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Free Erotic Story: Sexy Adventure with Doctor Carl

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

Another FREE Erotic Short Story you can read online from!

Read here the first part of "Filthy Nurse" - an Erotic Doctor / Nurse and BDSM story of a strong, self-confident alpha woman taking her chances.

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Intro - A Filthy Goodbye

Doctor Carl rolled over in his bed and stared at the table clock. The time was already 8 am. Beside him, the empty bed yawned. His mouth mirrored the hollow almost immediately with a drawn-out yawn, and he realized he ass extremely tired. He had come in late from work the previous day and had barely gotten to sleep for 5 hours.

“Another day, and no damn apples to keep the doctor away and at home,” he muttered before he got up from the bed. His eyes were still heavy.

He rushed through his toiletries. The head doctor would not like it if he came late to work. Brushing his teeth, he realized his eyes were droopy. "Why were doctors overworked?", he thought.

But suddenly his mind went to the new nurse that had just started working in the hospital. Their paths had crossed a couple of times, and the only thing he felt coming off was waves of sensuousness. The way the white gown hugged her body, her nervous smile when she looked at him, and the one thousand and one thoughts that seemed to be going on in her head through her big and expressive eyes.

Maybe it was something to wake up for. Work was becoming dreary by the day, and he needed some excitement to spice things up. The nurse had appeared in his frenzied fantasy once or twice while he stroked his length. Thinking of her massive boobs had made him spill his load.

He chuckled.

“Bad doctor,” he said.

In no time, he was out the door, promising himself to get breakfast at the canteen any chance he got.

His car roared to life just as his neighbor, Mrs. Naismith was coming out from her house. As usual, she was dressed in skimpy shorts and waved when she saw him.

He waved back. The woman had been unto him for a while, but he did not want anything to do with her. It was not that he cared about the woman’s family or being called a good person. It was simply because of her husband, an ex-convict. He had seen the man a couple of times and could not imagine himself in a fist fight with him. And Mrs. Naismith was one woman who could not keep her mouth shut about anything.

He zoomed past her house and tried to focus his mind on the patients at the hospital. There were some that he still needed to attend to: a boy with a fractured finger, a woman who got into a fight with her husband. He chuckled. That was the only excitement he ever got out of the day. Listening to the fantastic stories made him interested enough to carry out their treatment. The picture of the new nurse kept coming into his mind instead. He could not even remember her name.

It took fifteen minutes for him to get to the hospital. It would have taken less with less traffic. His car pulled into the parking lot, and he turned off the engine. He sat there, in the car, already exhausted by the day before the day started. It was the way with his work for the past week. In fact, he was thinking of taking a break, a long break. Just now, talks about people breaking down in the middle of work was making the rounds, and he did not want any of that for himself.

Finally, he pushed the door open and stepped outside. The sun welcomed him. It was still warm and friendly, but he knew it would get hotter by the day. Towards evening, his car would not have been able to cool off.

“Some fucking shed,” he cursed angrily as he walked towards the building. “Put some fucking shed.”

He had already complained to the head surgeon, but things like these were rarely done.

As he made his way into the hallway, he found that he was already in a foul mood and tried to squeeze out a smile at the people who greeted him. The head surgeon had spoken at length about human relations in the past meeting. He was the one that was crucified for his frowns and unhealthy attitude to work.

At the receptionist’s desk he saw her. Her name came to his mind immediately. She was tall with long legs that seemed to be moving all the way to her stomach. Shapely legs too. He could not stop staring. "Are nurse’s dresses supposed to be that short?" he thought, gulping.

She turned and found him staring.

“Good morning, doctor,” she greeted.

Her name tag showed her name to be Susan. How could he even forget the name of such a creature?

“Susan, good morning,” he replied. “I will be in my office if anyone needs me.”

“Anyone?” she asked.

“Yes,” he replied, a little unsure of what she meant and the tension that hung around the air between both of them. Her eyes were doing that thing again, speaking to him. He almost found himself staring long into her eyes, but he snatched his eyes away, nodded at the other nurses and walked quickly into his office.

He pushed the door shut and collapsed into his seat. "Phew, what was that?" - Susan gave off this magnetic sexual energy so effortlessly that Carl found he was helpless anytime he tried to talk to her. He did not know what he wanted, but he was sure he would easily succumb to her charms if she came for him.

Someone knocked on the door and the doctor was startled.

“Who’s it?” he asked, deepening his voice.

“Susan,” the voice replied.

“Come in,” Carl said and braced himself.

