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Sexy Stories to Turn You On instantly

Updated: Jun 20

Yes, we normally state that we need character development and a storyline so that Erotic Fiction really works as a stimulating read.

However: there are occasions when reading a steamy sex scene is just the inspiration needed. We've got you covered!

That's why we went out and collected eypecially steamy, sexy, hot and a little dirty real-life sex stories from different sources as well as my sexiest personal sex tales.

And there is one thing we can guarantee: These 15 sexy stories will all turn you on instantly!

Those stories are short, and, do not care about character development, semantics and background; they simply tell the story of a sexy adventure.

And let's be honest: we all should have such a sex story to tell, otherwise, it is really time to bring some spice into life!

So get ready and read 15 hot real life sex stories which will get you in the Mood! Now!

And hey: of course, we changed names in order to protect the not-so-innocent, but these adventures will spark your imagination anyways!

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15 Real Life Sex Stories that Turn You on Now

To let you faster jump to your personal choice, here is the overview over all stories!

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But now, without further ado, let's have fun!


There was this friend of mine I've been talking to online. A friend of mine gave him my number after he saw of picture of me on her phone and requested my number. His name was John. I kinda liked him. We talked over the phone couple of times, he visited me and my friend a couple of times. He invited to me his place more than once, but I was always unable to honor the invitation.

On a particular Saturday, after doing my laundry,realized I was bored.

I gave John a call and asked if I could come around today.

He told me he was at home and I could come around with so much excitement in his voice. I was accompanied by my friend to his place, but as soon as we got to his door, she went her way.

I knocked on the door, he opened it and asked me to come in with a smile on his face.

He asked me to sit on the sofa, but I sat on the rug on the floor instead. He offered me some ice cream which I accepted. We sat there talking while we ate.

When we had finished eating the ice cream, he asked me if a guy could have sex with a girl without full penetrating; with just half of his dick inside her, if he's still a virgin. I shrugged about this strange question and said, "no, he is no longer a virgin."

He then reached out for my lips and kissed them, I pushed him away and told him I was leaving. He apologized and told me he couldn't help staring at my full and soft lips and that was why he did it.

I realized I was wet. And he knew I was wet too because I was so wet that it showed on the Leggings I wore.

He went for my lips again; this time I didn't push him away because I wanted it too. After kissing my lips, he took my clothes off, he groaned and said," damn! You're so hot”.

I laid on my back smiling.

Without wasting any time, he reached out for a condom, slipped his dick in; he struggled with it a bit because his dick was big and long. He put his dick in my pussy with so much energy that I screamed," please take it easy!”

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He raised one of my legs to his shoulder while he fucked me. When he was done doing that, he carried me to his study, with his dick still inside me.

He placed me on his desk, spread my legs wide open while he stood there fucking me. From the study, he took me to his bedroom, he laid on his back and asked me to squat on his dick. I squat there while he pushed his dick inside my pussy. He kept groaning and talking about how hot my body was.

In less than a minute, he shuck and came.

However, it was already late when he finished.

We went out to grab our dinner, ate and came back home.

Immediately when we got back, we fucked till 5 AM taking breaks at regular intervals. By the time we were done, there were already seven used condoms on the floor.

It sounds unbelievable, I know, but it actually happened.

When I left his place, I deleted his number and never spoke to him again. Why? I don't really know, I think it was just too good to be repeated.

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Sometime around January 2020, there was this young beautiful that came back to my neighborhood before the lockdown got serious; her name is June.

June and I attended the same high, I had a crush on her, but was to shy to let her know how I felt. June is a brunette, she wore glasses and she still does.

Fuck! I have a thing for girls that wear glasses.

She lived in the house next door and I saw her every day. I'd see her from my balcony when I come out for fresh air, I see her through her window while she's taking a nap, doing yoga or working out.

Damn! I was obsessed with June.

I didn't realise how obsessed I was until I find myself masturbating while fantasizing about her. Her memory stuck in my head like glue. I find myself thinking about the numerous things I could do to her body.

Her body wasn't perfect in the sense of the world, but June was perfect for me, she was all I wanted.

The irony of the whole thing was that I thought I was the only one obsessed.

I thought I was imagining things that would never come true, but fate had a way of making dreams come true, sometimes tho.

Two days after the lock down got eased, I heard a knock on my door; it was her, it was June. Accordingly to her, she had come to check if I had some milk at home. She said she was still scared of visiting the mall.

"Wow, she remembers my name!", I thought.

She asked if she could come in, no question for me...

She told me she remembers me from high school. We talked about some of the teachers back then in high school. I offered her coffee, but she asked if I had wine. After a few glasses, I thought that she has had enough as I'm not the kind of dude to exploit such situations.

When I took the wine glasses to the kitchen, I turned around and found her staring at me.

"Don't just stand there. I know you want to fuck me, I see the way you look at me."

I was shocked.

Was I dreaming?

Did the universe Grant my request?

A lot was going through my mind, I stood there dumbfounded. Before I realized what was going on, she came closer, grabbed my lips, and rolled her tongue into my mouth. I could still taste the wine she had a few minutes ago on her lips.

She pulled down my shorts, my cock was already super hard. She put my cock in her mouth and sucked it so good while teasing me with her tongue.

When she was done sucking my dick, she dragged me to the kitchen table and whispered, "lie still!"

I obeyed her commands. She took her clothes off slowly while I watch her. I was already turned on to the edge and about to explode. When she was done stripping, she slid my cock into her super wet pussy. I made to touch her tits but she pushed me back, it was obvious, she is a giver.

She fucked me so hard for five minutes straight and when she did the reverse cow girl position, I couldn't take it anymore.

I pushed her off and exploded.

She smiled at me, got dressed and left without saying a word. I laid in bed that night and thought about the whole thing. Till today, I still haven’t totally believe what happened that day.

No blasphemy intended, but it was like a miracle, a dream come true. I still thank the universe every day for granting my heart desires, after masturbating to the memory, of course.

And of course, I hope she will knock at my door again someday... Or maybe I should overcome my shyness at knock at her door...

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Fate has a way of doing its own thing, that was what I had always believed since I became old enough to know right from wrong.

It was a rainy morning, and I woke up a tad late than I usually did. I looked at the clock beside my bed and realized that I had just thirty minutes to prepare for work. I jumped out of the bed as fast as I could and ran straight into the shower.

In exactly twenty minutes, I was all set for work. I ran out with a black umbrella over my head into my car. I tried starting the damn thing a couple of times, but it would not start. What the problem is, was something I had no idea about. I have to catch the bus, I thought to myself; that was the fastest option.

