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Sexy Erotic Stories Collections - The Treasure Trove of Erotic Bedtime Stories

Updated: Mar 22

The 8 must-have Erotic Story collections or why you can’t miss Erotic Collections in your bookshelf

Having a couple of Sexy Erotic Stories collections or Erotica Anthology books in your library as a 'special collection' can be a great keep:

  • It will also spice up your reading game

  • It will be a source of inspiration for your personal (love) life

  • It will act as a true treasure trove of Short Erotic bedtime stories.

Even if you are the type that prefers longer and thoroughly developed storylines, I suggest that you once try out a really excellent erotic fiction collection or anthologies that can make you change your mind for short reads. Might be that you become a fan of “snack” reading too and you find yourself grabing the anthology when you just have a half-hour break… Chapter after chapter on the books, you will discover new Erotic tales, new characters, new authors and new writing styles, like you are on a cruise on a never-ending story.

While building your favorite Sexy Erotic Story library, there are few things you should look out for. It would be best if you chose a book that will keep you going, make your imagination go wide and wild, and take you on a steamy romantic cruise.

We have handpicked the best Erotic Story anthologies or collections for you to save you the stress. And to be honest with you: there is no better thing than reading a Short Sexy Story before going asleep, expect going yourself to the action, of course.

#1 A Bloom in Cursive by Leandra Vane

Cover a Bloom in Cursice Erotic Story Anthology

Get your copy here:

“A Bloom in Cursive” brings together eight Sexy Erotic Stories written by Leandra Vane. In each story, you will discover different characters who happen to find each other in unlikely places. For example Anne, who has never been to an adult shop. Or Victoria, who wants to chance to jazz up history; Ella wants people to see her for who she truly is, and Liesl, who wants to make fresh memories. In this Erotica Collection, you can expect almost everything: Male/female pairing (M/F pairings), Happily Ever After (HEA), and Happy for Now (HFN) endings. You should also expect the characters to be in special and sometimes even little kinky places like a funeral, museums, in a 70's kitchen, Civil war, and so.

Furthermore, Leandra Vane's writing style will make you enjoy the Sexy Short Stories even better. She does an excellent job of constructing the characters, especially concerning the short story format. So you should expect erotic tales that tell about falling in love differently and all that in a very condensed and intensive way.



#2 Best Women's Erotica of the Year, Volume 3 by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Cover Best Women's Erotica Anthalogy

Get your copy here:

If you are in search of Erotic Short Stories for Women, then you should pick up volume 3 of the “Best Women's Erotica of the Year” by Rachel Kramer Bussel. The books not only promises to be (one of) the best collection of naughty stories for women, it truly delivers a lot of top-noch Sexy Stories most women or even anyone who enjoys women erotic stories wants to read. You will get the tales of daring, brave, and unstoppable women, fantastic tales of women who trail their limitless passions anywhere and everywhere without minding the outcome. These brilliant set-ups turn the tables on, making women a hero of themselves and real feminists. With these stories, you should expect Short but really (and we mean really) Sexy Erotic Stories with a surprisingly deep level and, of course, a lot of vibrant sex scenes. And some stories might be surprisingly “usual”, but that’s what makes the way different from what you can typically read in Erotic Romance.

The stories were put together and written by a combination of great cherished authors, including Abigail Barnette, Charlotte Stein, and Annabel Joseph, along with several genre newcomers who. The book editing was done by Rachel Kramer Bussel, a well-known winner of the manifold Independent Publishing Book Awards. So it’s no surprise that Rachel made it more than one time into my Best Anthology list.

#3 Curvy Girls by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Cover Curvy Girls Erotic Short Story Collection

Get your copy here:

Could you imagine how great it can turn out when you bring together Erotic stories of curvy, real-life women with Hot Stories of irresistible sex exploration? If yes, I can recommend the 'Curvy Girls' by Rachel Kramer Bussel for you as a must-read. You can expect pleasure-seeking, sensual and stimulating stories that showcase curvy women's hot sides without restrictions throughout her book. There you read about the ability to love more, from the sexiness of huge butts, plus-size corsets to the irresistible charm of pregnant bellies. What makes this magnificent Erotic Collection remarkable is how Rachel took her time seamlessly describing every female body inch. From the whole collection, I personally like the "First Come, First Served" story the most. This tale is about a Latina bakery employee who’s number one customer is visiting her at 7 a.m. sharp daily for hot cross buns; and from there, the story opens to intense tales.

However all short stories in this Erotic Anthology perfectly serve as interesting Short Erotic Bedtime reads. So be prepared to read tales of women who meet and date long time partners, to one-night-stands, to an unexpected plain happenstance to kinky sexual events; the stories are plush and titillating. And one of the best feature of the book is the absence of sexism, ageism, or any other "isms" that you sometimes might see in other erotic stories. The book consists of fresher stories, younger women, older women, women of color and Latin clad, blondes' brunettes, and even redheads. More also, there are men and also women who love to get off on the idea of being with a woman who loves her size and lives life without regrets. Curvy Girls is a book that all-inclusively celebrates bigger women's sensuality in their curvy glory and therefore makes it to a great read for all open-minded Erotica fans.

#4 Dirty Sweet Valentine: And other Filthy Tales of Love by Laurelin Page

Cover Dirty Sweet Valentine Erotic Short Story Collection

Get your copy here:

Yet another book and talk from one of our favorite authors, Laurelin Page. From the name, “Dirty Sweet Valentine: And other Filthy Tales of Love”, it should give you an insight of what the tales in the book are all about, which is a Valentine different from what it used to be, but instead lusty and all erotic. You can look forward to read four sexy Valentine's tales: all filthy, kinky, lusty, dirty, yet also sweet and lovely in a unique way. And Laurelin's style of writing will make you knot into the book. The sensual stir up, intimate side, and romantic getaway cause jaw-dropping moments coupled with an imagination that runs wilder.

