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Reverse Harem Books: What they are and the best you can read!

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Reverse harem books (or RH books) have increased in popularity over the past several years. If you search "reverse harem" on Amazon, you'll find more than 10,000 results!

Reverse harem romance books appeal to the ultimate fantasy for many women. It's all about being the center of desire for many men who want to give her the ultimate pleasure.

Reverse harem books can be clean or very dirty. Some focus on the relationships between a woman and three or more men. Others are much more erotic stories and focus on the explicit details of their sex life.

In this article, you'll not only learn what Reverse Harem Books are in detail but also which ones simply have to read!

Sexy Woman dreaming of an erotic adventure "Flash Criss." by Carlos Velayos. Erotica for Woman

What are Reverse Harem Romance Books?

A reverse harem is the opposite of a harem, which consists of one man with many wives. Consequently, in RH Romance books, there is one woman with many male partners.

Some of these sexy novels include another woman in the harem, but she is only involved with the main woman.

Other reverse harem books include sexual relationships between the partners of the main character.

One of the important facets of the best reverse harem romance books is that the main female character doesn't have to choose between the love of one man over the other.

That's wyh they are often called "why choose" books.

Readers associate the RH genre with polyamory. People practice polyamory in many ways, and the word itself means "more love". Some relationship dynamics involve one woman dating many men, and that's what the RH genre focuses on.

So is it a sin to enjoy polyamory in real life or in books?

We don't think so: as long as everybody involved in it is comfortable and enjoying the sensuality, we all should go for what makes us satisfied and fulfilled.


So without further ado: let's have a look at the best Reverse Harem Books you simply have to read!

The Best Reverse Harem Books

If you want to explore Reverse Harem Romance, there are a variety of books to pick from (more than 10'000 alone on Amazon...). Here are some suggestions for Reverse Harem fiction that readers, and we, love - and you will probably do too.

Want a short overview?

Check out this video about the Top 10 before taking a deep dive into the different options:

#1 Den of Vipers by K.A. Knight

Book Cover Den of Viper Reverse Harem Book

You can consider this book to be a Dark RH because there are scenes of violence, abuse, and assault.

So if you like to have your Erotic Romance a little darker, but with a lot of explicit Reverse Harem Sex Scenes, Den of Vipers is a great choice.

The Vipers run the town and are dangerous. Roxy fights to hold on to her heart. But the men of the Vipers have their ways of turning things around.

This book is gritty, edgy, and dark and a great erotic romance RH to start with if you like lots of drama and action.

And sex. Lots of sex.

#2 Good Men by Lucia Jordan

Cover picture of the Reverse Harem MFM erotic Romance book Good Men by Lucia Jordan

Aspen knows her husband is involved in criminal activities.

But after seeing something she shouldn't have, her husband threatens her. She quickly realizes that enough is enough.

She makes a run for it but discovers he has removed her access to all her money.

Scared and penniless she runs to her parents (somehow we girls know that, don't we?).

Luckily, her dad knows some lawyers.

Aspen meets with attorneys Liam and Kevin and is instantly attracted but at this point, she is still a little unsure if she really wants to divorce her husband.

She tells them to forget it and leaves, which is good for them because their boss has since advised them to not take the case due to her husband using his connections. But after an attack on Aspen, she finally decides to get the divorce and to rely on the help of Liam and Kevin, luckily. And, of course, they're willing to help.

As Liam and Kevin work on the divorce and keeping her safe, feelings develop. Aspen is attracted to both and they're willing to share. Everything. They've done it before, but this is all new for Aspen.

The sex is hot with MFM action and the beginning of a real relationship between the three of them. As the situation becomes more dangerous, everything becomes more intense.

#3 Groupie by C. M. Stunich

Book Cover of Groupie Erotic Reverse Harem Book

Lilith is broke and desperate when she meets five rockstars that help her put her life back together again.

All six of them are damaged in some way but together, they become whole.

You'll love this book if you're into more contemporary modern-day erotic romance books with romance, sex, and everything in between.

