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Best 23 Mafia Romance Books You Have to Read

Updated: Jan 22

May well be that you already know how smokingly hot Mafia Romance Books can be! But if you don't: be assured that Mafia Romance Stories provide you with a unique combination of secrets, suspense, love and sex!

They will provide you not only with steamy love, but thrills that you just have to turn page after page. And yes we recognize: there are not many Romance Genres which we like as much as Mafia and Suspense Romance...

So get out the bottle of wine, pour a glass, and read through this article to learn which erotic mobster novels you should be reading next: 23 of the Best Mafia Romance Novels in class!

They are all thrilling, have a cathing storyline and are smokingly hot: just exactly how we love Mafia Romance Books!

Hot Mobster Girl Picture "Mafia" by Daniel Rocal used in an article about the best mafia romance books one has to read




What are Mafia Romance Books?

Mafia romance books typically feature mafia families, mobs, and crime mixed with romance.

Often steamy romance scenes...

While mafia romance books may seem like another romance sub-genre, between their covers, they offer an exciting, different perspective on love and relationships due to their unique themes of loyalty, power, betrayal, trust, and redemption.

These novels will keep you on the edge of your seat and you'll find yourself turning the pages as quickly as possible to get more.

Firstly, we’ll delve into the common themes found in mafia romance books and explore why they continue to captivate us readers.

Secondly, you'll find our selection of the best Mafia Romance Novels, some of them are so steamy and sexy that they would also go in the genre of erotic novels. And hey: that's definitely our speciality!

Want a quick look at the best Mob Romance Books first? Check out the video and then take a deep dive into your favorite!

Common Themes of Mafia Romance Books

Honor and Code of Conduct

This theme explores the tension between loyalty to one's family, the desire to follow one's heart, and whether the two can ever truly coexist. These stories center around the honor codes and strict moral standards that members of the mafia must adhere to or face unthinkable consequences.

Arranged Marriage

Family ties run deep in mafia romance books.

And with these families hailing from “old country” backgrounds, there are bound to be arranged marriages. Often they’re used to solidify alliances, bring peace to feuding families, or cement power within the criminal underworld.

The characters involved in these arrangements often have no say in the matter. These forced unions can create intense conflicts and tensions as the characters struggle to balance their desires with the demands of their partners and organizations.

Often it leads to true love, despite their less-than-ideal beginnings.

Alpha Males

Most mafia romance readers can't resist the allure of dangerous and powerful male characters who dominate their world and those around them. These men are as ruthless as they are charming.

They’re the story's protagonists or heroes, loyal to their families and criminal organizations.

They may be the son of a crime boss or the leader of his family who uses his authority, intelligence, and physical strength to protect his loved ones, expand his criminal empire, and seduce the story’s vulnerable female characters.

Bad Boys and Strong Heroines

What an irresistible combination!

The interplay between a dangerous, powerful man from the criminal underworld and a woman who is strong-willed, independent, yet naïve makes for a great theme and often a page-turner.

These books have danger, passion, loyalty, and a world where the consequences of falling in love with the wrong person can be dire.

Dark Romance

Violence, drugs, and abuse create a dark, gritty atmosphere that heightens the sense of danger and forbidden desire. These stories offer a tantalizing glimpse into an alluring and illicit world full of passion, secrecy, and the ultimate risk of heartbreak and betrayal.

The characters may be involved in drug trafficking, extortion, or murder, which amplifies the tension and conflict in their relationships.

The heroines often find themselves caught in a web of deceit and manipulation, struggling to balance their attraction to the dangerous and powerful men who dominate their world with their desire to break free of the violence and abuse surrounding them.

Forbidden Love

The Forbidden Romance theme accentuates the difficulties two characters from two different worlds must fight against to be together.

Perhaps one is in the Mafia, and the other is not.

Or the two lovers come from warring families.

They must overcome numerous obstacles, including societal pressures, familial disapproval, legal complications, and the danger posed by each other’s enemies, to prove, in the end, that love can conquer all.

