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Sensual Enemies to Lovers Books? 14 Must-Reads you should treat yourself to

Updated: Jan 23

The first romance novel was published in 1740, and since then the genre has only grown.

Enemies to lovers books offer one of the most popular, kinky romantic tropes.

And isn't it one of the most exciting genre of Erotic Romance? Yes, absolutely.

So if you're looking for some steamy romance novels to settle into this week, look no further.

We have the ultimate selection of enemies to lovers romance to keep you busy and satisfied for weeks to come. Erotic Romance you will fall in love with...

So lean back and get inspired by our 14 favorite romantic enemies to lovers stories!

#1 Make Me Sin - J. T. Geissinger

Book Cover of Make Me Sin sexy enemies to lovers book

Make Me Sin by J. T. Geissinger is the second book in the Bad Habit series, but it's a great stand-alone read anyway.

Make Me Sin follows goody-two-shoes Chloe as she helps her best friend plan the wedding of her dreams. The problem starts when the best man is a little too bad-boy for Chloe to tolerate.

Can Chloe tame this wild ride of a man? Will a deep secret make it so they can never truly connect? Or will AJ's wild ruin a perfect wedding?

Get your copy here!




#2 The Kiss Thief - L. J. Shen

Enemies to lovers book cover of erotic story The Kiss Thief

Promised to be the heir of a powerful Chicago Outlet, but blackmailed into marriage to protect her father, Francesca must navigate a world where all of her choices have been decided by men.

Will she choose the man she was promised to? Can she protect her father? Or, can she come up with a solution on her own and retain control over her own life?

Get your copy here!

#3 I Hate You - Ilsa Madden Mills

Book Cover of I Hate you by Ilsa Madden-Mills showing a sexy man, enemies to lovers romance story

I Hate You is the third book in the Waylon University series. It follows Blaze, the football hottie, and Charisma, the nerd girl he's still wild about. But Charisma doesn't share Blaze's affections - she hates him.

Despite being part of a series, I Hate You is a perfect standalone novel. A perfect dreamy college love story you won't be able to put down.

Get your copy here!

#4 Ex Games - Stella Rhys

Sexy Man on Cover of Ex Games by Stella Rhys

What's hotter than forbidden fruit? Not much.

That's why Ex Games is such a captivating read. After a fallout with her fiance, Taylor now has to go on a series of dates with the completely incompatible, but irresistibly sexy Mason.

Can she keep it in her pants? Or is Mason just too irresistible for her?

Get your copy here!

#5 The Rivals - Vi Keeland

Erotic Enemies to Lovers Novel The Rivals Book Cover showing a hot man in a suit

This NYT Bestseller is sure to keep you hooked from the first page. A business rivalry more fueled with fire than Romeo and Juliette, Weston and Sophia must now unravel their entwined history when a big inheritance pulls them together.

But that doesn't mean they have to like it.

But like a spark to tinder, proximity, and conflict only stir the burning passion within. This filthy romance novel is the best erotic book you can enjoy today.

Clearly a enemies to lovers must-read story!

Get your copy here!

#6 Red White and Royal Blue - Casey McQuiston

Red, White and Royal Blue Cover by Casey McQuiston

Casey McQuiston's latest novel has completely taken over the #booktok on TikTok. Red White and Royal Blue is the hottest LGBT+ enemies to lovers trope currently in print. Any fan of enemies to lovers stories needs a copy of this on their shelf.

To keep political ties healthy, the president's son and England's prince must fake a friendship to keep the countries on friendly terms.

But after a while, it's hard to tell how much of the friendship is fake, and how much is more than friends. And how far can they go, before their secret romance affects their national politics?

Get your copy here!




#7 Vicious - L. J. Shen

Cover of the Enemies to lovers trope Vicious by LJ Shen

All the crazy comes out to play in L. J. Shen's novel Vicious. Vicious follows the interactions of Spencer, the son of a wealthy family who enjoys a luxurious and consequent-free life.

Millie is the daughter of the help - an uninteresting girl who's easily pushed around. So why does she now have Vicious's attention?

Vicious is described as "sociopathic" and absurd, but if a power play is part of your kink, this is one of the best enemies to lovers romance you can have in your bookshelf.

Did Vicious get you hooked? Don't worry, it's part of a series, so there's plenty more to enjoy.

Get your copy here!

#8 The Hating Game - Sally Thorne

Romantic Enemies to lovers story book cover of the Hating Game by Sally Thorne

For career-driven Lucy Hutton, there's nothing that can hold her back. But someone may be able to get in her way.

Joshua Templeman is the well-dressed, coldly efficient coworker who's the only thing standing between her and a nice corner office.

