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Best Billionaire Erotic Romance Stories: Sexy Rich Bad Boys

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Are you looking for your next high-heat bad boy romance?

Do you love your Erotic Romance Novel combined with a shiny touch and enmeshed in power plays?

You have to read our best billionaire Erotic Romance Novels! Discover in this article the hottest and most sexy reads you just can't miss.

Why you just have to read Billionaire Erotica

When it comes to erotic romance, few sub-categories give the illustrious shine that a billionaire romance does.

Now, while billionaire romances can have all the splash and intrigue of other romance novels and novellas, they also come with an edge of the bad boy romance as well.

After all, few billionaires have been born to their money and at some point, more than likely they had to lie, cheat or steal to gain their fortune. And sometimes that money goes to their heads, giving them the impression that they can buy anything, even their women.

That's not to say that we aren’t just as enthralled with them, perhaps even more so when we know they had to play a little dirty to get that latest business deal to go through or maybe they had to do something naughty to win the heroine.

No, on the contrary, the dirtier and naughtier, the more we tend to love them and here are 5 worthy reads that will ignite more than just your imagination.

The 5 Billionaire Erotic Romance Novels worth your time

Cover of Lola and the Millionaires by Katheryn Moon. Billionaire Erotic Romance Cover

“I prayed more in a three-minute timespan than I had in my life combined, my whole body tensed in a curve as I waited for the onslaught of filthy perfection to crest.” - Lola, during a particularly naughty night with Leo.

Lola and the Millionaires is a dive into an alpha, beta, omega reverse harem world full of fashion, fun and fantastic sex. The men are smoldering, hot to the touch and known for being smart, sassy and ultra-sexy despite their respective ages and the heroine transforms from a terrified, reckless waif to a strong, confident, even more gorgeous woman who knows her own mind and what she wants and loves the pack that wants to make her theirs.

Katherine Moon has a way with vivid imagery and real, relatable characters that make you want to plant yourself firmly in their world so you can enjoy all the drama, fun and sex as well.

While Moon makes the idea of handling six smoking hot men seem mostly plausible, there are some cliches that wind the book out and give the reader a sense that they totally saw that coming. *No spoilers, but it’ll happen, trust me*

#2 So Sweet by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Cover of So Sweet by Rebekah Weatherspoon. Billionaire Erotic Romance Cover

I doubt there are any daddies made of sugar out there who want to sugar me,” Kayla said. “Will you at least share your diamonds with me?” – Kayla discussing rich man poor girl hookups through Arrangements with her roommate, Adler.

So Sweet is a modern billionaire romance that will have you chuckling from the first page. Short and oh so sweet, Rebekah Weatherspoon does a masterful job making every word count for a quick read that will leave you thoroughly satisfied even as you’re thirsty for her next book!

Mixed in with the laughs and fun are the real-life worries we all face; paying rent, questions about our own value and what happens if we can’t hack it. Adulting when life just seems to want to kick us when we’re down.

Almost nothing is as sexy as a man of mystery and Weatherspoon sells intrigue to women like candy to a toddler.

I think the only drawback, if it even truly is one, to So Sweet is the tendency for crudeness. While it’s frank and to the point, there are classier ways to say it. However, if you’re on the lookout for a sweet and sexy Billionaire Erotic Romance story with a real naughty touch – here you go!

#3 Be My Fantasy by Alisha Rai

Cover of Be My Fantasy by Alisha Rai. Billionaire Erotic Romance Cover

Yeah. Tess was a badass. She needed Tess, though she was aware that she risked everything as Elizabeth to be Tess” - Elizabeth Harding, reveling in her alter ego.

If you like alter egos and the idea of finally be true to yourself, you’ll really enjoy Be My Fantasy by Alisha Rai. Watching the power struggle play out between Elizabeth and Tess is eye opening, especially when you add Luca Santos into the mix.

Luca and Elizabeth have a history that Elizabeth resents, but as Luca starts to discover her secret desires, he’ll begin to see a woman he admires, respects and absolutely wants to have.

Elizabeth harbors a bitterness for Luca, who she thinks is gunning for the prestige that follows her last name and that of her father and grandfather before her.

This is book one in the duology. Book Two is called Stay My Fantasy and continues Elizabeth and Luca’s story as they learn that sometimes first impressions aren’t the best and everyone deserves a second chance.

Overall, this alter ego erotic billionaire romance captivates the reader, giving them a look at two completely different women who will no doubt have everyone cheering them on as Elizabeth learns that she is just as much Tess as she is the much demurer Elizabeth.