I left the car in front of my apartment and ran as fast as I could to the next bus stop.

The next bus halted immediately I got there and took off in less than a minute. I got in and sat on an empty seat at the back of the bus.

“Phew.” I heaved a sigh of relief with my eyes shut.

As soon as I opened them, I was shocked to find an extremely attractive man sitting right next to me.

“A rough morning I suppose.” He said with a smile on his face.

His words did not register in my head immediately he spoke them. My brain was too focused on his full lusciousness to understand anything else.

The smell of his perfume filled the air. His suit laid on his body perfectly just as if it was made for him. Not even a strand of his brown shiny hair was way out of plan. His skin was perfectly tanned, and his abs and packs bulged out of his suit slightly. Everything about him screamed seduction. He seduced me effortlessly without even trying.

“Let me guess. The rain was unexpected.” He said again.

“Yeah, yes. It was.” I replied.

“Good morning. I am Jayden.” He introduced himself.

“I am Andrea, but you can call me Andy.”

I was a little shy because I was taken unaware. I was not looking my best that morning too.

“I love your hair. It is pretty .” He complimented me.

I giggled lightly and looked away. Was he trying to mock me? I asked myself.

He slipped a little note into my hand. Before I could look at what it was, he was already out of the bus. I looked outside the window and there he was smiling right at me as he mouthed the words,

“Please call me” to me.

I smiled at him and nodded affirmatively.

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In my opinion, he was too good to be true. I would not mind abandoning my car and taking the bus every single morning if it would mean meeting strange handsome men like him. Something about him made me feel like a shy little teenage girl being wooed for the first time.

Certainly, I was going to call him. There were no doubts about that. I folded the note and slid it under my phone’s case. That was the safest place I could think of. My mind was glued to the thoughts of him all day. I could not think of anything else at work. I prayed for hours to run by as fast as possible, and it did.

I held my breath as I lay on my bed late at night, dialing his number.

“Hello.” A sonorous voice replied from the other end.

“Hey. It is Andy.” I reintroduced myself.

“Andy, how are you?” he asked.

There was something about the way he called my name. He called it as though he had intentions of doing things to me, very bad things.

“I'm good,” I replied.

“I am really happy that you called. I would like to see you again if you don’t mind.”

He was very forward, and I liked that.

“I don’t mind.”

“Let’s do dinner tomorrow by six. What do you say?”

“Dinner? Ok. That would work.” I replied calmly, trying so hard to conceal my excitement.

I had just gotten out of a relationship, and I could use a distraction. He was all the distraction I needed. I was not ready or willing to give my heart out just yet, but I need something to take my mind off everything I had been through and was going through at that moment.

I laid in bed silently thinking of what to wear for my date when my eyes shut, letting sleep take over. That night I dreamt about him as I slept, but as soon as I woke up I completely forgot what the dream was about. The only thing I remembered was the fact that the dream was about him.

It was a Saturday, and I had nothing to do in the office. I was done with work for the week. I went grocery shopping just like I did every other Saturday. By the time I got back, it was already noon. The thought of going out with Jayden crossed my mind once again and a smile followed it.

As soon as I opened my wardrobe a black dress was in the middle calling for me; that was the first dress my eyes caught anyways.

It was a gift that I had never worn, and the best thing was that it was a size eight, a perfect fit for me. I threw it on the bed. I decided to match a nude heel and a nude purse. It would be a perfect match, I thought to myself.

For lingerie, I picked red pants and a red bra. Who knows? Things might escalate quickly, I thought.

I played my favorite R&B songs as I got ready for my date. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. For a man like Jayden, his standards and expectations must be really high. I really wanted a good time, and a good fuck at the end of it. I had no idea of how the latter was going to happen, I was just hopeful.

At 5:50 pm I was all set, waiting for my ride to arrive. I could not drive myself because my car wouldn’t start still. In less than two minutes, my ride was outside waiting for me. I looked at myself in the mirror one more time before stepping out, and I was more than impressed. The dress held my body tightly, revealing all the curves of my body. Instantly my anxiety and my nerves disappeared.

The restaurant we picked was not so far from my house. In exactly ten minutes, I was there. As soon as I got in, all eyes were glued to me, but the only one I cared about was his. He did not take them off me until I got to the table he was.

“You look extremely beautiful.” He said looking straight into my eyes.

“Thank you.” I said, smiling coyly.

He was in a maroon suit. He was not overly dressed or too formal. He looked perfect for the occasion.

“What do you do?" I asked him as soon as we started eating.

“I am into stock marketing.” He replied.

I was not too surprised, because he looked the part.

“And you?” He asked.

“I work in a law firm.”

"Wow! That's really good."

We engaged in small talks as we ate. The evening was unraveling just as I had imagined it. By the time we finished eating, the day was already dark.

“Do you have anything else planned out for the evening?” He asked just as I was about to leave.

“No, not at all.” I replied.

“What do you say we try out this new club? It is not too far from here” he suggested.

“Okay. We could try.” I replied.

I was all about going with the flow.

In less than a minute, we were standing before a Porsche Cayenne, and it was his. That would be my first time in that sort of car. He opened the door for me, and I stepped in like the princess he was making me feel like.

I saw the way he looked at my curves and my cleavage at regular intervals. I would have found it offensive if it was someone else, but I did not. I loved it on the contrary. I could feel his eyes piercing through me, they were screaming desire.

The next thing I remember after entering his car was the two of us standing side by side in a room with flickering red, blue, and green lights. The dance hall was almost empty when we got into the club, it was still a little early for the kind of enthusiastic dancing I had expected to see.

"What would you drink?" He asked.

“Vodka.” I replied.

“Ou! You are starting strong.” He joked.

We sat in front of the bartender talking and laughing while drinking, allowing time to pass us by. The dance floor was filled up the next time I looked at it. The height of the music intensified too.

“Wanna dance?” He asked.

“No. I was just checking.” I replied.

“Checking what exactly? Come on, I know you want to, don’t be shy.” He teased me.



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He stood up from where he sat, took my hand and pulled me off my seat. A giggle followed immediately I got off my seat, an awkward giggle. The first few steps we took together were weird and not properly calculated. As the music and the alcohol settled in, my body began to move more freely, and so did my mind.

I put my arms on his shoulders, and he placed his arms around my waist. I moved closer to him, letting him have a feel of my body as we danced. I removed my hands from his shoulders and turned around.

I rubbed my ass on his groin area, rocking him and twerking on him slowly and sensually. Instantly, I could feel his dick hardening. His hardness poked my ass. I kept grinding on him, there was no going back now.

