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Best Neighbour Sex Stories - from Fantasy to steamy Reality

Updated: Jan 23

As you maybe know: we at Filthybooks love all forms of erotic and sexy stories! And while we normally talk about great Erotic and Romance Fiction books, we also love to read and share with you the best real life sex stories of all different sorts!

In this episode we focus on the best Neighbor Sex Stories!

Did you know that the fantasy of Sex with the Neighbor is one of the most frequent sensual fantasy? Probably yes...

But did you also now that Sex with the Neighbor is also one of those fantasies which men and women really make reality? Studies show that in approximately 15% of the cases some extramarital adventures happen with the man or woman next door.

So we went out and "researched" the best, steamiest and sexiest stories of real people and their neighbors!

So scroll down, have fun and let the sparks fly!

Sexy Woman behind a curtain as a symbol for the attraction of a neighbor used in an article with free neighbor sex stories, steamy neighbor sex stories of real people




The best Neighbor Sex Stories - they are real and incredibly hot!

#1 Bind me, Drake by Nicky

I had always wanted to fuck the new neighbor who was way older than I was.

But I could never find a way to get to him.

His name was Drake, and he was tall, big, and had this gray beard that lined his jaw. He was beautiful with veins all over his muscled hands. Someone that took his workout seriously...

It was in my early twenties and I was waiting to go to college. While I waited, I managed to get myself involved with him. He ran a veterinary office off his house and I had the chance to become his assistant.

On a dull afternoon, when there was no one in the workplace, tired of seeing the signs that I have been giving him go to waste, I kissed him, on the lips. He was walking past, and I drew him back to kiss him.

He paused, shocked, and stared at me as if he was just seeing me for the first time.

By now, I had started thinking about what I did. It was silly. Drake was almost my father’s age, and he had shown no interest whatsoever in me. I stammered my apologies, but he did not reply. He continued looking at me. Then he spoke. It was only one word.


He turned and headed into his house. I followed him. I did not know what he was doing. Maybe, he was going to sit me down and tell me about the dangers of kissing an older man on the lips.

But couldn’t he see?

Couldn’t he see how sexy he was?

My father was probably a few years his senior, but in fitness and looks, they were worlds apart.

He brought me before a door and stopped. Then, he pushed it open. It was like stepping into the movie, 50 Shades of Gray, because what in God’s name was all that bondage stuff?

I wanted to turn and run away, but I stayed. He turned to me, his eyes expectant.

“This is what I do,” he said.

The choice was mine. I could walk away, or I could stay.

He made that much very clear to me, but I was already getting wet at the prospect of being helpless and unable to do anything while he ravaged my body.

I finally nodded my agreement and was promptly tied to the four corners of the bed. My clothes came off with ease while I shivered with expectation mixed with some fear. It was crazy what I was doing. What if Drake was not to be trusted. My eyes were blindfolded, so I could not see.

It started when I felt feathers traveling down my bare chest, through my cleavage. It went down to my stomach, drawing my attention to my vagina. Drake had not pulled my panties. Somebody’s mouth sucked sharply on my right nipple, again startling me and driving me crazy.

He knew what he was doing.

When he stopped sucking, the feathers had reached my thighs, and his hands were caressing my neck. It was tickling me, and beyond that, my panties were getting soaked. I felt his warm lips on mine. Just while I was warming up to the feel of his lips on mine, I gasped as a finger slipped quickly through my panties and into my wetness.

He was taking no prisoners, the old experienced man, and was leaving me guessing what he was going to do next. My panties were parted and something slipped into me. Then his lips circled the other of my nipples, distracting me with pleasure.

There was so much to think about, so much to feel that I did not know what I was feeling anymore. But he was not done. I heard the whirring sound of a machine and realized he was fucking me with one of his instruments. The dildo that was being controlled by his machine filled my inside with deep, slow thrusts that made me want to hold onto something. His lips left my nipples as the dildo plowed through me.

Just when I was getting used to the tempo, aligning my moaning sighs with it, Drake got rid of the dildo and pulled me up from the bed. I had not even realized that he had already removed my bonds. He led me to another part of the room and made me bend over. It was until I found my head and hands stuck that I realized it was a guillotine. My ass was all his at the other end, and he could do with me whatever he wished.

He came around and pulled the fold from my eyes. My eyes opened unto the most fearsome sight: his big cock. I think it had to have measured over 9 inches with thick veins crisscrossing it. Without waiting for me to get used to the sight, he forced it into my mouth and fucked me to the back of my throat. Then he went to the back and slid the cock into my wetness.

