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Accidental Romance Books: What they are and which you have to read

Updated: Feb 14

Are you looking for a book that you can really escape into?

Then it's definitely time to check out romance novels!

Accidental romance books are full of twists, turns, and plenty of passion.

Accidental marriage books in particular explore exciting romances that may even come as a surprise to the characters themselves!

The only problem you'll have is putting them down.

But which accidental marriage books should you add to your reading list?

With more than one million books published every year in the US, you really are spoilt for choice.

So what sets accidental marriage romance books apart from other romantic fiction and which books should be on your list? Read on to find out everything you need to know about romance books about waking up married.

Picture showing a sexy woman reading a steamy romance book



What Are Accidental Romance Books?

Romance and erotic novels really hit their stride back in the 18th century. In spite of developments in modern technology, they're still going strong today.

If you are looking for a steamy romance with a twist then romance books about waking up married will be right up your street!

Unlike traditional romance books, they are usually full of surprises and confusion. But don't worry, there's still plenty of love, lust, and longing.

A lot of accidental marriage books start with the wedding — Vegas often makes an appearance — and explore what happens next. There is plenty of room for intrigue and excitement, particularly with characters who don't know one another.

And, of course, the ultimate question: will this accidental marriage stand the test of time?

So what are you waiting for? Let's take a look at some of the best accidental romance reads around at the moment!

Best Accidental Marriage Books About Unrequited Love

As you can probably imagine, most accidental marriage reads get a little bit complicated. After all, the characters didn't plan their wedding. In fact, a lot of them don't even know the stranger that they call a husband!

However, these books also explore the complicated feelings under the surface of each character. Maybe one person wants the marriage to continue or maybe they have had feelings for one another for years.

One thing's for certain, you won't be able to put these page-turners down until you've found out what happens in the end!

#1 Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

Cover of Dark Wild Night which is a great Accidental Marriage Romance Book

Unlike many characters in accidental romance reads, Lola and Oliver have known each other for years.

So it's nice to have a familiar face in bed the morning after they accidentally get married in Las Vegas. They even congratulate themselves on not consummating the marriage and ruining their friendship.

In spite of this, all is not quite as it seems in in Dark Wild Night. In reality, Lola has been drawn to Oliver since the day they met. Pulled in by his sexy Aussie accident and how at ease she feels around him, their accidental marriage seems almost too good to be true.

But does Oliver return her feelings?

And if he does, will he say anything before the marriage is over and it's too late?

We strongly suggest that you get this book in the Audible Version!

Do you know what's best?

You can experience most of these steamy stories in a new, highly exciting way, wherever and whenever you want! Just sign up for your Audible free month and you can get Dark Wild Night for FREE!

#2 One Night Rodeo by Lorelei James

One of the best steamy accidental romance books One Night Rodeo

Lorelei James is no strange to hunky cowboys. In fact, One Night Rodeo is the fourth book in her ten-book Blacktop Cowboy series.

So if you enjoy this there are plenty of other books to sink your teeth into!

Celia and Kyle have known each other for years from the rodeo circuit and she knows better than to get tangled up with him. Or so she thinks...

After a tequila-fuelled night, Celia wakes up to find herself married to the man she'd tried to avoid. To make matters worse, Kyle is her brother's best friend.

Celia insists on an annulment and Kyle can't see a reason for them to stay married but something holds him back. When he inherits a ranch in Wyoming he asks Celia to help him get it up and running.

Is Celia what he was looking for all along and will he admit how he feels?



#3 Wishing for Us by Sydney Landon

Cover of Wishing for us which is a great sweet Accidental Marriage Book

Lydia and Jacob in Wishing for Us both have walls up around their hearts.

Lydia recently lost her fiance and has no plans to love again and Jacob is enjoying the single life. This doesn't stop him from coming to her rescue outside the Danvers corporate headquarters though.

For the first time in years, Lydia is intrigued. She's also certain Jacob doesn't feel the same and tries to forget him. So no one is more surprised than Lydia when she wakes up after a bachelorette party married to him!