#4 Gypsy Blood by Kristy Cunning

Gypsy Blood Book Cover - a Reverse Harem Fiction Novel  in the Dark and Humor Erotic Romance Genre

Violet comes from gypsy blood, and it takes her mother's death to make her explore her reality.

What she discovers is mad passionate men who are more than just men - they are monsters!

But they fall for her hard.

Fantasy Romance lovers must read this book for the specific world-building and dramatic events.

But even if you're not totally into Fantasy Romance:

You should read this book if you enjoy some dark and twisted humor mixed in with your raunchy sex scenes.

#5 Havoc at Prescott High by C. M. Stunich

Book Cover of Havon by CM Stunich Reverse Harem Book in the Enemies-to-lovers niche

The Havoc Boys run the school, and Bernadette has had a hellish past.

This year, they are working to punish everyone that did her wrong. In exchange, they own her.

This book is a new adult romance, mixed with a dark version of a college romance. And we all know, that this is really hot combination.

It's a great choice for fans of the enemies-to-lovers / college romance theme and it is definitely one of the best reverse harem books for lovers of drama and excitement.

#6 Filthy Rich Boys by C.M. Stunich

Book Cover of Filthy Rich Boys Reverse Harem Book by DM Stunich in the Billionaire Alpha Male Erotic Romance Niche

Maryne Reed doesn't come from money, and the rich boys don't think she belongs.

They are going to prove that to her.

When they make a bet to see who can make her fall in love first, things get twisted around.

This is the beginning of a series of bully erotic stories that will have you turning pages fast to see what happens next.

You'll love the angst and love that develops between the characters.

#7 Introductions by C.L. Stone

Book Cover of Introductions by CL Stone Reverse Harem Novel

Sang's parents' drama and illnesses have kept her isolated for most of her life.

When she starts at a new school, though, everything changes. She meets a group of boys and falls for their perfection, but they have issues of their own.

You'll love this book if you often think four or five love interests are not enough in steamy RH books.

There are seven awesome love interests in this book!

#8 Don't Rush Me by Jackie May

Book Cover of Reverse Harem Book and Paranormal Erotic Romance Book Don't Rush Me

Nora Jacobs, a psychic, sees the monstrosities that exist on the Detroit street. They see her, too.

The hardest part is figuring out who loves her and who is just pretending.

You'll love this book if you enjoy your romance books with a slow burn.

The author takes her time building up to the best parts!

#9 Born of Embers by Quinn Arthurs and Harper Wylde

Book Cover Reverse Harem Book Born of Embers in the Paranormal Erotic Romance Niche

Nix has always hidden who she is, and when she goes to college, she plans to hide her past, too.

It's hard to do that when five sexy shifters want to get to know her and help her become the woman she was meant to be.

If you like paranormal romance with a youthful vibe, this book will hook you.

#10 Sinners' Playground by Caroline Peckham, Susanne Valenti

Book Cover of Sinners Playground a Reverse Harem Erotic Book about hate, revenge with a lot of suspense and action

Rogue's heart has been broken by the four boys of the Harlequin Crew, and now she's back for revenge.

It's the only thing that keeps her going.

She wasn't supposed to fall in love with them all over again, though.

You need this one in your shelf if you lust after a reverse harem book with lots of love, hate, suspense, and action.

#11 Saint by Ruby Vincent

Adeline is just trying to get through her crappy life when she witnesses a murder committed by four sexy men.

When they find her, she thinks she's dead. What happens instead is totally unpredictable.

This is a page-turner with loads of action, lust, and desire.

How can the world she's involved in be so wrong when their love feels so right?

Are Gangbang Stories the same as Erotic Reverse Harem Stories?

No there are some major differences:

Erotic RH novels and stories focus on love and romance, with lots of sex to fulfill your fantasies.

Gangbang erotica is more about the pleasure of multiple men. And Gangbang Stories do focus much more on sex and have less aspects of love and romance.

So are they just dirty smut?

Of course many people would judge Erotic Gangbang stories just as smut, but:

If you love and life your personal sensuality in all its aspects, sometime we all need some dirty and sinful adventures.

Therefore: If you are in such a mood, also Erotic Gangbang Stories can give you very satisfying hours...

