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15 of the Best Lesbian Romance Books

Updated: Jan 23

There are plenty of lesbian romance books out there, but what about good lesbian romance books?

Save yourself the time combing through book reviews and unrealistic romance novels with our book recommendations.

Like our list of gay erotic fiction stories, these books celebrate sexual freedom, tension, joy, drama, and the heartbreak of being in love.

Sometimes you want steamy erotic lesbian books, and other times you want a wholesome romance novel. Or maybe a little bit of spice and nice together. Well, we have you covered with our list of the best lesbian romance books.

Lesbian Couple having Erotic Sex

Have a short look at the Top 10 Lesbian Romance Books!

Want a short overview?

Connect the headphones and let us carry you through the top 10!




The full selection of the best Lesbian Romance Books

After the short look, come on the journey and take a deep dive into not only the Top 10 Lesbian Romance Novels, but even our Top 15!

#1 One Last Stop by Casey McQuiston

Cover of Lesbian Romance Novel One Last Stop

Romance novels can be funny too, which One Last Stop successfully achieves. August is in her early twenties and moves to New York, but certainly not for romance. She has too many roommates, a job at a pancake diner, and an unexciting subway commute to keep her busy instead.

But as the best lesbian romance books show, sometimes there is no right time for love and all the time for excitement, literally, in this book.

August develops a crush on a fellow commuter, who is actually a 70s punk named Jane. It turns out she is lost in time. Talk about adding an extra layer of magic and fate to love.

This is your book if you like pancakes, can tolerate a bit of PDA on public transport, and want a supernatural element. There is also a solid queer community and plenty of side stories to follow too.

#2 Her Best Friend's Sister by Meghan O'Brien

Cover of Steamy Erotic Lesbian Romance Book Her Best Friends Sister by Meghan O'Brien

A crush on a friend's sibling is never ideal, but it makes for a great romance novel. Claire Barker grew up with a crush on her best friend Sarah's handsome older sister Alex. The desire never goes away, even though Alex spends a lot of time abroad as a photographer.

However, Alex unexpectedly moves home, and after a wine-fuelled reunion, their relationship changes. This book is a romance as much as it can join lesbian erotica books.

There are a lot of explosive scenes to enjoy, with gender-play and strap-on sex incorporated well.

It is like one long love scene in the bedroom for most of the book, but the romance plot remains intact. As fantasy ends and reality begins, the characters have to determine if their relationship is worth it.

#3 The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith

Cover of Lesbian Romance Novel The Price of Salt by Patricia Highsmith

Patricia Highsmith has had a few of her stories made into movie adaptions, including the 2014 movie Carol.

However, when she wrote The Price of Salt, she had to write under a pseudonym (Claire Morgan), whereas her books about the murder were totally acceptable.

Thankfully, she can now own one of the best lesbian romance books and lesbian erotica books, thanks to the love's intensity, ecstasy, and obsession.

There is also an age gap, which appeals to some people!

You get to be a witness to the relationship between Therese, an aspiring stage designer working in a department store, and Carol, who is a wealthy married woman in the 1950s.

It is bittersweet, as it shows what happens when people act on desire and love, even with societal constraints. It is one of the erotic books for women that everyone should read.

#4 Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown

Cover of Lesbian Book Rubyfruit Jungle

Rubyfruit Jungle falls into the category of coming-of-age lesbian romance books. It is an autobiographical novel and also follows a character who ends up in New York to embrace her sexuality and dreams.

And spoiler, Rubyfruit Jungle is the name for female genitals in the book.

Yes, there are plenty of names out there. If you want a romance book with more than one romantic encounter and a character with a whole lot of self-love despite challenges, this is it.




#5 The Gravity Between Us by Kristen Zimmer

New Adult Lesbian Romance Book The Gravity between Us Book Cover

Do you remember your first kiss?

The Gravity Between Us captures the thrill of the first lesbian kiss between two childhood friends. This juicy new adult romance also throws in a Hollywood backdrop and celebrity life with the nostalgia of reuniting with the one that got away.

The main character is Kendall, who is conquering Hollywood, but feeling lost in the celebrity world. When she reunites with her best friend Payton, sparks begin to fly. Payton has always loved Kendall, which adds to the suspense.

It addresses issues such as questioning your sexuality but also has erotism and humor.

Be prepared to keep reading from start to finish.

#6 All That Matters by Susan X. Meagher

Lesbian Erotic Romance Book All the Matters by Susan Meagher

What are lesbian erotica books without a doctor to fall for?

All That Matters is one of the longer lesbian romance books on the list, but it is worth the perseverance.

You get to know the characters well, invest in their connection, and the pregnancy journey is covered in detail.

Will they or won't they?

Blair, a happily married woman, meets Kylie, who is happily gay and her doctor for reproductive support. Blair loves her husband and independence, but he wants a biological baby, whereas she is happy to adopt.

Kylie becomes the anchor Blair needs, but soon people begin to question their relationship, and they have to question it themselves.

#7 Satisfaction Guaranteed by Karelia Stetz-Waters

Lesbian Romance Book Cover of Satisfaction Guaranteed

You know it is one of the best erotic lesbian books when satisfaction is guaranteed.

The plot focuses on the idea that opposites attract. And while that can be debatable, in this case, it is undoubtedly true. However, it takes them a little time to realize it.

Cade and Selena meet when Cade inherits a sex toy shop, but both are not for sex right now, for very different reasons.

Can they find a successful way to save the shop and back to their sexuality?

There are spicy sex scenes but also sex-positivity throughout the book. This fun book finds a way to embrace erotica and also honor sexual wellbeing.

