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Explore 10 Free Erotic Books worth your time

Updated: Jun 6

Erotic stories have been a part of human literature for centuries, providing a unique avenue for individuals to explore their fantasies, desires, and emotions in a fictional context.

While the genre is often met with varying degrees of acceptance, it remains a significant and widely consumed form of literature. And thanks to offerings like Kindle Unlimited, you can read a lot of great Erotic Books for free.

Let's delve into the world of Free Erotic Books to understand what makes them compelling and why they continue to captivate readers.

And if you're new to the genre of Erotic Literature, we'll show you the 10 best books that are definitely worth starting with - and which you can read for free if you own a Kindle Unlimited account!

Sexy man and woman having a romantic time in a bathtub




What Are Erotic Books?

Erotic stories are a genre of literature that focuses on the portrayal of sexual themes, relationships, and experiences. These stories use vivid language and detailed narratives to evoke sensual and erotic feelings in the reader.

They can vary widely in content, ranging from romantic and passionate encounters to more explicit and taboo subjects like Erotic Mind Control, BDSM or the like.

However, the primary purpose is to engage readers in a narrative that explores the intricacies of human sexuality - and of course to entertain, inspire and transport readers into a world full of emotions..

The Allure of Free Erotic Books

So for us, Erotic Books have the following purpose and, as a consequence, quality Erotica must have the according features:

Escapism and Fantasy

Erotic stories provide a safe and controlled environment for readers to explore their fantasies and desires without judgment. They allow individuals to step into a world of imagination and experience scenarios that may not be possible or socially acceptable in real life.

Emotional Connection

Well-crafted erotic stories go beyond physical acts and delve into the emotional aspects of relationships. We as readers can connect with characters on a deeper level, experiencing their vulnerabilities, desires, and the complexity of human emotions.

Artistic Expression

Writers often use erotic stories as a form of artistic expression. Through carefully chosen words and descriptions, they can create an atmosphere that resonates with us, eliciting a wide range of emotions and sensations.

Inherent Human Curiosity

We all are naturally curious about sex and relationships. Erotic books cater to this curiosity, providing a platform for individuals to explore and understand different facets of human intimacy.

Safe Exploration

Erotic books offer a safe space for everyone to explore their sexual preferences and curiosities without engaging in real-world experiences. This controlled environment allows for self-discovery and the development of a deeper understanding of one's desires.

Cultural and Historical Significance

Throughout history, erotic literature has been a part of various cultures, serving as a reflection of societal attitudes towards sex. Today, the genre continues to evolve, reflecting changing perspectives on sexuality and relationships.


If you are seeking a thrilling escape into the realm of the sensual, we provide a treasure trove of free erotic books and stories that promise to ignite the imagination.

But we know how hard it can be to find the right examples to get started.

So here are ten enticing selections, each with a unique storyline, captivating qualities, and a specific appeal to various readers.

However: Quality typically has its price!

So in our selection we show you 10 top books that meet our quality standards. Furthermore, these are books from different genres of erotic literature, so there should be something for everyone. However, in order to keep our quality promise, we restricted our selection to books which are free via Kindle Unlimited, but cost a few bucks if you choose not to use Kindle Unlimited.

As a regular reader, especially of steamy stories, we definitely recommend you take a closer look at the Kindle Unlimited program.


You can get all the books in the selection completely free if you simply take advantage of the Kindle Unlimited 30-day free trial subscription.

#1 Very Loving Wives by Guy New York

Cover of the Sexy Erotic Book called Very Loving Wives which can be read for Free through Kindle Unlimited

Let's start with a "in-your-face" Erotic Book, a Book which takes no detours to get to the point...

Erotica Tales of Hotwives, Vixens, and Stags, definitely the best erotic story collection with unbelievably erotic wives.

This collection of eight sexually-charged tales are of literotica loving wives in various steamy scenarios.

These loving wives are not satisfied with their current existence, often choosing to sleep with other men, occasionally biting off more than they can chew.

If you want a delicious romp of loving wife stories, this book is a must read!

#2 Because they wanted to by Mary Gaitskill

Steamy Free Erotic Book called Because they Wanted to

This collection of short stories is another erotic masterpiece for Mary Gaitskill.

Delving deep beneath the polished exterior we project to the world, "Because we wanted" uncovers the intriguing interplay between our public personas and the hidden depths of our darker thoughts and wishes.


