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Erotic Doctor & Erotic Nurse Stories which will get your Juices flowing

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

When it comes to sexy lead characters, hardly does anything get the blood pumping like a seductive hero.

When that hero comes in the form of a doctor or nurse, well, is there really anything that tops heroes in the medical profession?

When speaking in terms of sexual fantasy, stories that contain smoking hot doctors and nurses are always at the top of the list. Why?
Simply because there is nothing sexier than a man or woman in uniform.

After all, who doesn’t love a guy or gal who can do CPR and look incredibly erotic doing it? Not to mention imagining all the other ways doctors and nurses can arouse and entice just by walking into work.

Still, not everyone has a doctor or nurse handy when the need strikes and for that there are books... thank god!

Picture of a young sexy doctor. Symbol for Erotic Doctor Stories

Here are ten winners that will feature hot doctors, smoking, sexy nurses and explicit sex that will leave you salivating! Or simply: Erotic Doctor and Erotic Nurse Stories to get your juices flowing!

10 Erotic Doctor and Nurse Stories which will keep you awake at Night

#1 The Night Nurse: An Erotic Short Story by Robyn Cain

Book Cover The Night Nurse of Robyn Cain. Erotic Nurse Story

First is Robyn Cain’s The Night Nurse: An Erotic Short Story. Night Charge Nurse Angie Best has it bad for Dr. Ray Marcus. And although he hasn’t made a move, she’s convinced he’s headed in that direction. When she’s offered an opportunity to work with him, she jumps at the chance in hopes that he’ll get the hint and finally alleviate her aching need to get down and dirty in a sterile environment.

Robyn Cain does a superb job of keeping the reader on edge as Angie hatches her plan to seduce and secure the good Doctor in The Night Nurse.

Get your copy here!

#2 Med Rom Series by Kristine Dugger

Book Cover of Pulse of the Med Rom Series by Kristine Dugger a Erotic Doctor and Nurse Story

The Med Rom Series by Kristine Dugger contains the two short books Flatline and Pulse and is the second pick in our list.

Paige is an expert in her field of nutrition. Excellence in food delivery and options for every patient at the hospital where she works is her first priority. After that it gets a little tricky, because while Paige loves her job, her personal life is sort of circling the drain.

Six months prior, Paige chose Jake her safer, risk-free boyfriend and ended things with Leo, the super-hot, sex-god emergency department doctor who haunts her dreams - her words, not mine. With Leo firmly planted in her mind, can Paige ever really give Jake the devotion he needs or will she realize that safer isn’t always better?

To be honest: when you really want to understand what Paige went through, you must read Flatline first. Reading the whole Med Rom Series will give you a story which shows the good and bad parts about falling in love, about making mistakes and most important about learning to forgive!

And trust me: the sex scenes are really, really hot and will change the way you will look at Strawberries in future...

Get your copy here!

#3 My First Exam: Medical Age Play Erotica by Eroticam Novel

Book Cover of My First Exam by Eroticam Novels. Cover showing a sexy woman for erotic doctor and nurse stories and other short erotic stories.

Eroticam Novels has an anthology of erotic medical stories about naughty nurses and indecent doctors that’s sure to satisfy all your sexy healthcare needs. In My First Exam: Medical Age Play you’ll first meet Megan and John. John’s in the hospital, a place he hates, and isn’t happy about it. But when his nurse, Megan, tells him he’s got a glucose screening at noon, he’s a bit confused when the elevator they’re in doesn’t seem to move anywhere. Then Megan shows him exactly why the elevator is on ‘hold.’

Fast moving and sweetly short, these stories are meant for quick arousal and sensual eroticism that’s as panty melting as it gets.

A negative point about this book however has to be mentioned: only the two first stories are real Medical Erotic Stories. In the rest of this Erotic Anthalogy you get sexy short stories about a cop, a firefighter and a professor. But hey, if you look for a book with very steamy and satisfying sex scenes and for some high-heat doctor stories, it is for sure worth its prize!

Get your copy here!

Book Cover The Naughty One by Michelle Love Erotic Doctor and Nurse Story

There’s almost nothing better than a good, sexy read for the holidays. Michelle Love does a great job in The Naughty One: A Doctor’s Christmas Romance story and that's why she is our pick number 4.

Romy and Blue are about to be tied together as family in a weird twist of fate that has this surgical doctor and a subordinate nurse falling all over each other.

Romy Sasse doesn’t have a problem admitting that her boss, surgeon Blue Allende is smoking hot. Her issues lie in the fact he’s her boss and about to become her stepbrother. With Christmas quickly approaching, Blue’s father is about to marry Romy’s mother, but the two of them can’t keep their hands off each other long enough to care about the ceremony.

While Romy doesn’t want to fall in love, falling into bed is apparently an option and these two will take obvious and frequent advantage of any chance they get.

But will they learn that family means more than just being related, or will family ties tear them apart?

Get your copy here!

Book Cover Doctor Harris, Give me a Hand. Sexy Erotic Doctor Story, Erotic Medical Examination Story

Doctor Harris, Give Me A Hand is a playful, flirty romantic affair - penned by Ava Myer - between a young woman and her sexy doctor. When Melanie Irwin gets a very early morning call from her grandaunt, she begrudgingly answers the phone, informing her loving and kinky relative that it’s too early, even for birthday calls. Her aunt laughs it off and after some playful flirting with her bed partner gets down to the business of gifting her grandniece with a visit to the clinic. But much to Melanie’s surprise It's not just a checkup she’s going in for and Melanie finds herself irrevocably caught up with the oh so good and super sexy Doctor Harris.

