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Short but Exciting! The Best Erotic Romance Books below 200 Pages

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Length does not make might. Works can be short while having great plots, relatable characters, and steamy scenes. It really depends on the author's faculty with words.

Are you looking for erotic short stories that pack a punch?

Are you looking for the perfect hit of delicious chemistry between a dynamic couple?

Look no further. Read on to see what we consider to be can't-miss erotic short stories for women.

Here come the best quick and straight to point erotic fiction stories out there.

#1 Mastering Her Senses by Laura Kaye

Cover Mastering Her Senses Erotic Short Story, Mastering her Senses is one of the best Short Erotic Fiction books, Short BDSM Novel which is worth reading

This expansive love story centers on two equally intense characters, Cassia Locke and Quinton Ross.

Cassia has unwillingly developed a phobia of the dark or anything related to it after a devastating accident. Hoping to help herself, she visited Blasphemy, a BDSM club. At Blasphemy she believed she would try to work through her fear and overcome it.

And while it’s not the most conventional way to cure a phobia, it’s certainly a lot more fun than spending hours lining the pockets of a therapist, right?

However, she ends up somewhat reconnecting with Blasphemy co-owner Quinton Ross. Cassia and Quinton have an interesting and colored past.

Quinton is a dominant man while Cassia would never admit, even on pain of death, to seeking him out: she’s desperate to cure what ails her.

And if Quinton is the only one who can help, she’ll swallow her pride, this one time. It’s obvious to anyone who sees them together that their attraction hasn’t faded a bit despite their complicated beginnings.

Even though one could argue that the storyline requires more depth and dimension, given its shortened length, this powerful and seductive BDSM Erotic Story is enjoyable, entertaining and brain-twisting. Mastering her Senses is a good read no matter the time or place.

#2 Mistress of the Groom by Susan Napier

Cover Mistress of the Groom Erotic Short Story, great short alpha male erotic fiction book Mastering her Senses

Mistress of the Groom will blow your mind right from the start!

Ava Brandon is about to get married rich, extremely powerful and exceptionally hot Ryan Blair. The only glaring problem is that Ava in no way wants to marry Ryan.

Enter Jane Sherwood, Ava’s best friend and consummate savior. And Ryan's secret affair...

Jane decides to prevent the marriage by standing up in the church in front of everyone and tell the inconvenient truth!

Even though this will surely break her friend's heart.

Ryan, hurt in pride, is now completely dedicated to punishing her by making Jane his mistress for real, forcefully. Will Jane survive this betrayal? Or will she find herself irrevocably destroyed by the likes of Ryan Blair?

Be prepared for a stubborn, alpha female heroine and highly sensual and intense sex throughout the whole story. All in all a fantastic short tale which is a little rocky, unforgiving, kinky, rough, and somewhat romantic!

#3 My Personal Bad Boy by Bethany James

Cover My Personal Bad Boy Erotic Short Story

My Personal Bad Boy, wow!

Definitely one of the most underrated Short Erotic Stories of all times.

Don't be surprised if you found yourself binge-reading My Personal Bad Boy. This book has a bit of almost everything in it and, most significantly, holds readers captive with a great story.

It's just fantastic how Bethany James manages to combine a great storyline together with sexual tales including multiple partner acts and sex toy scenes with a spicy touch of BDSM action!

In the end she manages to give the reader a full body story that is just thrilling Erotica at its best.

Throughout the book you will experience insanely hot, sumptuously dirty sexual escapades filled with unique sexual adventures. This Erotic Short read will give you no choice but turn the page chapter to chapter, especially when stories with a badass Bad Boy is your thing!

Remark: There are some grammatical issues in My Personal Bad Boy, but we think this won’t deter you from devouring this simple, quick read as you turn from flaming sex scene to flaming orgy! Hey, even men will enjoy this one!

#4 The Open Door by Laurelin Paige

Cover 1001 Dark Nights Erotic Short Story by Laurelin Page

From the desk of the New York Times and the USA Today bestselling author Laurelin Paige (yes, her again…) comes another innovative story.

One that captivates and all but drowns readers in a sensual, highly sexual, and down-right burning hot Short Erotic Fiction Novel.

If you decide to add The Open Door to your collection of hot reads, you won’t regret it, for sure.

Laurelin Page delivers again a tense, steamy and brain-stimulating read.

The story is all about JC and Gwen, a married power couple.

However, they seek to regenerate and spice up their sex life which has been somehow deserted. A situation most people can relate to after years of marriage with kids, right?

JC and Gwen decide to benefit from the gift of a membership they received to the exclusive Open-Door club. Open Door is an ultra-exclusive voyeur's paradise where one can participate in or watch any sexual display you can imagine. The adventures JC and Gwen experience in the Open Door forces them to return not only to their common kink, but they sightsee some new ones. And they see ones that shock them both, and one that nearly wrecks everything.

In all seriousness: be prepared to one of the Best Erotic Short Stories you may ever have read. The kink in this book will make 50 Shades of Grey seem like a guide for talking to your kids about sex.

To conclude, The Open Door is about reawakening and reunification the touch of exhibitionism between couples. It's about strengthening the flames of marital lust and love and witnessing partners learning to connect again. Notwithstanding, you will indeed fall for the characters' story over and over again.

