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Top-quality Erotic Romance? Have a look at those 8 Erotic Romance Novels.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Discover 8 of the Best Erotic Romance Books - we think of all time. However, all the below-mentioned books are for sure worth your time and will give you exciting reading hours.

Treat yourself with Erotic Fiction that gives you more than just a Sex Story.

What are the differences between a Sex Story and top-notch Erotic Romance Novels?

And which Nifty Erotic Fiction books are must-reads for new as well as seasoned Erotica Readers?

Check out what we think is important that a book can enter our "best of all time list". And of course do not miss the list... Maybe you find a new top-quality reading idea which will let the sparks and your imagination fly!

What are key features of the best Erotic Romance Books of all time?

One of the unique features that makes any Erotic Romance book stand out is capturing its reader's attention. It should be an excellent piece of work that makes a reader want to dive into the next chapter, flip the next page.

And, of course, it has to be romantic (which in my opinion means that it has to have a HEA), has to make you cry, laugh and, maybe the most important, has to be nicely erotic. So a story without some steamy and hot sex can’t classify for any best of Erotic Romance list, at least in my opinion…

However, some writers make the mistake of failing to portray their main characters in a position where the reader can have an exact image of who or what they are; but instead paying more attention or mainly focusing just on the "Erotic" in "Erotic Romance." For some who do, they end up mixing up or confusing what a character should be. When a character is dominant yet sweet, they are then described as weak or uninteresting.

A good storyline, well-developed and fascinating characters, a HEA and ... steamy sex - that are the must-haves of great Erotic Romance Books!

Anyone who has watched or read "50 Shades of Grey" may regard it as one of the best erotic romance works released: but in my opinion there are a lot of other Erotic Romance Books more fascinating, entertaining and inspiring than 50 Shades. Those books achieved to catch me from the first page and let me dive into a world of Love, Sex, Romance and Inspiration. And that’s what Erotic Romance is all about!

8 Erotic Romance Books worth your Time!

#1 Aiden By H.L. Swan

Aiden by HL Swan. Erotic Romance Book.

Aiden by H.L. Swan is everything I want from an Erotic Romance Novel: a badass dominant and submissive Erotic Story. The author, H.L. Swan, exhibited Aiden Scott, which is the main character, excitingly. Like Grey in Grey's fifty shades, Aiden is also a strong, dominant, protective and possessive wealthy man. He thought he had everything in life till he met Emilia. She is the opposite of him, but he can't seem to understand why he falls so hard for her.

Even though Aiden is a "sexy bad boy" who is dominating and possessive towards Emilia, he is still so sweet. Swan's development of the main characters all through the book is just captivating. Thus, reading it, the chemistry between them is steamy and swoon-worthy throughout the novel. It is easy for a reader to get hooked up in the book with their personality and find it challenging to keep it for minutes. The point is that there is every possibility of loving the book.

I personally find this book truly intriguing, even though Aiden has direct similarities with other well-known Erotic Novels or that even certain scenes in the book are "rather" familiar. But remember, we're talking about Erotic Romance! Some stories may tend to sound "too" similar. Still, if I am to compare, I think Aiden is one of the best in this genre, and I would even omit that I like this Erotic Story far better than the world-famous Fifty Shades of Grey.

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/2VM1q4G

#2 Bared to You By Sylvia Day

Bared to you by Sylvia Day. Erotic Romance Book Cover.

Another stimulating Sexy Erotic Story that shouldn't go unnoticed is "Bared to You" by Sylvia Day.

For those readers who are familiar with Sylvia Day's work, that's not a surprise. Sylvia hasn't stolen the moment of being regarded as number one Sunday Times and the number one international best-selling author of over twenty award-winning novels sold in more than forty countries. She is the number one best-selling author in twenty-eight states, with tens of millions of print book copies. And because of how good her works are, one of her series even earned her a Lionsgate television option.

A look at her handwork on "Bared by You" gives readers who are looking for a continuation for the "fifty shades of grey" a different story to crave on. It has a similar tone and feeling that has pushed it to become the next best-selling book in the Erotic Novel category. "Bared to you" shouldn't just be regarded as a mere Erotic Romance book but one that pulls the reader's interest along to every chapter.

The main characters are Eva and Gideon, but we see the information through Eva's female character. It's fascinating how Eva seems to be very real; Sylvia Day flats out Eva's character as an independent woman of today who knows what she wants. Eva meets and falls for a handsome millionaire (Gideon), the dream of every lady and a role model for some men.

One credit lead for Sylvia in the story is her descriptive writing style and her clear English. She did a perfect job of creating a setting scene where the references of a character's memories and actions flow with the reader's envisions.

The characters were so well described that I can say that the people in the story, especially Eva, might be a person you know in real life. Also, because of how good the male and the female characters' rapport throughout the book, you can even see or dream of being in this fictional Erotic Story.

Another part where I can't afford to give vital credit to Sylvia is her ability to use her story exquisitely to raise the real-life issue of child abuse and its implication on the victim and the victim's family.

Even though this story has all the good vibes in it, the down part is that it may sound or seems too familiar for those who just want something different. But hey, as a real Erotic Romance addict, you should give it at least a try!