The girl confused him. Sometimes she appeared to be into him. Other times, she looked like she would report him for harassment if he tried to make a move.

Susan got into the office, turned and locked the door.

The action was so sudden that Carl was stunned. It took him a few seconds to understand what was happening. The nurse was moving slowly towards him, smiling like she knew exactly what effect her presence was having on him.

“You said to call you if I need anything,” Susan said. She kicked her lips and Carl realized he was getting uncomfortable in his groin area.

She walked up to the table and bent over so he could get some glimpse of her cleavage.

“I need something,” she said.

Normally, Carl would have barked at the girl for daring to think him a simple-minded wimp, but not now. Instead, his eyes were glued to her cleavage, and his mouth hung open.

“What are you doing here?” Carl asked when he found his voice.

“Needing something.”

“Do you know…”


Carl felt her index finger in his lips and discovered he had lost the power of speech. Her boldness took his breath away. When she was sure she had sufficiently ceased his power of speech, she pulled back and slowly pulled her gown over her head.

Sitting on the other side of the table, Carl swallowed as the gown came off her. He could not find his voice. They had just come for work and there she was, baring her firm breasts for him. His breath started getting heavy like it did the first time he though of her naked. Her skin was tanned and flawless. Her breasts were full and bouncy, and he could not stop himself from imagining how they would in his hands the first time. She wore a g-string pant, but no bra.

“What are you doing?” Carl asked, breathless. He was feeling troubled. He could be summoned at anytime.

“I want you to remember me” she said. “I want a memory to take with me.”

“Memory?” he asked.

Her only response was to grab her own breasts and squeeze them while she licked her tongue. It drove him mad. She had a tummy that stood the risk of disappearing into her body, and her hips were curved with a pleasing roundness.

“Come,” she said, stretching out her hand. He took it and she drew him up and away from the table. The room was filled with office seat and odds and end, but there was enough room for them to stand together, pressed against each other.

Susan pressed Carl into her bare body, her hands on his shoulder, feeling the fabric of his cloth against her nipples. She smelled want in his body, felt tension in his body, saw the trembling of his lips, but there was something else. The air was rippling with desire, and as their bodies met and melted into each other, she felt warmth burning within her. His breathing became labored as if something was stuck in his chest. The chest heaved up and down, endlessly.

“I have been seeing your eyes on me. Don’t you want to know what I feel like?” she murmured, her lips traveling up his neck and close to his ears. She was on tip-toes, so they stood at the same level with her body still pressing into his.

Carl could see her face clearer now. It was frighteningly fierce, like there was a lot on her mind that she wanted to do to him. He did not mind. Vision of the room started fading before him, flickering out of sight. The only thing that was real was Susan, her trap, and her body.

“This is strange,” he tried to say. It came out in a grunt before she pressed her index finger against his lips, effectively shutting him up.

He did not speak again. Instead, he leaned closer into her as if he was trying to join their bodies as one. His hand went around to her backside, out of control now, running along the pant edge before slipping under to grab her backside. They were soft like he had envisioned.

He trembled a bit as his hand traced along the rise of her backside, she raised a hand to touch his face, running it against his cheek. He suddenly leaned forward and kissed her breasts. She stifled a moan. The action had been sudden.

She leaned towards him and kissed him on the lips. The kiss was one long, passionate, slow kiss that she drew it out while freeing him from the shackled of his jacket and pulling his trousers low. He groaned when her hand brushed against his manhood.

“I don’t think… I don’t think this is right,” he said

In response, she glared at him and squeezed his manhood lightly, then stroked it. Then she continued kissing him, preventing him from talking or moaning. Unable to stay idle, his hand moved down towards her center. She caught it, making him slow down. She wanted to be in control, but he did not know how long he could hold himself. He realized he desperately wanted to fuck her. She was stroking him towards insanity.

“I will miss this,” she said. It was a husky, drawing sound from her throat. Carl did not hear her. Before he could ask, she pushed her lips against his.

She spun him around so his back was against her body, and continued stroking him, pulling the trousers all the way down to his knees. His knees got weak and wobbled like jelly. She held him firmer and stroked harder and faster. Then she knelt before him and took his manhood in her mouth. Carl’s groan was loud because he was not expecting that. She stroked and sucked, keeping her eyes on his face. The pant still hid her center from his sight. She pulled him deeper in, gripping his butt cheeks as she continued sucking the life out of him. Then finally she stood up.