With a blend of brutal honesty and sharp wit, Mary Gaitskill weaves tales that are both amusingly unsettling and thought-provoking. These stories, exchanged in hushed tones on airplane seats or shared over leisurely lunches, peel back the layers of the self-affirming narratives we cling to for strength and connection.


For those who appreciate literary fiction with a tantalizing twist of eroticism and a dose of sardonic humor, this novel is a must-read. Its bold exploration of human nature is as challenging as it is raw, promising an unflinching journey into the complexities of the human psyche.

#3 Fixed on You by Laurelin Paige

Cover of one of the Best Free Erotic Books you can read which is called Fixed on You by Laurelin Paige

In the captivating world of "Fixed on You" by Laurelin Paige, Alayna Wither and Hudson Pierce find themselves bound by their shared struggles with compulsive behavior and shadowy pasts.


As their paths intertwine, the burning question arises: can they offer each other solace and healing, or will their relentless obsessions stand in the way of their pursuit for true happiness?


This steamy tale stands out in Erotic Fiction: it ignites passion without leaving readers hanging on the edge of a cliff.

Yes, you read that right—no cliffhangers here!

But don't let that fool you; "Fixed on You" keeps you glued tot he pages from start to finish, ensuring you'll eagerly devour the entire trilogy. With a tantalizing blend of sensuality and suspense, this book guarantees an unforgettable journey. And believe me: the sex scenes are scorching hot.


But it's not just about the steamy scenes - Laurelin Paige weaves a compelling storyline, complete with well-developed characters and electrifying chemistry that leaps off the page. From the sparkling dialogue to the complex dynamics between Alayna and Hudson, every aspect of this novel is designed to captivate and enthrall.


In short, "Fixed on You" earns a resounding endorsement for its intoxicating blend of arousal and intrigue—a must-read for fans of erotic fiction craving a story that sizzles in all the right ways



#4 Forbidden to Love by Siobhan Davies

Best Free Mafia Romance Book called Forbidden to Love by Siobhan Davies

Category: Mafia Romance

Meet Natalia Mazzone, the cherished daughter of one of New York's most formidable dons. In the rigid hierarchy of the mob, honor and loyalty reign supreme, and Natalia has long accepted her fate as a promised bride to a made man.


But her story takes a tantalizing turn when she shares a forbidden night with Leo, her brother's closest confidant and a soldier in the Mazzone clan. Despite their undeniable connection, they both understand the risks and impossibility of a future together.


Years pass, and Leo ascends to the esteemed rank of Underboss. When their paths converge once more, the magnetic pull between them remains as potent as ever. And both find themselves unable to resist…


"Forbidden Love" is a spellbinding standalone tale that will enrapture aficionados of dark mafia and forbidden romance.

So if stories of clandestine passions and the irresistible pull of forbidden desires is your thing: that one is for you!

#5 Dark Wild Night by Christina Lauren

Best Free Romance Book from the genre Accidental Romance called Dark Wild Night which you can read for free on Kindle Unlimited

Unlike in most Accidental Romance stories, Lola and Oliver, the two heroes of «Dark Wild Night», share a history that stretches back for years.


Waking up in each other's arms the morning after their impromptu wedding in Las Vegas feels oddly comforting for Lola and Oliver. They breathe a collective sigh of relief, grateful that their deep friendship remains intact despite the unexpected outcome of Wild Night.


Yet beneath the surface, Lola harbors a secret longing for Oliver that has simmered since the day they first met. Entranced by his sexy Aussie accent and the effortless connection they share, she can't help but wonder if their accidental marriage is just the starting point for more.


But as the days pass, uncertainty gnaws at Lola's heart. Does Oliver reciprocate her feelings, or is she merely caught in a one-sided fantasy?


With time running out before their marriage dissolves, Lola grapples with the fear of never knowing the truth.

Will Oliver find the courage to confess his true emotions before it's too late, or will their chance at love slip through their fingers?

#6 Surrender by Melody Anne

Cover of great Erotic Book Surrender which you can read for Free via Kindle Unlimited

“Submit” is an exciting follow-up to one of the USA and NYT's best-selling book by Melody Anne, “Surrender”.

In this Erotic Romance Story, Arianna Harlow, the heroine in this series, faces an impossible ultimatum she never imagined she would be in. Arianna is caught in a decision to protect her loved-ones and keeping her dignity.




Raffaelo Palazzo (what a name) proposed to make her stay at his side as his 'purchased' mistress, giving him full control over her in his world and his bedroom. In return her loced-ones will be protected.