In all four stories, even though they are short, Laurelin maintains her audience's attention while passing across the message. My personal favourite for example, the Erotic Tale “Dirty Sweet Valentine” stood out because it shifted from the typical usual Romance Story, ending with a happy end, to one which doesn't. Yet, the love between the major characters is not selfish but sacrificing. So if you don't fancy short sexy stories with lots and lots of fantasies, then it's okay if you chose not to read it; but if you do like me, it's a great read.

#5 Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women by Nancy Madore

Cover Enchanted Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women

Get your copy here:

“Enchanted: Erotic Bedtime Stories for Women” by Nancy Madore is a really special Erotic Story collection. It’s easy to get enchanted, like the title promises, by this love triangle Erotica Collection with alluring scenes and fantasies. Nancy Madore intrigues and stimulates her readers with her titillating, blistering Anthology of Erotic Stories of well-known fairy tales with a twist of adult scenes. So if you are looking for Steamy Bedtime Stories of a special kind: these tales won't sweep you to sleep but keep you up late into the night sweeping from pages unto pages. As a woman, when you read this book, I can almost certainly guarantee that you will learn a ton from it…

It’s fascinating how Nany Madore takes standard happily ever after tales like Snow White, The Ugly Duckling, Beauty and the Beast, and successfully adds a kinky adult way to them. This book answers the question of 'what if my favorite classic bedtime stories as a kid are retold in a better version.' It clears the curiosity of those who love Short Erotic Stories in a new and never-seen way. Moreover, with an eloquent writing style, Nancy Madore passes out her tales creatively and tastefully that any reader can easily fathom. Even when it comes to the steamy or hot scenes, she has a sensual, tense way of keeping readers on their toes.

#6 The Big Book of Orgasms by Rachel Kramer Bussel

Cover The Big Book of Orgasms Erotic Story Collection

Get your copy here:

There is no way I will write about Anthologies of Erotic Short Stories without mentioning the 'The Big Book of Orgasms,' an excellent piece of work from again Rachel Kramer Bussel. A book that no one would ever imagine will materialize. This book is a masterpiece that brings together 69 top Erotic authors who share and write about their hottest orgasm stories or their big O. That's right. And not surprisingly, massive good credit should be given to the editor Rachel Kramer Bussel (I am a fan of her, I admit). So, be sure to discover the excitement of hot and even hotter sex scenes of short stories that bring the heat on every page. The exciting part is that the words are not born out of imagination but forehand peak experiences (and, to be honest, sometimes shows me what I have not yet experienced in my own life).

Since each of 69 short stories mainly only take 4 – 5 minutes to read, this book can especially well serve as an inspirational collection of Short Erotic Bedtime Stories for couples. You get to read stories of how a girl gets off or have a big O or how she gets a guy off or both of them getting off, and all have a satisfying ending. The stories mostly consist of women being the lead of the show and taking control; they experience the act instead of just been a mere giver. Don't be surprised to read erotic actions in the public space, ropes, toys, and even trucks; the kinkier, the better.

#7 To Italy with Love by Fiona Zedde

Cover To Italy with Love Erotica Anthology

Get your copy here:

Add Jamaican-American writer Fiona Zedde's "To Italy with Love" to your Erotic Story collection if you like to read in a condensed way the full span of romances from innocent to bare dangerously. The three erotic lesbian and bisexual stories (besides "To Italy with Love" there are "In that Girl, She's a Killer" and "Vicissitudes" in it) concentrate on women who leave their conversant spaces, countries, settings, and states of mind behind to learn unexplored, but not continuously tranquil, territories with both old and new lovers. Notably, the author created a toe-curling sensuality that she stroked into this story, which goes in through the eyes and out among tight thighs.

My personal favourite story is “To Italy with Love” and tells the tale of Iris, a newly single serial monogamist. She heads to the Amalfi Coast for a friend's wedding and unexpectedly ends up in the throes of craving with a vixen. With this story, you don't even have to make it to the half before the excitation comes in. So be willing to recommend it to other erotica readers.

However, you have to be aware: this Anthology of Love is all about Lesbian and even Paranormal Erotic Romance. If you are open or even a fan (as I am) of Lesbian Erotica, don't blame me if you can't fell asleep after reading them as your Erotic Bedtime Story.

#8 Total Surrender by Cheyenne McCray

Cover Total Surrender Erotic Short Story Collection

Get your copy here:

“Total Surrender” tells short Sexy Erotic Stories of forbidden fantasies that come to life and builds up to a Sexy Collection of Erotica by famous New York Times bestselling author Cheyenne McCray. The book is an Anthology of Love that features three Erotic Stories: 'Forbidden Surrender,' 'Wicked Surrender,' and 'Sweet Surrender.'

“Total Surrender” is a fantastic compilation of three naughty and salacious novellas. It has the possibility of rocking your world and making you smile at the same time, especially if you like reading (or even more) in the BDSM genre. With Total Surrender, nothing is too taboo as everything is done freely.

With every tale from Cheyenne McCray, you should expect much from the hero of the story. In our favorite story, "Forbidden Surrender," the hero happens to be Josh Williams. He is sexy, dominant, intense, and highly erotic. So we do fully understand why the heroine Terri completely surrenders to him and a fascinating story of Sex and Erotica evolves.

Interested in more Erotic Short Stories?

If you like to read those short bursts of erotica, do not miss our articles about the best short stories below 200 pages or even same great Erotic Super Shorts, which are Erotic Books below 100 pages.

For other great and sexy reading ideas, check out our top lists! We're sure that you find your next high-heat book among all the steamy genres we're presenting to you.

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