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Paranormal Erotic Romance you simply can’t miss - ready to explore new worlds?

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

The absolute best Paranormal Erotic Romance Books which you can read as a standalone.

Have you ever ask yourself why you should read a book about vampires, fairies or witches containing steamy sex scenes?
We tell you why: because they can be so damn hot!

In this article we show you not only the best paranormal erotic romance books you have to read, we also talk a little what makes this genre so especially worth reading.

So read a a short appraisal about steamy paranormal stories, or if you already know that how hot these books can be, just go to the list of the greatest reads in this genre and get inspired!

Why we love Paranormal Erotic Romance

When it comes to Erotic Romance there is a subset of tales that most often don’t obviously fall into the Erotica category first.

The Paranormal Erotic Fiction genre has a spectrum that can expand far beyond the reach of your average erotic romance.

It is absolutely not like Historical Erotica, Contemporary Erotic Romance or any other genre. The same applies for the similar and somehow overlapping genre of Sci Fi Erotic Romance.

Because Paranormal Erotica can be so varied, you can end up with a plethora of options. This allows writers and readers alike to have near limitless access to endless story lines. Whether you want a band of superheroes with incredible powers, a centuries old vampire, a fairy goddess or an alien race in fear of extinction; the options in here are truly boundless.

Of course there are some markers that will tell you when you’ve chosen one that falls under this special category:

Generally speaking if there is anything fantastical, you're into this. These might be faeries, giants, witches, spells, shape shifters, vampires, werewolves, etc. So if you detect anything like this in the story, you know that what you’re about to sink your teeth into is a Paranormal Fiction book.

Although to be fair, it can also contain aspects of a dystopian future or interesting pieces of technology that may or may not exist. One of the fun things about talking of these subgenres is that oftentimes they can overlap one another. For instance, you might get a space adventure that takes you to a magical world where fairies rule over a humanoid race.

So in this sense you end up reading a Paranormal Sci Fi Erotic Romance…

As is common with most subgenres of Erotica, this overlap is what attributes to such a wide range of writing and reading opportunities.

But we know, we are loosing the point of this...

Also this genre of literature, like many others, isn’t for everyone. We each have our own unique tastes and that's for sure how it should be.

And especially this sub-genres can have tropes that just don’t sit right for every reader.

These books can contain action, horror, thrills that will give you chills for days to come.

Or they let you experience anything your mind can imagine and don't let you fall asleep even when you just wanted to read a short bedtime story. So it is absolutely natural to find that these stories can sometime go a bit too far out there. That they are too fantastical to truly enjoy. Especially when combined with the aspect of erotic romance it might at the first glance seem just a little weird.

But if you’re a highly imaginative person or someone who thrives by escaping into a book to worlds you can only visit in your dreams: Go for Paranormal Erotic Romance!

It is definitely a set of sub-genres you should check out! And be assured that you can find treasuries you've never expected.

Without further ado, here are ten amazing reading opportunities that will tease your senses and awaken your imagination. Start to explore worlds that you can truly only dream of.

The 10 must-reads in Paranormal Erotic Romance!

#1 Black Dagger Brotherhood by J.R. Ward

Black Daggerhood Series Book Cover. Paranormal Erotic Romance Novel

Take the Black Dagger Brotherhood series from J.R. Ward, for instance. This vampire loving series of books currently has 19 installments. No you didn’t read that wrong. 19 wildly popular books about a vampire, Wrath, and his beautiful Queen. One of the aspects of this series that I personally enjoy is that the books don’t end in a cliffhanger the way most people are accustomed to when it comes to books in a series.

The lovely thing about this series is that it can work for anyone. It doesn't matter if you love a great series or if you prefer to read one great book and be done.

Each book in this series is worth reading as a standalone.

And while they are each wonderful in their own right, J.R. Ward gives you such an incredible world to walk into that leaving a book unread is something you simply don’t do. Don’t be surprised that once you get started, you’re going to read every book in the series before you know it. That's also the reason why we had to choose two books from the Black Dagger Brotherhood...

Cover first Novel of Black Daggerhood Darl Lover by JR Ward

Dark Lover, the first book in the series opens up the world of the Black Dagger Brotherhood. It gives you that first heady glimpse of what it’s like to live in this vampire world.

Wrath and his friends know the cost of being vampires.

They pay it every day, day in and day out; making sure that both humans and vampires can walk free. Protecting their kind is the single most important job Wrath has. But when his friend Darius’ daughter Beth runs into danger, Wrath must decide: shall he take on the job of protecting her? Even if that's something he has zero interest in doing. But when he catches his first heady breath of her scent, he knows that his time to make a choice is closing fast. And Beth is proving, even from a distance, to be impossibly irresistible.

