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The Best Action Romance Novels - get caught by these sexy and action-packed stories!

Updated: Mar 22

What happens when you combine two of the most popular novel genres into one?

You get action romance novels!

And what is not to love about novels that bring together intense action scenes, heart-pounding adventures, and passionate romances?

They are thrilling, can't-put-them-down stories that make our hairs stand on end and keep us at the edge of our seats!

If you love for your books to be full of mysterious and dangerous missions and lit by the flames of passion, action romance stories are what you should be reading.

Not sure what novels to buy?

Here are some of the best binge-worthy action romance novels on the market today.

Young sexy man looking around a corner, picture used a cover picture in an article about the best action romance novels and action romance stories



#1 Danger Signs by Fiona Quinn

Cover of the action romance novel Danger Sins which is a steamy action romance book about the Delta Force Operator Ty Newcomb

Danger Signs is a wild, can't-put-it-down ride!

The story revolves around a young woman, Kira, who has a bright future in the USA until an uncle arranges her marriage, under sharia law, to... a terrorist.

Enter Delta Force operator Ty Newcomb, who has been assigned a mission—get Kira to fall in love with him so he can get access—and take down—her terrorist fiancé. It's a story that combines military logistics, non-stop action, and a steamy romance.

An international, psychological thriller, Danger Signs is a military romance that will have you on the edge of your seats.

Does Ty find a way to get to his target and keep his new love?

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#2 Crazy for You by Jane Fenton

Cover Picture one of the best action romance novels with a light theme which is called Crazy for you by Jane Fenton, Great steamy Action Romance Book Crazy for you

Who wouldn't love an action romance story that has a swashbuckling adventure, great characters, and an intriguing romance?

Crazy for You centers around Kate Barnes, who finds out her boyfriend of two years is cheating on her and decides to take a trip to the Bahamas—alone in her misery.

Upon her arrival, she wanders into a local bookstore and buys a romance novel called Pirate's Treasure.

Little does she know that this book will bring her into contact with Captain Blackjack, who does more than sweep her off her feet. He sweeps into a suspenseful mystery tinged with murder, kidnapping, a suspicious puzzle, and, of course, some romance.

Crazy for You is a light, sexy, adventurous romp on a tropical island that will captivate from the first page.

#3 Hold Your Breath by Katie Ruggle

Romantic Action Book cover of Hold your Breath by Katie Ruggle which is one of the best Action Romance Novels to read, great sex suspense Romance Book called Hold your Breath

A romantic, action-suspense novel set amidst the high peaks of the Rocky Mountains, Hold your Breath is an engaging, fun read that will appeal to all lovers of gripping romantic suspense books.

Callum Col, captain of the ice rescue dive team, gets paired up with Lou, a new diver on the team, to solve a mystery in the mountains. At first, the two of them working together feels like a disaster. Lou is sassy, energetic, and fun, and Callum, well, he is OCD, super-organized and serious.

But, alas, the two of them make quite the team when they are thrust into a murder mystery and the adventure of a lifetime—with both of their lives on the line.

Hold Your Breath will have every lover of action romance novels holding their breath as they wait to see if Callum and Lou can weather the rocky terrain and their rocky relationship!



#4 Undiscovered by Anna Hackett

Cover picture of the Romance Action Novel Undiscovered by Anna Hackett, great sexy suspense and action romance story Undiscovered by Anna Hackett

A former Navy Seal, a beautiful archeologist, a dangerous business, and a passionate love story come together to draw you into this wild action romance novel.

Undiscovered is the story of a troubled ex-soldier who drowns his sorrows and memories of his past by focusing on his security business - Treasure Hunter Security.

Through his business, he meets the beautiful, stubborn, and intelligent Dr. Layne Rush, and together they find themselves on a perilous treasure hunt with a potentially deadly outcome.

Along their journey, they suffer accidents, discover stolen artifacts, and uncover black market thugs, forcing them to depend on and trust each other.

An action-packed Indiana-Jones-style story, Undiscovered is full of action, danger, and passion - sure to please every fan of romance action novels.

#5 My Vacation Killer by Tessa Bailey

Great Book Cover picture of the great suspense romance book Vacation Killer by Tessa Bailey

My Vacation Killer is a fast-paced, action-packed murder mystery set in quaint Cape Cod.

This action romance highlights the story of Myles, an ill-tempered bounty hunter, and Taylor, an energetic, ray-of-sunshine elementary school teacher.

There is a murder in the sleepy town and Myles has come to investigate. As the search for the killer heats up, so do the unlikely passions between him and Taylor. Their relationship is feisty with sharp, hard-hitting banter and chemistry that lights up the pages of the book.

Pairing action novels with romance means stories that make for intriguing reads.

And Vacation Killer does not disappoint - it is full of mystery, danger, and lots of lusty romance!

#6 Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley

Sexy Mafia Action Romance Novel Book Cover of Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley showing a sexy man in dark blue light

Mystery Man is a steamy read - a book full of action, sexy scenes, a hot alpha-male hero, a sassy female lead, and lots of intrigue to keep us turning the pages!

Gwen, the heroine, had a relationship with an anonymous "Mystery Man", Hawk, years earlier, and since then he has been obsessed with her.

When Gwen gets drawn into the dangerous Denver underworld Hawk steps in to protect her, but she is not too sure she likes what she sees.

All this is made complicated by the other relationships in Gwen's life along with a shocking series of explosions, kidnappings, Mafia interactions, and wild romps.

Mystery Man is full of action, suspense, lust, and love - just what you are looking for in an action romance.

By the way: we strongly suggest that you enjoy Mistery Man as Audiobook. We justed loved to listen to it while driving around - it just pulls you completely in. So if you do not yet have an audible account, try Audible Premium Plus and get up to two FREE Audiobooks for FREE!