Filthybook's Selection of the Best Mafia Romance Books!

Now you know everything about the different themes, their features and hopefully already have a first idea which book is your next read!

So hop over to the ones which attract you and learn more about them!




#1 Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly

Mafia Romance Book Cover Bound by Honor by Cora Reilly

Written by Cora Reilly, this erotic novel is one of the top Romantic Suspense Books out right now.

You'll follow Aria Scuderi, the daughter of a mob family in Chicago, and her relationship with Luca.

They've been thrust together by the two families to keep the peace, and Aria is dreading the day that their wedding will come.

All she can think about is the reason Luca got his nickname - the Vice. His passion for romance is just as strong as his passion for blood and violence.

Will Aria decide to marry him or betray her family forever?

#2 Sempre by J. M. Darhower

Book Cover of Sempre by J.M. Darhower which shows a Gun and Blood and is one of the best Mafia Romance Books of all time

Hands down one of the best suspense and crime romance story of all time.

All the characters are written with such deep emotion and passion. You may not like what they do or have done in their live; but you will respect their decisions as you truly can follow their thoughts and feelings.

Sempre is about Haven and Carmine. Haven, a second-generation slave, spent her days with hard work and terrifying abuse. Whereas Carmine, member of a wealthy Mafia family, grew up in excess.

Through a twist of fate their worlds collide and, naturally, their love unfolds. Even though not overly filled with lust, their love story is exceptionally refreshing as it is soooo emotional and real.

So if you are looking for a story with raw and real mafia without cliche, a heartbreaking love story and a plot with gripping surprises and suspense: Sempre should be your choice!

#3 Beneath These Shadows by Meghan March

Mafia Romance Book Cover of Beneath the Shadows which show a sexy bare naked man with tattoes

Beneath These Shadows is the sixth book in the Beneath series by NYT, Wallstreet Journal and USA Today Bestseller author Meghan March.

But trust me: you can read this as a sexy standalone.

Of course reading the other books of the series will help you understand and love all the other characters making a recurring role even more. So don't misunderstand us. Feel free to check out all the books of the Beneath Series.

Beneath These Shadows is perfect for you if you love bad boy alpha males!

Bishop is one of the sexiest examples of this species, trust me on that.

In Beneath these Shadows, Bishop's is world completely turned upside down after a chance to rescue of Eden, a mobster's daughter. Bishop just cannot forget her. And even though he is, or better was, a typical one and done kind of bad guy, he feels a fierce need to protect her.

Both Bishop and Eden have secrets from their past that could tear them apart. When those collide in combination with the explosive attraction they feel for each other, you have to make yourself ready for the intensity that comes.

Meghan March knows how to write a sexy novel. From rule-breaking to passion and stealing to seduction, March's novels have it all.

Truly: Give "Beneath the Shadows" a try and you will end up searching for the other parts of the Beneath Series. And to make it easier for you, here are the other parts:

#4 Forbidden to Love by Siobhan Davies

Cover of the dark mafia standalone forbidden romance story Forbidden Love of Siobhan Davis showing a sexy mafia couple

Natalia Mazzone is the only daughter of one of the most powerful dons of New York. And she know that she has been promised to a made man.

You can imagine what this means: honor and fidelity is the key element in mob culture, so Natalia never imagined to dishonor her father.

A forbidden night with Leo, her brother's best friend and a soldat in the Mazzone clan, changes everything. But both know that they never can be really together.

Years later, Leo has risen to Underboss status, their path crosses again - and they still feel pure attraction for each other.

So the power of love and lust to too strong to resist.

Forbidden Love is a great, standalone Story for all lovers of dark mafia and forbidden love tales. If that's your thing - you will love it!

#5 Bound by Duty by Cora Reilly

Mafia Romance Book Cover Bound by Duty by Cora Reilly, Bound by Duty is the second part of the great mafia romance books series Born in Blood Chronicles

Also written by Cora Reilly and the second book in the Born in Blood Chronicles, Bound by Duty is full of crime, blood, and secrets.

