a huge smile. Glancing back outside the door, “but you know how women are, they get distracted by all kinds of conversations around them.”

“I’m sure she is simply trying to catch up.”

“You heard we are moving forward with the new deal for China based on your numbers,” Mr. Lopez said. “I hope you are right about his.”

“Numbers are predictable, and so I’m pretty confident,” he replied.

“Are you talking about me?” A woman’s voice said from around the corner. When Veronica Lopez moved into his line of sight, Mark was convinced he had a heart attack. He hoped his mouth wasn’t gaping open, but every nerve in his body was vibrating. She was the most gorgeous woman he had ever set eyes on, with her curves, big brown eyes, and long lashes mixed with a killer smile was a potent combination.

“Honey, this is Mark Grier. He is the man who I trust most to run numbers on success factors for all of our projects, and graduate of Columbia also.”

“It’s great meeting you,” she said, holding out a hand for him to shake. Mark hesitated as if she had just extended a snake in his direction. Knowing he was rude not to take the greeting, he wrapped his fingers around her hand. The contact made a warmth like warm syrup climb throughout his body. When their eyes met, he would have sworn she felt something also. Though she immediately put a smile in place.

“What are you studying?” He asked as she pulled her hand from his.

“International Business. I hope to help here someday with my father’s business ventures,” she grinned widely. “Or maybe start my own adventure branching out on my own. We shall see what the future holds.”

“That is wonderful,” He said as Mr. Lopez interjected, and soon they were on the way again. Veronica turned back to him with a long gaze before she disappeared. He stood for a moment like a randy teenager wondering how turned on he felt by a two-minute interaction with a woman over a decade younger than him. Truly one of the weirdest experiences he had in quite some time, he thought before slowly returning to his desk.

It was Wednesday so, he had to finish early, which was a good thing considering he hadn’t been able to concentrate worth a lick. He normally loved numbers, but something about that meeting today had rattled him fiercely to the core. Not just the sexy younger daughter of his boss, but the fact that she had evoked such a visceral reaction from him. He didn’t even know that something like that was possible. It was the most unordered thing to happen in years.

As he checked himself in the mirror to ensure that everything was in order, from his hair to his shirt. The restaurant was a swanky one, and he needed to look the part. Mary was about the looks, and he was hoping to broach the subject of the next steps in their relationship. Rather than sitting about moping and hoping things might change, he was going to grab life by the horns. He could only hope that they were on the same page, and she was willing to meet him halfway. Maybe move into his home for a year or two as he had it paid off now, and then they could discuss a joint venture in a place that was uniquely theirs. It was just well past the point of needing something new to be looking forward to at his age.

Over this last week, he had been lost in contemplation about this and intended to follow through tonight.

When he walked in, Karen was just inside the entrance. She glanced at her watch, “nearly on time.”

“I’m two minutes early,” he defended.

“What do I say about being on time?” She asked with the brightest smile that anyone looking at them would think the conversation civil. Instead, he had an overwhelming urge to wipe the look from her beautiful face. Shocked by his internal reaction, he refocused, trying to get the data onto the right foot.

“I’m sorry, our table should be ready shortly,” he said once he had checked with the host.

“If you had been here earlier, we would already be seated,” she quipped.

“Mary, please. We see each other so seldom. Did you have a bad day, or is it just me?” He found himself asking, to her shocked face.

“I’m sorry. Are you taking an attitude with me?” She looked so shocked that he nearly chuckled aloud.

“I just want to enjoy our night and have a good conversation about the state of our relationship,” he said brightly, hoping that it might defuse whatever was bothering her this evening.

“I would love to engage,” she said, glancing down at her phone as it buzzed for the second time. “I’m sorry, but I am going to have to reschedule,” she said, leaning in to give him a kiss. “I’m sorry the stress of this current case is messing with my head, but soon I will win, of course – and then we can take a vacation somewhere. Have some downtime together, okay?”

“Sounds good,” he said, inhaling as he gave a half-hearted smile her direction. She was a defense attorney and billed enough hours to properly qualify as a workaholic. He understood these things as he was also dedicated, but after a couple of years as the side dish to her full-time job, he started to think it might be time for a change. He needed to consider what he truly wanted, other than his work, for the rest of his life. He honestly believed it was Mary until recently, but now he didn’t know.

For the next two hours, he walked his favorite city. Found a slice of pizza, got gelato at his favorite spot, and just tried to calm his soul. Then he went home, showered, and climbed into bed no clearer what tomorrow would bring than he was a few hours previous.

Like clockwork, he turned off the bedside lamp at eleven.


He sat bolt upright in bed. Now that was not in his plans. Someone outside of his apartment at this time of night meant it must be someone lost. He rolled over and determined to go back to sleep.


He sighed as he sat up, turned on the light, and walked to the door.

Mary stood there, and before he could ask what she wanted, she pushed herself into the apartment. Kicked the door behind her, unzipped the dress she wore, as it fell as a puddle at her feet. Then she moved toward him, pushing his chest until he fell onto the couch, bending to pull his briefs down, and she immediately starts to tease his cock with her wet, seeking mouth.

“Mary,” he groaned.

“Shhhh,” she said as she put her finger upon his lips and took him fully into her mouth. Licking around the head, she grabbed the base and applied just enough pressure to make the erection sing as she lapped at it hungrily with her saliva laden tongue. He was convincing he would explode if she continued this erotic assault on his being.

Just went he was on edge, she came around the couch, stripped the thong she wore from her body and turned her back to him. Straddling him backward, she took the length of him inside her warm body in one movement. Small twerking motions with her ass in his face had him turned on to the point of craziness. He reached out to slap her ass. “Harder,” she whispered as he followed her direction and hit her a bit firmer until the buttocks were kissed with his handprints.

She lifted and sank on him in hard movements, faster and faster until he was bucking under her wildly as she rode him right over the edge into a cataclysmic orgasm that left him unable to speak. After a moment, she stood redressed and was out the door without another word. Though he needed a solid five minutes before he made it to the bedroom. The next morning, he actually questioned if that had happened or been just a figment of his active imagination.

How will the relationship of Mark and Mary continue?

And what was it what Mark felt when meeting Veronica? Will he ever get the chance to find out?




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Her fingers curled around the hard, throbbing length of him. As he sprang out of the shorts at her coaxing, she circled the head with the pad of her thumb. It was warm, slightly damp, and in need of release, she could tell. She moved slightly forward, latched a finger at her crotch to move her bikini bottom aside, and before another word could be spoken, wound her legs around him and sank, taking his cock fully inside. Forbidden Fingers

“My turn,” he said, ensuring there was plenty of the sweet delight on her dusty rose tipped breasts, and then down, and further down until the biggest dollop was deposited at the entrance to her vagina. She held her hands above her head when she tried to stop him, and he held her gaze as he took first one and then the other nipple into his mouth, lavishing them both for a good solid minute. As she wiggled and moaned, he slid his tongue down her flat bellow into the tiny cavern of her belly button, licking until she was fairly squirming. His tongue flicked inside the tiny, tight opening and swirled around slightly. Then he sucked on the clit until she called out his name, half in pray and half pleading. Before she could guess what was to come, he suckled, licked, and slid two fingers inside of her simultaneously, causing a loud cry of pleasure to echo forth from her mouth - moving his tongue, sucking tenderly, and moving back and forth in a steady rhythm with his fingers she bucked, moaned and finally gushed her warmth all over him. Forbidden Climaxes

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