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Interview with Dark Romance Author Ann-Marie Davis

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

We are honoured to present you in this interview Dark Romance Author Ann-Marie Davis.

Ann-Marie gives us a really special, steamy and exciting combination with her great Morena Mafia Series:

She combines Mafia Romance with Reverse Harem to give us readers a true thrilling and sexy pageturner!

So just imagine the thrill of a Mobster Story, a real strong heroine and all that combined with the ultimate fantasy about being the center of desire for many men for the ultimate pleasure: that's the story of Charity Gibbons, the main character of Ann-Marie's Moreno Mafia Series.

You can have a peek at Charity's Torment, just check out the FREE Excerpt. Could well be, that you will find yourself wanting more...
Cover of Dark Romance Mafia Reverse Harem Novel Charity's Vengeance by Ann-Marie Davis

What motivated you to become an author?

I’ve always had stories running in my head. The first story I ever wrote was in my diary at the age of 13 or 14.

It was wildly inappropriate for my age, but it was a story I remember to this day. I may even try to recreate it.

At the age of 19, I wrote another story, but this one is under lock and key with no way to get into it. Microsoft Word password protection is the real deal.

Was there a defining moment when you knew that you wanted to become a published author?

I wish I could pinpoint that moment. I picked up my laptop in June of 2020 and I haven’t stopped writing since. I’ll be publishing my fifth book in a year in September.

What was the most difficult part of becoming an author?

Imposter Syndrome. It’s real. It’s horrible and it makes you feel worthless.

Remark: Imposter Syndrome is “a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persist even in face of information that indicates that the opposite is true.” - Marie Reine Haddad

What keeps you motivated to push forward each day as an author?

My stories beg to be put down, but mostly my reviewers and fans. They make it worth it all.

Do you have a favorite author or books which deeply inspired you as a person and as an author?

Definitely. Laurell K Hamilton’s Anita Blake series. I wrote my second book (non-pubbed) after reading her Ongoing Series.

You write in the Gothic or Dark Romance Genre. How did this come about? What’s the attraction for you to combine dark, thrilling stories with romance?

My first story was heart pounding with spice. Sweet romances were my thing when I was a kid. I used to read Historical Romance, but it was never something that had me begging to turn the page.

I love the adrenaline rush that Dark Romance stories bring. It allows you to live a fantasy that is otherwise unacceptable/wrong in the real world.

Picture of a citation of Dark Erotic Mafia Romance Series Moreno Mafia Family

We like the Moreno Mafia Series, a Dark Mafia Reverse Harem Romance. Please tell us more about what we can expect.

Charity Gibbons is in for a wild ride… again.

She’s not had it easy since saving her brother from being executed by the Moreno family. But she’s embraced the life she lives and thrives very well. She has lots to work out in the next book, so we’ll see where it takes her.

How did it come about that you combined the Thriller / Mafia topic together with Reverse Harem. This isn’t something we normally expect when thinking about a Mafia Romance Book...

There is something about evoking emotion in my readers and keeping them on the edge of their seat. It’s almost like an addiction.

Besides, slow, mundane, romances bore me. I need to have the action and adventure that scares the audience, but intrigues them.

What fascinates you about the Reverse Harem Genre?

There have been so many times I’ve read a romance and wanted her to love someone else as well. Like the best friend, or the villain. I love that in RH she can do that and there isn’t jealousy between them.

What do you think? Who should read the Moreno Mafia Series?

Anyone who loves Reverse Harem, Mafia, or even a woman who kicks ass and stands up for herself.

These books are filled with action. My characters are constantly moving and getting into trouble.

Another Series from you are the Blackstone Tech Books, which is more a Dark Billionaire Age Gap Romance Story. Could you give us a short wrap up of these books?

Dark Billionaire Erotic Romance Cover of His Obsession by Ann-Marie Davis

His Obsession was my first published book. It’s a Stalker/Billionaire Romance that takes place in the same world as the Moreno Mafia Series.

Alek is a broker for several criminal enterprises as well as runs a tech company with his two friends, Randall and Jake (They each have their stories). Alek stalks Liz for a while, even infiltrating her life to keep her safe.

In Corrupting Ivy, set to release September 2nd, Randall is in his hometown in Texas where he meets Ivy.

From there, their relationship takes off in a whirlwind of angst and possessiveness.

Where do you get your inspiration from? Are your characters solely based on your imagination or are you inspired by real people or stories?

My characters are solely composed from my depraved mind. Aside from my side characters. They have looks that are from random people I find on the web. What are your next goals as an author? What’s your dream to achieve?

My dream is to become a USA bestselling author. My goal is to be able to bring in a steady income for my family.

Which book would you suggest one absolutely has to read to get to know you best as an author? Or which is the book you’re the most proud of and why?

Oh that’s a tough one.

I love all my stories, but I guess if I had to choose one it would be Protecting Charity.

There is heartbreak in that book that messes with me to this day. What are you working on?

I’ve finished up Corrupting Ivy and now I’m working on Charity’s Redemption. The 4th book in her series.

We want to thank Ann-Marie for the time she took for this interview! And of course we thank her for the great books she giving us as readers.

So as promised: convince yourself and check out the FREE Excerpt below!

Excerpt of Mafia Romance Charity's Torment

Cover of Dark Romance Mafia Reverse Harem Novel Charity's Torment by Ann-Marie Davis

He was here.

“Hello, baby. Are you looking for a date tonight?” I purred to the man through the cracked window of his grayish-colored Mercedes.

