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Your Guide to the Best Erotic Hypnosis Novels

Updated: Feb 14

Are you looking for a steamy and seductive read that will keep you captivated from beginning to end?

Look no further than the world of erotic hypnosis novels. These books offer a blend of hypnotic suggestions, sensual scenes, and captivating storylines that are sure to leave you wanting more.

But what is erotic hypnosis? And how does it differ from other forms of hypnosis?

In this article, we'll explore the psychology behind it, and the controversy surrounding mind control in literature.

We’ll give you a list of some of the best erotic hypnosis novels on the market today.

Get ready for some hypnosis!

picture of a sexy looking woman used as cover picture of an article about the best erotic hypnosis stories and best erotic hypnosis books



First of all we have a short look at what Erotic Hypnosis actually is, how it works and how it differs from Mind Control.

If you want to skip that part and directly want to know which books to read next, have a look here!

What is Erotic Hypnosis?

It is a type of hypnosis that stimulates sexual arousal and enhance sexual experiences. It is a consensual form of hypnosis that involves the use of suggestive language and imagery.

This helps the subject achieve a heightened state of sexual pleasure.

How Does it Work?

Erotic hypnosis taps into the subject's subconscious to create a sense of intense arousal and sexual pleasure. The hypnotist uses suggestive language and imagery to guide the subject into a trance-like state. They then become more receptive to suggestions.

Once the subject is in a trance, the hypnotist uses their words and suggestions to create sexual fantasies that the subject experiences.

The goal of erotic hypnosis is to create a heightened sense of sexual arousal and pleasure that the subject can then carry over into their physical experiences. Erotic hypnosis can enhance sexual experiences with a partner, or for solo pleasure.


The psychology behind erotic hypnosis is complex and misunderstood. It uses suggestive language and imagery to release hormones and chemicals linked to sexual pleasure in the brain.

This can help people overcome sexual fears and inhibitions. In a safe and controlled environment, subjects can experience sexual pleasure. This makes them more comfortable with their sexuality and more open to new experiences.

Erotic Hypnosis vs. Other Forms of Hypnosis

Erotic hypnosis differs from traditional hypnosis in that it focuses on enhancing sexual pleasure rather than treating psychological issues. It requires a high level of trust and consent between the hypnotist and the subject.

This trust creates safe and enjoyable sexual experiences. Without these elements, it can be dangerous and traumatic.

Mind Control in Erotic Hypnosis Novels

Erotic hypnosis novels explore the theme of mind control. Someone hypnotizes a character and forces them to do things that they wouldn't do.

Mind control in erotic hypnosis novels creates a sense of power and control over the hypnotized character. This leads to heightened sexual tension and arousal.

Using mind control, the hypnotist gains complete power over the character's thoughts and actions. The power dynamic helps them to explore themes of domination and submission. This leads to intense sexual arousal and pleasure.

The hypnotist uses suggestive language and imagery to guide the hypnotized character into a trance-like state. This makes them more susceptible to suggestions. Once the character is under hypnosis, the hypnotist uses suggestions to manipulate their thoughts and actions.

The Controversy of Mind Control in Literature

The use of mind control in literature, and erotic hypnosis novels, is a controversial topic.

Some argue that it perpetuates harmful stereotypes. It reinforces the idea that it is acceptable to manipulate and control others for one's pleasure.

Others argue that mind control in literature is a fantasy and that you should not take it seriously. They argue that it is up to the individual reader to decide whether to engage with these fantasies. It is not the responsibility of authors to censor their work.

I think it is obvious to which arguments we agree more...



Difference Between Mind Control and Hypnosis

While mind control and hypnosis are similar, they are not the same thing. Hypnosis is a state of focused attention and relaxation that you can induce through suggestion. It is useful in many situations, such as reducing anxiety or quitting smoking.

Mind control refers to a deliberate attempt to manipulate someone's thoughts or behavior through various techniques. This includes hypnosis, brainwashing, or coercion.

Mind control is associated with unethical practices. It continues to be a topic of controversy.

In hypnosis, the person undergoing hypnosis has control over their thoughts and actions. They are free to reject any suggestions that do not align with their beliefs or values. In contrast, mind control tries to take away a person's free will and force them to act in a certain way.

While there are similarities between hypnosis and mind control, it is important to understand the difference between them. Hypnosis is a therapeutic tool that can help people achieve positive outcomes. Mind control is a manipulative technique that can have harmful effects on individuals and society as a whole.

Erotic Hypnosis Novels

They have gained popularity in recent years, exploring the potential for mind-body connections in sexual exploration. These works of fiction feature characters who are either hypnotists or subjects of hypnotic control.

They delve into the power dynamics and intense experiences that arise from this form of play.

And, importantly: Erotic hypnosis novels are often characterized by their steamy stories and sensual scenes. These elements capture the reader's attention and immerse them in the story.

Here are some of the best in class:

#1 Roommate Corruption by Neil Bimbeau

Cover picture of one of the best Erotic Hypnosis Novels Roommate Corruption by Neil Bimbeau

This erotic hypnosis novel focuses on the complex power dynamic between two roommates.