#5 The Teacher's Pet by Tiffany Reisz

Picture from from a free short lesbian erotic story from Tiffany Reisz, free BDSM lesbian steamy online read

This one is going to check off a lot of boxes.

In the Teacher's Pet, Nora plays a dominatrix for one of her female clients, Sheridan.

BDSM is not just about all the contractual stuff in something like Fifty Shades. It's also about aftercare, intimacy, and giving your partner exactly what they need.

Sheridan is a famous actress that wants to let go once in a while. She needs to enter the BDSM 'zone' to let off steam, and Nora's the only one who can give her that. The two roleplay teacher and student, and has Nora deliver some sexy punishment when she finds her pupil has been 'bad.'

This sweet story has all of that in spades. And you can read it free online!

#6 The Proposition by Lucia Jordan

Cover of the Proposition which is a short erotic billionaire romance book below 200 pages

Megan is amazed when her fabulously rich and handsome boss decides to give her a very no-strings, very sexual proposition.

Truthfully, it felt great to be wanted. Megan has already indulged in some wild fantasies involving her rich handsome boss, Heath Mayer. But she soon finds out that reality is even more of a tantalizing thrill.

They meet again, and he makes her a proposition that is both tempting and full of dangerous promise. But before she is to succumb, she is given a taste of what is expected of her if she is to share his bed.

More than ever, she understood the severity of the price one pays when they take on what they wished for. Heath proved to want Megan more under his control than ever.

Now that she’d agreed to make that weekend trip with him, Megan discovered how dark and challenging his desires truly were. Hungry for the chance to explore this new, exciting experience with him, Megan decides to keep her mind – and body, open to his demands. It was just for three nights, after all.

He demanded for nothing less than the entirety of what she had to give – herself.

But would it be just for that no-strings weekend, or was it possible he would want more?

Megan had to decide which role she wanted to continue to play in his life. His toy, or the woman with a chance of having his heart.

#7 Radiance by Grace Draven

Cover of Radiance which is one of the best Paranormal or Alien Erotic Short Stories on the market, Great Short Erotic Fiction Story with Aliens, Short Alien or Paranormal Erotic Book

You asked for variety, and we gave it to you!

You'll see this book in a lot of romance lists as well.

This is a short and extremely sweet (but steamy) romance between a human woman and a man from the Kai species.

The Kai are... definitely not human.

Grace Draven writes her characters with profound empathy and care, so somehow the steamy scenes with her nonhuman and human characters are uniquely erotic.

Paranormal and Alien erotica are on the rise and now's your chance to see why.

Would you bang an alien prince with grey skin, yellow eyes, razor claws, and razor-sharp teeth?


Give this short story a try, and you probably will change your answer.

#8 Sweet Agony by Charlotte Stein

"Cyrian Harcroft."

That's the name of the male love interest in this erotica short story.

If you've ever read Charlotte Stein, you know she's the queen of making fascinating characters, and thereby fascinatingly erotic situations.

Cyrian is cold, strict, and extremely beautiful.

He's also bizarre, eccentric, and practically a hermit. He lives in a falling-down house from another, more Dickensian era. His biggest fear is physical touch.

How does the author pull off steamy scenes where the characters can't touch?

You'll have to see.

A hint: Cyrian's got a lacquered cane.

#9 Intrusion by Charlotte Stein

Cover of Intrusion by Charlotte Stein which is a thrilling and sexy and steamy short Erotic Fiction Novel

Two Charlotte Stein recommendations in one list?

That's because she's the master of the erotic short story form.

All of her books are so different but so captivating. This one's no different.

The female main character thinks she can never trust another man.

On top of that, her neighbor lives in a house that looks like it's fit for serial killers, and he never comes out.

Unnerving much?

Let's just say that Stein has ways to make your heart pound in more ways than one. This book is thrilling, thrillingly sexy, and somehow manages to be gentle and beautiful all at once.

#10 Worth It by S.M. Shade

Book Cover by S.M. Shade of her Short Erotic Novel Worth It which is one of the best sexy romcom erotic fiction books

Our book recs can make your heart pound, but they can also make you bust a gut laughing.

This short read, a collab between S.M. Shade and the late C.M. Owens, combines tons of humor with a side of steam as well.

Two girls vow to avenge their friend Lydia by crashing Lydia's ex-boyfriend's wedding. Chaos ensues. Too bad for them, there are two mighty good-looking distractions who might interfere with their noble cause.

If you're tired of one couple, there's always another one with a completely different plotline going on in this book. The characters have depth, there are lots of laughs to go around, and overall the book is a short and lighthearted read.

Do you want more - more books or more Erotic Short Stories?

We hope there's enough variety in this list of erotic short stories to entertain you through any mood.

These stories are brief but definitely memorable, and you won't find yourself slogging through tedium and filler.

If not - no problem! We have a lot more for you!

Or check out our suggestions for a short steamy bedtime read: Sexy Erotic Story Collections!

Or just look around on and discover our Top Lists about almost all Erotic Romance Genres and our Selection Steamy and Sexy Stories to read free online!



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