The Born in Blood Chronicles are such a great read that we just had to incorporate both in our mafia romance novels list.

We suggest that you read them in order to gain the most out of them.

Two widows, Dante and Valentina, are brought together to marry to keep their rankings in the mafia. As the marriage nears, Valentina fears her secrets may get out, but Dante ignores her.

Valentina is determined to get Dante to see her and love her.

What is she willing to do? Read this book to find out!




#6 Dirty Angels by Karina Halle

Cover of the erotic Dark Mafia Romance Novel Dirty Angels showing a sexy woman

A good girl meets a bad man. Typical?

Maybe, but maybe not.

In this dark and passionate mafia novel, Dirty Angels follows characters in Mexico.

Violence, drugs, abuse, and explicit sex become a part of two character's forbidden love.

Who will come out on top? The drug cartel leader Salvador or dangerous Javier?

Believe me: this book is most certainly not for those looking for something light nor is it for the faint of heart.

If you like a bad boy story, and I mean a really really bad boy, here's your story.

If you think you know it all but like to be proved wrong, here's your story.

If you enjoy some some creepy torture and action scenes, here's your story.

And the best: If you like the feeling that you need a cold shower NOW, here's your story!

Summarizing: Definitely a must-read!

#7 Ruthless People Series by J. J. McAvoy

Mafia Romance Book Cover Ruthless People by JJ McAvoy showing a sensual mafia couple

The Ruthless People series by J.J. McAvoy has the top romantic crime books on the shelves.

The series follows Melody and Liam, two rivals who are bound to marry to solve the ties between the two families. Melody, a power-hungry woman, will shock Liam, who does not expect to marry a woman like her.

The series starts with Ruthless People, the beginning of the two characters' time together. The second book, The Untouchables, continues to follow the characters and their intertwined, secretive lives.

American Savages, the third book, reaches a tipping point and A Bloody Kingdom, the fourth, follows their lives eight years after the start.

Will their power be too much? Or will they be able to keep the lives they've built up?

#8 Crow by A. Zavarelli

Irish Mafia Romance Book the Crow which made it in the Filthybooks List of the Best Erotic Mafia Romance Novels of all Time. Book Cover of the sexy Irish Mafia Romance Bool Crow showing a sexy man

This novel follows the story of a girl who tries to infiltrate the Irish mafia to find her best friend who recently went missing.

However, she quickly catches the eye of one of the top shots in the pack.

Worse yet, the gangster suspects that she's up to something. And, as the two grow closer, the girl starts to wonder if her newfound lover may be to blame for her friend's disappearance.

Crow is a great suspense story in which the heroine never really knows what she's up to. But the tension and passion between the two is simply irresistable.

We promise you won't be able to put it down!

#9 Made Men Series by Sarah Brianne

Cover of the Alpha Male Mafia Romance Book showing a nice man in a suit

Some of the best mafia romance books out in stores and online are a part of the Made Men Series.

There are eight books in this series, each that follows its own character. And all of them are a great read.

In this series you follow the Carusos, a Kansas City mafia clan. Each book of the series focuses on a hero and a heroine and their relationship within the dark and evil mafia world.

However, we liked the first two books, "Nero" and "Vincent" the most.

The rest of the series is a nice read, but if you have got your mafia dose by then, you can for sure stop with the Made Men Series after those two.

But: especially Vincent is one of the books and characters which you will increasingly love when re-reading!

#10 The Professional by Kresley Cole

Hot male Mafia member with a drink on Mafia Romance Book Cover The Professional by Kresley Cole which is a Mafia Romance Novel about the Russian Mafia covering the strong heroine theme

The Professional is written by New York Times bestselling author Kresley Cole.

The novel follows a grad student, Natalie, after she discovers she has a father who is part of the Russian mafia.

Her father sends a bodyguard to protect her, yet he wants to do more than just protecting once he meets her.

A mix of mafia and BDSM, together with a virgin heroine and an angsty hero who changes from hot and cold behavior makes this mafia romance novel a true page turner.