As this is the first book in the series, it’s common to expect the erotica to be a bit tame.

But Wrath and Beth will for sure not disappoint you in this first installment of the Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Wrath’s uncompromising aloofness and Beth’s overstated innocence make for one heck of a concoction in the lust department. Believe me: you’ll be begging for more before you’ve turned the last page.

Cover of Black Daggerhood Novel Lover Avenged by JR Ward

In Lover Avenged, you’ll meet Zsadist: one of the Brotherhood most violent warriors. Wounded ages ago by a mistress hellbent on her lust for blood, Zsadist has a healthy mistrust for all things human.

Especially women.

When Bella need rescuing from the Lessening Society (a horde of soulless humans created by the Omega) Zsadist takes on the job with a cool, dispassionate perspective. Soon, however, Bella’s nature will override all Zsadist senses. But can she truly bring him healing in the midst of the chaos of their lives?

Lover Avenged clearly starts a lot hotter than its predecessors.

But it cools you a little down as Bella isn’t really introduced until Chapter 4, so it takes a little patience to let the story sink in. But be assured that from there it’s anyone’s guess when she and Zsadist will meet again and let the fire burn. And hell, do they let it burn!

And if you’re wondering how a man who has a severe distrust of women can take them to his bed, you’re not the only one.

Zsadist though is a tricky character. He has by far more twists in his chemical makeup than most men.

Despite the torture he suffered, his love life shows no signs of slowing down; until his Bella is abducted.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood is a fantastic set of books! It is great if you just want to tiptoe into Paranormal Erotic Romance but it is as great if you’re looking for something long term. It can easily take you through several weeks and months of reading.

Be assured that each book is well-written with plenty of steamy, smoking hot sex scenes.

But if you’re looking for something a bit quicker, just a late night read bedtime story: look no further than The Alien and the Actor by Tabitha Austen.

#2 The Alien and the Actor by T. Austen

Gay Paranormal Erotic Romance book Cover. The Alien and the Actor by Tabatha Austin

This richly done Sci-Fi / Paranormal gay Erotic Romance by Tabatha Austin will send you into a world of technological fantasy.

It will bring you face-to-face with two super-hot men who can’t keep their hands off each other.

When Tim Dallas gets blacklisted after leaving a gay bar, he goes from "fast-track superstar in the making" to "has-been virtually overnight".

His ruined reputation takes everyone else down with his flaming career.

Twenty years later he’s barely scraping by.

He's going to Comicon in hopes that someone will still remember the show that almost launched his career.

When a wealthy and roguishly handsome billionaire offers to revive his show and his career... Tim rightly wonders what the rich man’s angle is.

Will he be on board for more than just a chance at his old life when he learns he could help save the world?

#3 Night Class by H. Crow

Paranormal Erotic Romance Book Cover Night Class by Hannah Crow

Ok, back to some Vampire stories. So don't miss the next two:

Night Class is a great Paranormal Erotic Story by Hannah Crow.

This engaging vampire story centers on Rachel; and all Rachel wants is to pass her professor’s class and keep her college scholarship.

When she’s offered a proposition that has little to do with her education (guess what…). However, she’ll have to decide if the risk is worth the reward. And that’s not something school ever prepared her for.

So if you are interested in a short 5'000 word read including a passionate sex scene between an innocent young co-ed and a powerful vampire - go for this one!

Even though Night Class might not be seen as a full book because of its small length, it gives you an ideal starting point for tip-toeing into some fantasy romance.

#4 Bound by Cotton by P. Khayler

Another terrific standalone Paranormal Erotic Romance book is Bound by Cotton by the talented Patrick Khayler. It is highly interesting to read a Paranormal Erotic Romance that was written by a man. As most romance is mastered by the female gender, it was uniquely enjoyable to read something from the opposite sex. To be able to learn and map a man’s perspective of what’s important in a romance story is a chance no experienced reader should pass up. So if you’re looking for new material, check Mr. Khayler out because he’s truly terrific!

Paranormal Erotic Romance Book Cover. Bound by Cotton by Patrick Khalyer

In Bound by Cotton you’ll meet Becky Sanchez and Peter Cotton. Becky is a lover of all things romantic. She jumps at the chance to see a once-in-a-lifetime exhibit of the beautiful Fabergé eggs that Alexander and Nicholas Romanov gifted to their beautiful wives.

When she shows up the museum and meets Peter Cotton, however, Becky can’t help but feel his masculine presence everywhere.

For Peter, the Romanov exhibit is like looking in on family. He was there when the Russian Tsar and his family were murdered. And he’s been watching over Alexander and Nicholas’ Faberge eggs ever since. Of course, being a vampire allows him a certain longevity that humans simply don’t possess.

