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Rockstar Romance: What it is and which you have to read!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

There is something about the "average person" and a celebrity falling in love (and lust!) that is intriguing!

As you probably know, romance novels are one of the most popular genres of books. And, also no surprise, overall we women tend to prefer men who knows how to play the music. This has been proved even by a scientific study...

But: what exactly is a rockstar romance novel? And why do we love to read them?

A rockstar romance is a story that involves one character being adored by millions of people around the world who lives the "rock star" lifestyle and a "regular person." In other words, a celebrity meets a non-celebrity and they fall in love, despite all the challenges to making their relationship work.

Both the celebrity and the "boy or girl-next-door" know that they will have to make sacrifices and put in the work to succeed in their relationship.

With a backdrop of music, headlines, paparazzi, groupies, and other challenges, books written in the rockstar romance genre are never boring!

Read on to find out our top picks of rockstar romance books!

Picture showing a young rockstar singing a song used in an article about what is a Rockstar Romance Novel and why do we love Rockstar Romance Books

#1 Lick by Kylie Scott

Cover of Lick by Kylie Scott which is one of the Best Rockstar Romance Novels to read

If you love contemporary romance stories with unique, entertaining storylines, then Lick is for you!

It's a wild and funny story that combines great characters, a passionate rock-star crush, and a heartwarming, light-hearted story.

The rockstar romance plot revolves around Evelyn, who wakes up in a Las Vegas hotel room with a hangover, a new tattoo, and...a wedding ring.

She soon discovers that she is now married to a world-famous rock star named David - someone she never remembers meeting.

Evelyn tries to piece together the events of what happened the night she met her new husband without much success. But, with the world now watching their every move as a couple, they struggle with the challenges that come with such a high-profile relationship.

It's a sexy, passionate whirlwind of a ride as Evelyn and David decide whether or not to continue with their unexpected relationship adventure!

#2 You Really Got Me by Erika Kelly

Cover of the Rockstar Romance Novel You Really Got Me by Erika Kelly

Ambition is the fuel that lights the fire in You Really Got Me.

The heroine, Emmie Valencia, works hard to get her brother's band to the next level of fame. She knows it's her ticket to success.

One member of the band, confident lead singer Slater Vaughn, has a romantic interest in her, but she pushes him away to focus on her own ambition.

After an unplanned, fateful night that led to the two of them falling in love, Emmie is left reeling. She tries to juggle her fiery rock-star lover, her dreams, and all of the obstacles they must face but she is not convinced that she can do it and be happy in the end.

You Really Got Me is a sexy story fraught with romantic tension and energy. It has everything a lover of the rockstar romance genre will love - charismatic characters, a page-turning story, and the exciting build-up to an epic love story.

Want to read a really thrilling and steamy Rockstar Romance: Grab You Really Got Me!

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#3 Rock Addiction by Nalini Singh

Cover Picture of Rock Addiction which is a steamy and sexy Rockstar Romance Book which every woman who loves Rockstar Love Stories should read

People who love reading romance novels will enjoy this contemporary romance story that combines a spicy love story, the excitement of rockstar life, and the magic of fairytale love.

The heroine of the story, Molly Webster, has grown up in the shadow of an ugly public scandal and vows to live an ordinary life in the shadows.

But after she meets Zachary Fox, a bad boy rocker with a mesmerizing voice and a gentle touch, that quiet life is threatened to be overturned.

Their relationship begins with a one-night stand and then turns into a month-long romance with both of them expecting he'll be gone forever, never again to see each other again.

She will return to her quiet, anonymous life, and he, back to his rock-star lifestyle, which suits them both. Or does it?

#4 The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

Cover picture of the great sexy Rockstar Romance Story The Mighty Storm by Samantha Towle

The Mighty Storm is the amazing culmination of love, friendship, and music, and it's not always smooth sailing.

Tru Bennett, the story's heroine, saw her first love and best friend, Jake, move from England to America when she was just fourteen years old.

Flash forward twelve years, and Jake is the world's most famous rock star and the bad-boy fantasy of women across the globe.

Now a successful music journalist, Tru meets up with Jake, who invites her along with his band on a world tour. They vow to keep it strictly professional, but a flame is reignited with one problem - Tru's boyfriend, Will.

If you love contemporary stories about the one who got away and loved to be dazzled by a rockstar fantasy, The Mighty Storm is for you!

#5 Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning

Picture showing a dark guitar as cover of the steamy Rockstar Romance Novel Backstage Pass which is one of the Best Rock Romance Books of all time by Olivia Cunning

What do you get when you combine a sexy psychologist, a rock n' roll band, and a forbidden romance?

You get a Backstage Pass!

The aforementioned sexy psychologist is Myrna Evans, who goes on tour with the rock band, The Sinners to study the behavior of groupies.

Predictably, every member of the band tries to seduce her, but she only has her eyes on one of them - Brian Sinclair.

Brian, who is struggling with creative block, eventually ends up in bed with Myrna, who unlocks his creative genius.

She becomes his muse, inspiring him to write the best guitar riffs and solos he has ever written. The desire between grows to the point where he wants her, and only her, in his life. But, she is skeptical that this playboy rockstar could be her one and only.

Backstage Pass is a daring, sensual, and fulfilling read for die-hard romance and rockstar romance aficionados which love a little forbidden romance in their story!

#6 Thoughtless by S.C. Stephens

Cover picture of the great sensual Rockstar Romance Story Thoughtless by S. C. Stephens

Thoughtless, from the #1 New York Times bestselling author S.C. Stephens, is a gripping contemporary romance considered one of the best in Rocker Romance books.