#11 Borrowed Souls by Chelsea Mueller

Cover of the Fantasy Mafia Romance Novel Borrowed Souls by Chelsea Mueller which is a sexy erotic Mafia Romance with a strong heroine

Callie Delgado's brother is constantly in trouble, but he knows his sister with bail him out of whatever trouble he gets in.

But this time is different. He's been caught up with the mafia.

Callie still cares so much, she'll do whatever it takes to save her brother.

This "fantasy novel meets erotica meets mobster romance" combines multiple story elements that are simply irresistible.

And if you loved the first book as we do, there are two great sequels "Rogue Souls" and "Lost Souls" which will keep you reading for many more hours!

#12 Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Mafia Romance Book Cover of Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire which is a true Bad Boy Alpha Male Mafia Romance Novel

Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire is the first of a three-book series in the mafia romance category.

The series follows Abby Abernathy, a good girl who doesn't drink or curse. She pushes her past way behind her to pretend as if she's pure and has moved on.

Yet, she finds that when she gets to college it all comes rushing back to her. Abby meets Travis Maddox, an irresistible bad boy that Abby knows she must avoid to stay out of trouble.

Does she avoid Travis, or does she find herself in a world of violence and trouble?

After you read Beautiful Disaster, make sure to pick up "Walking Disaster" and "A Beautiful Wedding.

However: Beautiful Disaster is not without controversies. One can argue that this book pushes the message that abuse is romantic and refuse to listen to your "No's", and that your place as a girl is to be a doormat.

But if you like a story in which your feelings towards the hero will swing from love to hate and back to love: Beautiful Disaster is definetely giving you exactly that!

#13 Crow's Row by Julie Hockley

Cover of one of the Best Mafia Romance Books named Crow's Row by Julie Hockley

Julie Hockley will capture your attention immediately with this mafia novel.

What seems to be a quiet summer in New York quickly becomes a dark, dangerous scene. After witnessing a mob crime at a local cemetery, she is captured by Cameron.

This mafia novel has a surprisingly sweet twist to it, unlike many other erotic mafia books.

In short: if you like to read great love story, a good guy dealing with bad decisions and a fiesty heroine who won't take "No" for an answer:

you really should give Crow's Row a try!

#14 The Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori

Cover picture of the dark mafia romance book Sweetest Oblivion by Danielle Lori which is a Mafia Romance Novel covering the Honor, Code of Conduct and Arranged Marriage topic

Elena Abelli was once the princess of the mafia, but after a scandal, gets put under house arrest.

But that ends when when her sister marries the king of another mafia group.

And there she is gets connected by her new brother-in-law in a way that she can't resist. They two get entangled in a doomed and dark romance that will leave more than their reputations the line.

Sweetest Oblivion is full of sensual and sexual tension and hot scenes. It furthermore touches on highly emotional and unique themes like arranged marriages All that makes Sweetest Oblivion a book you can't stop reading.

#15 The Scarlet Thread by Evelyn Anthony

Cover of the Historic Mafia Romance Book named The Scarlet Thread by author Evelyn Anthony which is a great love story of true love

A mix of historical fiction, epic romance, and involvement in the mafia, this is one of the organized crime romance novels that has it all.

During World War II, an American soldier and an English nurse fall in love while trying to survive the war.

Shortly after they marry, a bomb is dropped where Angela works, and Steven thinks he has lost his wife forever.

Over a few decades and spreading over several continents, this love story follows Steve on his journey of heartbreak.

He joins the mafia back in New York, but will never forget about Angela no matter what happens.




#16 Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

Book Cover of Mafia Romance Novel The Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles which is a Sweet Young Adult Fiction with a Mob Story

Perfect Chemistry is a young adult fiction twist on the mafia novel that follows a high school senior, Brittany.

On the outside, she looks perfect, but after being paired with a Latino Bloods gang member Alex, her world slowly begins to crumble around her.

