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Modern Books with Steamy Gay Romance

Updated: Feb 14

There are thousands of books being published every day.

Some never get any real attention. And that’s a shame.

Especially if we’re talking about books featuring hot gay couples. There are many decent books in that category. But we don’t want to show you anything decent.

We’ll show you seven great books with gay hookups without spoiling anything. Yet at first we want to discuss the recent rise of gay romance.

Sexy man with muscles as a dream figure for a casual date




Rise of Contemporary Gay Romance

Gay dating has evolved a lot lately. Being gay is widely accepted today, so gay men don’t have to hide who they are anymore. That's a great evolution in culture which led to a boom in online dating as well.


In the past, the number of legit gay dating platforms was insignificant. Nowadays, men can quickly and safely meet partners for m4m hookups online without breaking a sweat.

Even the busiest guys can get dates thanks to modern features such as geolocation (vital for local dating) or browsing filters (vital for pinpointing only those members who fit one’s type).

But in most countries and cultures, it's not just dating that has become easier.

Change has also made it possible for homosexual relationships and preferences to be lived out openly and in a legally accepted form. In a progressive society, it has become completely normal for couples of any color and sexual orientation to simply be together or to enter into an official institution such as marriage.

This freedom has clearly also influenced and developed gay literature. The number of novels in this genre has virtually exploded.

The sheer quantity does not speak for quality, but we have already reported a few times here on Filthybooks about the hot, inspiring and well-written erotic gay stories.

Now get ready to check our selection of great books on the topic of m4m hookups.

Books on Gay Hookups to Treat Yourself in 2024

We won’t spoil anything, so your blood probably won’t boil while reading this article. But you may go get some of the books below. And they will make your body tingle.

#1 A Guy Walks into My Bar by Lauren Blakely

m4m hookup romance book cover of A Guy Walks into my Bar by Lauren Blakely

Lauren Blakely is a US-born contemporary romance author known for her witty and heartwarming storytelling.

Her “Big Rock” had 32 editions already, but we want to present another book.


"A Guy Walks into My Bar" may have a joke-like headline, but it's seriously steamy.

It’s built around a charming romance that unfolds in a bar setting. The book navigates the complexities of love, humor, and connection without losing its lighthearted touch.

#2 Hot Head by Damon Suede

Cover of the steamy and sex MM Romance Book called Hot Head by Damon Suede

Damon Suede is a versatile writer celebrated for his diverse contributions to romance subgenres such as contemporary romance, historical romance, erotic romance, LGBTQ+ romance, friends-to-lovers narratives, second chance romance, sports romance, and romantic comedy.


"Hot Head" combines many mentioned subgenres and is a monument to Damon’s talent.

It’s a steamy friends-to-lovers romance set in New York City's firefighting world. Suede's narrative skill unfolds a story of intense chemistry and emotional depth.

The book will grab you and hold you until you finish it. Then, you’ll probably want to order a calendar with hot firefighters or try to meet one online.

#3 Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Cover of the funny gay romance story Red, White & Royal Blue by Casey McQuiston

Casey McQuiston is a celebrated author from Louisiana known for their inclusive and contemporary LGBTQ+ romance narrative.

She's been active since 2019 and has already established herself as one of the most exciting writers in the genre.


"Red, White & Royal Blue'' is a refreshing romantic comedy intertwined with political motives.

It’s a delightful tale of unexpected love between the First Son of the United States and a British prince.

McQuiston skillfully balances humor, heart, and politics, creating a captivating and joyous exploration of love transcending borders and expectations.




#4 The Magpie Lord by K-J Charles

Cover of the steamy fantasy MM Romance Novel The Magpie KLord by KJ Charles

How about some magic?

A prominent figure in the LGBTQ+ romance genre, K-J Charles is famous for their expertise in historical and fantasy settings.


In "The Magpie Lord," a historical fantasy romance, Charles crafts a narrative full of magic and mystery.

The story revolves around Lord Crane and a magical practitioner, blending romance and suspense.

The result is a captivating tale that will make you feel sorry that we live in a magicless world. But at least we have romance.

#5 Top Secret by Elle Kennedy

Cover of of the MM romance Novel Top Secret by Sarina Bowen which is one of the best M4M hookup books

Elle Kennedy, a contemporary romance author renowned for engaging and passionate storytelling, co-authors "Top Secret" with Sarina Bowen.


This steamy and humorous romance unfolds in a college setting, exploring unexpected connections and desires.

That makes it easier to relate to than the previous book on this list because most guys aren’t wizards. Yet most of us went to college and had casual dates there.

And hopefully most of us have some good memories about this time...

#6 Take by Ella Frank

Cover of the steamy gay romance book Take by Ella Frank

Renowned for her contributions to LGBTQ+ romance, Ella Frank shows the complexities of love in "Take," a part of the "Temptation" series.


Frank skillfully weaves a compelling and heartfelt narrative exploring themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and passion.

Something we all can relate to.

The novel captures the essence of a complex love between two men with some spicy scenes and bits. And is therefore an educational piece for us all.

#7 Promises by Marie Sexton

Steamy MM Romance Novel Cover of Promises by Marie Sexton

Marie Sexton, a respected author in the LGBTQ+ romance genre, is known for exploring diverse relationships.


In "Promises," Sexton presents a poignant and emotionally charged romance that deals with some relatively painful aspects of love and dating.

The narrative unfolds between two men navigating the challenges of acceptance in a small town.

Despite that the plot is simple, with one hero (Jared) being openly gay and the other (Matt) honestly believing to be straight, Marie Sexton brings the story to life through its details. Given any premise, one can expect certain behaviors and events to happen in due course, and these behaviors and events are all touched on.

Want some more explicit examples of MM Romance?

We have shown you seven more or less well-known MM Romance books here, with different themes and levels of steaminess, which you definitely should read once.

But could well be that you want a little more eroticism in your books?

Then you should definitely check out our article on surprisingly Sexy Gay Romance and the Best MM romance books.

Here you'll find gems like this one:

Taboo Touching by Lauren Acker

This is one of our favorite gay mind control stories with taboo themes.

Cover of the taboo Erotic Gay Romance Novel called Taboo Touching

Chris has a huge hidden crush on his stepfather, who has racked up a significant gambling debt. When a pair of strange men show up on the doorstep to collect the debt, Chris finds himself the test subject for a new drug that increases his arousal.

Time passes, and Chris' arousal reaches a fever pitch. That's when his stepfather finally comes home and finds his stepson in a very compromising position and has to lend a helping hand in the most sinful and steamy way...

If you want steamy sex scenes and are not afraid of taboos, here you are...

You are not alone - enjoy the freedom

At Filthybooks, we follow the mission driven by Amanda: We love sexy literature in all its forms, from sweet to steamy, and are always here for you so that you always have the right reading at the right time!

And you'll even find a special collection of Free Erotic Stories: sexy stories that you can only read here with us and that are sure to inspire you.

When it comes to gay erotica, we recommend that you take a look here!

So you see: the world of erotic literature is almost inexhaustible!

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