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Best Erotic Romance Short Stories below 100 Pages

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Why you should give Erotic Romance Short Stories, even the exceptionally short ones, a fair try!

In this article we shortly discuss what's important that a short story is not only short, but that it is only a hot, spicy and satisfying read.

And of course we give you our top-list of books you must have read, so if you just want to see the books, just scroll to the second half of the article.

The pleasure of Short Erotic Stories and the challenge to write them

When it comes to Erotica and Erotic Literature there’s nothing better than sitting down and catching a quick story that entices as much as it entangles. Or do you know anything cozier and more inspiring as to read a hot short story before falling asleep?

Usually, these stories come in the form of Erotic Short Stories, Erotic Novellas and Novels.

However, there are some great offerings in the under 5 thousand words category too.

But we would like to warn you: maybe you will never again stop to read such super-shorts as bedtime stories.

So definitely do not miss our Top-4 of Erotic Short Stories all under 100 pages!

Don’t Sell Yourself Short

No one likes to dive into a story only to find out that it isn’t all it claims to be.

Micro fiction for instance is a short burst of a story that climbs quickly and dives to the end just as fast. Usually 300 words or less, these tiny fiction bits can be fun to read but are challenging to write. Just imagine yourself trying to write a full story on just one single sheet of paper...

Especially when it comes to fleshing out an Erotic Fiction, there needs to a be a little bit more bulk than just that short burst. And we’ll show you how to get there.

As aways: any good story needs three distinct things in order to be called a story. It needs great, relatable characters, a conflict at some point and a resolution to that conflict.

If an author manages to include these three characteristics into a story, the wordcount is not important anymore. It's possible to do it in 500 words or 50,000 words.

But often times authors seem to forget this simple rule: if your story doesn’t have those three key elements you might as well copy from the dictionary. That’s how boring your story is going to be.

So how do you fit a full story arc into 5 thousand words or less?

You focus only about the story that has to be told. And that's what makes these super-shorts so enticing: they contain no fluff and no filler. They are up to the point. And if done by properly, they still give you as the reader everything you need!

Too Much Information, too little information – the everlasting battle of Erotic Fiction Authors

Short Erotic story writers know that there is no room for unnecessary information. However, you have to balance that with the right amount of detail. With romance, you can’t just stick two people in a room with minimal detail to work with and hope some spark of inspiration will flesh out the rest of the story.

Because these stories are meant to be super short with little wiggle room in getting to the point, they don’t take a lot of time on introductions. In most cases for instance they don't lay out in detail how the hero and the heroine get to know each other, etc. So a typical storyline in this genre is like: They meet. Then they have incredibly hot, first time sex. They walk away a little crooked the next day. And finally they somehow find a Happily Ever After. And believe me: this hasn't to be negative at all!

We think we have found some of the greatest come-to-the-point-fast stories. Stories that are a short, easy bedtime read but will still satisfy you with a proper storyline.

So give those super-shorts a try, they won't disappoint you!

And now: Check out top-4 Erotic Super Shorts!

Our Best Erotic Short Stories: A Little Something to Get You Started

Book Covers of different Erotic Short Stories

F*ck and Fall in Love by Nicole Falls:

In the book F*ck and Fall in Love author Nicole Falls weaves the story of Jane and Nigel. Jane is a company representative that gets tasked with attending the parent company meetings. Nigel is the bouncer at the bar in her hotel. After a few of Ms. Abril’s Truth Serum cocktails, Jane takes a leap and gives Nigel a not-so-subtle invitation to visit her on her last night in the city. But it’s anyone’s guess if this pair will have a fling or a future in this great afternoon or bedtime read.

“I’ll have you know that the Truth Serum doesn’t make the drinker of said serum do anything the drinker doesn’t want to do. And everyone knows its gin that’ll make you sin while you’re ordering a G&T.” -Abril, bar tender extraordinaire. F*ck and Fall in Love by Nicole Falls

Bought and Paid for by Paige North

Paige North brings you the tale of Harlow and Grayson in Bought and Paid For. She is a woman in desperate need of funds. And he is a CEO in need of an image. Their collision course of a relationship starts with a website ad and mixes in a healthy dose of corruption, deceit and a chance at true love. But only if these two can put aside their mistrust long enough to grasp it.

“Foreman texted Rick because he couldn’t get a hold of me,” I say. “He said that you propositioned him a few minutes ago. When he refused you, you followed him into a dark alley and threw yourself at him there.”

- Grayson in Bought and Paid For by Paige North. -

Rock Hard by Lucia Jordan

When Lucia Jordan added Rock Hard to Kindle, fans of her work were excited. And for the most part they should have been. Rock Hard has dynamic characters and all the conflict and sexual tension you’d expect from erotic romance story. Lucia Jordan implemented the scenes awesomely hot. Rock Hard will definitely make you want to keep reading. However, there was some of room for disappointment as well. We want to be absolutely honest with you here.

Rock Hard, when ordered on Kindle Unlimited is more like a book sample. It is, as described above, not a fully fleshed out story. You are let with the first nibble and the book doesn’t begin to describe where the story of Zane, Cole, Peyton and Dallas is really going. And be aware that even though the complete series is technically available, it is not ready for purchase on Amazon’s website yet. While the story seemingly continues, it’s anyone’s guess where it goes.

But if you're just on the search for a short, hot and well-written story, Rock Hard is a good choice.

Maybe you can draw the story to an end yourself in your own imagination...

Cinnamon Blade by Shira Glassman

If you happen to be into anything involving aliens, vampires, superheroes and f/f romance, Cinnamon Blade has it all. So can you believe that we are talking about a super short lesbian paranormal story?

Shira Glassman did it and she did it great!

In this cute, admittedly short erotic romance, you’ll meet both Cinnamon Blade, the superheroine and Soledad Castillo, the nerdy, uber smart second half of this f/f romance duo. This clearly isn’t the first story these two have shared as back history is given in the first few paragraphs. But it is the first time they’re getting around to what they really want. And that is, no surprise, each other. Cinnamon Blade has been into Soledad for a while now. Blade saved Soledad from being sent into space without her consent, so Blade now wants a real “yes” when she asks Soledad out; not some trumped up heroine worship or obligatory affirmative.

This story is full of hilarious comedy, tenderness and super-hot sex, obviously. While Cinnamon Blade certainly falls into the fantasy erotic romance sub-genre (or even Paranormal Erotic Romance), it is something really special in this genre. Cinnamon Blade is not such a dark paranormal story, but surprisingly light and funny. So if you are looking for a fun, short read you definitely can’t go wrong with this one.

“Can I tell you a personal thing?” Soledad asked. Blade shivered with anticipation...”I fantasize about you.” Those words melted Blade more than she could possibly have imagined. Cinnamon Blade knew in that moment, she wanted to make it her mission to give Soledad as many orgasms as she could enjoy.

Excerpt from Cinnamon Blade: Knife in Shining Armor by Shira Glassman

A final Plea for below 5'000 word stories

Really good Erotic Short Stories always have all the elements of its longer erotica partners. They have it only in a much more concise format. Given that most of these stories can be read in an afternoon or less, they can become a sort of delightful break in your day. Especially if you enjoy reading to unwind.

So, the next time your stressed out or have had enough adulting for the day: pull up your e-reader, download a such a super short romance story and escape to a world where sex, mystery, superheroes and all the crucial elements of a good read can enthrall you. And of course, doing that in a cozy place with your favorite tea, coffe or wine does help too.

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