Keira, the main character in the book, finds herself torn between Denny, her kind, devoted boyfriend, and Kellan, a local rock star.

While Denny settles into his dream job, Kiera leans more and more on her friendship with Kellan, who during one passionate night, goes from friend to lover, changing all of their lives forever.

The book triggers laughter and tears while entertaining us with a rockstar backdrop of music and passion.

Sexy enemies-to-lovers and reverse harem rockstare romance novel calles Lilac, cover picture from the book by B. B. Reid

A rockstar romance is the foundation of this steamy, dark rockstar love story that involves a reverse harem with Braxton Fawn at the center of it all.

So if you love a reverse harem combined with an enemies-to-lovers storyline (and really steamy scenes) - this one is a must-read for you!

Braxton is an aspiring musician who gets a call from a world-famous rock band in search of a fourth member.

She teams up with Houston, Loren, and Jericho, the three men who make up the rest of the band. As it turns out, her fellow band members are not so thrilled with her new appointment - she was not their first choice.

While playing gigs around the world in front of thousands of adoring fans and facing scrutiny and complications along the way, things take a turn. Braxton ends up falling into passionate love affairs - with all three of her bandmates.

#8 Halo by Ella Frank and Brooke Blaine

Picture of a young male Rock musician used on the cover picture of the the Gay or MM Rockstar Romance Book Halo by Ella Frank

Do you love books about rock n' roll, world tours, powerful people, and the passion it triggers, all spiced up by a gay love story?

Then, Halo is the read for you!

In this story, Viper, lead guitarist, and bad boy musician, spirals downwards, almost taking his dreams with him—until he meets Halo. Viper takes notice of his talent, but soon a blaze of passion overcomes them both.

On paper, it's a bad idea. Relationships between band members are typically discouraged and Halo is straight. But, in rock n' roll as in life, passions run, which is certainly the case between Viper and Halo.

With great chemistry, sexual tension, and page-turning excitement, fans of rocker romance books will enjoy this one!

#9 Drive by Kate Stewart

Cover picture of the top Rockstar Romance Novel Drive by Kate Stewart

At the start of Drive, the main character Stella is at the pinnacle of her life.

She has a successful career as a music journalist and enviable friendships, and at the core of it all is her biggest passion - music.

Stella receives a call one day that changes everything and takes the readers on a journey through her past.

As Stella drives to her destination, the source of the mysterious call, she listens to the music and replays the memories of her time with the two men who changed the course of her life.

Drive is a complicated, emotional read written using the thread of her loves - her romantic ones but also the love of music that has shaped her life.

This page-turner will satisfy every lover of contemporary romance books and is one of the top rockstar romances on the market today.

Lesbian Musician Love Romance Story Perfect Rhythm by Jae

This rocker romance is a lesbian love story between a burned-out pop star and an asexual woman.

Singer Leontyne Blake has known success and love but it's a long time since she really feels the heart-pumping excitement of being famous and the tingling sensation of being in love.

When her father has a stroke, she leaves the spotlight behind and returns to her small Missouri hometown to help him recover.

It's there that she meets Holly, who impresses her because she is unlike all of the other women that she has known, especially in the fact that she is asexual.

Perfect Rhythm combines the passion for music, the expectations of love, and the different ways people can experience both.

It's a perfect unexpected example of a rockstar romance.

So if you like to read something new and completely different, Perfect Rhythm should definitely be on your personal shortlist!

#11 Sweet as Sin by J.T. Geissinger

Cover picture of the contemporary Rockstar Romance Story Sweet as Sin by J. T. Geissinger showing a hot man with a guitar

Sweet as Sin is the epitome of rockstar romance novels and will entice anyone who loves to read contemporary fiction.

In the story, Hollywood make-up artist Kat Reid loves her life, but when she needs a little help paying the bills, she agrees to work on the set of a rock video for the world-famous rock band Bad Habit.

Nico Nyx, the lead singer who is living every rock cliché imaginable, from sleeping with women to drinking heavily to partying late into the night, doesn't catch her eye at the start. But when Kat is tapped to play the sexy bride in the video, the chemistry between them heats up almost instantly.

Kat feels the yearning to be together, as does Nico, but is it just lust or is it really love?

Can he be a solid part of Kat's world or will she be one of the many women he has left behind?

#12 The Story of Us by Leslie Jones

Cover of the Dark Rockstar Romance Novel The Story of Us which is for everyone who loves dark and raw romance

The rocker romance, The Story of Us, tells us the story of Georgia Rae and Sean.

It's a raw, powerful, heart-wrenching story of love and friendship and the meaning of success and happiness.

Sean is a world-famous rock star who has chosen the "sex, drugs and rock n' roll" way of life.

Georgia has been a supportive sidekick since they were children, and he considers her one of the most important people in his life.

Georgia gets tired of the rockstar life and leaves Sean, moving on with her life until the rollercoaster of life brings them back together.

But, can a relationship be in the cards for them?

Do you want to read a contemporary fiction novel with a rocker flair that will tear at your emotions and pull at your heartstrings? Then The Story of Us is definitely one you have to read!

Rockstar Romance Books - who should read it

Rockstar romance books are at the intersection of love stories, music stories, and epic contemporary fiction. So everyone who loves to read steamy romance, music and the combination of celebrity meets "boy-or-girl-next door" should have a deeper look!

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