Even more surprisingly, Jacob seems extremely calm about the whole thing. As time passes, Lydia starts to remember exactly what she has been missing out on.

But will the marriage last or is Lydia being set up for a fall once again?

Best Accidental Marriage Romance Books About Forbidden Love

Nothing quite gets the blood running like the risk of a forbidden romance. Here are some of the best forbidden romance accidental marriage books around at the moment.

#1 When Stars Collide by Micaela Smeltzer

Forbidden Love Romance Book with an accidental marriage storyline When Stars Collide cover

One night in Vegas Thea and Xander give into the passion that has been encircling their lives for years.

Waking up in Vegas as man and wife after all this time should be a dream but there is one problem.

Xander's best friend is Thea's brother and he would never approve of the relationship. Thea is adamant that they should get an annulment but Xander isn't ready to let her go.

If she still feels the same way at the end of summer, Xander will willingly sign the annulment papers.

Will he be able to convince her that they're perfect for one another before the end of When Stars Collide?

#2 Until Ashlyn by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Cover of Until Ashlyn which is one of the best accidental romance books with a forbidden love plot

If you asked Ashlyn any day of the week, she would tell you that she'd never marry her boss, Dillon.

In fact, she can barely stand the guy.

Dillon, on the other hand, has been enchanted with her since the moment they met. So when the opportunity arises to make her his he grabs it and holds on with everything he's got.

To her surprise, Ashlyn finds herself more carried away the longer she spends with Dillon. Who is this man and why can't she get him out of her head?

However, it isn't going to be smooth sailing in Until Ashlyn. Someone is watching them and will do anything to end their relationship.

Just how far will they go to destroy this happy ending?



Best Romance Books About Waking Up Married With a Steamy Twist

Okay, most of the books on this list provide plenty of steamy, sensual scenes. However, when it comes to turning up the heat, these picks will really deliver the goods.

#1 Stripped Down by Emma Hart

Cover of the steamy accidental marriage romance story Stripped Down of Emma Hart

What happens if you combine a stripper, her unbelievably sexy boss, and a wild night in Vegas?

Well, a lot of heat that's for sure!

This accidental romance book by New York Times best-selling author, Emma Hart, is full of steamy scenes, twists, and turns.

Cassie's boss, Beckett, is demanding, rich, and extremely hot. Cassie is ready to get out of the stripping game and build a quiet life with her daughter. But Beckett has other plans.

Stripped Down’s Beckett is used to getting exactly what he wants — will he be able to convince her to stay?

#2 Well Hung by Lauren Blakely

Cover of Well Hung which is one of the best waking up married romance novel

If you are looking for a steamy sensual romp then you need to grab a copy of Well Hung as soon as possible.

This hilarious, sexy novel ticks every box.

A wild, non-strings-attached night is extremely what Wyatt and his hot assistant Natalie think they've signed up for. And boy do they make the most of it. They careen around Vegas hotels rooms and casino floors barely able to keep their hands off one another.

As they stand in Elvis's wedding chapel they laugh the whole charade off, saying they'll get an annulment in the morning.

But after a wild weekend of passion will Wyatt be able to keep his hands off his soon-to-be ex-wife and return to business as usual?



#3 Hitched by Alex Lux

Picture of one of the best accidental marriage books Hitched by Alex Lux

Kacie and Sebastian are from different worlds. She's a party planner, living the high life, and he's a pediatric surgeon intent on changing the world for the better.

However, when they meet in Vegas, they can't fight their instant connection and enjoy a steamy night together.

Oh yes, and they get married.

In Hitched, Kacie wakes up with the world's worst hangover... and a husband who is intent on staying married.

Will Sebastian be able to prove to her that they're meant to be together?

Add Romance Books About Waking Up Married to Your Reading List Now

When it comes to accidental romance books and accidental marriage books there is something for everyone.

Whether you're looking for steamy forbidden love or rodeo romance, these romance books about waking up married will satisfy your every need!

Like the sound of accidental marriage romance books?

Then make sure you check out our latest releases now — you won't be disappointed!

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