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Megan Alexandria: Dark Romance and Love Poem Author

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

We are honoured to present you in this interview a really special guest: Megan Alexandria!

We got to know her through her great Dark Paranormal Romance Trilogy Miranda Rites, which is a really captivating romance story of Detective Miranda Walker caught in a world of Werewolfes and Magick!

Learn how optimism in life plays a key role in writing for Megan; and what she wants us readers to take away from her books!

Besides writing thrilling fiction, Megan also started to pusblish Love Poetry in which you really get a true glimpse of her soul. So without further ado, let's start with getting to know Megan more closely.

We promise: You won't regret it!

You want to have a first peek at Miranda Rites or Megan's Love Poems? Check out the FREE Excerpts.
Dark Paranormal Erotic Romance Night Shift Cover by Megan Alexandria

What motivated you to become an author?

I’ve always enjoyed the creative avenues in life, art, music, theatre.

For a while I was acting and modeling, but as I got older, I realized my real passion was behind the scenes.

I really enjoy bringing characters to life through story arcs and all those tedious details of weaving them together brings.

I basically sat down and started writing screenplays one day, and then I was like- hey. Maybe I can write a book? It helps that my mom’s a writer, too, so it felt like a very natural progression. Once I got started, there was no stopping.

Was there a defining moment when you knew that you wanted to become a published author?

When I finished my first book, Miranda Rites: Night Shift, I felt just really accomplished. It was a weird sensation to finish an actual novel and I think that’s when it really hit me, you know; I could do this forever.

What was the most difficult part of becoming an author?

Actually writing! Haha. You can sit down and map out the plot, you can make ten thousand aesthetic boards and you can dream about your WIP all day long, but actually sitting down and forcing yourself to write- especially on days you don’t want to, or you feel burnt out, is hands down the HARDEST part.

What keeps you motivated to push forward each day as an author?

My family is my biggest motivator in all walks of my life, but there’s also this great connection you form with your readers and other writers when you join the flock.

It’s really cool, like my bestie, and now business partner for So You Wanna, is actually someone I met from the writing community. It’s fun to sit and conspire over new ideas and work out kinks together in a story. So overall I’d say the experience is rewarding.

Do you have a favorite author or books which deeply inspired you as a person and as an author?

Someone’s gonna hate me for this, but The Great Gatsby is probably my favorite novel. I love how realistic it is about things, especially love, which is a strange thing to hear from a romance writer, I know! But the characters, like Daisy, function in a way that remains true to their natures and I am always impressed by that.

My other favorites are Casino Royale; by Ian Fleming, and of course, Pride and Predjudice, by Jane Austen. I read these three books every year.

As far as inspiration or shaping goes, a lot of the goals I set for myself are actually pulled from not just the books, but movies, too.

I think with my background in acting, I’ve grown to be very focused on emotions.

As an author, I have a really good idea of how I want my readers to feel when they experience my work, so I try to think about how I’ve seen, (or read) these things done, and then I put my own twist on it.

Off the top of my head, Peter Jackson and the absolute angst you feel in the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, where, combined with J R Tolkien’s incredible story, there are points where there couldn't possibly be a happy ending, and yet… That’s the kind of stakes, or passion I want to write.

Firstly let’s talk about Miranda Rites Trilogy, a Dark Paranormal Romance Series about Detective Miranda Walker. Can you give us a brief introduction to the Trilogy?

Picture showing Miranda Rites with a hot man from the Dark Paranormal Romance Story Night Shift

Sure can, but you’ve summed it up nicely there. The first book, which is available on Wattpad now, is ‘Night Shift’ and as you might have gathered from the title, it sets the tone for a lot of dark themes. The main character, Miranda, is suspended at the start of the series. She’s pretty sure she’s losing her mind, and she accidentally stumbles into this whole world existing right under her nose.

I wanted to write a serious, skeptic type, and tried to be really authentic in how I think a detective would approach the discovery of Werewolves, Vampires, and Magick, and of course there’s a bigggggg ole romantic arc ‘cause I’m a sap.

