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The best Real Life Oral Sex Stories that will get you in the mood

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

As you maybe know: we at Filthybooks love all forms of erotic and sexy stories! And while we normally talk bout great Erotic and Romance Fiction books, we also love to read and share with you short sex stories that will you turn on instantly.

In this episode we focus on the best Oral Sex Stories! Why?

Simply because Oral Sex is not only a pleasure for the receiver, it is, in our sense, also a great way to show mutual love and attraction. Isn't it most exciting when the partner moans out of joy when one is taking care of him or her?

So it is not a surprise that Oral Sex is one of the most popular form of sex. Between 67% to 80% of adults have oral sex regularly.

That's why we went out and searched through sites like reddit, tumblr and many more to find the best Real Life Oral Sex Stories for you!

Those stories are short, sexy and tell a smokingly hot story about an oral sex adventure of real life people!

So scroll down, have fun and be inspired for your next own oral sex adventure!

Sexy Woman  touching her breast. sexy woman dreaming about her oral sex story

The best Oral Sex Stories we've found


The office where I work knows her as a diligent, quiet lady, prim and proper, but I had seen enough to believe that she could be someone else, that she could have a streak of wildness in her.

The day I met her at the club during the weekend, I think our eyes met and hooked, stayed there for what seemed like a frozen moment, then she quickly unlocked our gaze and went her way. I had seen her with some other girls, hanging onto the bodies of men who exuded wealth. From their glasses to their chains and bangles, it was easy to see that these men were in contact with wealth.

I turned to my friend who had forced me to come to the club with him, but I realized he would not understand the story.

I had never told him about Hazel, the green-eyed quiet beauty who works at our office, the one our manager never failed to use as an example.

Fast forward to the next week's workday, she avoided me all through that day. I mean that was the only thing that reminded me that I did see her at the club last week. Otherwise, she looked like a different person, hair pulled back, wearing a long coat that did enough to hide her shape. And by God, she has a great shape, curvy around the hips, thin and slender at the waist. From her hips, her body tapered out, from thick thighs to slender knees. I had not noticed all of these about her before until I espied her at the club. I am ashamed to say that I started lusting after her.

That day, after work ended, I stayed back in my office to do extra work. There were many things on my mind, and half of them were about her. I had only recently noticed how juicy red her lips were, how slender her nose was, and how long and thick her lashes were. Just a mere flutter of those lashes would make me lose my senses. But I also knew she was way out of my league. My colleague she was, yes, but the manager has picked up some interest in her.

While shuffling through work and trying to keep my mind focused, a knock broke through the silence of the young evening. I paused and stared at the door. Everybody had left work; nobody ever stayed behind. It was always me, working extra to get a little favor and getting none in the end. At least the extra money was a consolation.

The knock came again, and I stood up to go open the door. The wonder of wonders. Hazel stood in front of the door. She brushed past me immediately I opened the door and stood in the space just before my table, fidgety.

Confused, I shut the door slowly, my eyes wandering through the empty hallway. Someone had to be with her, right? Or had I imagined her here? It was with difficulty that I shut the door and turned around to look at her.

“Hazel,” I said awkwardly, “didn’t expect to see you here.”

“Come, sit,” she said. And all of a sudden, she was no longer the fidgety lady that I had just seen. She guided me to my table, pushed me against it, and started unbuckling my belt.

“What… what are you doing?” I asked breathlessly.

“You will see,” was all she said.

I wanted to speak again, but she shushed me. Her ‘shhh’ was a hypnotic sound that rendered me both speechless and without a will to act.

My pants came down as she tugged and pulled, then she brushed her hand against my cock and gasped. It was already getting hard just because she was standing in front of me.

When she dropped to her knees in front of me, I expected the dream to end, for me to wake up with my head on the desk, but none of that happened.

She pulled my underwear down, and out dangled my cock, long and hard, and finally happy to be out of its confines. Lazily, she looked up at me, then down at the turgid muscles in her hand. The message was clear, but I still could not do anything about it even if I felt it was wrong, and I would definitely get fired if I was caught.

She ran her soft, slender palm up and down the length of my cock before her tongue slipped out and touched the tip. I groaned with anticipation, but she just kept teasing, licking around the cock lightly and flapping her lashes lazily at me. I wanted to grab her head and fuck her mouth, but I needed my hands against the table to maintain my balance.

What she was doing to me should be a crime.

Finally, she slipped my cock inside her mouth and sucked. With her red lips wrapped around me, I already knew that I was going to cum. She continued sucking me while simultaneously running her hand along my cock.

Her lips were focused on the tip. My mind was focused on staying sane.

