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Author Interview with Trisha Harley McCarthy

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We had the opportunity to talk to Trisha Harley McCarthy, author of romantic and steamy novellas like On Ice, Darker Love and of course the romantic Granite Bay Series.

Trisha Harley McCarthy is a very versatile author having books published in a wide range of genres. She has published in genres like Alternate History Science Fiction (whereas the storyline goes more in the direction of theory conspiracy -- Indescribably Blue) to Contemporary Romance (the Granite Bay Series), Sports Romance (On Ice) Paranormal or Fantasy Romance (Dimensions) to Erotic Thrillers or Dark Erotica (Darker Love). As Erotic Romance fans, we are naturally tied to the Granite Bay Series and Darker Love. Both may be rather light Erotica compared to books of other authors. However, they are so romantic, that the Erotic part evolves so easily in your own imagination. And sometimes the steamy sexy parts get even better when they are not described to the detail, don’t they? So learn more about Trisha, her goals and challenges as an author and of course her books. It might well be that you discover a future gem for your bookshelf…


  1. What did motivate you to become an author? I became hooked on fan fiction. Then decided to write my own story to continue Bridget Jones’s Diary characters. I began receiving really encouraging reviews that motivated me to write my first book Just As He Is.

  2. What was the most difficult part of becoming an author? I would say marketing and promotion is the toughest aspect. You need to be a jack of all trades to sell books, connect on social media and the other things you need to do behind the scenes.

  3. What do you think in what stage of the process of an author are you right now? I’m an established author with a nice following. My goal is to one day be a best-selling author.

  4. What keeps you motivated to push forward each day as an author? Unfortunately, I have a day job so my time is limited along with my projects. Motivation comes when I feel in the zone. My current WIP is coming along nicely.

  5. Do you have yourself favorite authors or books which deeply inspired you as a person and as an author? Absolutely. My favorites are Helen Fielding, Maria Luis, Carian Cole and Sylvia Day.

  6. You write in a rather wide spectrum of genres, from Alternate History Science Fiction (Indescribably Blue), to Contemporary Romance (the Granite Bay Series), Paranormal or Fantasy Romance (Dimensions) to Erotic Thrillers or Dark Erotica (Darker Love). How do you manage or prepare yourself for the different genres? Indescribably Blue is more a theory conspiracy not really science fiction. I love variety and write what I am passionate about. I’m also a Paranormal Investigator so that comes into play in my work.

  7. Do you plan in which genre you write or does the storyline and therewith the genre “just” evolve during writing? Is it hard for you to write in those different genres or are all equally natural to you? Ideas come to me in odd ways. I pride myself on original and unique story lines. They come natural to me. I write what I know.

  8. As you did write is such a wide variety: Is there a story of which you are most proud of?Yes, On Ice. It took over a year and a half to complete. I love the characters.

  9. When writing fiction: Where do you get your inspiration from? Are your characters solely based on your imagination or do you let inspire yourself by real people or stories? Some of my characters have been inspired by real people but mostly from my imagination.

  10. In your book’s sports are often an important part to the storyline? Where does this come from? Do you have a special relationship to sports? Well obviously, my hockey book played a roll. I do like sports and they make their way into my books as does my teams.

  11. What do you want to achieve for yourself as an author? Become a best-selling author has always been the goal.

  12. What do you want to give to your readers with your books? Real characters with real problems. Life is full of angst and that’s what I write.

  13. As Erotica lover: Please talk a little more about “Darker Love”. Darker Love is about a woman who is sexual, sworn off love and shrouded in a mystery only to find her true love. We highly recommend that you check out Darker Love. It is an awesome read full of lust sex and betrayal and love. You will be hooked on the minute you start reading…

  14. In your last book, The Wish, you returned more to a Contemporary / Holiday Romance story. Is there a specific reason why you didn’t position The Wish more in the Erotic Romance genre? Will you ever return to writing erotic romance stories? I co-authored the book with a friend and colleague to write a Hallmarkesque novella. We wanted to do a feel-good book for the holidays. I may write another erotic book in the near future.

  15. Your books:

    1. Where and in which forms are your books available? All my books are available on Amazon and other retailers. Most are EBook and print except for Darker Love released in digital form.

    2. On what are you actually working? Are there additional books in the works? I am keeping my project confidential until publication.

We are very grateful that Trisha took her time for us. We leave it now up to you, but if we were you, we would not miss Trisha’s gems (as pure romantics of course especially Darker Love or the Granite Bay Series).

On Ice

Zoe Simmons receives a text on her wedding day. Her fiance called off the wedding. No explanation and he is soon traded to another hockey team, the Detroit Steels. She is devastated and has an emotional breakdown. After a few months she returns to her lonely life. Numb and withdrawn, she throws herself into her work as an assistant to general manager of the NHL team The San Jose Otters. Fast forward three years, The Otters are contenders for the Stanley Cup that include a shocking trade, Killian "Ki" Connery. The man who left her at the altar in humiliation and shame. Another blow comes when her father, Jed Simmons, negotiated the trade of her former fiance without telling her. How will she be able to endure being around the man her heart yearns for but her mind rebels against? Not to mention the scandal that is about to break opening up her private life to further scrutiny by the media?