He began to gain a little confidence. His hands gradually traveled from my waist to my ass. He spanked and squeezed my ass lightly as we dance. Slowly, he moved his hands from my ass to my belly button, then my nipples. He rubbed on them gently before grabbing my breast. One hand was squeezing them, while the other hand was rubbing my ass. I was moaning, but no one could hear me. The music was too loud, and everyone else on the dance floor was too busy doing their own thing to notice anything.

I stood up on my feet, but that did not stop him. He had already come too far to stop himself, and I on the other hand did not want him to stop. His cock was still as hard as a rock. I kissed him passionately, he kissed me back. I could not believe I was making out in such a public place and not a single soul cared. It was like watching one of those erotic movies, but this was no movie. It was happening to me.

He slid his hand into my gown. I spread my legs open lightly, giving him room to do whatever he wanted.

He shifted my thong aside and slid one of his fingers into my wet pussy, stroking it. We were going a little overboard when he whispered into my ears.

“Do you want to go somewhere else?” He asked me.

I nodded affirmatively and followed him. He grabbed my hand and led the way. In less than two minutes, we were in the backseat of his car. There was no room for talking. We let our bodies do all the talking necessary. He kissed me hungrily. It was almost as if he had been waiting his whole life to do that.

He kissed my neck, biting it lightly as he traced his way down to my boobs. He nibbled at my nipples, biting them gently. Then, he took my breast in his mouth, suckling on it. A light moan began to escape from my lips. It blended perfectly with the pace at which his lips moved.

He came down to my belly button, licking it. His final stop was my wet pussy. He took it in his mouth, sucking every wetness he found on it, as though it was his favorite fruit.

The more he ate my pussy, the more my leg quivered. While he ate my pussy, he squeezed my nipples with his free hand. He slid his middle finger in my wetness, stroking it whiles he ate me out. He was driving me crazy. The pleasure was too much for my body to handle.

He had given me too much pleasure. I pushed his head away from my pussy, parked my hair up and knelt before him. I zipped his pants and took them off him. His dick stood hard and firm in my face. I licked the tips and bit it lightly before I took the entire length inside my mouth, sucking it. I mostly choked on it, because it was really big, the biggest I had ever had to handle. It was nine inches long and thick.

He held me by my hair and pulled my mouth out of his dick. He turned me around in a doggy position. Before I could understand what he was trying to do, his entire length was already in my pussy. I gasped, covered my mouth with the back of my hand and screamed.

“Ah! Yeah! Your pussy is so tight and wet.” Those were the words he was groaning while he fucked me.

He sent thunderous strokes into my wetness, fucking me in a particular rhythm.

He snatched my hand away from my mouth and tied my both hands behind me while he stroked me from behind. I could not take it anymore.

I exploded in a squirt, almost wetting the whole place, but he was not done with me just yet.

He loosened my hand and slid his dick out of me. He sat on the seat, lifted me and placed me on top of him. That only meant one thing; it was my turn to do the work. I placed my legs on the seat, squatted on him and gave him the fucking of his life. He grimaced and groaned as I rode him.

He tried to move me, but I did not let him. I gave him a taste of what he had just given me.

I kept riding on him like the cowgirl I was supposed to be. I noticed he was about to cum so I increased the movement of my pussy on his cock. After seven more fast strokes, I came out of him, and wrapped my mouth around his dick, sucking all the cum in.

We just sat there, breathing like we had just ran a marathon afterward.

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It was a new academic session in college, I hadn't seen my boyfriend for about a month or two. When I returned home during vacation I was really horny. I wanted to fuck my boyfriend so badly. I hadn't have sex for months now.

I picked up my phone, I called Andre, my boyfriend, a couple of times.

But he wasn't picking up. I got frustrated and infuriated.

I called his friend, Derek. Derek picked up immediately. I asked if he had seen Andre or heard from him. He said they were together five minutes ago.

It was crystal clear: Andre didn't want to talk to me for reasons I don't know.

I told Derek I was stranded. He rushed to where I was and picked me up. I kept asking him if he knew why his friend was acting up, but he said nothing. It was 12AM already and Derek drove me to his place.

However, few minutes later, we both sat on the bed talking and before I knew what was going on, I grabbed him and kissed him passionately. And hey, he did kiss me back.

I paused for a while, but he told me not to stop, that we were in this together and that he had always had his eyes on me.

Derek was so hot: he had a mascular body. One could tell he hits the gym regularly.

He turned me around, grabbed my hair, while squeezing my boobs, and slowly kissing my neck.

I got so so wet that my panties became socked. He finally released my hair and undressed me slowly while his hands went everywhere. After a while fingering me, he asked me to go on my knees. I knelt there and before I knew what was going on, he grabbed my hair and forced his dick into my mouth. I sucked him like my life depended on it.

When I was done, he lifted me up, slid his dick in my pussy and fucked the shit out of me.

I was screaming at the top of my voice when he let me down, turned me around and fucked me so hard while we were both standing.

After that, he threw me to the bed, placed both of my legs on his shoulder while he pounded my pussy; this was exactly what I needed from my boyfriend after being starved for months.

He was still pounding my pussy when I began squirting, he pulled out and came all over my thigh. I rushed into the bathroom to take a shower, he joined me.

After we finished taking our shower, I laid in bed and slept like I haven’t slept in days.

When we woke up in the morning, we promised not to tell a single soul what had happened. The sex with Derek was and still is one of the best sex I’ve had so far.

He told me Andre wasn’t good for me without giving me any detail. He urged me to move on with my life, but I somehow I can't let Andre go. And at the end, I couldn't decide if he had used me, or if I had used him.

All I knew was that I needed to be fucked the way he fucked me and I was more than grateful for that.

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When I was almost 18, the music director in my church's choir and I started dating. He was 24 then. He told me he loved me and that we should abstain from sex since we were going to get married eventually.

A year later, I got into college and ended our relationship. He begged me countless times, but I told him it was best for us.

When I graduated from college, I called him and told him I was back and would love to see.

He told me was very busy because he was now a preacher. He went further to tell me that he was engaged and would be getting married soon.

The next day, I heard the door bell ring, when I opened the door, it was him, my ex, the preacher. My mom and dad were out of out for few days and I was the only one at home at that time.

I wanted to fuck the preacher, I was dying to know what it'd feel like.

I wanted to give him what he had missed while we were dating.

When he came in, I offered him some wine, but he requested for water instead. I brought a glass water for him, he drank some it.

