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The Ultimate Guide to MC Romance Books

Updated: Feb 14

We all find ourselves looking forward to our bedtime ritual.

Maybe there's a bubble bath or a cup of herbal tea. Or perhaps there's a silky pair of pajamas and a cozy blanket.

One of the best bedtime accessories is a good book. But we don't mean just any book.

We're talking about romance books, or, specifically, MC romance books.

If your "me time" includes steamy novels, this list is perfect for you. We'll give you all the dirty details on this popular genre of biker romance books so you'll look forward to bed every night.

Sexy Biker on a motorcycle used in an article about MC Romance Books or Motorcycle Club Romance Books



What are MC Romance Books?

Does the sight of a leather-clad motorcycle rider make you weak in the knees?

Are you a big fan of Sons of Anarchy? If so, you might already be familiar with MC romance books.

Per definition, MC Romance Books center around motorcycles, motorcycle clubs, the people who ride them, and sexy motorcycle culture. Sometimes the characters embody a bad-boy persona. Other times their gruff exteriors hide a romantic heart of gold.

Whether you like your motorcycle riders rough around the edges or clean cut and hiding a dark side, these MC erotic romance books won't stay on your "to be read" list for long.

Check out this video of our selection of the best motorcycle club romance books and keep reading for more information about each of the books.

#1 It Ain't Me, Babe by Tillie Cole

Cover picture of one of the best MC Romance Books It Ain't Me, Babe by Tillie Cole

Sexy and angsty, It Ain't Me, Babe follows two characters who met as children. A chance encounter later in their lives brings the heat in this first installment of the Hades Hangmen biker MC romance series.

Salome grew up in a strict cult. All she knew was rules, faith, and punishment. River's life thrust him into a leadership role in the Hades Hangmen motorcycle club, a life he wasn't sure he wanted.

Both Salome and River struggle with their separate identities and how they fit into their separate worlds. When River finds Salome badly injured after she escaped the cult, both must navigate their intense attraction for each other.

It Ain't Me, Babe explores how two people who aren't ready for love find each other and watch the sparks fly.

You'll love how River and Salome learn about themselves and each other in a very sexy way.

#2 Own the Wind By Kristen Ashley

Cover of Own the Wind by Kristen Ashley which is a really steamy and high quality motorcycle romance books

Tabitha is the daughter of The Chaos motorcycle club. She's always known a life of security and safety.

But motorcycle girls aren't always sweetness and light.

Tabitha can hold her own with the men she's known her entire life.

Until she can't.

Cage has always been a friend to Tabitha. However, when Tabitha's life falls apart, Cage is there to pick up the pieces. Their attraction is undeniable, but there's an unspoken rule about dating the daughter of his motorcycle club brother.

Cage is also much older than Tabitha.

Will they move past the age difference and risk the wrath of the motorcycle club? Pick up this steamy novel to find out.



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#3 Ravage Me by Ryan Michelle

Cover of the great sexy MC Romance Story Ravage Me by Ryan Michele

Any book with the word ravage in the title has the potential to be a steamy romp of a read.

Ravage Me contains elements of revenge, loss, love, and an abundance of erotic scenes.

Harlow spent time in prison for someone else's crime. When she was released, she returned to the only home she's ever known, the Ravage Motorcycle Club. She knows that her MC family can help her accomplish the revenge she seeks.

After leaving the Marine Corps, Cruz found a second home for himself and his son with the Ravage MC. He's a man of principles, but even he can't deny the attraction he feels for Harlow.

Harlow's thoughts are consumed by revenge. Cruz is consumed by her.

As the two of them work together to clear Harlow's name, they also can't deny the flame building between them.

Ravage Me is a thrilling novel in all the right ways.

#4 Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn

Picture of the MC Romance Book Nine Minutes by Beth Flynn

When Ginny is abducted at just fifteen years of age, she finds herself the captive of one of Florida's most notorious motorcycle gangs.

They gave her a new name and a new home in the Florida Everglades.

Grizz is the leader of the gang. He's older, wiser, and the most handsome man Ginny has ever seen. While Ginny wants nothing more than to return home, she finds herself drawn to Grizz and dealing with feelings that are brand newto her.

Will Ginny give in to this forbidden love?

Will she accept the motorcycle club as her new family?

Filled with twists and turns, Nine Minutes is one of the best MC books available today.