Just when I thought she was going to get tired, she grabbed both cheeks of my ass and started pushing me forward in a thrusting motion, pulling me away from the table. My legs felt wobbly like jelly. Sensations crawled along the length of my manhood, moving fast like thunder. I did not know where I was feeling the stimulation anymore.

Then I felt the load building from the base of my cock. I tried to hold it in, but Hazel was in complete control. She sucked like she was a demon summoning my soul and bidding me to give everything to her.

I screamed as I exploded, but she would not pull my dick out of her mouth. She swallowed it all, and began to lick around the edges of my dick, making sure there was nothing left. I felt satisfied , but I also felt used.

When she was done, she got up from the floor, dusted her knees, and stared right into my eyes.

“Nobody knows what you saw last week,” she said, turned, and walked away.

#2 BIG HUNK by Anna

My name is Anna. I was just a teen and I had all these stupid ideas about sex and a few experience with boys of my age until I met him.

Drury was a hunk and a nerd. Always, he wore those nerdy glasses and hardly did anything that the other boys in the college did. He would not play soccer or football, or basketball, and I never saw him working out for once.

The day before I got close to Drury, my friend, Rita caught me looking at him as he walked across the school’s basketball court.

“Ask him to teach you. He likes helping people,” Rita said with a mischievous glint in her eyes.

“Who?” I asked, coming off my reverie.

She nodded at Drury.

“What? No, I don’t need help,” I said.

But the very next day, I had found my way to Drury’s room. The books in my hands were heavy and clammy, sticking against my skin. I did not know exactly why I was there, but I was. From the hallway, I heard footsteps coming down towards me, and I quickly knocked on the door.

There was no response. I knocked again, the footsteps coming towards me proving a sense of urgency. Still, no one responded from within the room. I turned and was about to walk away.

“Are you looking for me?” a voice trailed down the hallway after me. The footsteps had stopped.

I turned around and the first thing I noticed was how huge Drury was. He stood at over 6’3” and had broad shoulders that I could comfortably sit on. I had imagined it a lot of times, the both of us as a couple. I was not bad looking, and he was handsome as hell with those glasses adding an air of mystery about him.

“Looking for you? No… I erm… I’m looking for your roommate,” I lied.

“Anna, right?” he asked. And I almost lost my head. He knew my name!

Drury was one of the most aloof boys in my class, who hardly had time for anyone. I nodded, trying not to scream.

“My roommate traveled. Last week. He did not mention that?”

“Oh, really? Maybe you can help me then,” I said quickly, thinking fast.

We got into the room, and he shut the door. Then he walked to his bed and sat down, looking at me. I stood there in the middle of the room, not sure what to do with myself.

“What do you really want?” he asked.

The question came out of the blues and struck me off balance. I was stammering when he walked up to me. I was 5’5”. He was 6’3”, maybe even 6‘4‘‘, staring down at me through his glasses. I realized for the first time that the color of his eyes was brown, very light brown. I had always thought it was black.

“Uh…what are… you doing?”

I did not know what I was thinking when I came here, but now that I was here, my mind was all over the place. I wanted him to do whatever I was seeing in those eyes of his, and at the same time, I did not.

“What do you think I’m doing?” he asked.

He was bending slowly towards me. The book fell out of my hands as my body started betraying me. Hormones were raging. I put out my hands weakly to push him back, praying he does not take it. He took my hands and pinned them above my head with one of his hands. Then he kissed me slowly.

“You are cute,” he said, his voice husky.

His arms were strong and I felt his bulging biceps against my body as he picked me up effortlessly and carried me to the bed. I wanted to protest, but I was enjoying everything too much, and I was too curious. He ripped my yoga pants apart at the center to discover I wore no underwear. He smiled, and with one of his hands, he pinned me to the bed and went to work on my clit without much ado.

It was shocking to feel his tongue in my wetness. And God, I was already dripping.

At first, he moved his tongue slowly, barely touching my clit, then he brought his tongue down lower and swept across my clit. I shivered. Somewhere at the back of my mind, I wondered what pants I would wear home, but his nibbling on my right lip down there flung the thought away from my mind. He moved like this was what he had always wanted to do, and I laid there, helpless, feeling his hand inch up my body and into the t-shirt I wore. His tongue ran circles around my clit, lips lifting from my lips to give me a short-lived respite. He was soon nibbling on my clit, this time for a while, taking his time.

I felt the muscles in my stomach clench and unclench with pent-up pleasure. I reached out to grab his head. I wanted to pull him away, yet I wanted to push his tongue deeper inside me.

He caught hold of both hands and pinned them beside me.

Now, I was completely helpless. The stubbles on his chin brushed against my juicy softness causing a different kind of stimuli that sent tremors up my spine.