He avoided my eyes at all cost, a part of him still loves me, I could see it.

I left him in the living room. I went to my room, striped and came out naked.

When I walked back into the living room, he was so shocked and before he could say anything, I placed two fingers on his lips and said, " I wanna give you what you missed."

I kissed him deeply while removing his belt and unzipping his pant. I brought his dick out and slipped it into my mouth. I was chocking on it, it was huge. He just sat there groaning.

When I was done, I took his shirt off and sat on him, with his dick in my hand slipping it into my pussy. I rode his dick non-stop while he squeezed my boobs into his mouth, sucking and bitting my nipples hungrily. Then I turned around and before I could put his dick back into my pussy, he pushed me to the the floor, grab my hair and fucked me in a doggy position.

He fucked me slowly and sensually while reaching out for my boobs and squeezing them at regular intervals.

The movement of his body got faster. I knew I was close, I knew I'd come any moment. He let out a loud groan and as he was about to pull his dick out, I held me tight and he came inside my pussy.

OMG, we both reached climax.

There was nothing to worry about because I was on birth control pills and I was very sure the preacher was very clean and free from any STI. When we were done, he got dressed and left without saying a word to me like nothing happened.

I was happy I satisfied my urge.

And I knew he was happy too, I could see it in his eyes. But he couldn’t say it because he was a preacher, a preacher at my church.

The next week, I sat at the second pew in church watching him get married like last week never happened. He had nothing to worry about, no one was ever going to find out anyway. I got a job the next month and left town for good.

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Two months ago, I was on my way from Chicago to Washington. I had to be in Washington in time for my fiance’s birthday party. The weather was bad and the turbulence was very high: we had to pause the journey to continue the next .

I called my fiance, explained things to her, and checked into a hotel. As I stood in front of the receptionist, a very beautiful and well shaped lady walks towards me. She smiled at me and asked if I was on the same plane she was on few hours ago and had to alight as a result of bad weather. I replied and she continued, explaining how frustrated she is and how she need to get back to Washington after a tedious week of non-stop meetings.

I offered to buy her a drink so we could talk better after checking into our respective rooms.

I couldn’t believe I actually asked her out for a drink, it’s probably because I was bored and I also felt bad for be unable to make it to my fiance’s birthday party. I needed something or probably someone to talk to, it could help brighten my night, so I thought.

At exactly one hour later, we met at a bar inside the hotel. We talked for hours, I really did like her, but I kept reminding my self that I was engaged and had promised to stay faithful to my fiance’s.

When we were done from the bar, we went back to our rooms. And what a coincidence: Her room was adjacent to mine. However, I thought I was free and had escaped the temptation set before. But few minutes later I heard a knock on my door, I opened the door and it was her. She told me she was scared and couldn’t sleep alone, I knew she was lying, but I let her in anyway.

I was already in my sleeping wear. She had put on her night wear as well and, hell, I would have been able to see through it if wasn’t for the dim light in my room. I asked her to make herself comfortable, she laid beside me without saying a word. I pretended to be sleeping, but heaven knows I couldn’t even dream about sleeping, I was nervous.

Few minutes later, she moved closer to me, she touched my dick, but I gently pushed her hands away.

Again, she took my hand and placed it on her boobs. They were soft, her nipples were super hard. I wanted to bite them and suck them so bad, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I turned around, took charge, undressed her and began sucking, biting and squeezing her boobs, hungrily. She moaned and whispered into my ears, “I’m all yours”.

I went down on her, tracing it from her belly button down to her pussy with my tongue. I met her pussy neatly shaved and soft and juicy. Her leg and her entire body trembled while I worked on her pussy with my tongue.

While eating her pussy I carefully, but hurriedly fixed a condom on my dick, and quickly slid it into her pussy. She let out a scream, she wasn’t expecting it, not that soon. I pounded her pussy so good that she screamed my name countless time in between moans. I turned her around and fucked her from behind in the doggy position while spanking her ass.

In no time, we both exploded and laid naked panting like we just finished running a marathon. I didn’t feel so guilty afterwards because I used a used a condom to fuck her ;).

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On the 17th of November, 2020, a strange and unknown number called my cell phone. When I picked it up, the caller at the other end was Smith, my first love. I met Smith when I was in high school. We dated for about a year or two before I got into college. He on the other hand refused to go to college, he said he would rather pursue the religious and spiritual path instead of getting into college. It annoyed me so much that I had to end the relationship.

What we had was innocent. We never kissed or had sex, we only held hands and embrace each other from time to time. I met Smith in the church choir, he had an angelic voice. The first time I heard him sing, my heart melted and I froze, I had butterflies in my stomach.

That was five years ago, I wonder why he was calling me now. I spoke to him nonetheless, we exchanged pleasantries. He told me he was Los Angeles, and coincidentally, I had just moved there after graduating from college.

He told me how much he had missed my singing in the choir in church back at home. I smiled and it made me remember that I was a singer as a teenager. I wondered what killed that part of me. He asked me out for dinner that evening, I accepted to go out with him because a part of me wanted to see him, at least to see what he looked like and to know how far he had gone in his pursuit of religion and spirituality.


That night, after dinner, he invited me to his hotel to see where he stays, so he said. I had nothing to fear or expect because he was a pious man, or so I thought. When we got there, he headed straight to his room and I followed him. I sat there on his bed talking to him while trying to avoid his gaze as much as possible. He just sat there staring at me without saying a word.

A few minutes later, I realized I could no longer move my lips because something was on top of it, it was his lips.

I could not resist him because I was shocked and frozen to death, I sat there as still as a frozen sea and just watched him. I tried to wrap my head around it all, maybe it was a dream. In no time, I realized it was real. Damn! For a pious man, Smith kissed so well.

I kissed him back passionately. In no time, our clothes were no longer on our bodies. He moved down to my boobs, squeezing, sucking and biting my nipples as well.

Gosh! I was getting so wet. His dick was hard now. I tried to touch it but he pushed my hand away. He pushed me to the bed, making me lie on my back. He spread my legs wide open and moved his lips from my breast down to my wet pussy. He played with my clit with his tongue for few seconds and just when I thought he was about to eat the hell out of my pussy, he slipped his hard cock into my pussy, the entire length. I shook and screamed while he groaned.

"Fuck!" I screamed.

" Oh yeah! I'm gonna fuck the hell out of your pussy," he groaned.