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/3lNouul

#3 Blindfolded Innocence By Alessandra Torre

Blindfolded Innocence by Alessandra Torre. Erotic Romance Book.

“Blindfolded Innocence” is a fascinating Erotic Romance Book that tells the story of divorce attorney Brad De Luca (OMG, I just like this name). As a handsome playboy, he is used to getting whatever and whomever he wants. Brad De Luca's sexy charmer has bedded half the city, including some of his clients.

There comes the Pre-law student Julia Campbell; she is the newest intern at his firm. On meeting her, he poses a challenge, and his seductive prowess goes into overdrive. However Julia just comes off a failed engagement and finds herself happy about for her new independence. The last thing she needs is a man who has every chance to destroy her job potentials, not to mention destroy her love life.

But guess what: before she knows it or tries to get away from him, the incorrigible charmer Brad De Luca has her under his spell. She has fallen deeply for him, and his divergent tastes dive her deep into a forbidden world of sexual exploration, one she is not conversant with. Being in this type of relationship is not new to her; will her heart survive?

I love this book because it really opens up a journey of discovery and self-realization. It is sensually erotic and gives other deep introspective that I find exciting and enjoyable every moment.

But be warned: If being eccentric or reading a book with lots of sexual tautness and some pretty hot scenes isn't your taste or thing, then this might not be the book for you. The book does not take long for Brad to test Julia's doggedness. Success in changing her view on sex is only part of an affectionate relationship.

In conclusion, it is a well-strung story of knowing what you want and following your heart. It might be cheesy but very gripping.

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/3ghPTmP

#4 Emilia by H.L. Swan

Emilia by HL Swan. Erotic Romance Book. Best of Erotic Romance of all time

This Erotic Romance Fiction is a continuation of H.L Swan's work, "Aiden," which displays the tense Erotic Love and Sex Story between Aiden and Emilia. The typical bad boy and good girl story and, yes, I’m a fan of Aiden and Emilia. Unlike in "Aiden," where Emilia may seem weak and naive, now she has changed. Experience and situation made her more matured and strong. However, just as is it in her nature, she is still so innocent, especially for Aiden. This makes Aiden the best guy for her.

Another point that made this enticing series a reader choice is how Aiden and Emilia's love became so pure even at the intense level. I find myself waving from different emotions to another; it made me cry, laugh, swoon, and even scream (but trust me, not in a bad way).

I personally love Emilia and Aiden's story because it's not only romantic and sexy, but also very enthralling. It can be one of the most mysterious books you can read in a long time; if you haven't done so. So it is easy to say that it is, hands down, one of the best duology, a real hot must-read. So if you are looking for a steamy (for me too short) series to read with lots of interesting hot, hot content, this could be the one.

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/3lNoPND

#5 Fixed on You By Laurelin Paige

Fixed on you by Laurelin Page. Erotic Romance Book. Book Cover of an Erotic Romance Novel

“Fixed on You” by Laurelin Paige is one of the Top Erotic Stories that has succeeded in becoming the first book in a trilogy. And the best of it: it ends without a cliffhanger! But to be clear, "Fixed on You" keeps you on the clip of what the story will entail even without a cliffhanger that you will end up reading the whole trilogy. Personally: the best part of "Fixed on You" is that’s a story packed with Hot Erotic Sex scenes from the lead male and female characters. And these sex scenes occur at least about 80 percent of the book's time, so consider this as a spoiler alert and be prepared to have hijacked erotic imaginations that can make you go back to a particular scene in the book just to reread it for the fun of it!

The story centers on Alayna Wither, who has a past of limiting order and stalking. Now she recently got her MBA in hand with lots of tuition loans to pay off. Working at the nightclub as a bartender, she does her best to stay away from any guy who has the chance of eliciting her love disorder. However, unknown to Alayna, she is in the den of the type of guy she should avoid. There is Hudson Pierce, who happens to be the smart, wealthy, and dazzling new owner of the nightclub; the same type of guy Alayna has remembered herself several times to stay away from if she wants to keep her past leanings at bay. But unknown to her, Hudson has fixed his sights on her.

Laurelin Paige does an excellent job by carefully crafting and organizing the storyline for the readers' reading pleasure. In addition to this, the story has a lovely, brilliant, real, and established record, which is often missed or absent from most typical erotic hardliners. As a reader, it's inevitable for you not to love the dialogues, the minor and the central characters, and the extraordinary chemistry that takes place between Alayna and Hudson. Another feature that gives this piece of Erotic Literature another thumbs up is that the characters do not have an abused past, which we see that often in Erotic Romance Stories. Frankly, the central characters have a history but not the type we do regularly read about.

Even though this book successfully kept me on my toes while reading it, as I like the flow of consistent romance with nonstop sex between the couple, I wished there was sort of a climax of them breaking up and reuniting back together; it was all lovey-dovey.

However, the book still gets a thumbs up for its arousing and engaging scenes. Sometime we all need a simple Romance Story where a guy meets a girl, the guy asks the girl to pretend to be his girlfriend, and they fall in love. And that’s it!