Cover of the Historical Steamy Lesbian Romance Novel Celestial Mechanics by Olivia Waite

This is one of the best historical lesbian romance novels to check out.

The book acknowledges issues relevant to the time (and sadly now), such as misogyny, domestic abuse, and homophobia, but it shows love conquers, and women are powerful.

Lucy is a young astronomer who gets invited to translate a groundbreaking French astronomy text. Little does she know who awaits her. Widower Catherine St. Day also is surprised at who shows up at her door.

Science and art soon come together as the women fall in love. If you enjoy historical romance novels and books for women that empower, then check this out.




#9 Written in the Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

Sexy and Erotic Lesbian Novel Written in the Stars Book Cover

Romance novels enjoy the 'fake date' scenario, and it is no exception with Written in the Stars.

Elle and Darcy have a terrible first date that will make you cringe, but the catch is that Elle works with Darcy's brother. Darcy does not want to be set up again, so somehow, she persuades Elle to fake a date.

Elle and Darcy are also opposites, but the physical and emotional chemistry between the characters is evident before they realize it. It will keep you reading until things get a little more steamy.

Enjoy well-written sex scenes and a solid storyline to match.

#10 Waiting in the Wings by Melissa Brayden

Lesbian Romance Book Cover of Waiting in the Wings

Waiting in the Wings is another book set in the world of celebrity. This time it was Broadway and the New York entertainment business. There is the element of teacher and student, married but lonely too, which are popular fantasies to indulge in.

Follow the main character of Jenna as she tells the romance from her perspective. After years of training and graduating from musical theater school, she is handed her dream job. And what is even better is Adrienne Kenyon is headlining the production.

Soon priorities are thrown out the window as the chemistry overcomes them. Despite their promise to keep it casual, the romance soon develops.

Will Jenna stick with her career or follow her heart?

#11 Annie on My Mind by Nancy Garden

Young Adult lesbian romance novel Annie on my Mind by Nancy Garden
Imagine: This young adult lesbian romance book was burned and temporarily banned in Kansas.

However, it prevailed and has not been out of print since.

It follows a love story of two teenage girls who start as friends then realize it is more. Adolescent love is captured perfectly, with all the tenderness, excitement, and awkwardness.

Despite being published in the early 80s, it is still one of the best lesbian romance books and has relevance today.

So if you haven't read it yet - it is definitely time to grab it!

Lesbian Romance Book In Another Place Book Cover

Dionne Brand is a poet, so you know her prose is going to be good. This sensuous novel brings together two worlds through Elizete and Verila. You get to experience both their perspectives, as they narrate half the book each.

Verlia is part of the Black Power Movement and returns to Trinidad to start a revolution for sugarcane workers whose work conditions are poor.

She meets Elizete, a sugarcane worker who becomes her lover. They end up back in Canada, with all the challenges it brings.

Read In Another Place, Not Here if you enjoy romance novels that also address critical issues such as immigration.

It gives voice to Caribbean women who have immigrated to Canada too.

#13 Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers

Erotic Lesbian Book cover Honey Girl by Morgan Rogers
Going to Las Vegas, getting drunk, and marrying a stranger may cause you to shudder in horror or joy.

Honey Girl lets you experience it from the safety of your couch, with all the adventure that comes with it.

Grace Porter has just completed her Ph.D. when Vegas turns her plans upside down. She does not even know her new wife's name but decides to take a chance and go to New York for the summer with her wife.

This book captures the giddiness and confusion of your twenties, where late nights, existentialism, and young love collide while responsibility starts knocking at the door.

It is one of the best lesbian romance books that focus on coming of age in your twenties. And it is also a reminder that there is always love, even when burnout and loneliness strikes.




Cover of Lesbian Romance Book Last Night at the Telegraph club

Last Night at the Telegraph Club is one of the book recommendations published in 2021.

It is set in San Francisco's Chinatown during the 50s during the red scare. The story unfolds after two curious girls decide to enter the lesbian bar called the Telegraph Club.

The Telegraph Club is a sanctuary during a time of fear, and it beckons, full of secrets to unlock. Lily soon realizes she is not the straight child she is expected to be, and Kath helps her embrace it.

It offers insight into the lesbian bar scene, tender love, and growing up in Chinatown during the red scare. And it will keep you glued to the pages - we promise!

#15 Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson

Steamy Lesbian romance book cover Oranges are not the only fruit by Jeanette Winterson

This is another coming-of-age book that encapsulates what it is like to fall in love and discover your identity.

While it does not have explicit sex scenes to be grouped with lesbian erotica books, it is undoubtedly a romance with some steamy moments.

The plot follows Jeanette, who is rejected by her religious adoptive mother and church for her feelings. There is a battle between nature and nurture as she attempts to find her own identity away from her education.

She leaves everything behind for the woman she loves. It then follows her quest to pursue love in all its forms, including with her faith.

At times sensual, at others, heartbreaking and funny, it is romantic as it is inspiring. It was also made into a movie that you definitely should check out.

The Best Lesbian Romance Books

Here you have it: your Selection of 15 steamy and sexy Lesbian Romance Books with which you should fill up your Bookshelf.

Some of the books can be firmly grouped under lesbian romance books. In contrast, some could also be considered erotic lesbian books. So we think every reader should find a piece which suits to hers or his preferences.

This list of book reviews has a mix because romance is full of love, heartbreak, nice, and sometimes a lot of spice. Many of the books also are inspiring and educational, examining identity, history, and what it means to put love first. Enjoy!

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