The intensity increased, he was thrusting so fast now, pounding my pussy so good. He slipped his dick out, turned me around in the doggy position and slip his hard dick inside me again. He fucked my pussy while locking both of my hands with his hand on my back. He spanked my ass, squeezed my boobs and rubbed my clit with his free hand from time to time while he fucks my fat wet juicy pussy. I was screaming and shaking now, I was close to orgasm, he was closed too, in no time, I came, he slipped his dick from inside my pussy and came on my ass.

I mean the sex was mind-blowing, but the next day I left before he woke up and never spoke to him again.

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Then, I was a young man who had just graduated from medical school a few years ago. I got a job in a hospital, the same hospital my father worked with before his retirement. I loved my job because I get the opportunity to save lives and make people feel and look the way they want to; I was also a surgeon and was still practicing it then.

On a very cold day just before winter, a beautiful girl walked into my office. She looked no more than twenty-one years old. She sat there telling me how she does not feel good about herself because of the shape of her body, she wanted her boobs and her ass to get bigger. I asked her if her mind is made up, and she said yes, it was. And hell, what she had in mind...

She stood up from where she sat and went straight for the door. She locked it and before I could say a word, she stripped revealing her firm boobs and spotless skin. She walked toward me slowly while touching herself provocatively. She moved some items on the table away, sat on it, spread her legs wide and slipped her finger inside her pussy while touching her breast and moaning lightly. She was driving me crazy, I sat there without saying a word to her.

She got me; my dick was as hard as a rock now. All my sense of reasoning and self-control were no where to be found. She knew she got me. The craziest part of the whole thing was that I never saw it coming. A few minutes ago, she was a sweet innocent girl sitting in front of me, but now all I could see was a seductress who is a master in the art of seduction.

Fuck it! I pulled my pants down and slipped my hardness into her wet pussy calling for my attention. She let out a loud moan, but cover her mouth with her hand. I fucked as hard and as good as I could. In no time, I lifted her and slipped my dick into her pussy again; fucking her while standing in carrying her. Her pussy was so warm and tight and it was making me lose focus. When I noticed I was about to cum, I reduced the intensity of my thrusting. I was fucking her slower and sensually now.

I slipped my dick out of her, turned her around, placed her hands on the table and fucked her from behind while slipping on on my fingers into her ass hole. She held the table tighter now, grit her teeth and finally came. Her body began to shake but I didn't let her go because I was not done. I felt I tingling sensation on my dick, I could not hold it back any longer. I slipped my dick out of her pussy and she turned around with the speed of light taking my dick inside her mouth, sucking every drop of my cum.

We went through with the surgery of course, but she didn't pay a dime, I paid for the entire procedure: She was blackmailing me as she knew I would loose my job if the story came out.

Fortunately our paths never crossed after the surgery was done. But even though it was the most stupid mistake I have ever made in life, I was glad I did. Her pussy was the creamiest and the sweetest I have ever fucked. I will never forget her, even though she cost me hell of a fortune...

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A few years ago, I found out that was boyfriend was cheating. I loved him dearly but I had to leave him. That wasn't the first or second time he was cheating on me, I could not take it anymore so I did what was right for me. I was broken, sad and almost depressed.

My cousin, Andrea arranged a blind date between me and some guy she was friends with. I never wanted to see him, but after so much persuasion from her, I decided to give it a shot.

Our first date was not so bad, but I just knew there wasn't going to be a next time; I just sat there and watch him talk without saying much. I knew I made him bored to the bones. We met at a restaurant not so far from my apartment. When we were done, left him there, standing in front of the building and headed home without giving him my number or thanking him.

A few days later, my phone rang. He called me saying he had just cooked and that I could come over if I didn't mind. He texted me his address a few minutes later. He had collected my number from my cousin. When I got there, there was a welcoming aura hanging somewhere in the air. Just immediately after we had finished eating, he offered me wine and I took it. In no time, we sat there drinking, talking and laughing so loud like I wasn't the same person he met at the restaurant a few days ago. I got drunk and a bit sleepy.

He led me to his bedroom and laid me on the bed. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me and he said he would give anything to fuck me, but only if I wanted to fuck him as well. I grabbed him, dragged him closer to myself and kissed him passionately. I was so horny, I hadn't fuck anyone in months.

I let go of his lips, freed his hard cock from his shorts and wrapped my wet lips around it. He groaned so loud while I suck his cock. He pushed my head away from his cock, pulled my gown up, took off my panties, placed my legs on his shoulders and slipped his hard, big dick into my wet pussy. He pounded my pussy so good that it drove me crazy. In no time, he slipped his dick out, he stood up and lifted me as well. He placed one of my legs on the bed and slipped his dick into my pussy. He was fucking me and squeezing my boobs at the same time. I let out a loud moan and before I could wrap my head around anything, I came. He pounded my pussy a few more times before he came as well.

Ever since that day, I haven't fallen into depression because he is still here, loving me like crazy and fucking the hell out of me whenever I wanted him to.

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I had just been promoted at work and I was extremely excited about it. My first mission was to travel to Chicago to sign some business deal. I took the first flight the next morning and headed straight for Chicago. The business meeting between my company and the other company was supposed to last for about a week. Being someone that loves traveling light, I didn't take enough clothes and shoes along. I had planned to shop for those things immediately after I got to Chicago.

While I sat there thinking, a beautiful lady with a beautiful physique Walked towards me and sat next to me in the plane. She seemed cool and easygoing. I engaged her in a conversation and we got talking. We talked about a whole lot of things. She was very attractive, beautiful, and engaging. Moments later, she blew my mind when she rubbed her hand on my dick. I was shocked to the bone. She stood up and headed in the direction of the bathroom and I went in search of her moments later because I got a little worried about her.

When I got there, she dragged me into the restroom. Before I got the chance to say anything, she unzipped my pants, pulled my dick out and began sucking it. She sucked and choked on my dick for about two minutes. When she took my dick inside her mouth, it was soft, hardened seconds after it got in contact with her lips. She pushed me to the toilet seat, I sat there while I watch her lift her skirt up. She moved her panties to the other side, baring her naked pussy before me. She walked towards me and slid her pussy gently into my cock while sitting on it.

She bounded on my dick slowly while her ass giggled. I spanked her ass and grabbed it as well a few times while she bounced on my cock; her ass was soft and firm. I moved my hands away from her ass and headed straight for the buttons on her shirt. I undid them. Immediately her boobs her revealed, I ran my tongue on one of her hard nipples while squeezing the other one as she fucks me.

She turned around with my dick still in her pussy and increased the movement of her waist. Her ass was bouncing right in front of me. I stood up and she held the door for support while I fuck her from behind. We heard footsteps of someone coming in our direction, the movement of our body increase and in no time, we both came. We dressed up as fast as we could. I waited for her to get to her seat and then followed her a few minutes later.