And if you love the Mafia Romance Genre - check out our special selection of the Best Mafia Romance Books of all Time!

#7 Something Wilder by Christina Lauren

Cover picture of Something Wilder which is a great sexy and funny Action Romance Book to read

The red rock canyons of Utah are the backdrop for heroine Lily Wilder's fake treasure map shenanigans in Something Wilder.

Selling fake maps and guiding tourists to fake treasures in the canyon makes her some money, but she is searching for something more - she says it's more money, but could it be love?

In this action-meets-romance-meets-western adventure story, Lily meets up with an old love, Leo, and crushes any of his hopes of getting back together.

They discover a treasure map that, this time might not be a fake, and they must work together to find what lies at the end of the hunt.

Something Wilder is action-packed, full of riddles and puzzles to solve, dangerous situations to overcome, and sexy, passionate moments under the stars of the beautiful red rock canyons.



#8 The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks

Picture of the great intense and action-packed Romance Novel Darkest Hour by Maya Banks

One of the top choices for romantic action and suspense reads, The Darkest Hour is an intense, fast-paced adventure and love story.

Ethan Kelly, a hard-body, ex-Navy Seal, who runs KGI, an elite, top-secret intelligence business, believes his wife died in a plane crash in South America. Since her death, he wallows in grief, guilt, and his failures as a husband.

But when he gets word that she may still be alive, he heads into the jungle on a dangerous mission to get her back. It's not an easy task - he has to fight off a drug cartel in perilous terrain, and he also has to fight off the reality that his relationship with his wife might never be the same again.

The Darkest Hour is an intense, action-packed story that highlights the power of love and the sacrifices we are willing to make to hold on to it.

#9 Extreme Exposure by Pamela Clare

Cover of the action Romance Novel Extreme Exposure about an investigative journalist caught in a power game. Sexy Action and Suspense Romance Novel Extreme Exposure

The first book in the excellent I-Team book series, Extreme Exposure tells the story of Kara McMillan, a talented investigative reporter who shuns any chance of love until she meets Senator Reece Sheridan.

Passion and love take them over, but a political scandal is bubbling up.

Kara is working on a story about powerful people and the businesses they work for committing environmental crimes, and suddenly, threats are being made on her life. With her life in danger, the action kicks up.

For those who like their action romances full of passionate sex scenes, this one is for you!

Extreme Exposure has lots of mystery, intrigue, dramatic escapes, and of course, passionate love scenes, making it a great contemporary action-romance choice for lovers of the genre!

Spice up your reading!

Cover picture of the great sexy mystery Action Romance Book a Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J Maas

For those who like their action romances with a fantasy twist, check out A Court of Thorns and Roses.

It's an erotic romance full of adventure and plot twists set in the enchanting world of faeries, terrifying creatures, and magical lands.

The story is based on nineteen-year-old hunter Feyre, who is captured by Tamlin, a beast who is one of the most deadly faeries in the land. While in captivity, she befriends some of the locals, blunting the pain of her forced confinement.

But Feyre struggles during her captivity as she is held under brutal circumstances and subject to torture, drugged, and shamed.

Taking on a slightly enemies-to-lovers Beauty and the Beast-like storyline, this story is definitely not a child's fairytale! It's a graphic book with dangerous creatures and sexual rituals, and includes action and a surprise romance.

If your preferred action romances take on an otherworldly feel, you shouldn't miss A Court of Thorns and Roses.

#11 A Beautiful Heist by Kim Foster

Cover Picture of the sexy Heist Romance Story A Beautiful Heist by Kim Foster

A list of the best action romance books would not be complete without a good, intriguing heist story!

A Beautiful Heist brings us into the world of Cat Montgomery, a jewel thief who uses her talents, and funds, to help the less fortunate - she's a modern-day Robin Hood of sorts.

While at work on her latest mission - to steal a valuable Fabergé egg - Cat encounters a roadblock in the form of an ex-boyfriend, who just happens to be the FBI agent tasked with bringing in the burglar.

She knows her criminal activities put her at great risk, but it makes her feel alive and she is good at it.

A heist story woven together with on-the-edge-of-your-seat action, humor, style, and romance, this page-turner will have you rooting for the sassy Cat! Can she get through the danger and achieve the fairytale ending she wants?



#12 The Spymaker's Lady by Joanny Bourne

Picture showing a woman in a historical dress of the Historical Action Romance Novel The Spymaker's Lady by Joanna Bourne

For lovers of action romance blended with historical fiction, The Spymaker's Lady is a sure hit! The story takes place in the early 19th century during the Napoleonic Wars.

It brings together two spies - hero Grey, an intelligent, honorable, and kind who works for the English, and feisty, witty heroine Annique, who works for the French.

They form an uneasy alliance when When they both find themselves locked in a prison cell together. Grey, it turns out, has been ordered to enter France to bring her back, and keeps his secret well hidden from Annique.

But, as they seemingly work together to escape their fates, a passionate relationship develops and things get more and more complicated between them.

This intense spy drama has a fair share of sexy moments - the lust between the hero and heroine is undeniable.

An intense historical spy romance with heavy doses of conflict and passion, The Spymaker's Lady is sure to please.

The Best Action Romance Novels

High-stakes adventures, perilous journeys, and passionate love stories are the hallmarks of action romance novels. Sitting at the perfect intersection of the romance and action novel genres, they are intense and satisfying reads!

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Read our Top Lists section to keep you up to date with the latest on recommended books and everything romance-book-related!

And if you want to have more action-packed reading ideas: do not miss out our selection of the best Mafia Romance Novels!

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