It was all I could do to keep from screaming. It was painful and pleasurable at the same time, and I did not have the time to think about any of it. He started thrusting from the back, his hand coming down at intervals to spank my ass cheeks. In no time, the pain was forgotten.

Something was building from my inside, something that I had no control over.

It was building to a great height, and I was afraid I was going to fall from it. But not Drake. He was still stroking with reckless abandon, slapping my ass as if I was an object to be used - which I loved. Finally, the buildup washed over me, and I could not stop my legs from shaking with a satisfying orgasm.

He let me go. But I have been going back ever since. But from then on always with a safe word, which I never needed…

Sexy man sitting on stairs as a symbol for an attractive neighbor in an article with free steamy neighbor sexual fantasy stories




#2 My neighbor’s cock by Rita

What started as an acquaintance on social media would later lead to an experience that I will never forget.

Dudley sent me a friend request on Facebook, and like I always do, I went through the pictures of the man who thought I should be on his friend list. Dudley looked like he was carved out from a rock. He was older too and looked to be in his late twenties.

I found myself salivating at the prospect of running my hands all over his body. I was not this way. I was hardly ever this way outside.

But who says a girl can’t dream?

His abs were viable and looked like a stone carving, and as I scrolled through one picture after the other, I wondered if he had even one single shirt. The dude was always snapping pictures with his shirt off. What exactly did he want? Then there were his lips, pink and full with eyes covered with thick lashes.

When I accepted his request, he was the first to speak to me. One thing led to the other, and I discovered he lived just next door. He was as surprised and excited as I was at the prospect of meeting that I almost got cold feet.

We had used so many sexual euphemisms in our chats that he played a regular part in my dreams. I invited him to my house, one day, ready to satisfy this curiosity of mine. I was living with my parents, and well, they had traveled and would not be back till after two days. I was twenty, and I could very well take care of myself.

To be honest, I was not certain about what would happen but from the way he stared at me from the doorway, I had an inkling of what he had in mind.

I led him into the house and offered him something to drink. So, we chatted a little. I felt happy seeing him in person. He was exactly what his pictures showed, and I wanted to feel his abs.

There was this tension in the air, the feeling of my fantasies being so near to coming to life. My eyes barely left his face, while my mind wondered how his body would feel under my hands.

“Can I use the loo?” he asked after we had chatted for some time.

I pointed out the direction to him, but he said it was confusing. Could I show him instead? That was not a problem. I led him towards the restroom. I could feel his eyes on my backside as he walked behind me.

When I got to the door, I turned and was about to show him when he pushed me against the wall instead, leaning into me.

My God, he was so powerful.

At that moment, panic washed through my body, stiffening it. But his eyes melted me, and his lips moving closer to mine brought thrills to replace the panic. I shivered when his lips met mine, then I shut my eyes to take it all in.

“You want it,” he said.

We kissed some more, moving back to the sitting room, and leaving trails of our clothing along the way. My singlet left my body, revealing my boobs, which I had done nothing to hide since he came. He lifted me when he was close to a sofa. With my legs around his waist, he sucked on my nipple, running his tongue on the hardened point. I moaned, leaning backward and grabbing onto his strong neck to keep me from falling.

He threw me down on the sofa before he pulled my shorts off me. He pulled his t-shirt, taking his time for me to gawk at his perfect body. His pants came off, together with his briefs, and I realized that his cock was as hard as his body.

We were moving as if we had had this planned. Maybe we had. All the long talks online and the sexual euphemisms were all a buildup to this moment.

I was already wet and dripping when he bent me over, folding my legs over my body. My knees were on both sides of my head as I lay on my back with my wetness exposed. He slipped in and the pounding began. The movement was unhindered because of how wet I was. He towered over me, and groaning, he thrust. His thrusts were long and true, splitting me right down in the center. I found myself screaming. Then moaning. Then struggling against the sofa. All the time, the thoughts of my parents walking in on us heightened the intensity of the pleasure that I felt.

Not done with me, he slipped out and turned me around, putting me in the doggy-style position, then he slipped back in. In this position, I swear his length was almost coming out of my mouth.

He started thrusting with the same tempo that he had been using before, grabbing the sides of my hips with his powerful hands to keep me in place. The pleasure was too intense that I struggled to free myself before I realized that I could not move. He had me exactly where he wanted me. The thrusts were continuous, hitting at the right point and turning me to jelly. I was moaning and saying all sorts of things that even I could not understand.