She turned to me and burst into laughter and in joined her. We kept talking about different experiences of life we've had. Few hours later, the plane landed in Chicago. I asked her name and requested for her number, but she blatantly refused to give me any of the two. When we got out of the plane, I looked for her in the crowd but couldn't find her. When I met with the business associates the next day, I saw her walk in with one of the men I was to met with. He introduced her to me as his fiance, I played along so well.

No one would be able to tell that our paths had once crossed. It was then I understand why she left me the way she did.

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Mr. Jeremy had always been my favorite. He is a professor in the college I attend.

He is young, handsome and has an athletic body. We've been facebook friends since my freshman year. We got closer when I had to meet him in person because of the test I missed as I was ill and could not make it to school on the day the test was taken. Henceforth, he waves and smiles at me whenever he sees me. He was very good at literature and that made me attracted to him. I had always wanted to fuck him, but it always seemed impossible to me.

How was it ever going to happen?

I did not know, but I was dead sure it was going to happen.

A temporary replacement was brought into the class in replacement of Mr. Jeremy. I wondered what was going on. I snooped around, got Mr. Jeremy's number and gave him a call. I pleaded to come to see him at home and he agreed after much hesitation. When I got there, he told me that he had been sick but he was already recovering. He told me he would feel better if I let him lie close to me on the couch with his head on my thighs. My heart skipped at first, I wondered if he was joking or being serious, but I granted his wish without second thoughts.

Mr. Jeremy laid there so still and calm for a while before he reached out for my boobs and squeezed them. My heart stood still. I wasn't dreaming, I knew I wasn't, my dream was finally becoming reality.

"Isn't this what you've always?" He asked with a smirk on his face.

I stretched out my hand to where his cock was standing. I pulled it out of the shorts my professor was putting on and stroked it. My boobs were already bare, he sucked them while I stroke his dick. He stood up and sent me on my knees, we were both naked now. I knelt there sucking his cock the best way I knew how to while I fuck myself with my fingers; I was so wet and horny, I could no longer wait for his dick, I could no longer wait to feel his hardness inside my pussy. He slipped his cock out of my mouth, turned me around on the couch and slipped it inside my pussy. It was so big that I had to scream immediately it got into my pussy.

Mr. Jeremy asked me to call him professor while he fucks me. I was moaning so loud now, the steams of pleasure running through my body was too much for my body to contain. He fucked me so much that my legs began to quiver. He slipped out of me, turned me around and planted his huge cock inside once again. He was thrusting so fast fucking me so hard. In no time, I held him so tight and came. I was begging him to stop but he didn't.

He was close to the climax; he would not stop himself. He sent several thrusts into my pussy before he slipped out with the speed of light and came all over me.

We both laid there panting so hard life we just finished running a marathon. He called a naughty girl and I called him a naughty professor. We kept it as our little secret and never tried it again.

I got A's in all his courses and still do tired date. My dream finally came through and I was more than glad it did.

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I have always known that Kayla was the crazy type.

She had always had that bad girl vibe about her, which was one of the reasons that I went for her in the first place. But when I finally got to spend some time with her, I realized that there was more to her than the wildness.

She was so intelligent that I began to realize that the wildness might be a cover for something else. Maybe, she did not want anyone to realize that she had senses that sharp.

After some months of dating, we were yet to go past the ‘make-out’ stage. It made me wonder if I was not good enough for her. Yeah, I know most people would tell you that sex does not prove love and all that stuff, but that was not my belief.

At the moment, I did not even know what I believed in, but I was thinking that she probably did not trust me enough to reveal her sexual side to me.

Was it a farce?

We had had too much sexual euphemism talk that everything we said now had some tie to the sexual for me.

Anyway, one day, she called me on phone and said she was coming over. It was out of the blues. She was not supposed to visit until the weekend. Being a receptionist in a company while she was still working on her software development idea meant she did not have much time during the week. It was Wednesday. I was a freelancer, bored and tired of work, so I did not see the harm in having her over.

She came real soon, and after I had offered her something, she sat at the edge of the bed and stared right into my eyes. By her side was this big bag that she normally carried.

“Hey, wanna try something?” she asked.

I realized she had that crazy glint in her eyes, the one she had back in college whenever she was being wild and saying crazy stuff. It had been a long time since I saw that.

“Something like what?”

“You will see.”

When she led me to my bed in our bedroom, I followed meekly like a lamb being led to the slaughter. When she blindfolded me, I said nothing. I felt like I knew where this was going, but I have been with Kayla for months, and I was confused about her person.

She had been so gentle that the wild self was fast becoming a memory. When I felt cuffs slipping onto my wrists, I was confused. I shifted slightly to express my discomfort.

“Don’t you trust me?” she asked.

I did.

“You probably know what I want to do now,” she said.

I had an idea, but I was finding it difficult to believe it until she pulled off my pants. I could not see anything through the blindfold, and I had no idea where she was.

My shirt came off next before I felt something feathery, something light along the length of my upper body. I shivered. It was difficult knowing what to expect next.

After some time, I felt nothing and heard nothing. She was in the room somewhere, or maybe she was not. Maybe she had left me tied up and blindfolded in my room, half-naked with only my briefs on. Time passed slowly, and I was beginning to get concerned.

Then I felt her lips on my right nipple. I gasped. I did not have an idea that she was so close to me.

As she sucked, her hand slid down my body and into my briefs. My length was already strong and swollen, waiting to slip into the right places.

“Do you like it?” she whispered.

Her voice was thick with lust, and I could not get the picture of her wild self out of my mind.

Her hand stroked my cock as she kept sucking. It was like she was blowing air into my length.

Then she stopped abruptly. I heard the sound of garments slipping from her body, and my imagination ran wild.

Kayla had the shapeliest backside I had ever seen on any girl, and it was not little either. Many times, my dreams and fantasies had featured that backside.

On both sides of my head, the bed sank in under the weight of her feet. It was only when the warm moistness covered my face that I realized that she had been standing over me. I had not had the time to breathe before her mighty ass came down over my face, spilling to the sides.

“Eat,” she instructed, kneading my nipple and reaching for my hardness again.

At first, it was beautiful. I let my tongue slip into her, reaching for the depth of her wetness. Then I started to panic a little. She made no signs of getting up, and I was running out of breath. My body still betrayed me with my hardness getting stronger while I struggled for air.

Finally, she got up a little. I barely had the time to gulp in precious air before her ass came over my face again. Crazy Kayla was trying to get me killed.

