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Erotic Mind Control Stories: The 5 must-reads by Filthybooks

Updated: Feb 14

Exercising or relinquishing control, both in love and especially in sex, can be very exciting and fulfilling on the one hand, but can also end in disaster on the other.

This is exactly what makes Erotic Mind Control Stories so appealing: these novels always move somewhat in the exciting gray area.

With these steamy stories you’ll catch a glimpse of domination unlike any other sort of erotic romance. Women and men in these stories are subjected to some form of mind control either through action or word play.

This allows the partner in control to partially or completely how they respond in each situation.

And as you can imagine: exactly this control is what makes Mind Control Stories so exiting but also somewhat "dangerous".

But before we get started and introduce you to the best Erotic Mind Control Novels, we urgently need to go into an important distinction. Because: did you know that there is a subtle but important difference between mind control and hypnosis?

If not, give us 30 seconds so we all understand the same thing about mind control. If you already know the difference, just hop over to the books!

sexy woman looking seductively into the camera using as a title picture for an article about the best  erotic mind control stories



The important difference between Mind Control and Hypnosis

Mind control is the ability to focus another person’s mind so that things like control, inhibitions, and consciousness take a backseat to the wants and whims of the controller. The intended victim (although they might not see themselves that way) becomes putty in the hands of the person doing the controlling.

Sexually speaking it’s the inherent ability to take someone past their warning signs and expand their subconscious world safely. That doesn’t mean that everything is kosher. But more often than not, those who get experience mind control decide to enjoy their controller when the veil isn’t there any longer.

Hypnotism, on the other hand, is an artificial agreement that a person gives to a hypnotist. It is not a conscious decision but rather an acquiescence given once the subconscious mind comes into play. At that point, the hypnotist must test the person to see how deep they are and continually move them deeper depending on how they react.

Want to get some really great steamy and sexy Erotic Hypnosis Novels? Then check them out here!

But now, without any further ado, let's have a look at the best Erotic Mind Control Novels of all time!

The 5 must-read Erotic Mind Control Romance Novels

#1 Strings by Ian Snow

Book Cover of Erotic Mind Control Story. Steamy Mind Control Collection by Ian Snow

If you’ve never read an erotic romance written by a man, do yourself the favor of picking up Strings.

The way Ian Snow opens up a man’s perspective on sex, especially with multiple women, is eye opening.

And it gives you a new appreciation for how men view women and sex in general.

Not that it’s all encompassing or anything and Ian Snow certainly doesn’t speak for every man.

But it’s a contrast to the overly sweet and sappy romances that most women tend to write. So, onto the good stuff.:

In Strings you’ll meet Rob. Rob has the ability to control people’s minds, thanks to an experimental treatment for early onset Alzheimer’s, which Rob used to suffer from. Rob likes women, lots of women and he trusts his beautifully sexy assistant Pin to help him in the procurement of those women.

When Racheal shows up on his doorstep, at Pin’s recommendation, however, the last thing Rob sees coming is falling head over heels for the gorgeous blonde.

#2 Church Girls Fall by Ben Bawarao

Book Cover of Erotic Mind Control Story. Church Girls Fall by Ben Bawarao. A Tale of Erotic Mind Control

In Ben Bawarao’s Church Girls Fall, you’ll meet Julia and Piper. The two best friends have youth on their side, if not wisdom.

Snobby and self-centered and judgmental, the two girls are in for a hell of a wakeup call when they share their opinions a bit too freely during dinner out with family.

What the two ignorant girls don’t know is that the woman they’ve decided to insult is not the trashy, slutty woman they assume she is.

And everyone knows what assuming gets you.

Vanessa, the woman they insulted and her husband, Sam, have an open relationship and love working together to personally effect women at their whim.

And for their anniversary he gifts her the unabashed devotion of the two girls, unbeknownst to them, of course.

Sam and Vanessa find out that Julia is malleable, easy to mold and willing to submit to their lessons on love and particularly sex. But Piper is resistant, thanks to years of training herself to resist the urges she had for her best friend.

When she sees Julia months after her friend calls off her wedding, Piper is floored by the changes in her friend. But she can’t quite bring herself to condemn them, not when Julia looks oh so good. When Piper pays her friend a visit, she’s stunned to find out details of what Julia’s been doing. And despite her adamant insistence that Julia is hurting herself, she’s enthralled when Julia admits that she has wanted Piper, in a sexual sense, for a long time as well.

But Piper is resistant, sure to the depths of her soul that this is wrong. Even when she wants it more than anything else, she knows it’s wrong.

Will Piper give in to her secular needs or will her worldly resistance be rewarded?

Will Julia come to her senses or is she too lost to help even herself?