When he moved his hand, it was to squeeze my ass. My body shook some more, and I felt the first spasm wash over me. He continued until my legs were shaking with the explosion of an orgasm. Then he slipped out of me. I felt like I had been used, and I liked it then. I still like it now.

My parents did not come barging through the door, but the memory of that fuck and the possibility of them coming in through the door is what I have masturbated a lot too. Especially as Dudley is no longer our neighbor.

picture of a woman looking seductively into the camera as symbol for an article with a free sex story with a neighbor




#3 My wild, wild Neighbor by Mike

I used to think I was wild, but I had no idea that Sasha was wilder. She was the quiet girl who lived on our streets. Never have I seen her talking with a man. I was on holiday from college. She was home from, well… I don’t know. Never asked.

We started talking after we got home, and I helped her get her cat down from their tree. Now that I think of it, I wonder how the cat got up there anyway.

“Thank you,” she said.

“I’m Mike,” I said, my eyes on her.

She simply looked away shyly. She had the narrowest waist I had ever seen, so much that the curve of her hips was more obvious than it should be.

The next day, she invited me over for tea. There were some cookies, and the house was abandoned, save for Sasha.

We talked about random things before Sasha spoke about the health benefits of Marijuana. She said she was surprised I don’t like it. Well, I didn’t, but age convinced me to try one.

Before I continue, I would like to say that Sasha wore shorts that barely crossed her bum cheeks as if she was already feeling at home with me. For me, it was difficult keeping my eyes away from her thighs. They were thick and smooth and seemed to be calling for my hands to run over them.

She took a drag and brought it close to my mouth. Her eyes were expectant, and I knew then that I had to do it. I had to show her what I was made of. I took a drag, then another, and still another.

She turned a movie on, and we laughed at the dialogue. Then I worried about what her friend would say if he came home and found us there. She said she lived alone. When I felt her hand on my crotch, I didn’t think there was anything wrong until she slipped her hand in and took my cock. It hardened at her touch.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “What do you think I’m doing?” she counter-asked.

“Are you sure...”


My hardness was in her mouth already. She was giving me no chance to do anything about it. She was sitting by my right, bending towards my cock to suck me. My hands did not move. She knew what she was doing. Even through the haze of what I had just smoked, I could feel her lips making concentrated sucking motions at the tip of my dick. After a while, when it seems like I’m about to explode, she would squeeze my cock, and press in a part of the vein. My imminent explosion would retreat and she would start all over again.

When she was done toying with my cock, I watched her pull her shorts down and off her body before she climbed astride me while I sat on the sofa. She guided my cock into her smooth wetness while maintaining eye contact with me.

“I will ride you to madness,” she said.

Then she began. Her hips moved as if they were separate from the rest of her body. She was grinding her crotch against mine, and by God, I did not know when the groans started to escape from my mouth. She knew exactly what she was doing. Lying down there, I realized this was not supposed to be happening. I was not supposed to be lying under her in this house. But when she leaned forward and kissed me on the lips, her breath hot on my face while she continued grinding like she wanted to take my soul through her hips, I forgot everything about the rightness or wrongness of the action and only enjoyed having her body on me, having her moving like a squirming worm on top of me. It was hard following everything that was happening, but the pleasure that came from her wetness could not be denied, not even if I tried.

I reached for her backside and squeezed. She moaned, placing both hands on my bare chest. Her hands were small and tender. They made me want to feel them all over me. She stopped and raised herself until she was squatting rather than just sitting astride me. Then she started riding again. This time, she focused only on the tip of my cock, and I realized that I was going to come.

She would move slowly without coming down the length of my dick. When I felt like I was going to cum, her insides would swallow my entire length.

Then she would start again. I tried to grab her backside again, but she gripped my hands and pinned them beside my head. The feeling of helplessness combined with the sweetness I was feeling and bring about this madness that was erupting somewhere in my head. I groaned, but I made no move to free my hands. I let her take control.

Finally, I got tired of being the one under and turned her over. She was lying on the sofa and I had my hands under her backside squeezing as I made long strokes deep inside of her. Her moans became louder. She grabbed my head and pulled it so close to her bosom that I could hardly breathe. But I did not stop. I only stopped when I felt the release that I had been building up for a long time finally come to a head. I wanted to slip out, but she had her legs around me holding me down. I shivered as I came.

It was one hell of an experience that I still look forward to. This is my final year in college, and I can’t wait to get back home to think about my life. Of course, with my neighbor’s lips around my cock.

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