As for the start of story, there’s a big bad brewing under the city of Memphis, TN, and Miranda’s (reluctantly) gonna have to stop it. All the lore in the Miranda Rites World is based on real life tales from my childhood and heritage, so it’s supposed to feel oddly familiar to the reader, though things have been tweaked.

I mean most stories lose context or are mistranslated through time anyway, right?

What do you like about the Dark / Thriller / Paranormal Genre or why did you choose to write in these?

I love the suspense and fear that you experience when things get bad. I think stories mean more, and stay with you longer when they cost a part of you like that, and I really like the challenge of finding that happy ending through truly grim horrors.

My brutal optimism in life definitely bleeds into my work because I want my readers to trust that no matter how horrible it gets, we’re gonna make it out alright.

Tell us more about your work Birds & Bullets, which is, as you describe, inspired by Ian Fleming’s Casino Royale.

Picture showing a hot man in a suit. Cover of Birds and Bullet Thriller Romance Novel by Megan Alexandria

Yes! Birds! Ugh, this is my pride and joy, I’ve been working on it for a long time. While it is inspired by Casino Royale, it’s definitely its own creature. In explaining that, I have to explain why I love Ian Fleming first and where the allusion is.

Most people are exposed to the smooth, punny movie sort of Bond, where Fleming’s character in the novels is actually really really dark. This book in particular does a great job of touching on topics like what makes a man, and yes, love, but also duty.

So, I brought all three of those themes into Jamie Reyes’, my protagonist, path.

At the start of Birds and Bullets, Jamie has definitely been under cover for too long. He’s tasked with finding a leak, but he’s also got his own obsessions working against him.

I wanted him, and my readers, to question his sanity, his devotion to the agency, and ultimately his heart.

With Shallow and In Deep you published also two poetry works. What kind of poems do we find there? How did it come that you published poetry collections? What do especially poems give you what “normal” fiction stories can’t?

Picture of the Cover of the Love Poetry Book Shallow by Megan Alexandria

I actually write a lot of poetry, though these two books are a new venture for me!

A year ago I never would’ve thought I’d share these rhymes, let alone publish them for the entire world to see. The work you’ll find in them is straight out of my private journal, and spans over years and years of what can only be described as my Pisces angst.

Shallow is the lighter of the two, exploring the vast ocean of what love feels like, especially in the beginning, and In Deep is the aftermath of that.

I think with poetry, you get a glimpse at the author’s soul more plainly than you do trying to decipher their fiction, but for me, as the architect, it’s very cathartic.

There’s some sort of relief to send them out into the abyss and actually have people like them, as well. Better, when they relate, then you don’t feel so alone.

Please tell us more about your medieval romance The Ostler’s Boy. What is it about and who should read it?

Picture of the cover of the Medieval Romance Historical Romance Novel Ostler's Boy by Megan Alexandria

Everyone should read it! Just kidding, this book is definitely for your hopeless romantics.

As with Miranda Rites, Fate plays a major role in The Ostler’s Boy, and I think people who want that almost-magical, soulmates vibe should add it to their lists.

The story follows the POV of Princess Svana Eisson, the heir apparent of the fictional Oreia Empire, days after her eighteenth birthday. She’s been promised to the Prince of another nation to ensure peace, and now that she’s an adult she’s basically been shipped off to fulfill that purpose.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Megan Alexandria book if all was well, so you can expect there to be several hidnerances to this plan. Starting with her own nativity, and not limited to the off limits, and ridiculously charming commoner, Cyrus Evergreen.

It’s forbidden romance, it’s true love, and it’s coming soon!

Where do you get your inspiration from? Are your characters solely based on your imagination or are you inspired by real people or stories?

It’s a mixture. There’s a lot of me in Miranda, and I’ll confess the scary stories/lore you’ll read in that series is sometimes pulled directly from my mom’s mouth.