Finally, she got bored with her game of seeing how long I can hold my breath, turned around, and sat astride me, slipping my hardness into her pussy. My cock went in with a slurp and a moan from her.

With both hands on my chest, she started moving. At first, she was moving slowly and moaning quietly. Then her movement got faster, her moans got louder, and her hands moved faster, kneading my nipples.

The simultaneous stimuli and the fact that I was completely helpless drove me crazy.

Her hips were moving with reckless abandon, and I could feel myself moving dangerously close to the edge.

That night, she rode me to the end, and I came. She sucked it off and began her little game all over again. Kayla is crazy, and I love it.

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I have been married to Keith for the past two years, and we have never had the type of argument that we had a week ago. We had both shouted words at each other that we probably didn’t mean, and after that, we would not talk to each other.

The night we finally did talk to each other, I still remember it.

I walked into the room to find him naked, save for his briefs. He looked up just as I entered, then he looked away. I walked towards the wardrobe and pulled off my robe.

I was going to get dressed for work, and the last night was the second night that we had spent ignoring each other. I was already tired of the show.

Keith’s body was living rent-free in my head.

The more his muscles rippled when he moved his arm, the way his chest just sticks out there like a mountain out of his body, the way his lips, pink and soft stand in contrast to a body that has spent much time being looked after.

I wanted him. I didn’t know if he wanted me, but my rage had dissipated, and my anger had died down. But I would be damned if I was going to let him have the upper hand.

I don’t remember exactly what we were arguing about, however, I was so convinced that he was wrong.

“Bend over,” he suddenly said.

I started. When I turned around, he was standing so close to me that I could breathe him in. He was a familiar smell, intoxicating and manly. I wanted to run my hands all over his body when my mood was supposed to make me angry with him. I glared at him, acting out what I should be feeling, and made to move past him. But he stood in front of me, immovable.

“Bend over,” he said again.

His voice was menacing. But I found it sexy. This was the part of him that I had not seen in a long time, the part that takes charge and uses me as he wants.

Keith did this at the beginning of our dating before we got married, then he became gentle and sweet. My lips trembled with the expectations of what he wanted to do to me.

Suddenly, I could no longer look into his face. But I decided to give it one last try. If he thought he was going to get me with his charms, then he was wrong!

He picked me up from where I was standing and threw me on the bed. Then he bent my legs over and began to eat me out. I gasped, the words I wanted to say tumbling back down my throat.

When I was set and getting ready for the stimuli that were coming from his twisting tongue, he stopped and raised my legs, folding me.

Then he slipped his lengthened dick into me. I screamed this time.

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He started moving without letting me get into it first. His thrusts were fast and long, digging deep into me and almost pulling all out before he would stick it in again. The speed of his thrust had my tongue hanging out, my chest heaving, and my juicy wetness trembling. My hands were looking for something to hold on to. I grabbed at the bedsheet, scattering it and pulling the sides from where it was neatly tucked in.

In no time, I found myself trembling with pleasure that was building up. The spasm was washing over my body.

He continued moving with strokes that were strong and hard. I was screaming now, alternating between that and moaning, still gripping tightly to the bedsheet, unable to do anything else. When he slipped out of me, I screamed.

It was too much: I’ve never felt such a pleasure before.

I was still shaking when he turned me over, doggy-style position, and slipped into me again. One of his legs was on the floor. The other, he placed on one side of my face, pressing the other side into the foam.

Then he started fucking me again. His strokes were not as fast as before, but they were sure this time. With his leg on my first, he made sure that each stroke counted. I felt powerless, and with the feeling of powerlessness came overwhelming pleasure.

There was too much to feel that my moans were not enough. I felt that the moans would fill my throat, overwhelm me, and cause me to explode. My chest was heaving. He stopped again.

He took his feet off my face, and his hands gripped mine, pulling them back behind me. With my hands firmly grasped behind me, he started pounding. He was using my hands as handles, gripping tight onto them and stroking me to high heavens. He held me tight and continued.

I could feel an avalanche coming from deep within me.

I wanted to hold out for a little longer to enjoy the pleasure I was getting from Keith’s thrusting. But his heaving was not helping matters. Behind me, he was breathing like a wild animal in heat. He now held both of my hands with one of his, and with the other, he spanked me so hard that I lost control. I shook uncontrollably, unable to keep it in. I could not even scream. The avalanche that tumbled down my body did not let me speak. My body was not my own.

When Keith was finally done, I was exhausted and still lay on the bed. He moved about whistling like he had not almost killed me. I heard the sound of the shower running and bit my lips. I was too tired to take any more of him, but I could not help wanting more.

He knew how to do it. In my mind, I was like “if that is your apology, Keith, I accept.”

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#14 Unlocking my Co-Worker

Tim (21), my co-worker at the diner, is simply a handsome young guy. And the best: since we worked together, we had always flirted. But on rainy day in November, after we knew each other for six long weeks, I could feel a different kind of energy in the air - an energy that we had never experienced before.

He brushed his hand against mine as we locked up the coffee shop doors, and that's when I knew that this was going to be the night that we finally gave into our desires.

His hand found mine and we started kissing. At first it was innocent, just some light touches of lips and the tongue, but then he started to get more aggressive. His tongue found mine and it was like a thousand butterflies were fluttering in my stomach.

As we kissed, his hand traveled up my skirt, teasing me with his fingers against my panties. His other hand found its way into my bra, squeezing and pinching my nipples.

Hell, did he know how to push my buttons!

I just need to have him - NOW! I pushed him away from me and took my shirt off, revealing my black lacy bra that barely covered my breasts.

He stood in front of me, hypnotized by my half-naked body, and I could see the desire in his eyes. I took his shirt off while he undid his pants and let them fall to his ankles. He was already hard, and I could feel his hard dick through his boxers.

I knelt in front of him, taking his girthy erection in my hands, marveling at how thick and strong it was. I pleased the tip of his male member, tasting his salty pre-cum before taking it into my wet mouth.

Immediately I felt how much he liked it: his hardness even grew in my mouth, and Tim started groaning. His hand found my hair, gripping it firmly as he pushed himself further into me. My tongue swirled around him, tracing every contour and curve, drawing out his pleasure.

I moved my head faster, deeper, swallowing him whole with each stroke. His hips bucked, meeting each thrust with equal force, his groans of ecstasy urging me on. His fingers tightened in my hair, signaling that he was close. I circled my tongue around the head again, sensing his body tense in anticipation.