These career-driven tycoons will let nothing get in their way, not even each other. But if they're trapped together at the office up to sixty hours a week, eventually things have to get steamy.

Will a work romance ruin their career? Or will they have to choose between work and love?

Get your copy here!

#9 The Cruel Prince - Holly Black

Book Cover of Erotic enemies to lovers novel the Cruel Prince by NY Times bestselling author Holly Black

The Cruel Prince is the first book in the "Folk of the Air" series by Holly Black. This fantasy romance provides a nice outlet for readers who have had enough a little too much real world in their daily lives.

Since they were children, Jude and her sisters lived with the fae but were never truly accepted by them. As mortals, the sisters never belonged. As immortals, the fae had little interest in the short lives of mortal beings.

Prince Cardan, son of the high king, seems to have especially little interest in the mortal sisters, despite how much Jude pines for him.

But as Jude tries to find her role in the fae society, she must sign up with a dangerous alliance. The story becomes about more than a crush on a fae prince, and Jude has to find a way to protect the fae themselves.

Get your copy here!

#10 From Blood and Ash - Jennifer L. Armentrout

Steamy Enemies to lovers trope Book Cover from Blood and Ash by Jenniger L Armentrout

From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout has a shocking 4.35-star rating on Goodreads, and it's easy to see why.

From Blood and Ash follows Poppy, a girl who has her life destined from the moment she was born, regardless of her own desires. She must fulfill her duties to her family and her people.

Hawke is a guard in Poppy's escort. His sole purpose is to keep her safe and ensure she fulfills her duties. Hawke knows how to get under Poppy's skin in a way no one else can.

So can Poppy fulfill her destiny, even when she wants something else? Can a steamy guard be the thing that stands in her way?

The best part? These steamy books are part of a trilogy, so if you're still hooked by the last page, there's always more to read.

Get your copy here!




#11 Burn - Suzanne Wright

Book Cover showing a mysterious woman of Burn by Suzanne Wright a Dark Romance Enemies to Lovers Fiction Novel

Enemies to lovers, but with demons. A demon tattoo artist in Las Vegas, Harper Wallis, finds out her spiritual anchor is a sexy, dangerous demon. Knox Thorne is potentially the most powerful demon in existence.

And he wants Harper.

Harper on the other hand isn't sure she's ready to commit to such a dangerous entity. Ironically, Knox might be the only being capable of keeping Harper safe.

Get your copy here!

#12 Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen

Book cover of Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

Pride and Prejudice is the original enemies-to-lovers novel trope. It follows Elizabeth Bennet as she's courted by Mr. Darcy.

Truly a classic book, truly a must-read for every romance and steamy romance fan!

We cannot stress it out too often: Pride and Prejudice will give you so much in one book: a loving wife story, a historical erotic romance trope and a captivating enemies to lovers plot!

It goes to show that erotic historical novels are just as titillating as the newer varieties. Just because a book is old doesn't mean the story within is worn out.

Get your copy here!

#13 Deal with the Devil - Meghan March

Book Cover of enemies to lovers novel Deal with the Devil by Meghan March

India has lost everything in a risky bet to the devil, but he prefers the name Jericho Forge. Now India has to pay up.

In Deal with the Devil, despite a marriage of convenience (or rather a lost bet), India remains a strong, admirable heroine.

Jericho Forge is the ultimate alpha male. This erotic storyline follows the dark twists, turns, and passion of a fiery satanic romance. Deal with the Devil is one of the best enemies to lovers books you can find on the shelves.

Interested in more erotic stories of married women?

Check out these titles: our steamy selection of loving wife stories you have to read!

Get your copy here!

#14 Fury - Laurann Dohner

Steamy Enemies to lovers erotic romance story Fury ba Laurann Dohner

When Ellie finds out the company she works for is performing inhumane experiments, she aims to put a stop to it. But one genetic mutation, a half-human hybrid, captures her heart.

Ellie is determined to do whatever it takes to keep Fury safe. Fury, on the other hand, has only known cruelty at the hands of humans. He's sure Ellie is no different.

Can Ellie let Fury know he's safe? Can she tame him and protect others from a dangerous human hybrid?

Get your copy here!

Get Your Romance on With These Enemies to Lovers Books

Enemies to lovers tropes are full of hot romance steams and gripping action. Full of betrayal, and trust.

So check out any of these enemies to lovers tropes and settle in with a hot cup of tea. It's time to enjoy yourself.

A fan of lovers romance books but wish it was gay? We don't blame you. Check out these super hot gay erotic stories next.

Finally, do not miss our own sensual and steamy stories, e.g. our free story Forbidden Complication!






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