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Author Interview with Michelle Corchis

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Discover with us Michelle Corchis, an Indie Author who believes that there is no better place than being in between the pages of a good book. Michelle not only writes typical Erotic Romance Stories, but she also more special Paranormal Erotic Romance! So read more about Michelle and her stories of smart, sexy and sassy Heroines complimenting their Alpha Male counterparts with Hero complexes…

What did motivate you to become an author?

I was reading everything I could get my hands on and one day I decided to write. The book needed a lot of work, but I got the story out and Claimed was that book.

What was the most difficult part of becoming an author? What do you think in what stage of the process of an author are you right now? What keeps you motivated to push forward each day as an author?

The most difficult part of being an author is putting your book babies out into the world and hoping people will like it. That doesn’t always happen, so you pick yourself up and shrug off the bad vibes and continue. So I can’t say at what stage I am as an author. Every time I sit at the computer words come out and I write. There’s a fascinating quote of Ernest Hemingway:

‘We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master’

For me this means that there’s always something to learn and you grow from those experiences. This plays a central role in my motivation. However, there are times when you don’t want to continue down your chosen path, but those muses just won’t let you be. But, the times when you come up with an idea that’s beyond fantastic, that’s what keeps me writing.

Which book did fascinate you the most or do you have a favorite other author? What makes this book / author special to you and your story as a person and as an author?

When I read the Outsiders by S.E. Hinton—I fell in love with her writing. It pulls you in before you know what is happening. That’s what makes a good book, the ability to transport your readers into another dimension. One of my all-time favorite authors is Kelley Armstrong, she is simply amazing. Then there’s Becca Fitzpatrick, Lisa Jackson, R.C. Chirstiansen, and others.

What do you want to achieve for yourself as an author?

I want people to be entertained by my writing and hopefully word will get around.

What do you want to give to your readers with your books?

I want them to have a myriad of feeling and enjoy the story.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Are your characters solely based on your imagination or do you let inspire yourself by real people or stories?

Inspiration comes from everywhere, maybe someone from the grocery store or a song on the radio and definitely from real people from my past or present.

What makes a Romance story an Erotic Romance in your eyes? How shall, in your opinion, the sex parts be written and how important are they for a good Erotic Romance story for you?

Romance and erotic go hand in hand to me. There has to be a strong bond between the main characters in order to be Erotic Romance or plain Romance.

In which genres would you position your books:

  1. Deceived: Disciples of Hell MC: Contemporary/Erotic Romance

  2. Rebel Howl: Paranormal/Erotic Romance

  3. Dirty Santa in Paradise: Contemporary/Erotic Romance

  4. Finding Salvation: Dystopian/Erotic Romance

  5. Without Consequences: Bennet Brothers: Contemporary/Erotic Romance

  6. Claimed: Paranormal/Erotic Romance

Are your books normally standalone reads or do you prefer to write series?

Claimed is first book in the Wolf Essence Series, which are being rewritten. Disciples of Hell will be a series, also. I’m also working on a book that will become a series, but falls under the Paranormal/Suspense/Psychological Thriller/Erotic Romance

Which of your books would you rate the most erotic one? Of which are you most proud of and why?

My most erotic book is Finding Salvation. I’m most proud of Deceived: Disciples of Hell MC, it’s my first MC book but it won’t be my last!

If a reader, who loves to read Erotic Romance and does not know you and your books yet: Which one of your books would you suggest to read first? And why?

Deceived would be the one that I would recommend first, because I love MC Romance. Also, Dirty Santa because it funny and to me it’s a feel good story.

Talk about your upcoming projects: What are you actually working on?

What I’m working on right now is Killer Instinct: A Neverly Moore Mystery. I’m crazy excited about this book and it will be released in the spring. I’m also working on Bleeding Souls Anthology with some brilliant authors. That book will be out in August.

We want to thank Michelle for doing the interview with us! But now it is time to discover more about her books:

Rebel Howl: A piece of Paranormal Erotic Romance


Rebel Howl rules the record charts; Lincoln Cruz is the lead singer and Alpha to his small pack. He is a manwhore and is crude, possessive, arrogant, demanding, cocky, and sexy as hell—the Ultimate Alpha Male. When Lincoln comes face to face with a little one and her mother, he realizes she is his One True Mate. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know who or what he is and has no desire to learn. Lincoln must prove himself worthy of Savannah, where he might just find his salvation.

Deceived: The book of which Michelle is most proud of


Hunter 'Cid' Reed is the Sargent at Arms for his club, The Disciples of Hell. Until recently, his life has been one party after another. But, when he learns that everything is a big f*cking lie, he has two options, ride or die. Some things are worth dying for, and Cid won't go down without a fight.

Dirty Santa in Paradise: A light and funny Erotic Romance Story


LOTUS After being on the road for over a year and rocking asses all over the globe, I thought I'd earned some time to myself. It was only a few days until Christmas and I worked through it last year, so the time off was well deserved. But, hey, I must've been delusional! Not only did everything blow up in my face, my childhood tormentor decided to bulldoze his way back into my life! JAGGER I've done my penance, made a name for myself in the music business, and now I want my girl. A few problems are standing in my way... 1. She doesn't know I'm coming back for her and 2. My best friend, Wolfgang, is also her older brother. So how do I turn this shitshow in my favor?

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