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10 Steamy, Funny Historical Romance Novels That Sizzle

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Romance was one of the top-selling book genres of 2021. While we've all been isolated away, tinder has gotten a little old. We've gone towards the book pages to find our prince charming!

Historical romance novels add a new layer of intrigue to erotica. These books give us new dynamics, funny and interesting characters and an escape to the old days.

If you're looking for a couple of the best steamy funny historical romance novels to add to your must-read list, keep scrolling!

Romantic and erotic ballet couple as a symbol for historical romance by MicJohnson LP
Cover of the book In Bed with a Highlander by Maya Banks which is one of the best steamy funny historical romance novels of all time

If you watched Braveheart and felt something tingling, this is the book for you!

It's perfect for all of us who had a crush on William Wallace.

This novel is a classic enemies-to-lovers story. As you can tell by the title, this novel is set in medieval Scotland. It follows the illegitimate daughter of the king named Mairin and a warrior named Ewan.

Ewan is a brash warrior, driven by blood and war. Mairen does not trust easily as she is frequently used as a pawn given her status. The two must overcome their differences in order to continue.

In Bed With a Highlander has charming moments to make you smile from ear to ear. The heroine's interactions with Crispen, an eight-year-old boy are incredibly sweet. These scenes add a cute and funny layer to this already excellent book.

The smutty scenes in this novel can only be described as tasteful and well-written. While they're sure to make you blush, they are on the tame side.

This is the perfect book for newer enjoyers of erotic historical romance novels.

#2 A Summer to Remember by Mary Balogh

Cover picture of a sexy and funny slow burn historical romance books which is called a Summer to remember and written by Mary Balogh

This witty historical romance delves into the fake relationship trope.

While Kit Butler is happy as London's bad boy bachelor, his parents aren't. That's where Lauren Edgeworth comes in.

Lauren, still bruised by being left at the altar a year prior, agrees to marry Kit to keep up appearances. That said, our headstrong heroine has some conditions. Kit must give her an unforgettable summer, filled with adventure and passion.

This opposites-attract slow-burner is set in post-war London. It's filled to the brim with character development. The steamy scenes are true to character and always work well with the plot.

This is an emotional and touching story with well-placed humour. You'll laugh and cry, and it may even have you blushing. Overall, a perfect beginning to delving into funny historical romance novels.

#3 Promises Linger by Sarah McCarty

Funny and erotic western romance novel Promises Linger Cover Picture.

Next up is a piece for all our cowboy lovers out there.

This is a steamy western that will make even the most seasoned readers blush.

The story takes place in 1868 Wyoming and begins with our tough heroine ready to do anything to save her ranch. Enter Asa MacIntyre: a ruthless gunslinger with a soft side.

Asa and Elizabeth marry, and throughout the course of the story, readers get to see the spunk of the heroine. Her quips and hard-headedness will amuse you like they did Asa.

If sensual romance and passionate love are your things, then look no further. This is one of the best smutty historical romance novels for you.

The sex scenes are to die for and will have you staying up late to get to the next one, guaranteed!

#4 Duke of Sin by Elizabeth Hoyt

Cover of Duke of Sin probably the best funny erotic regency romance story

If you're looking for a novel with a bit of aristocratic flair, this is the one for you.

Elizabeth Hoyt is well-known for her steamy books so this is a must for anyone looking for a red-hot read.

The story is set in London and revolves around a dashing duke with a dark past named Valentine Napier. He's returned from exile with a chip on his shoulder and his sights set on revenge.

Bridget Crumb is a headstrong housekeeper. She joins Valentine's household after her mother is blackmailed. She goes to seek out evidence that she can use against him.

Though the book has its dark moments, Valentine's love for himself is so over the top. His theatrics bridge to comedy quite a few times. This enemies-to-lovers story will have you giggling for sure!

This is an incredibly steamy book that should be handled with caution. A well-written anti-hero and a determined heroine make for sex scenes to make your ears get hot.

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#5 The Wallflower Wager By Tessa Dare

Steamy funny romance novel The Wallflower Wager. Wallflower Wager is a sexy and funny romance story which takes place in the romantic period

Witty, fun and sweet all-around, this period romance novel has it all.