Get your copy here!

#6 Doctor Daddy Dom by Viv Velvet

In Doctor Daddy Dom by Viv Velvet, you’ll meet the virtuous and naive Millie Becker. After twisting her ankle, Millie takes a trip to the emergency room only to find herself face-to-face with the enigmatic, older and incredibly hot Dr. Wright.

As desires spike, Millie finds that the good doctor has an idea of how to help her out and it has little to do with her ankle.

Millie’s about to get an education in older, sexy and highly erotic BDSM and she’ll work to pass this doctor’s test.

Doctor Daddy Dom is a nicely written short Erotic Story which combines age gap, BDSM and Medical Erotica in a sweet and sexy way.

Get your copy here!

#7 Reckless: An Erotic Romance by Anna Jaye Wilde

Book Cover Reckless by Anna Jaye Wilde. Erotic Doctor and Nurse Story

In Reckless: An Erotic Romance, the first in a trilogy of the Doctors, Nurses and Desire series from Anna Jaye Wilde, will leave you wishing you could hop into Gemma’s world, just for that instant fire. Gemma Lewis is a brand-new doctor, fresh out of her residency; she’s on her first job without any safety net and the pressure, especially the emotional toll, is intense to say the least. But when the Chief of Staff, Wade Joseph singles Gemma out, she’s more than willing to play along, and sleeping her way to the top of her field isn’t out of the question either. Because who said being a little Reckless couldn’t be fun?

If you are searching for a short story with a panty melting Doctor, Reckless is the right choice: Dr. Wade Joseph is one of the hottest Doctors you could dream of.

Get your copy here!

#8 Tempted by Dr. Oh by Suze Snow

Erotic Doctor Story Book Cover of Tempted by Dr. Oh by Suze Snow

Tempted By Dr. Oh by Suze Snow isn’t your mother’s magazine fodder. Or maybe it is. Either way, you’ll enjoy the flirty foreplay in this first-time sexual discovery story. Dr. Oh is a gynecologist and she’s seen it all, but when the sweetly innocent Veronica confides in her, she’ll show the newly accepted young woman just how good it can be to entertain an older woman who knows her body inside and out. Will Veronica get the satisfaction she’s looking for from the older MILF?

Tempting by Dr. Oh is a very short but awesomely steamy Lesbian Erotic Story which will give you 40 minutes of pure fun!

Get your copy here!

Book Cover The Kinky Doctor House Call by Edward Laste. Erotic Doctor Story

Edward Laste showcases a doctor who’s into kink in his offering: The Kinky Doctor’s House Call. Abigail’s a little gun shy when it comes to men. So much so that she’s basically become a recluse in her home, unwilling to risk meeting anyone new. Her past relationships have sucked so bad, she can’t fathom trying again.

When her friend, Nora, sets up an appointment with a doctor who helped her, Abigail only agrees on the condition that the doctor come to her. When he shows up, however, Abigail is astounded by the doctor’s capabilities and just how easy it is to respond to his touch. Will Abigial find the cure to her agoraphobia in the talented hands of the kinky doctor?

The Kinky Doctor's House Call is also a very short, but very fun and steamy read which gives you a good 40 minutes of sensual dreaming.

Get your copy here!

#10 Spanked by the Doctor by Lauren Pain

Our final offering in this top ten list is Spanked by the Doctor by Lauren Pain. When Stacy starts a new job at a prestigious doctor’s office, she makes more mistakes than her fair share, something that doesn’t slip the attention of her boss. Positive she’s about to be fired, Stacey wonders if she can convince the good doctor to keep her employed by submitting to a sexy and sensual agreement that will give him the dominant hand and help her hone her oral examination skills.

Spanked by the Doctor is not a Short Erotic Story, it's a very short one. But it provides you exactly with what we are sometimes looking for: a half-hour getaway in a world of Erotica between steamy Doctors and sexy Nurses!

Get your copy here!

Waste Not, Want Not

Reading is like opening a new adventure with every book. Even books in a series or trilogy offer new or advanced perspectives, deeper dives into the details of time and place and a renewed sense of relationship. Characters become friends and one finds a place in their heart for the best of those friends to live forever.

The same is true for lovers, no matter how they come together, for they too live on in our hearts and minds for an eternity whenever we open a book that contains their story. And whenever we open a new book, discover new places, new desires and curiosities, we give a little bit more of ourselves over to self-discovery. Trust me: this works so nicely, especially when it comes to erotic romance. Whether your preference is a hot little affair, a smoking hot set of characters in uniform or a secret tryst with multiple participants, books have the power to transport us outside our own lives to live vicariously through the lives of those characters that grace the pages of our favorite novels.

So choose your Erotic Doctor or Erotic Nurse Story out of the list accordingly: do you want a long 'affair' or just a 'short One Night Stand' exploring new sensual experiences? It's completely up to you!

And if you are then up to some new adventures, check out our other suggestions of steamy books: whether you want something especially suited for Women or want to have a story of alternating emotions when enemies turn into lovers - we have them all for you!

**All the stories are intended for adults age 18+ as they contain aspects of BDSM, dominance, submission, kink and other adult themes. **


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