So why would he trifle with a human female?

You’ll have to pick up the book to find out!

#5 Paternity Ward by Abraham Steele

Abraham Steele brings Paternity Ward to the table. This gay paranormal romance features an Alpha, Magnus, and an Omega named Eli who is so taken with the strange Alpha that he can’t help his visceral reaction.

While he might have preferred to love an Alpha from his pack, his instant attraction to the Alpha from the visiting pack is unmistakable. As a midwife, Eli is bound by his oath to help a poor Omega named Kadar when the man shows up very pregnant at his pack’s door, but Eli is torn between his duty and the intense desire in his heart to belong to the strong, potent Alpha who showed kindness to a stranger.

#6 Zodiac Academy: The Awakening (#1 Zodiac Academy) by Caroline Peckham and Susanne Valenti

Cover of the Paranormal Erotic Romance Novel Zodiac

In this first book of a paranormal romance series, Darcy is a headstrong and curious Fae. She's a twin and daughter of the Savage King and she's out to claim her birthright.

Her school is part of an underground society with magical creatures like vampires, werewolves, and sirens. Everything is a wild party until a Dragon shifter and his buddies decide they want her throne.

This paranormal erotic romance has bully connotations and gives readers of adult books a wild and bumpy ride.

#7 Layla by Colleen Hoover

Paranormal Erotic Steamy Story Layla by Colleen Hoover Book Cover

Layla and Leeds are perfect for each other. That's what they think at least. The accident that puts Layla in the hospital changes her in ways that neither of them could anticipate though.

Leeds is desperate to get back to where they were. His solution is a trip to the bed-and-breakfast where they met the first time. Layla's just not the same woman though.

Willow, another guest at the B&B, is a good listener and Leeds forms a relationship with her that could put Layla at risk. He has to choose but the wrong choice could ruin everything.

Hoover's first foray into the erotica paranormal romance could best be defined as paranormal lite.

#8 Wicked (#1 Wicked Trilogy) by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Picture showing a man and a woman in love under water. Book Cover of paranormal erotic romance novel Wicked by L. Armentrout

Ivy Morgan lost everything she loved four years ago when magical creatures destroyed it all.

She's sworn to destroy them.

Until Ren Owens comes into her life with an unnatural ability to charm her.

He's dangerous though but the intensity between them is irresistible. As their relationship grows, Ivy realizes that she is not the only one with secrets. What's more in danger though - her heart or her soul?

#9 Darkest Moon (#1 Shadow Guild: Wolf Queen) by Linsey Hall

Picture showing a sexy woman and a wolf. Cover of the Steamy Paranormal Romance story Darkest Moon by Linsey Hall

Eve's destiny is to be the Alpha's Mate but she has a secret that can never be revealed. She's not a true wolf. If anyone knew they would consider her an abomination.

She hides in plain sight, watching. Until she's is accused of murdering one of her old pack and everyone is looking at her, including him.

If she doesn't find the real killer, she's dead according to shifter law. If they learn who she really is, the danger could be even worse than death.

#10 Unicorn Vet (#1 Shifter Vets) by Zoe Chant

Picture showing a hot doctor in front of a Unicorn. Book Cover of Erotic Paranormal Story a Unicorn Vet by Zoe Chant

When Everly, a manager on a much-needed vacation, finds a baby dragon, she brings it to Angel, the town veterinarian. There is an instant connection between them but there are also secrets that could keep them apart.

He has a secret flaw.

Her job thinks she needs to be available at all times. Then there is that werewolf and that creature that turns everything it looks at to stone.

This first in a short story series of paranormal romance books is perfect for anyone dipping their toes into the world of paranormal erotic romance.

Our final verdict of Paranormal Erotic Romance

These books and also the softer Paranormal Romance books are meant to stimulate a reader’s most latent fantasies.

They spark imaginations that have sat dormant for too long.

They will make you remember what it means to be a red-blooded human, even if it’s been a while since you lusted after anyone or anything. Grab one of these great reads, find somewhere cozy and dive into your next great fantasy. These books are sure to deliver much more than just a great afternoon read.

So we highly suggest that you take a dive and start exploring a world of books which you maybe have never before seen as a suitable choice for you.

Not enough? We have so many more sexy reading ideas for you!

Couple in love having sex, showing the back of the man lying on the woman while she is whispering in his ears

If you're looking for other great reading ideas in the world of erotica, do not miss our top lists for your personal inspiration! We have you covered no matter what your next steamy read should be...

New to Erotic Romance?

Then start with our special Selection of Essential Romance Books!

Book Cover of the Free Erotic Romance Story Forbidden Complication

Plus: do not miss the opportunity to read our free stories and grab your own FREE copy of Forbidden Complication!

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