I felt he was close, but that only increased my own desire. I needed to be fucked. I led go of him and sat on the nearest table, inviting him with spread legs.

He wasted no time, put aside my slip and began to lick my pussy. The heat of his breath sent shivers through me as he teased my lips with his tongue, his fingers caressing my inner thighs. My body quivered and my fingers closed around his head, pleasing him.

I don't know how long he did that with me, but I wished it would last forever!

Finally, he stood up again, freed his cock, and pushed it into me with a single thrust that left me gasping for breath. He was so thick, so meaty, stretching me in a way that made me gasp with each thrust.

He pounded into me relentlessly, his hands never still as they caressed my breasts and teased my nipples with his tongue, sending jolts of pleasure racing through me.

And hell did he knew what he was doing: He started to thrust in a little deeper, exactly to the point I love it, the sound of our skin slapping off each other echoing through the empty diner.

He was relentless, pleasing my G-spot and each thrust brought me closer to orgasm.

When I finally let myself fall, I jerked uncontrollably under him, my whole body shaking wildly as the most intense waves of pleasure surged through me. The feeling was unlike anything I had ever experienced before.

As I plunged headlong into bliss, my body burning with passion, I felt something I wish every woman can once experience:The orgasm was unstoppable, and it pushed deeper and deeper into me. I could feel him pulsing inside me, pushing me higher with each passing moment. I was on seventh heaven for minutes.

I have never been fucked like this in my life. I felt like I was in a dream.

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#15 Dirty Therapist

I had some silly stuff going on in my life, so I decided it would help me if I seek professional assistance. Had I known how it would help me, I would have gone there years earlier!

Her name was Carry and I visited her for about 2 months. She always dressed incredibly formal at our appointments, and things were strictly business oriented. I was her client, she was my therapist.

But from the beginning I thought that she was very cute, around my age - mid 20’s. She always kept her hair up in a tight bun, and the only indication that she wasn’t a total square was her small septum ring. And she was not only cute and sexy, she was a wonderful therapist too.

one day i went out with an old friend, to a bar. I excused myself to the restroom and as I was patting my cheeks with blush, there she was - Carry!

“Carry?” I said, shocked.


She was even prettier than normal, wearing her hair open and wearing a slim dark dress. Her figure was slim, but still with sexy proportions.

God she was absolutely magnificent.

The septum ring was just the beginning. She had extremely well done floral tattoos on her arms, and her dress showed off her tits to anyone who cared to look.

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I was flustered immediately. They were fucking incredible. She was incredible.

“What are you doing here?” Her voice was soft and sexy, and I was struggling to respond.

“Just going out - I can’t believe I ran into you here! You came with your boyfriend?” I was being bold already but I couldn’t help myself.

“No boyfriend,” She smiled and looked down.

She beamed at me. Good start, but I couldn’t be sure.

“You want to join me for a drink? My friend is about to head home.” I posed to her.

“Lovely,” she smiled, and I swore we were flirting. Sometimes its hard to tell with women.

We sat and talked for a while. We drank for a while. And we laughed.

I realized I didn't know anything about her life - obviously, so it was interesting to get to know her more intimately.

Yet something still made me nervous and curious the same time: barely knowing this women who already knew my darkest secrets - and being so attracted to her!

Something was foreboding, and something about it was extremely hot. I made up my mind about half way through our second round of martinis. She was sitting on the barstool next to me, and I boldly rested my hand on her thigh.

She paused in the middle of her sentence and looked into my eyes. Then she started talking again, placing her hand on mine.

Oh my god - I started to get wet immediately!

Whatever we said for the next 30 minutes is lost to my memory because I could only focus on the growing wetness between my legs.

“You want to come over for a drink?” She asked shyly.


It was only a few blocks away, and if we walked any faster we would have been running. She showed me in the front door and not a second after it was closed I drew her into me, kissing her deeply.

She put her hand on my chest, pushing away for a moment. “Dana, is this okay? I want that you feel comfortable - and I can't be your therapist afterwards, you know?”

“Carry, I don’t care.” I told her, seeing the hunger in her eyes.

“Yes but I really shouldn’t be doing this...“

I didn’t give a fuck. I kissed her again and she melted into me. We stumbled towards her couch.

I pushed her down on the cushions and dragged her cute little dress over her head.

Her tits were gorgeous and perfect, and I massaged them gently while her eyes rolled back.

I took my time to kiss down her neck, listening to her staggered breaths in my ear.

“Carry, I never knew you were beautiful, but you're even sexier thanI ever imagined” I cooed to her. “I’m gonna make you feel so good, baby.” I whispered, biting her ear softly.

She just nodded, a cute little moan escaping her lips.

“Dana…” She sighed as I undid her bra.

I forced my finger into her mouth and she sucked on it earnestly, giving up whatever reservations she had. Her little red lips were slick with spit. I pressed another finger into her mouth and started making slow circles with my tongue on her nipples. She was pressing her hips into me, and I obliged by pushing down her black skirt.

“Dana, please I-“

She gasped as I worked on her clit, touching her gently. She lifted my blouse and pushed my bra aside, taking my breast in her mouth.


She wasn’t bicurious.

She fucked and she did it well!

She moaned out softly as I pushed two fingers into her pussy. I built a slow rhythm, fucking her in a sensitive but determined way. Carry meanwhile sucked on my tits, and I couldn’t help but moan too.

I kissed down her stomach, teasing her as she spread her legs, trying to pull my head towards her pussy.

I couldn’t take it anymore as I slid my tongue into her. Her body was shaking as she melted back on the couch.

“Carry,” I said, and looked up the her, directly into her blue eyes.

“I want you to cum for me, okay?”


“Hard, baby.”

“Okay, Dana, okay. Just please - keep going!”

“You want me to?” I teased her.

“Please, Dana!” She was trying to push me back down, but I kept my head up.

“How bad do you want it?”

“Stop teasing! Just please keep going!” She panted.

I felt her squirming under me, while her whole body was shaking. Her pussy was leaking all over the couch.

Then she was cumming on my tongue, her body shaking and spent. I smirked as she pulled me back for a sloppy kiss.

We spent the rest of the night engaging in… hedonism. It was excellent. I definitely don't need another therapist!

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Seventh heaven for minutes? Wow..Reading erotic stories is both enjoyable and bittersweet for me. On one hand, I get to experience exciting scenarios through my imagination. At the same time, it's a reminder that I haven't had those kinds of experiences for real yet. Sometimes, I dream about sleeping with celebrity...but I'm sure the right opportunity will come along someday...even if it's not a celebrity!


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