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Ready for MM Romance? Check out our 5 must-read MM Romance Books!

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

It’s certainly no secret that Erotic Romance is as old as the written word (we’ve talked about that in this article). From time immemorial humans have been entranced and enthralled by the idea, if not the reality, of incredibly hot, panty-melting sex.

Doesn’t that leave you wondering if all couples experience such mind-blowing moments of coitus? After all, it can’t be that good all the time, can it?

Well, it can if you like to read Erotic Romance. And if you’re new to the idea of hot MM romance books, you’re in for a treat today!

We show you great books in the genre of Gay Erotic Fiction with which you will spend exceptionally exciting hours!

Why the rise of MM Romance is a great thing

Most stories in the past century have centered around the male and female archetypes, in Romance as well in Erotica. But there’s an exploding demand for steamy MM Romance that features two super-sexy men who know exactly what they want, or not.

The idea of a man’s first gay sexual experience is something that might still seem taboo, but is actually a celebration of sexual freedom and awareness just like anyone’s first time.

Sexy young man without shirt gay erotic romance

While Lesbian Erotic Stories are also along the line of taboo, they are not nearly the extreme as Gay Romance books are or seem to be. And that’s simply because the idea of two women being sexually driven to each other is an expected depiction in the world of romance and Erotica.

Think about this: has girl on girl action ever really been taboo?

Sure, we don’t talk about it in ‘polite’ society, but especially in the erotic “industry” Lesbian stories have always been a strong focus.

People tend to gush over the idea of a virginal woman; some young, naïve co-ed who is clueless as to what she’s in for.

And yet we don’t pay enough credence to the idea of a man’s first time between the sheets. This applies especially if it's his first time with another man.

So, if you’re even the least bit curious what it’s like for two smoking hot men to have a go at each other, here’s a few books that’ll introduce you to just how steamy Gay Erotic Fiction can truly be!

#1 Somebody to Love by April Wilson

Book Cover of Somebody to Love by April Wilson. Erotic Gay Story must-read

Even in today’s much more open minded society, there are societal norms that are almost impossible for some people to look beyond. We as humans like fitting things into neat little rows and boxes, putting everything we see and experience into its right category. That doesn’t necessarily make it right. And when your perspective changes, societal norms can suck it.

Still, with these societal dictations firmly in place, it’s common for a gay man’s first sexual experience to be with a woman.

And while he might not be a virgin in the truest sense of the word: when he finally embraces his own sexuality, it can lead to interesting and titillating adventures.

This is exactly what happens in April Wilson’s Somebody to Love. Detective Tyler Jamison is tired of being alone, but when women turn him off, he’s not quite ready to admit to himself or anyone else what really turns him on.

Enter Ian Alexander. Ian comes from money, Federal Judge for a dad type money and he isn’t afraid to use it. He’s open and honest about his sexual preference for men. And he is positive that Tyler is as gay as the day is long. If only Tyler could learn to embrace his sexuality…

When Ian becomes the next intended target of a serial killer, Tyler won’t let anything happen to him and as the two men spend more time together, Tyler is unable to resist the enigmatic, much younger man.

Tyler’s first time in this book will leave you cheering as he finds his center in the embrace of who he is and who he truly wants to be with.

And the saga will continue as Ian and Tyler face new threats to their new love. As a duet, this series just keeps on giving. It’s a great option for anyone who’s new to Gay Erotica or Gay Sex Stories. And I would bet with you that you will end up reading both books of the duet in the end. Somebody to Love is, for us, simply a must - read MM Romance Book!

Gay Erotic Story Book Cover. Gay Taboo Erotica at Home by Neil Down

If you like a well-placed pun, look no further than I’ll be a Good Boy by Neil Down.

And no, it’s not a joke, that’s the author’s name.

Although I’m betting it’s a pen name and in the case that it isn’t: the author is God’s gift to great puns everywhere.

That being said, I’ll be a good boy is all about the pleasure that comes with pain and punishment. It’s also a no holds barred, deep dive into stepdad/stepson Gay Erotic Romance that’ll leave you panting nearly from the first page on. As a short read it doesn’t have time to waste with super in-depth character development. So, I’ll be a Good Boy is getting straight to the point and hits you from the start.

But other than that, it’s an intense, live - wire MM Sexy Story that will leave you wondering why you didn’t pick up a Gay Romance Story before this one!

#3 Bet on Love by A. F. Zoelle

Book Cover of Gay Erotic Story "Bet on Love" by AF Zoelle

Confusion turns to consummation in Bet on Love from A.F. Zoelle’s Good Bad Idea series. This series contains seven titles so far and all can be read as standalones, offering you a pick and choose aspect to your reading adventure.

Speaking of adventure: In Bet on Love Rhys Huntington is about to embark on the adventure of a lifetime when he wakes up next to his best friend and soon-to-be best man. Instead of Lucien St. Amor being his wingman, for a nice night of raucous bachelor partying; the two have apparently gotten themselves each other.

With Rhys’ wedding just a couple days away, the two are scrambling to figure out how to undo what they’ve fallen into. The only problem is that Rhys isn’t sure he wants to renege on their marriage. His mind is riddled with memories of the one kiss he and Lucien shared and now that they’ve walked down the aisle, Rhys isn’t really looking to unravel it all.

Will Lucien agree to keep their marriage, or will he leave Rhys brokenhearted? It’s anyone’s guess in Bet on Love.

#4 Married to the Mobster by Leighton Greene

Gay Mafia Erotica. M/M Story Married to the mobster. Top gay erotic story

What would you do if a mobster owed you a debt of gratitude and married you to keep you alive?

In Married to the Mobster, Finch and Luca find themselves trapped in a deadly game of cat and mouse, each toying just enough to keep this balancing act going so they both don’t wind up dead.

One smoking hot night has left them reeling years later when a debt is called in. Luca offers to marry Finch to keep him breathing, all sorts of interesting things happen.

This body trembling MM Erotic Romance Book will have you cheering for the mob, yes seriously. Before you're through you’ll be wondering who the real bad guys are, because it’s certainly not Luca.

So if you like a combination of Mafia Romance, giving you instense thrilling moments and intensely sensual Gay scenes: Take Married to the Mobster!

#5 Pitching Tents by R. J. Taylor

In Pitching Tents, RJ Tyler paints a picture of two best friends who share everything, even girlfriends. The only problem?

Sean is gay and Alan isn’t.

Sean has had a crush on Alan since middle school and that crush is starting to bite when they spend three days together camping and doing manly things like surviving without cell service.

But when Alan discovers Sean’s secret will he nix their friendship or embrace the new perspective on his own sexuality?

Much like the poignant movie, Brokeback Mountain, starring Jake Gyllenhal and the late Heath Ledger, this story draws several similarities.

Two best friends, who spend a significant amount of time together, alone, who develop an intensely sexual and emotional connection. In Brokeback Mountain, it occurs when the two men get hired to herd sheep together and in Pitching Tents, it’s a camping trip.

And while the stories turn out differently, the storyline similarities are deep enough. So if you maybe watched and liked Brokeback Mountain, you will love this book.

Gay Erotic Literature Can be a Great Read for Everyone

If you’re under the impression that you have to be part of the LGBTQ community to enjoy a Gay Erotic Romance Story, I’m here to tell you that’s a lie.

Enjoying the stories that bring two people together isn’t about sexual orientation.

It is wholly about learning how two people came to want and need one another. So curl up with your eBook reader, a warm cup of tea or coffee and a great new option in erotic romance from one of these great authors. I guarantee that you won’t be disappointed!

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