Craig has been using hypnosis to turn his busty and nerdy roommate Alexa into a non-stop sexual thrill ride. But he wants more than a girlfriend; he wants a companion who shares his love of hypnosis.

When Alexa agrees to be hypnotized to spice things up in the bedroom, Craig slips triggers into her mind and turns all the women in their lives into slutty, bimbo whores.

But the battle between the good girl Alexa used to be and the hypnosis-loving mistress she's become is tearing her mind apart.

Will Craig give up his dream of having a perfect, corrupt hypnotic partner, or will he push hypnosis to new limits?

How you can enjoy great Erotic Romance Books for FREE!

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Nowadays, you can experience a lot of great steamy stories in a new, highly exciting way, wherever and whenever you want!

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#2 Desire Taken by Shannon Anthony

Cover Picture of the Erotic Hypnosis Story, Erotic Hypnosis Novel Desire Taken showing a naked man

WhBren a man answers an Internet ad for hypnosis to fulfill his deepest desires, he is met with a skeptical hypnotist.

As he lies on the couch, the hypnotist commands him to take off his shoes and lean back.

She leans forward, revealing her large breasts, and he looks away sheepishly.

He hopes her smile wasn't sadistic as he submits to her hypnosis.

Definitely worth a look, isn't it?

#3 Brainwashing Her by Kat Hailey

Sexy Hypnosis Romance Novel cover picture of Brainwashin Her by Kat Hailey

Lacey moves in with her boyfriend and his hypnotist roommate.

Damon wants to hypnotize her and take control of her mind and body.

He brainwashes her, enslaves her co-workers and yoga class, and gives her an oral fixation for popsicles and lollipops. Lacey resists at first, but living under Damon's roof makes it harder for her to resist.

She finds herself wanting to obey Damon's commands, watch the pretty spirals, and listen to the pretty music. Lacey eventually surrenders to Damon's hypnosis and becomes his obedient slave.

Definitely a storyline with a lot of controversy, but definitely high very exciting and sexy read!



#4 Giving Him Control by Ariel Song

Cover picture of the sexy and funny erotic hypnosis book Giving Him Control by Ariel Song

A plus-sized woman decides to seek therapy to improve herself.

Unbeknownst to her, her therapist is an attractive dominant male who is interested in testing new theories on her.

He plans to use hypnosis to boost her self-confidence and engage in sexual activities with her.

A really sexy alpha-male hypnosis novel which is very sexy and funny to read!

#5 The Golden Artifact by Jada Lynn

Cover of the best lesbian erotic hypnosis story the Golden Artifact by Jada Lynn

As I think one of the best lesbian hypnosis novels of all time!

Lindsay Kraven, a successful archeologist, has it all except for the love of her life, her best friend Mandy.

Lindsay finds solace in a powerful artifact she discovered, rumored to control minds.

She tests its power on Mandy, who becomes her pet, fulfilling Lindsay's desires.

But things take an unexpected turn in this erotica story with explicit sex scenes.

By the way: for more sexy lesbian romance, have a look here!

#6 The Alpha Tomb by Neil Bimbeau

Picture of the cover of the sexy and steamy Erotic Hypnosis Book The Alpha Tomb by Neil Bimbeau

Archeologist Adam Roth has always been a successful tomb raider, but his personal life is far from perfect.

His marriage is falling apart because he wants an heir, something his wife can't provide. Then, he discovers the tomb of a Pharaoh rumored to have the power to control a harem of women.

After Adam gains this power, the women around him become eager to serve and fulfill his every desire.

He struggles with the temptation to become the dominant alpha male he's always wanted to be and the consequences it may have on his marriage.

How will he decide?

#7 Taking the Librarian by Nadia Nightside

Cover picture of Something Wilder which is a great sexy and funny Action Romance Book to read

Adam, a lonely and nerdy guy, fantasizes about controlling beautiful women.

He downloads a mysterious app promising to make his desires come true. He soon finds himself stuck doing community service with three gorgeous girls.

The app allows him to control any hot babe he wants, including the librarian. He can make them do anything sexually he imagines, even have them begging for more.

However, his actions have consequences, and controlling a natural submissive has serious repercussions for his new life.

Taking the Librarian is exactly what you think it is: a super hot piece of smut where a geeky teen boy gets a hot librarian under his will.

So if you want a story with a lot of sex - here it is!

#8 Yes Sir By Neil Bimbeau

Cover picture of Yes Sir which is a steamy erotic hypnosis book by Neil Bimbeau

These five erotic tales feature ordinary women who have a hidden desire to be obedient slaves to their master's every command. They can be anyone, from a professional woman to a girl next door or a MILF.

Using hypnosis and mind control, their submissive side is unleashed, making them willing to fulfill any fantasy.

The stories include a teacher being hacked, hipster girls being brainwashed, and a best friend being hypnotized.

These women learn the pleasures of submission, even if it means becoming a perfect bimbo whore.



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