#4 Going Down Easy by Carly Phillips

Cover of Going Down Easy by Carly Philipps. Billionaire Erotic Romance Cover

How about you try my changes. If you don’t like them, I’ll put things back the way I found them.” Lexie Parker, after rearranging Kaden Barnes’ desk before being introduced to her new boss.

Lexie Parker is a no-nonsense hyper-organized woman who can easily handle anything Kaden Barnes’ throws her way. After handling her sister, Kendall, who suffers from a psychiatric disorder; Lexie can handle anything, including one Kaden Barnes.

Kaden comes with his own behavior issues and the one that tops the list is keeping his thoughts from becoming actions where Lexie Parker is concerned. To Kaden she’s efficient, detail-oriented and far, far too sexy to do either of them any good.

When Lexie touches a sore spot in Kaden’s personal life, he pushes back, irritated that she’s to be his assistant when she doesn’t even use the app that made him a billionaire in the first place.

Carly Phillips does a masterful job creating a well-balanced back and forth between the main characters here. Both vying to be in control they take their time learning to give and receive. Standalone or reading the series, you’re likely to truly enjoy this book if you like a billionaire bad boy, a strong female lead and lots of hot, panty evaporating sex.

But be aware: There is a lot of down and dirty sex. If you’re sensitive to that sort of thing, Going Down Easy might not be the best book for you. Otherwise – OMG!

#5 Aiden & Emilia by H.L. Swan

Cover of Aiden and Emilia by HL Swan. Billionaire Erotic Romance

Aiden -“No, man would have spoken to you like that or pushed you off of him. Those things should be saved for the bedroom, when you want those things to be done to you, for fun.” Aiden, during a brutally honest conversation with Emma.

Bad boy, Aiden Scott, is honest, impulsive and sexy as hell, although he’s a bit harsh with his honesty. When he crosses paths with Emma there’s an instant low-hum of attraction for both of them, but Emma tones it down as she has a boyfriend. Shortly after meeting Aiden, however, Emma finds out that her now ex, Ian, was a cheating bastard and she quickly recovers, given their short acquaintance.

Aiden is possessive to a fault, claiming Emma before anyone else looks twice at her and showing tendencies towards jealousy and an almost toxic need to have and control her. However, H.L. Swan does a fantastic job creating a loveable bad boy, all the while making you wonder if he’s a saint or a sinner.

The only drawback to Aiden is the amount of cliches in this story. I will say, however, that despite them by the time the story ends, you can’t help but love both Aiden and Emilia.

Emilia - ”You’re broken Ms. Emilia, I can see it in your eyes” From Howard, her personal bodyguard.

My advice on Emilia is that if you haven’t read Aiden, stop what you’re doing and read it first! Okay, on to spoilers.

While Aiden left you with an impression that this strong, beautifully damaged man could be invincible and solve all of Emilia’s problems, the answer is that he can’t and is just as human and broken as the rest of us. The end of H.L. Swan’s first book will leave you gasping, and the start of Emilia will leave you weeping. So read Aiden first....don’t make me tell you again!

Emilia starts with a whopper of an emotional hook, especially for those of you who stopped reading this and went and read the first book in the Emden Series.

Where Aiden was full of possessiveness on the main character’s part, a deep seeded need to protect Emilia from literally everything and everyone; Emilia rockets forward, showcasing a young woman who can be both soft and unbreakable. Her strength shines as she holds onto a love that she’s perhaps just discovering.

In Aiden, it’s all about his need for control and his fierce possessiveness. In Emilia it’s all about just how much Aiden, for all his love for her, underestimates his woman. Three cheers for Emilia’s strength and sheer stubborn streak!

The twists and turns in Emilia are sure to leave you reeling from tears of sadness to tears of joy to exclamations of applause and exuberance. H.L. Swan only hones her craft more with the sequel to her viral wattpad story, Aiden, in it’s beautiful second installment.

A new Entry: Short, but hot and sexy!

Cover Picture of the sexy billionaire erotic romance book the proposition by Lucia Jordan

Sometimes we do not have the time to read a full-fletched romance book: we just want a short, but good sexy read, don't we?

In the genre of Billionaire Erotic Romance this is, for us, The Proposition by Lucia Jordan.

It's the story of Megan, who is amazed when her fabulously rich and handsome boss decides to give her a very no-strings, very sexual proposition. Truthfully, she loves that feeling of being wanted. And Megan has already indulged in some wild fantasies involving her rich handsome boss, Heath Mayer.

But she soon finds out that reality is even more of a tantalizing thrill.

If you want to learn more about The Proposition, check it our in our Best Short Erotic Romance Books list, or just grab your own copy directly!

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