She’s the spooky bedtime sort!

But sometimes I’ll get the smallest idea for a line of dialogue and run with it, and before I know it, I’ve written a broody bartender and his entire backstory.

What do you want to give to your readers with your books?

The promise of a happy ending, no matter how unconvinced they are it’s coming. Ha!

We are really impressed by your covers art, which are very different from most others. Do you design them yourself?

Thank you! Actually, I like to rotate my covers for my work so it really depends on which ones you’re complimenting! The original covers that were digitally illustrated with the skull and snake for Miranda, and the Raven for Birds were my own creations and inspired by the imagery of each book.

I also made the more realistic ones, that I just switched out, but recently I’ve sought out the creative prowess of an artist named Xenia for the current artwork.

While it was something I said, ‘hey I have this idea’ for, Xenia is truly a creative fiend and was great to brainstorm with to get the final project exactly how I envisioned it.

Which book would you suggest one absolutely has to read to get to know you best as an author? Or which is the book you’re the most proud of and why?

Well, goodness.

I think there’s a piece of me in every book and every character, but as I’ve already confessed, Birds and Bullets is maybe my favorite.

It was actually my first approach to first person writing, and Miranda Rites followed suit after that, so it’s a great introduction to my style. What are you working on?

Right now I have a few pots on the burner, so to speak. My main focus is The Ostler’s Boy, but I can’t help but step away from editing every once in a while to work on this Wild West book I’ve begun.

I’m notoriously private about new WIPs until they get some momentum, so that’s really all I’ll say about it for now.

Where can we get your books and poems?

Everything I’ve written is available on Wattpad!

If you want a direct link, it’s in my Instagram profile, but I’m also always happy to meet new readers and potential readers so don’t be afraid to reach out for it, too!

Excerpts of the works of Megan Alexandria

Miranda Rites: Night Shift by Megan Alexandria

Picture showing a hot woman with a gun for the Dark Erotic Paranormal Romance Story Night Shift

For its ideal location; butting up against the Mississippi and a small forest; Jake's' failed to provide the tourist trap you’d expect so close to the strip. Instead, you'd get what could only be described as a dive; and inside it; a skinny blond bartender cleaning glasses, a sole Billiard's player with a fresh undercut, and a dusty old piano just beyond them both.

Given the age and color of the instrument, I figured it hadn't been played since it was purchased off the floor of A Moment in Time.

An outdated western tune quietly filled the space from the speakers, but the rest the place was a fuckin’ ghost town.

"Closed," the blond said.

"Sorry, the... door was open?"

I pointed behind me and hooked a thumb into the loop of my pants.

"Ain't supposed t' be," he added.

"Alright... So when are you open?"

I let my eyes wander the room. From where I stood, I could see there was an additional space behind the bar. Some sort of room. I leaned forward as much as I could before his eyes narrowed.

"Not now."

I made an irritated noise and a low, thick drawl, definitely not native to Tennessee, chimed from the pool table’s inhabitant,

"Oren.” It’s owner sent a powerful shot, crackin’ the resin out of the perfect triangle.

"Git the gal a drink."

He stood, pleased with the break and wrapped two large, brutal hands around the cue, mounting it into the floor.

I noticed how tall he was, even from the door.

A grand posture fixed him larger than life in spite of his casual dress. A long-sleeved shirt, slacks, and again, his hair were all throwing serious 'rebel without a cause' vibes. He looked a few years my senior; thirty-five or thirty-six, and I was appalled by how attractive I found him.

Shallow by Megan Alexandria

he is dark and vast

much like an ocean;

come to swallow me.

a tidal wave of pain;

of beauty; of devotion;

I wade further just to breathe.

every rise and swell he takes,

sweeps me closer into his wake.

every song he sings;

every wave he brings,

never fails to break

or wash over me.

a fish accused of measured depths;

of eerie coldness;

of empty waters kept.

I’d drown before he caught me in this light.

without my scales; without my ground;

I am defenseless to his eyes.

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