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Updated: May 17

Discover the best Erotic Stories below 200 pages – high-quality quick reads with loads of intensely sensual scenes.

Many people prefer short erotic stories to longer ones. But why?

They are quick and straight to point. And they are filled with loads of intensely sensual scenes

When an author knows all the right words and can keep the action flowing nicely even when the story is short: these books act as perfect short-time getaways from the stressful and often difficult reality of everyday life.

Naturally for me as a professed erotic romance addict: a good short romance story should be loaded with hot, steamy sex scenes. And I'm talking about high-heat scenes that make you sit up and pay attention (or even do other things...). Because let's be honest, a Short Erotic tale without an arousing hot (kinky) scene is incomplete. Those scenes transform normal stories into heart pounding tales that always leave you wanting more with all their thrills, chills, and love.

And I assume you think similarly, otherwise you would not have started to read this article…

If you are looking for great ideas of great Hot Romance Short Stories: look no further.

Comprised below is a list of ecstasy inducing, seduction savoring Short Erotic Romance Stories that will make you grateful you learned to read and provide the perfect mental vacation for a trip to the beach or a rainy day. Or in simple words: Erotic Fiction at its best!

#1 Mastering Her Senses by Laura Kaye

Cover Mastering Her Senses Erotic Short Story

This expansive love story centers on two equally intense characters, Cassia Locke and Quinton Ross. Cassia has unwillingly developed a phobia of the dark or anything related to it after a devastating accident. Hoping to help herself, she visited Blasphemy, a BDSM club. At Blasphemy she believed she would try to work through her fear and overcome it. And while it’s not the most conventional way to cure a phobia, it’s certainly a lot more fun than spending hours lining the pockets of a therapist, right? However, she ends up somewhat reconnecting with Blasphemy co-owner Quinton Ross. Cassia and Quinton have an interesting and colored past. It basically boils down to the fact that Cassia stood Quinton up. Quinton is a dominant man who has a specialty in sensory deprivation. While Cassia would never admit, even on pain of death, to seeking him out: she’s desperate to cure what ails her. And if Quinton is the only one who can help, she’ll swallow her pride, this one time. It’s obvious to anyone who sees them together that their attraction hasn’t faded a bit despite their complicated beginnings.

By far, I believe the only issue which you could have with this story is that this description is too short and doesn’t do the book justice. The characters are very likable and easy to relate to. Their chemistry is very real and the sexual encounters and escapades are hot and super sensual. Even though one could argue that the storyline requires more depth and dimension, given its shortened length, this powerful and seductive BDSM Erotic Story is enjoyable, entertaining and brain-twisting. Mastering her Senses is a good read no matter the time or place.

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/3oOTHz0

#2 Mistress of the Groom by Susan Napier

Cover Mistress of the Groom Erotic Short Story

Mistress of the Groom will blow your mind right from the start! Ava Brandon is about to get married rich, extremely powerful and exceptionally hot Ryan Blair. The only glaring problem is that Ava in no way wants to marry Ryan.

Enter Jane Sherwood, Ava’s best friend and consummate savior.

The only way she thinks to prevent the marriage is to stand up in the church in front of everyone and tell the inconvenient truth! Even though this will surely break her friend's heart. Jane Sherwood, the well-known businesswoman, is having a secret stifling affair with Ryan! Ryan, hurt in pride, is now completely dedicated to punishing her by making Jane his mistress for real, forcefully. Will Jane survive this betrayal? Or will she find herself irrevocably destroyed by the likes of Ryan Blair?

As usual in Erotic Short Stories, Susan Napier made the lead character Ryan Blair a dominant, super alpha male. But even though he seems stoic, inflexible, and unyielding; he still has weak points. Most of those he, for obvious reasons, doesn‘t want to disclose lest Jane know indefinitely how to hurt him further. This comes with an immediate, cruel, and twisted plan of action towards his new, if unwilling, mistress Jane.