However: you have to be aware that "Perfect Chemistry" is in most aspects a typical Young Adult Romance Story.

It is a fairly schmaltzy, feel-good high school romance story with lots of typical clichés and romance tropes thrown in.

But Perfect Chemistry is full of urban vibes which let you feel the divide between the rich and poor status, the need to protect loved ones, the life and dangers of being a gang member, the inner battles of peer pressure and letting go of fears to experience real love!

Truly an especially great YA romance read with a little bit of mob feeling!

#17 Tempting the Devil by Patricia Potter

Mafia Romance Novel Cover picture showing a young woman. Tempting the Devil by USA Today Bestelling Author Patricia Potter is a great Mob Romance Novel

Robin Stuart is a journalist from Atlanta is captivated by the recent slaying of three police officers.

When she is assigned to cover the crime and discover why they were murdered, her life get turned upside down.

While investigating, she meets an FBI agent Ben Taylor.

Both aware that this crime was connected to a southern Mafia ring, they have to be careful to not become their next most-wanted victims.

The suspense of this mafia romance book will satisfy all of your cravings for this world of seduction and danger that comes with mafia romance.

#18 Zero at the Bone by Jane Seville

Cover of Zero at the bone which is a great Gay or m/m Mafia Romance Novel with a strong Alpha Male Hero

Jane Seville lights up the mafia romance scene with the subgenre of gay and lesbian literature.

Jack finds himself on a very thin line between life and death after witnessing a mob killing.

A hitman, D, finds himself also teetering on a dangerous line after being hired to kill Jack.

Their similar positions leave them with a strong bond, fighting for their lives and their future together.

This not only a great mob romance novel, it is a super gay romance too which takes up the theme of a man who knows that he's gay and one who learns and discovers what his true needs are.

#19 Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman

Cover of Son of the Mob by Gordon Karman which is a funny Mob romance Novel showing a man with sunglasses and a flower made of money

Son of the Mob introduces more humor and lightheartedness into the mafia novels scene.

Vince is a high school boy and the son of a mob boss. All he wants is to distance himself from the crimes and violence associated with his family.

Although he does appreciate the less violent perks that come with the association of his family, like always getting good grades since the teachers are so afraid of the family.

At school, he finds himself falling for a girl that he cannot resist. But he soon finds out that this girl's father is an FBI agent looking for his very own dad.

Son of the Mob is currently not available for e-readers, but of course as Paperback, Hardcover or even Audible. And trust us: it is such an entertaining read that it does not matter in which form you get it. Just get it!

#20 Stripped by Skye Warren

Stripped is a seven-book series that focuses on the dark and passionate love of the mafia romance novel genre.

Skye Warren doesn't disappoint in the addicting sexual romance she writes in her novels.

The great thing about the Stripped Series is that all seven books can be read as standalone. As always not all novels in a series are equally worth your time.

But within this series, we really suggest you three books you just shouldn't miss.

Tough Love

Mafia Romance Book Cover Tough Love by Skye Warren. Prequel of the Mafia Romance Series Stripped

Tough Love is the sexy prequel of the series and can be read as a standalone too even though there is a little bit of a cliffhanger in the end.

But what to expect from a prequel?

The daughter of a mafia boss, Clara, just wants to be free. When she meets Giovanni, son of a foot soldier, she knows she should turn her back and walk away.

But she doesn't. Instead she secretly meets Gio at night time...

Tough love is only 5 chapters long, but a pretty great 90-minute short read if you like dark, angsty mafia romances.

And for just 0.99$, it's for sure worth the dollar... Or simply put a great short Erotic Mafia Romance Story.




Love the Way You Lie

Mafia Romance Book Cover Love the Way You Lie by Skye Warren. Book number one of the Mafia Romance Series Stripped showing a sexy mobster

Love the Way You Lie is the first book in the series, which can be read as part of the series or on its own.

If you pick up this book, you will not be let down by its suspense, passion, and dark and dirty sexual tension. Safety, love, and the past are all in question in this novel.