#5 Angel's Halo by Terri Anne Browning

Cover Picture of the Motorcycle Romance Story Angels Halo by Terri Anne Browning

Beautiful Raven grew up as the daughter of MadMax Hannigan, the Angel's Halo MC's president.

Raven followed the strict rules set in place by her father, and she knew the penalties for stepping out of line.

Sexy Bash couldn't deny his feelings for Raven.

But he was willing to break the rules, no matter the consequences. Raven's love was worth the savage beatings he received as punishment.

But when Bash becomes president of Angel's Halo and his past comes back to haunt him, will his bond with Raven be strong enough?

Full of passion and intrigue, Angel's Halo is a book certain to get your engine revving.

#6 I Was Born Ruined by C.M. Stunich

Cover of the sexy MC Romance Book I was born ruined by C.M. Stunich. A truly erotic MC Romance Story

When a gorgeous young member of a motorcycle club finds herself with not one but four motorcycle bad boys, sparks will fly.

The Death by Daybreak Motorcycle Club has one princess among its members, and this princess is no angel. When four of the club's senior members vie for her attention, she can't say no to any of them.

I Was Born Ruined toes the taboo line very well.

MC erotic romance is on full display in this book. Some readers might find it a bit too graphic, but we think it's just right.

#7 Nowhere But Here by Katie McGarry

Cover of the great erotic MC Romance Book Nowhere but Here by Katie McGarry which is one of the best Erotica Motorcycle Club Stories of all time

Emily is a good girl. She has a loving family, attends the best schools, and adores her picture-perfect suburban life.

Then her biological father steps in.

Emily wants to learn more about her father, so she decides to spend the summer with him. What she learns is that he's the president of the Reign of Terror motorcycle club. Oz, her father's right-hand man, is tasked with watching over her.

But when Oz and Emily can't deny their mutual attraction, their very different worlds blow up.

Can Oz realize his dream of becoming president of Reign of Terror and still pursue the lovely Emily?

This MC romance book highlights one of the best types of erotica and will leave you breathless.



#8 Reaper's Property by Joanna Wylde

Steamy MC Romance Cover, Reaper's Property is a great steamy Motorcyle Club Romance Book

Marie's marriage has just ended, and the last thing she wants is another man in her life.

But when her brother's biker friend shows up, Marie has to find a way to let him know she's not interested.

But Horse doesn't know the meaning of the word no. He's set his sights on Marie and won't stop until he has her. When Marie's brother finds himself in trouble with the Reapers motorcycle club, she'll do anything to help.

When Horse lets Marie know what she has to do, she discovers that being his sex slave has benefits she never dreamed possible.

Reaper's Property is a steamy MC biker romance read with plenty of incredible sex scenes.

You may want to read this one twice.

#9 Renegade Lady by Dawn Martins

Cover picture of the sexy MC Romance Story Renegade Lady by Dawn Martens

Jenna Chandler, who goes by Ice in her motorcycle club, thought she knew the rules.

But when she steps out of line, life as she knows it changes.

When she's rescued by the Renegade Sons MC, she hopes she's on a new path.

But when Ice learns that she has to earn her place in the club on her back, she wonders if true love will ever be a part of her life.

All changes after the Renegade Sons' president, Kidd, decides he wants Ice for himself, he has to break through her namesake exterior and prove his dedication.

Renegade Lady is a portrayal of a strong woman who isn't afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants.

#10 Clutch by Drew Elyse

Cover of the great MC Romance Book Clutch which is a story about change and embracing the wild side of life

Cami left the Savage Disciples motorcycle club life for a life she thought she wanted.

She's got a husband, a house, and a child but is it enough?

She finds herself resenting the mundane and turns to drugs and alcohol to cope.

When Gauge, a member of the Savage Disciples, shows up at her home, everything she thought she wanted flies out the window. Gauge sees more in Cami than just a housewife, and he thinks he's the perfect man to lead her back to her wild ways.

Clutch is a story of choices and regret. But it's also a story about change and embracing the wild side that lives in all of us.

Spice Up Your Life With These Biker MC Romance Series

Reading is a fantastic way to escape day-to-day life. But save the tame, vanilla titles for your neighborhood book club. Reading MC romance books is a pleasure you never have to feel guilty about.

And if you're in the mood for even more steamy reads, check out our top list of new titles that are sure to please in more ways than one.

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