He found himself looking into her piercing eyes, consumed by lust. Her lips were delightfully wet and inviting, and he wasted no time in going for them again, grabbing her tiny waist between his arms, as if she would run if he failed to hold her. She welcomed him, his head between both of her hands. His hand moved down from her waist to her backside. He squeezed, gently at first, then ferociously.

“You want me,” she said, flapping her lashes like an experienced seductress that had done her work well.

Susan closed her eyes, and he finally slipped the pantie off her, revealing her center. Overcome with sudden strength borne of interest, he lifted her so her nipples were level with his mouth, then he ran his tongue around them, one first, then the other. Susan arced her body, with her legs around Carl, and her breasts forming the top of the arc. Her head hung down and away from her the doctor while her breasts presented an irresistible offering. Carl took her protruding, right nipple in his mouth and sucked deeply. This time, Susan could not keep down the moan that burst from her lips. He bit the nipple softly between his teeth and ran his tongue slowly over it.

“Fuck me,” Susan muttered, pulling at Carl’s head as she tried to drag him down to the table. She started to force her nipple deep inside his lips, pushing her breasts in his face. He bit down hard on the nipple, causing her to scream out loud, then he carried her to the table that had been a silent observer.

He laid her down on the table and silently admired her body. She had a shape like an uneven hour glass, her waist down forming the bigger proportion as against her upper body. Her complexion was tanned, and her eyes were glazed over with passion. She licked her lips sensuously, fanning awake the cackling embers of lust in him.

He forgot the fear of being caught fucking a subordinate as there was no way he could resist this kind of temptation lying in front of him. Between his legs, his muscles arced and throbbed. His hardness dangled heavily between his legs, still laden with fantasies of her lips around it. He lifted her from the table again and hung her upside down, so the wetness of her womanhood was to his face, and her own face hung low in front of his swinging cock. She wanted to ask what he was doing before she felt his lips on her center, probing, sucking, eating, and dipping into her. His hands were around her, locking her in place, while her legs were wrapped around his neck, so she would not fall. Even then, the shock was still unexpected, causing a tremor run through her. He kept thrusting with his tongue, and she lost it. She hung on tight as if for dear life while shock after shock built up from her inside. She moaned them all away loudly, her control abandoned.

He was enjoying her moaning, so he sucked harder because he wanted her to go completely crazy.

She was struggling to be free of him now, not knowing what she was doing, but he held her tight and kept at it, licking, thrusting, and nibbling. It seemed he had found another person inside of her, one bent on giving cruel pleasure, like a punishment. She was the one who had looked like she wanted to punish him at the beginning. He was only giving back what he had received.

She grabbed his cock, which had been dangling in front of her and sucked it deeply, going as fast as he was going. It seemed like her last resort, her last grab at sanity, and she was beginning to affect him, to regain some type of control. He collapsed on the table, his lips still in her center, and his cock still between her lips.

He then aligned himself up against her on the table while standing and rubbed his hardness against her. She moaned. She moaned again when he slipped into her, ready, wet and slippery, smooth and expansive enough to take everything in. She felt him growing inside her. He filled every space inside of her before he began moving slowly. With long, slow thrusts that brushed against every side of her hole, he made her wetter, made her want more, desire more, moan for more. Then he increased his speed. Her voice was fluctuating between moaning and screaming. Each thrust came with a deep grunt from Carl’s throat. He sounded like a beast. The faster he moved, the quicker she lost herself. All she wanted was for him to keep going, to keep ravishing her body the way he was doing. She wanted to enjoy this ride as much as she could, get to the end of it, and keep it in her memory. Maybe that was all she would remember him with. She felt the first tremors build up and wash over her body along with goosebumps. The second one followed shortly, and before long, she was shaking all over, her orgasm rocking her body hard.

The ceiling faded into nothing. The room drifted away. There was only her and Carl floating on fluffy white clouds.

Carl continued moving, faster, as he himself was close. He could feel a fountain building up in his groin. He moved roughly now, and Susan had to reach out and grab the table. Still moving, Carl bent towards her and bit her nipple before sucking deep. She quaked again, unable to hold herself. Her fingers dug into Carl’s back. It was as if Carl’s shaft was still increasing inside of her with every thrust. She felt herself moving dangerously close to the cliff again. She moaned loudly that it was almost a scream. Carl wondered if her voice could be heard from outside his office. He hoped not, but he could not stop himself.

Before she climaxed for the second time, she felt Carl tremble. She shook for the last time before Carl slipped out of her.

She lay on the table panting. Maybe it was not time to move on yet.

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