This Melody Anne four-part series tale is a story of two opposite personalities. A classic story of a good girl meets bad-boy-turned-decent-guy by a hot woman who melts his icy heart away.


However, going through the pages of Submit, we were easily carried away with the story:

Melody does so great exposing the characters in their real sense, it made me vividly see and have an imagination of how each character thinks, behaves and feels.

#7 Strings by Ian Snow

Cover of the Free Erotic Mind Control Book called Strings by Ian Snow

You need a fresh perspective in the realm of erotic romance?

Then look no further than "Strings" by Ian Snow.


The way Ian Snow opens up a man’s perspective on sex, especially with multiple women, is eye opening.

Through the eyes of protagonist Rob, readers gain a newfound understanding of how men perceive both women and sex - an experience that's both enlightening and thought-provoking.


While it's important to note that Snow's portrayal doesn't purport to represent every man's perspective, it serves as a captivating departure from the conventional sweetness found in many female-authored romances.


Now, let's delve into the captivating world of "Strings."


Meet Rob - a man with a remarkable ability to manipulate minds, a gift bestowed upon him by an experimental treatment for early-onset Alzheimer's. With a penchant for women and the assistance of his alluringly capable assistant, Pin, Rob navigates a world of seduction with ease.


But when Racheal unexpectedly enters his life, recommended by Pin herself, Rob finds himself caught by a wave of emotions he never felt before. Rob must confront himself with the possibility that love may have finally found its way into his carefully curated world of pleasure.

#8 My Darling Arrow by Saffron A. Kent

Cover of the best Erotic Book with a Virgin Heroe which one can read for free through Kinlde Unlimited

For fans of a Slow Burn mixed with a forbidden romance, "My Darling Arrow" is the perfect book for your next read!

Salem Salinger is so infatuated with her older sister's boyfriend, Arrow, that she goes to a reform school to escape him. Unfortunately for her, Arrow finds himself staffed as the school's soccer coach. After staying away for so long, Salem is overwhelmed by the close proximity she finds herself in.

Tired of being perfect his entire life, Arrow seeks release in the form of intimacy with Salem. But it isn't long before the purely physical relationship unwittingly becomes something more.

Fans of dirty talk will rejoice at the sensual banter between Arrow and Salem, and the drama that surrounds their relationship will keep you turning all 537 pages at lightning speed.

#9 Stocking Stuffer by Jack Ryder

Cover of the sexy erotic Cheating Wife Book Stocking Stuffer by Jack Ryder

Category: Cheating Wife

At number 9, once again a book that has much more "in-your-face" eroticism.

Stocking Suffer is about an erotic fantasy that we find all too often, but probably in the vast majority of cases remains just that - a fantasy.

But that's exactly what we love about erotica:
Fantasies are there to be committed in a safe environment, without anyone getting hurt.

This story is about Jane, her neighbor Jack and Jane's barely adult daughter Stacey.


Jack Ryder manages to intertwine feelings and desires to create a fascinating plot. All, of course, peppered with hot eroticism. Whether Jack plays along with Jane and Stacey's plan or asserts his own desires is something you'll have to find out for yourself.

#10 Misbehaved by Charleigh Rose

Cover of the sizzling Erotic Age Gap Romance Book Misbehaved

Category: Age Gap Romance

Pairing: Younger woman, older man

Age Gap: 11 years

Misbehaved is a slow burn, following Remington Stringer. Remi is 18-years-old, brazen, and strong-willed.

Without a mother and a strained relationship with her father, she all but fends for herself.

However, her stepbrother is developing a dangerous obsession with her, and she seizes the first opportunity to escape. Remi earns herself a scholarship to one of the best private schools in the state, and she wastes no time in getting away from home.

At her new school, she finds herself enamored with her professor, Mr. James. Mr. James is aloof, stubborn, difficult to connect with, and totally dreamy. Remi's bold and outspoken behavior has her caught up in a whirlwind romance.

You are not alone - enjoy the freedom

At Filthybooks, we follow the mission driven by Amanda: We love steamy and sexy literature in all its forms, from sweet to sexy, and are always here for you so that you always have the right reading at the right time!

So if you haven't found exactly what you want to read next - discover the whole world of erotic literature here on Filthybooks.


You definitely shouldn't miss our own Free Sexy Stories - completely free and only available here!

You will see: the world of erotic literature is almost inexhaustible!

Discover Filthybooks: get a Free E-Book!

Book Cover of Erotic Romance Story Forbidden Complication by Filthybooks

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Then do not miss to grab our FREE Erotic E-Book!

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