While it may not be the steamiest on the shelves, it is a book all about true love.

Penny keeps to herself, she loves her animals and is a tad eccentric. When Gabriel moves in next door to the zoo, he insists that she clear it out.

To keep her home she complies with one condition: Gabriel must help her find loving homes for her critters.

While the animals all find loving homes throughout the book, our heroes fall in love. All around, a feel-good story!

This book will have you laughing out loud and may even catch you crying. The sex scenes are tame which makes it a good pick for anyone on the fence about the more erotic side of things.

#6 Forbidden by Beverly Jenkins

Cover picture of one of the greatest steamy, sexy and funny old west romance books of all time which is called Forbidden and written by Beverly Jenkins

Forbidden is another old west novel for the list! It's a beautiful story about denying feelings to save oneself.

Rhine is building himself the life he'd always dreamed of when he rescued Eddy from sure death in the desert. There's one catch: Rhine's future depends on his being white-passing.

As Rhine nurses Eddy back to health, they become closer. Though he's engaged to a white woman of high social standing, he can't help but fall for Eddy.

This tension brings us into the territory of cheating.

This novel brings passion and lust to the forefront while conflict rages on beneath. Both parties have dreams that the other will hinder.

The tension makes for highly passionate sex scenes that are must-reads!

#7 Bombshell by Sarah Maclean

Cover of the great steamy funny historical Novel Bombshell by Sarah MacLean

Is there anything better than an empowering yet steamy novel?

This novel in the Hell's Belles series does just that!

Sesily Talbot is part of an elite group of women who use feminine wiles to tear down the patriarchy one rotten guy at a time. But even a strong woman like her could need someone to fall in love with.

Enter Caleb Calhoun, the best friend of Sesily's brother. Even though the romance is ill-advised, the passion is undeniable.

As the two work together, they share some well-written banter. The dynamic between the two is akin to the jokes between a real couple!

The humour in this book will always give you a sly smirk as you read it. These steamy sex scenes will give you all the satisfaction you've been waiting for!

It's a perfect will-they won't-they story.

Cover of the great historical Rom-Com Novel 10 Things I know about You by Julia Quinn

This novel will have you laughing from start to finish.

It follows the adventures of Annabel who is determined not to marry the Earl of Newberry.

The nephew of the Earl is Sebastian, who is set to inherit his uncle's fortune if his uncle dies without an heir.

Both Annabel and Sebastian have their own quirks. Their interesting traits make this book's humour unforgettable. Annabel's lists (the book's namesake) will have you in stitches.

Overall, it's an adorable and funny story. This is one of the historical romance novels that remind you what true love is.

#9 How to Rescue a Rake by Jayne Fresina

Funny historic romance novel of How to Rescue a Rake by Jayne Fresina which is definitely a must read in the funny histroical romance genre

If you're a lover of the classics, you may be familiar with the works of Jane Austen.

This book is about a book club that reads Persuasion only to find it unfolding in their real lives.

Nathanial returns to town with a mysterious new wealth after being gone for years.

He announces he will be marrying any suitable girl under 25.

Diana is 27 and dirt poor. That said, three years prior, Nathanial had proposed to her. To avoid impending heartbreak, she skips town to Bath only to find Nathanial was there as well.

The story is full of cheeky homages to Austen. It also depicts the sweet romance between Nathanial and Diana.

This book will make your heart do backflips and give you humour you won't forget.

#10 Shotgun Groom by Rebecca De Medeiros

Cover of the best sexy funny western romance book Shotgun Groom by Rebecca de Medeiros

Shotgun Groom is a shotgun wedding taken literally.

This western is one of the best funny western romance novels to lighten your mood.

When Olivia's evil stepfather hires a bounty hunter to track her down, she's two moves ahead.

When the bounty hunter, Mac, catches up to her, she forces him to marry her with a shotgun in her hand.

Throughout the whole book, our heroine keeps her firey energy. Not only is this novel entertaining, but it's a new take on romance as a whole. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh your way through the whole thing.

Find Historical Romance Novels For You

Historical romance novels are a great place to start for anyone looking to get reading.

These novels have such romantic stories that will always leave you wanting more!

If you're looking to add more to your reading list, check out our top lists for more!

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