And if you think you need to mix up your reading game with some sexy and very special Gangbang Stories, you can start with these...

If they are too much smut for you, just skip them and maybe have a look at other exciting genres of Erotic Literature and Erotic Romance.

#1 The Football Team Gets Every Hole (The Whole Damned Team!): A College Gangbang Erotica Story by Regina Walters

When the team wins their first home game, it is the job of the captain of the cheerleaders to make sure they all get laid - and she can't ask for help from her fellow cheerleaders.

Expect the locker room to get hot and sweaty!

#2 Garden Gnome Gangbang by Fannie Tucker

Things can get weird and very wicked in the world of erotica, and this book is a good example.

Garden gnomes and kinky sex?

You'll have a few giggles, but it just might get you hot and bothered, too.

#3 Jasmine Plays Her Hand (Fantasy Guild #1) by Anwen Stiles

This is not your mom's book club. When the Ladies Naughty Book Club reads a book featuring sex with many men, Jasmine is inspired to find out what all the hype is about.

Five sexy men show her everything.

#4 Taken By The Team (Humiliation and Gangbang Fantasies Fulfilled) by Terry Towers, Nikki Nexus

Tina might be totally in control in her life as a high-powered lawyer, but she gives all of that up for the ultimate satisfaction: a dozen horny hockey players!

No desires go unfulfilled.

Gangbang books can be short reads, novellas, or full-length novels.

If you want more suggestions, check out these gangbang stories.

Reverse Harem Books Provide Variety and an insanely steamy mix!

If you're tired of the same old romance story, reverse harem books will open up your world to pleasure and desire.

Reverse harem romance books are more complex because there are multiple relationship dynamics. The female character has individual relationships with the male characters who may also have relationships with each other.

You can also find reverse harem romance novels in many smaller genres, such as paranormal, contemporary, fantasy, BDSM, new adult, and more.

So if you are open to group action and love the full variety of reading adventures the world of Erotica is providing - we can only suggest to dive into this exciting genre!

Read Reverse Harem Romance Books

Whether you are new to the world of reverse harem books or have been reading them for years, you're sure to find something you love. Writers publish more erotic reverse harem books each day.

As long as readers keep demanding reverse harem books, indie writers and publishing companies will continue to make new books available.

It's never too late - neither to start nor to continue to explore new books!

If you liked this list of reverse harem books, check out more steamy reading ideas in Filthybooks and of course do not miss to read our FREE Erotic Stories!

Download your FREE copy of Forbidden Complication

Cover of Forbidden Complication by Amanda Boyd Free Erotic Romance Ebook

Forbidden Complication, the Erotic Encounter and Love Story of Veronica and Mark can be downloaded completely for FREE here on Filthybooks!

Check out the Blurb:

Veronica Lopez is a 23-year-old, living the typical college life while studying at Columbia University. With her Mexican heritage and gorgeous looks, melting boys’ hearts was something that would come alongside but she had dedicated all of her attention to her education and wouldn’t spend any time on something that would be considered a waste.

She is one of the most intelligent out of her class and a notable student, having brilliant extra-curricular activities, being a practicing swimmer, which is why her standards are a bit too high for her to consider the boys around her. They are just not mature enough for her.

When she finally crosses paths with Mark Grier on a vacation trip with her father and his friends, the 35-year-old man and her end up having many things in common. He was her father’s close employee, an alumnus from Columbia University, very driven and motivated towards reaching his goals - all the qualities that ended up making her feel a thing or two for the man. Mark has had difficulties finding partners as well and had just come out of an abusive relationship - the interest that Veronica had in him just made him feel better about himself after receiving the attention that he never got from his ex.

Although, he keeps telling himself to not do anything stupid.

A drunken night.

Two lonely and bored people.

Would things escalate?

Do you need something even more special?

Check out our different Top Lists and Sensual reading Ideas!

We curated selections Books, Novels and Stories in a lot of different Erotic Romance genres like Mafia Romance, Cuckold Stories, Cheating Stories or Erotica for Women.

Just go ahead and check our Top Lists! There are much more filthy reading ideas to discover!

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