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/39OtCfw

#6 Submit by Melody Anne

Submit by Melody Anne book cover. Erotic Romance Book.

“Submit” is an exciting follow-up to one of the USA and NYT's best-selling book by Melody Anne, “Surrender”. In this Erotic Romance Story, Arianna Harlow, the lead female character in this series, faces an impossible ultimatum she never thought she would be in. If Arianna accepts the coarse proposal of Raffaelo Palazzo (again what a name), he will make her to stay at his side as his 'purchased' mistress, giving him full control over her in his world and his bedroom. Arianna is caught in a decision to protect her loved-ones and keeping her dignity.

This Melody Anne four-part series tale is a story of two opposite personalities who are against each other. A classic story of a good girl meets bad-boy-turned-decent-guy by a hot woman who melts his icy heart away. However, going through the pages of Submit, I was easily carried away with the story: Melody does so great exposing the characters in their real sense, it made me vividly see and have an imagination of how each character thinks, behaves and feels.

However, one little aspect confused me while reading “Submit” and expecting an Erotica Literature work: Why the hell is especially Raffaello, in this day and age, always using “your core” or “your womanhood” when referring to a woman’s most private part. If men actually spoke like Rafaello whilst in bed, I’m not sure what I would do…

However, “Submit” I still a great Erotic Romance read and you should definitely add 'Submit' to your list too.

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/3gtCp7X

#7 The Dare by Lauren Landish

The Dare by Lauren Landish. Erotic Romance Book Cover from the best of Erotic Romance of all time list.

The story between Elle and Colton in “The Dare” is an alluring one that tends to make any reader guess but caught within the first chapters. Lauren Landish's work is definitely a Hot Romance Story must-read. The story centers on Elle and Colton, who come from different statuses and backgrounds, and whose love life was not meant to be or shouldn't be. Elle landed a job at Fox Industries as a business assistant. Even though her father works in the same company as a Vice President, she desires to make it independently while paying her dues.

And there comes Colton, the handsome young man who just left his hometown to search for a bigger and greater opening now battling Elle’s father for a more prominent role. Elle is caught in a game between her father and Colton, and both tend to use her to monitor one another. While both men tend to use her for their advantages, she finds herself falling for Colton more than she expected. What is the right choice for Elle and how will she decide?

The book has all the ingredients you can think of in any perfect Erotic Romance Novel. A bossy alpha set his sights on a smart, sexy subordinate and fantastic secondary characters with stories just waiting to be told. Thus, it is sexy, flirty, smoking hot sex, and more sex. Moreover, Lauren did a perfect job on the book by exhibiting every action and scene straightforwardly, envisioned perfectly. The story is exciting, hot, entertaining, and based on suitable premises.

But to be honest with you: If you are looking for a “mild” Romance Book with just little sex in it, "The Dare" may not be the book for you. Already on the first page of the book, it gets clearly erotic and does a jump start. Don't be surprised and say that you haven’t been warned that “The Dare” is a smoking Hot Erotic book!

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/3qxFZCu

#8 Wicked Envy – Sawyer Bennett

Wicked Envy by Sawyer Bennett. Erotic romance book cover showing a man standing in front of a woman's legs

The name of this piece of Erotica Literature might put off any reader who is too focused on the book title than actually what is on the book's content. Ignoring this book will mean missing out on the exciting stories and actions being put down by renowned Sawyer Bennett. He has been known for his outstanding works of Erotic Literature.

The story centers on the relationship of three friends Avril, Dane, and Andrew, who have been together throughout college while maintaining friends.

These three friends reunite back after years, and they all have things working differently for them. Avril has freshly broken up with her boyfriend after catching him cheating on her in their bed with a much younger woman, just after she arrived home from a business trip. While Andrew, who seems to be a romantic one in the group, hasn't been in a relationship in the past six months. On the other hand, Dane has never been in a relationship but has had numerous sex. The friends end up in the Wicked Horse, a sexclub, where they witness each other have sex separately; and the memories of that linger on their mind.

I think Wicked Envy is one of the Best Erotic Romance Stories because it shows what it means to move from friends to lovers in a ménage relationship and how people change feelings for each person. It is a Hot Threesome Story where people live out their fantasies and explore their sexuality but also showing the personal processes starting when doing so.

And of course is is an Erotica that has nice adventures or hot scenes in it! Just be prepared to open each chapter with a curious mind and have the expectation of sex scenes.

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/3ghQwgb

Are you up to some more specific genres of Erotic Romance?

Believe us: the novels mentioned above are some of the best sexy reads you can find. And they all share a common feature: quality in writing, a proper story arc and well-developed characters.

However, maybe some of you are searching for more specific but not less titillating stories. So why not have an additional look at maybe our selection of great stories about loving wives? Maybe you would like get some great erotic reading ideas for women?

Or are you ready for some real specialities of the Erotica genre like Gangbang Stories, Paranormal Erotic Romance or Historical Erotic Romance?

Whatever you are up to: we've got you covered! Check out our top lists and author interviews and you'll for sure find your next great reading adventure!

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