An interesting difference in Mistress of the Groom, compared to other typical Erotic Short reads is that Jane Sherwood is an equally stubborn, alpha female. It's perfectly captivating and uniquely interesting to imagine how she must feel when she is stripped down of her designer clothes and standing buck naked in Ryan's presence. As a side note: this book does contain sensual and intensely sexual scenes that may be offensive to some. If that is you, then this book might be too hot for you. Thus, be prepared for a story that is a little rocky, unforgiving, kinky, rough, and somewhat romantic! And for me one of the best Erotica reads and one that should certainly top your must-read list. I promise: you won’t want to miss that one out!

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/3abSPAv

#3 My Personal Bad Boy by Bethany James

Cover My Personal Bad Boy Erotic Short Story

My Personal Bad Boy, wow! I truly consider this book one of the most underrated Short Erotic Stories of all times. Don't be surprised if you found yourself binge-reading My Personal Bad Boy. This book has a bit of almost everything in it and, most significantly, holds readers captive with a great story.

True to its kind, it gradually tracks the mounting relationship between Wes and Nic. Their relationship begins with Wes responding to the ad Nic has posted in search of a personal bad boy who could help her discover her sexuality. The sexual tales of multiple partner acts and introduction of several sex toys with a spicy touch of BDSM action, gives the reader a full body story that is just thrilling Erotica at its best.

Throughout the book you will experience insanely hot, sumptuously dirty sexual escapades filled with unique sexual adventures. And believe me: you will read about positions that will leave you hot under the collar and desperate to try some of those positions yourself! This Erotic Short read will give you no choice but turn the page chapter to chapter. You simply won’t be able to put it down. And with Wes, the resident badass bad boy, you’ll be willing to trade places with Nic any day of the week!

What I find so stimulating about this super grimy tale: not only doesn’t weigh the story down with heavy conflict and antagonists that don’t do the story justice. Instead it spends its limited time giving you smoking on sex scenes, menage and all-out orgies that will certainly make you consider the idea of multiple-partner sex! Even the grammatical issues won’t deter you from devouring this simple, quick read as you turn from flaming sex scene to flaming orgy and watch Nic learn more than she ever imagined, thanks to Wes! Even men will enjoy this one!

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/344wqkT

#4 The Open Door by Laurelin Paige

Cover 1001 Dark Nights Erotic Short Story by Laurelin Page

From the desk of the New York Times and the USA Today bestselling author Laurelin Paige (yes, her again…) comes another innovative story. One that captivates and all but drowns readers in a sensual, highly sexual, and down-right burning hot Short Erotic Novel. You really have to add The Open Door to your collection of Hot Romance Short Stories. You won’t regret it, for sure. This is because Laurelin Paige did what she always does seemingly without fail. Laurelin Page delivers again a tense, steamy and brain-stimulating read.

The story is all about JC and Gwen, a married power couple. However, they seek to regenerate and spice up their sex life which has been somehow deserted. A situation most people can relate to after years of marriage with kids, right? JC and Gwen decide to benefit from the gift of a membership they received to the exclusive Open-Door club. Open Door is an ultra-exclusive voyeur's paradise where one can participate in or watch any sexual display you can imagine. The adventures JC and Gwen experience in the Open Door forces them to return not only to their common kink, but they sightsee some new ones. And they see ones that shock them both, and one that nearly wrecks everything. In all seriousness: be prepared to one of the Best Erotic Short Stories you may ever have read. The kink in this book will make 50 Shades of Grey seem like a guide for talking to your kids about sex.

To conclude, The Open Door is about reawakening and reunification the touch of exhibitionism between couples. It's about strengthening the flames of marital lust and love and witnessing partners learning to connect again. Notwithstanding, you will indeed fall for the characters' story over and over again.

Get your copy here: https://amzn.to/3njRbAz

Do you want more - more books or more Erotic Short Stories?

Maybe you have not found a book in the list above. If you're still on the look for great erotic short reads, it could well be that you find something surprisingly suitable and new among the greatest erotic collections.

These anthologies provide several high-heat stories whitin just a single book, so they're are treasure to find some nice bedtime stories (and maybe you've heard of Rachel Kramer Bussel: she does a great job of providing us erotic collections of great value).

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