The story evolves about Honor, Clara's sister. Both their lives changed dramatically, leaving Honor no other choice than to work as a stripper in a shady club. While there she notices Kip, a mysterious man who requests a private booth.

Honor is drawn to him but she cannot figure out why?

Love the Way You Lie is, in our opinion, a great slow-burn. The story and also the passion needs some time to evolve, but if you love when an author hadcarefully planned and crafted an intricately plotted story: Love the Way You Lie should definitely be your choice!

Hold You Against Me

Mafia Romance Book Cover Hold you Against Me by Skye Warren. Part of the Mafia Romance Series Stripped

When you liked Though Love and wondered how the story of Clara continues, this one is for you!

Trust me:

even if you have not read the prequel of the Stripped Series, you will love this one.

It is such a beautifully layered, passionate and sexy story about fierce loyalty, absolution and love.

And spoiler alert: there could be a reunion of true love, but in a somehow dark and angsty way!

And the best with it: you get True Love with it!

#21 The Thief's Daughter by Victoria Cornwall

Book Cover of Historical Erotic Mafia Romance Novel The Thief's Daughter by Victoria Cornwall

Looking for a Romantic Suspense Book with double identities, historical aspects, and people who desperately want to be free?

Then you've found one of the "mafia" romance novels you need to add to your bookshelf.

Everyone knows that in eighteenth-century Cornwall, stealing and smuggling were a way of life.

But Jenna Cartwright doesn't want that life.

Jenna is trying to leave her family’s criminal legacy behind but when her brother, Silas, pleads for her help, she’s torn.

She finds herself in a world she didn't want to know, especially when after meeting Jack. He is a thief-taker bent on exposing the worst of the Cornish smuggling trade. So, Jenna will struggle with trust, lies, crime, and heartbreak.

If you need a story with well-developed characters and conflicting emotions, you're doing great with The Thief's Daughter.

#22 Knight in the Shadows by Ali Lyda & Alexa May

m/m Mafia Romance Book Cover of Knight in the Shadows by Ali Lyda and Alexa May. Book of the Elm Street Mafia Series. Gay Erotic Romance

Are you ready and open for another m/m mafia romance book?

Together with our #18 - Zero at the Bone of our list, Knight in the Shadows truly a must-read Erotic Gay Mafia Romance Novel.

Jake is a former solider trying to keep his business together and keep the mafia out of his neighborhood.

Max is the mafia underboss who offers to "help".

However, both Jake and Max are fighting for a cause even though on different sides.

And when things get really rough and someone tries to kill Max and the mafia try to evict tennents, the game is on.

Plus: In between all this fights the two men share hot delicious time!

#23 Awakening by Lee Savino & Stasia Black

Dark Mafia Romance Book Cover of Awakening by Lee Savino & Stasia Black

The sequel of Innocence, Awakening pick up right where the first ended.

But no worries: you can directly read Awakening.

Although you might want to get Innocence after reading it, as you will love the storyline and the smoking hot sex.

This dark mafia romance follows a man who wants to protect a woman he has fallen in love with (have a look here for more Dark Romance). His protection is strong, demanding, and dark.

Does Cora want his protection? Or is she trapped within it?

Awakening is packed with events that keep you on your toes and the edge of your seat.

And as well does the sex in the book: keep you on the edge. And there is a lot of it.

What else shall we say except that Awakening is just blistering hot!

Ready to Read Mafia Romance Novels?

You now have a list of 23 smoking hot, thrilling mafia romance books to add to your bookshelf.

Cover of the free Erotic Romance E-Book Forbidden Complication by Filthybooks

Once you've found your way down and through this list, it could be that you are in for even more. For example: do not miss to check out some of the best Action Romance Books!

Our blog will give you everything you need to satisfy your cravings.

Filthybooks will give you more lists of some of the top books you need to add to your list of must-reads!

And do not miss to check out our FREE Erotic Story Section!

You'll find not only two full steamy stories you can read online, but also a Free E-Book for you ready to download!




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