Killian "Ki" Connery The woman he loves jilted him at the altar and he is banished to Detroit to play for The Steels. The former star and captain of The Otters is crushed by the betrayal of his love he's never gotten over. He survives through sheer will power and playing hockey while fighting the underlying demons plaguing him. Jesse Ward comes into his life and they become America's Sweethearts of the media. Little does Ki know the part Jesse played in his breakup with his true love Zoe. This story will keep you on your toes with an intense love story, challenges, betrayal and overcoming the odds that love conquers all.

Darker Love

Erin Bellamy Erin is a former Olympiad figure skater and currently the CEO and owner of the most prestigious PR sport firms Bellamy and Associates. She has it all. A successful business engaged to a gorgeous and talented man with the world at her feet. Rafe introduces her to the sensual pleasures of life. She becomes addicted to him and all he has to offer her. His charm begins to fade and lose its luster as a darker side of him emerges. Fame changed him now he has the same hold over Erin, who is immersed and loses herself into his lifestyle of lust and power. One night, Erin finally see’s the light and ends their relationship. Her decision ends in tragedy and thrusts her into a never-ending nightmare she cannot escape.

Evan James The famed soccer player dubbed a playboy by the media could not be further from the truth. That was his past. He is now a sought-after sports agent with quite a reputation working with his best friend, Erin Bellamy. He has always loved Erin from afar but never acted upon it until one day she presents him with an arrangement as friends with benefits. Evan jumps at the chance knowing his own personal circumstances and secret past could unravel and end his friendship with Erin forever. Evan struggles to come to terms with his feelings for his best friend who he refuses to lose again. Then came the night that turned his world upside down and all he witnessed. His only mercy was his silence to protect Erin from it all. This is a gripping novella full of secrets and lies with Erin caught in the middle of her grief stricken past and her present nightmare.

The Wish

Nicholas St. James is a model living in New York City. He’s at the height of his career, landing a coveted Calvin Klein billboard in Times Square. But he wants more. He wants to follow his passion and act.

At a New Year’s Eve party, he finds himself in the grips of a well-known socialite who suddenly throws him into the spotlight. Holly Winters hosts a popular talk show, Scandal, that streams online from her hometown, South Lake Tahoe. She loves a good dose of drama and isn’t disappointed when her show is the unexpected catalyst for the latest gossip. From the East Coast to the West Coast, both Nicholas and Holly make a wish as the clock strikes twelve. Little did they know, their wish would bring them together. Amidst the gossip in the media and unsolicited opinions on social platforms, Nicholas and Holly find themselves connected in a trendy, yet unconventional way. The New Year is off to a crazy start with many new developments in both of their careers. Sometime dreams really do come true. Or does a person need to be careful what they wish for?

Granite Bay Series Book 1

When Noah Benedict, a sexy man with a hint of an Aussie accent and veterinarian, arrives in the Pacific Northwest town of Granite Bay, Oregon, he sees a dream come true to head up the equine unit at Cascadia Equine Clinic. It’s a fresh start in a new place where he can lay the past to rest once and for all. And, reaffirm his status as a confirmed bachelor because he is married to his work. But little does he know, how meeting one woman can change all of that in an instant, and how that encounter will bring a past back to haunt him.

Kenda Jones runs the Cascadia Horse Ranch, a sanctuary for rescue horses. Her dedication to rescuing these majestic animals leaves little room for anything else, including men. One day all that changes. Sitting in her favorite booth sipping a latte with her best friend, Ty Montgomery, she locks eyes with a new comer to town. When he comes into the café, he is like a force of nature. She fights his magnetic stare and beguiling smile but is lost in both despite her steely resolve to eschew all men. Kenda’s heart races when he crooks his finger at her, since she is helpless to ignore the stirrings in her heart that brings her closer to the one thing she is vowed to avoid, love. This is a sweet, funny, sexy, heartfelt read. Another wonderful contemporary romance story brought to you by 5 Star Amazon review author, Trisha Harley McCarthy.

Just as He is

Indescribably Blue: Inspired by the King of Rock

What if the King of Rock and Roll never died but just disappeared? This fictional account plays out an interesting theory there is more to the story than the public was told. Read this fascinating account and judge for yourself


What happens when one night an other worldly encounter changes the lives of two people?

When Noble Kane responds to a call from dispatch and finds a woman missing and strange, unexplained lights in the skies, little does he know from that moment on his life will never be the same again. Casey Devlin makes a frantic 911 to report a possible intruder only to disappear without any recollection and found wandering in the nearby woods by an handsome police officer who looks amazingly like a famous singer. Sparks fly between Casey and Noble from the very beginning. But is that enough to sustain a long term relationship? Only time will tell as strange events unfold and unanswered questions are finally revealed.

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