Clouds of smoke from his blunt billowed out as he waved me over. “Get in.” His hoarse voice penetrated the dark, deserted street as I pulled open his car door and slid inside.

My bare legs touched his black leather seat, causing them to become sticky with perspiration. “There’s a motel around the corner. I have a room set up.”

Tom was a predictable man. He’d been coming around this block every Sunday for a long time - even built himself a reputation among the ladies.

It was my honor to settle up.

Tom sucked the smoke deep into his lungs and passed the rest to me. I waved my hand, moving it away. I didn’t do drugs. It was a nasty addiction - one reason I was in this mess.

I pointed to the empty lot next to my room door, and he pulled in. “This is it.” I climbed out of the car and sauntered over to my motel room, swaying my hips seductively. I was an innocent girl to him—at least I made myself appear that way. I swung open the door, and he followed closely behind, his hands eager to grab hold of me and do despicable things.

“Yeah, baby. How much for it all?” he asked, biting his lower lip.

“One-hundred.” I placed my hands on my hips and watched him pull his wallet from his rear pocket.

Tom was a middle-aged man with a thinning head of hair, a thick Boston accent, and an excessive beer belly. His poor wife, Little Nora, raised the kids, worked full time, and put up with his porky ass. The woman was a goddamn saint.

I plastered a greedy smile on my face as he handed me the crisp one-hundred-dollar bill.

“You bring the jimmies, or you prefer to use one of mine?” he asked.

I danced a ditsy expression of confusion across my face, enhancing my innocent disposition.

“What is a jimmy?” I asked, popping my bubble gum and throwing him a flirtatious smile.

“You ain’t never heard of a condom before?”

He chuckled mockingly.

“How young are you?”

Tom Macaney loved young girls. It was why I was perfect for him in every way.

“Just turned eighteen,” I lied. “We can use one of yours if you want.”

I gave his chest a modest push towards the bed. His grin spread from ear to ear, and he licked his lips hungrily.

“Give me a minute, would you? I’m going to go freshen up.”

He slapped my ass with a loud crack, and I whimpered for his pleasure.

“Don’t take too long.”

I sashayed into the separate bathroom and locked the door behind me. I arranged my dark chestnut-colored hair high in a pony, swallowed my gum, and dug into my purse. My Kimber Micro 9 handgun sat next to the needle filled with the perfect portion of fentanyl. Just enough to overdose one big ass, old man. I palmed the syringe and arranged it at the narrow of my back. He wouldn’t like what was coming for him, and it was my job to see it through.

I straightened my bra, pushing my tits high in place. When I strolled out, I found Tom lying on the bed, fully naked, rocking a boner that would make the smallest man laugh. Pathetic. I popped my hip, smiled shyly, and put my palm on my hip.

“I see you’re ready to go.” I glanced at his small pecker and gagged internally. Let’s make this quick.

“You took so long I entertained myself a bit,” he said. A devious grin ripped across his face. It made me wish they allowed me to do more.

I walked to him with a seductive gait and crawled on top of him, straddling his hairy thighs. My mouth dusted his sweaty neck, and I tasted the salt on my lips. His hands gripped my sides, and he moaned from my kisses. His meaty fingers slid up to touch my breast, and I wrapped my hand around his wrist, stopping him.

“Are you ready for the night of your life, Tom?”

I reached behind my back and drew the syringe from the belt holding my leather skirt in place. I bit the cap with my teeth and pulled. The hollow-tip needle jabbed into his arm like a hot knife in butter. I injected the liquid into his flabby arm, and he bellowed as I hopped off his lap, followed by a string of curses.

“What did you do? How do you know my name?” he stuttered. I raced back to my clutch, took out my pistol, and sat on the other bed while he writhed in pain. It wasn’t a pleasant experience to die from an overdose, but he deserved it just like all the others.

“Tom, focus,” I said as I pointed my gun at him. “Luca sends his regards. It’s nothing personal. It’s just business.”

I grinned when he groaned and fell to the floor.

“Actually, it is personal. You thought you could steal from him, and that wasn’t very smart. Am I right? You see that now, don’t you?”

“You bitch, do you realize who…” His words trailed off, and I waited for the show that was about to begin.

“No need for name-calling. It’ll be over in a few minutes.”

Right about now, he’d be feeling the peak of the high, the bliss, then nothing. It moves quickly when injected into the muscles. Not as fast as in the vein, but the muscle was the best I could do.

Tom’s eyes rolled into the back of his skull, and he twitched on the floor, foam dripping from his lips and pooling on the grimy carpet.

I kept my gun trained on him as his tremors lessened and gurgling replaced his breathing. I watched some men get up at this stage for their last hurrah and fight. Then, as quick as they got up, they dropped dead like a voodoo priestess revoked their presence. It wasn’t a situation I wished to repeat.

His gurgling quieted, as did the rise and fall of his chest, leaving me to believe these were his last moments. He wasn’t getting up from this. I held no sympathy for the man. He was a vile human being that enjoyed beating hookers and embezzling from anyone and everyone. My boss didn’t take too kindly to that, and I got the pleasure of nixing him. Not that I had a choice in the matter.

I was owned.

His breathing stopped, and his lips turned a wonderful shade of blue you couldn’t duplicate. “You picked the wrong person to fuck over,” I said, now talking to his corpse.

The shrill of my phone caused me to glance away from him.

"Hi, Dad."

"Cupcake, where are you? Dinner is ready in fifteen minutes."

You want more? Download the first two chapter here for FREE!

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