He licked down to my pink hole and stuck his tongue in there. At the same time, he was sucking on the sides, driving me mad. After some time, he came up again to my clit and suckle on it. My legs went around his thick neck, yet he would not stop. I was trembling violently now, certain that I was going to cum.

“Don’t stop,” I pleaded, feeling the pressure on my abdomen.

He obliged, licking the hell out of me, his tongue running over my clit while he suckled. When I came, spasms of pleasure ran over my stomach, again and again till I was weak.

You best believe that Drury and I had many lesson sessions together after that day.

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I had once had a strange thing happen to me. The day it happened, my boyfriend, Jayce, had just broken up with me, and I had myself all to myself.

According to my boyfriend, I was no longer interested in him. He said he no longer felt special whenever he was with me. Maybe he was right.

As I sat on a stool at the bar that day, drinking away the memories of our drab relationship, I could not help but wonder why I had cried when he left. Maybe it was because I had gotten too used to him being around me. Other than that, I could not explain why I cried.

My drink was almost finished when the bartender pushed another drink in front of me.

“Courtesy of the lady in red,” he said, moving his head deftly. I looked in the direction he indicated, and I saw her.

She looked nothing like someone that could extend a hand of friendship to another. She was petite, cute, and had that elfin face features thing going for her. Her lips were pink, and I wondered why I bothered to take all these details in. Me, I was bigger, 5’10”, and had boobs that used to drive Jayce mad.

Our eyes met, this girl and me, but she looked away quickly. I turned to the bartender who saw what had transpired, and he shrugged. I took the drink and poured it down my throat. There was nothing wrong with it as I had seen Jayce pour it. It was not long after drinking that I felt a presence behind me.

“Can I talk to you?” a soft voice said, close to my ears.

I turned around and saw her, the lady that had gotten a drink for me.

“Sure,” I said, trying to speak loudly and above the sound of the music blaring in the place.

“Outside,” she said.

I followed her outside, and she headed towards a car, the newest Tesla model. She got in and left the door open. I looked around, convinced myself that it was safe, and got into the car after her.

“I like you,” she said immediately I shut the door.

I was stunned. I didn’t even hear her give instructions to the autopilot as the car began to move. Still acting on my stunned state, she moved in for a kiss. It was daring, so daring that it turned me on. I wanted to push her away, but I found myself returning her kiss, damning it all. I had just been dumped by my boyfriend after all, so nothing mattered.

I hesitated when I felt her pulling my crop-top up. Again, I wanted to stop her, but I decided not to. Maybe it would not be bad, and sex with Jayce had always been real boring before we broke. The lady’s eyes shone in the semi-darkness of the car, and I wondered what I was doing here with a stranger.

The feeling of her lips around my nipples chased the thoughts away. She was running her tongue around my left nipple while she sucked on it.

My pantie was the next thing that left my body. Her hand slipped into my short skirt and rubbed against my wetness. With strength that was strange for her size, she pushed me down so I was lying on the seat, then she raised my legs and dived in.

At first, I heard slurping sounds while I tried to make sense of the situation. Everything was moving way too fast, and so was her tongue on my clit. It ran over the swollen mound again and again, and this time, I felt it. I clenched my fists to prevent myself from screaming, shut my eyes and struggled against her lips. But her mind was set on making me go mad. My legs were hanging, kept in place by the strength that someone her size should not have. She bent down well and began nibbling on juicy, swollen flesh.

Her tongue drew patterns around my center, patterns that mapped the road to insanity.

I felt my stomach muscles contract and retract, trying to make sense of all the excitement that was passing through my body. She bit down softly on my clit, and ran her tongue over it again. It seemed she knew just the right amount of force to apply and have my legs trembling.

Just when I thought I was getting used to everything and I could at least try to anticipate the pleasure that I could by no means control, I felt her finger around my a-hole, going round and round. It gave me a different kind of tremor, one that washed through my body from my feet to my head. She nibbled hungrily on my wetness, sticking her tongue into the entrance of my pink cave. At the same time, one of her fingers buried itself in my a-hole.

I went mad and struggled to break free. But being big was one thing; being strong was another. She had me pinned against the back seat, and all I could do was shift my bulk around while her tongue and finger followed. As she sucked my center, she fucked my ass with her finger. I think I was shouting at a point, and all the time, the car was moving.

It was after I shook violently for the last time that she relented.

I had cum like thrice already, and there was no strength left in me.

The car had stopped, and I could no longer hear the sound of car horns and car engines. We had left the main road.

“Would you like to come in and clean up?” the woman asked like what happened here was a matter of common occurrence.

I realized then that I did not even know her name.

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