This book is chock full of sensual need and steamy sex scenes that’ll leave you panting.

It’s obviously for adult readers, but that doesn’t mean the power exchanges in this book aren’t fun.



Book cover of Gay Erotic Mind Control Story. Best Gay Erotic Mind Control Story - Donovan is in Control by D. Oakley

Donovan Is in Control is a lovely Gay Erotic MC romance story that’ll give you all sorts of ideas about how lusty and steamy mind control can be.

In the bedroom and out.

When Donovan was a teenager, he noticed that sometimes he could think about things happening to people and eventually he learned that those people sometimes felt as if those things really happened to them.

When he starts to experiment with sexual thoughts, however, Donovan finds himself in control in a whole new way.

Paul, a college acquaintance of Donovan’s happens to be out one day when Donovan takes notice of him.

Having traded pleasantries with him a time or two and having seen him naked in the shower after sports, Donovan is all too aware of Paul.

And, of course Donovan starts to imagine doing steamy, wonderfully sexy things to his nether region.

When Paul starts to feel the effects of Donovan’s mental ministrations, he can’t help but be aroused. So Donovan goes all out to make Paul enjoy the experience, even he has no idea why it’s happening. And Paul isn’t the only one to fall under Donovan’s mind control spell. He’s just the first in a string of lusty encounters on and off his college campus.

This book is a fun, easy trip into the possibilities of mind control and the effects it can have. And those effects can happen on both the user and those who are personally overworked by the mental stimulation.

It’s great for readers over the age of 18 who especially MM Romance stories that represent the LGBTQ+ community.

#4 Hypnotic Seduction by Lexi Rush

Book Cover of Erotic Mind Control Story. Book title Hypnotic Seduction. Author Lexi Rush.

Hypnotic Seduction is a medical take on erotic hypnosis stories. And it could be one piece of real life.

Dr. Johnstone has it bad for a female patient named Raven. Like the bird, she’s gracefully beautiful and beautifully broken.

Her desire to stop smoking has pushed her to seek help from the noted psychiatrist. But after the first visit, the hypnosis hasn’t worked and Dr. Johnstone is eager to try something a little more aggressive.

What Raven doesn’t know is that the good doctor's intentions are to ravage her body. If she should cease smoking that’s just a bonus. Raven wakes after hours in the good doctor’s care and can’t explain the sexual haze she enters whenever she’s around Dr. Johnstone. But she knows that whatever it is, she doesn’t want it to end.

This short and super-fun erotic hypnosis story takes a look at how hypnosis opens people up to even the most slyly suggested action.

Still, you’ll be hard pressed to keep from wishing you were Raven, or perhaps Dr Johnstone. Either way you’re going to be incredibly satisfied with this cute, steamy erotic hypnosis story.

This book is obviously for adult readers who like something short and sassy. It pulls no punches and take a header straight into some mind-blowing sex that’ll leave you needing to change your underwear, seriously.



#5 The Mind-Control Moonstone by Vanessa Cardui

Book Cover of one of the best Erotic Mind Control Stories called Mind-Control Moonstone of the Fan Domme Series by Vanessa Cardui

Mind-Control Moonstone – book 1 in the Fan Domme series – is worth a read if you like strong, independent women who know exactly what they want and how to go about getting it.

Steamy Romance with a strong Heroine - what's better?

In this lovely tale, Kaitlynn Watson is headstrong with a capital H and doesn’t let anyone get over her.

She never says ‘no’ to a challenge and gets herself into some interesting situations because of her determined stubbornness.

When her friend, Jessie catches another young woman giving an interesting side-eye to Kaitlyn Jessie concocts a cruel plan.

She wants Kaitlyn to break Wednesday Newland’s heart.

What neither of them know or could have prepared for was the reality in which Wednesday lives. You see, Wednesday is a witch and nerd, by rights. When she publicly humiliates Kaitlyn using mind control, the two start a relationship that will lead to intense levels of masterful and mysterious BDSM.

Kaitlyn and Wednesday may have come from opposite ends of a spectrum, but together they may just make a magic that’s unlike any other.

Let’s Be Honest - the Erotic Mind Control Stories to start with are...

If this is your first time reading an Erotic Mind Control Romance Story, start with Hypnotic Seduction.

Ethically the dude would absolutely lose his license, of course. But when it comes to smoking hot sex, Dr. Johnstone has it going on.

Strings is a great multi-partner/orgy option if you’re into the harem or reverse harem genre. And it offers a slightly more ethical approach to mc romance as at least Rob has morals.

And regardless of whether this is your virgin outing with Mind Control Erotic Romance, or you’re a seasoned reader:

these options offer a well-rounded reading list for a night when it’s too hot inside your head to sleep and too hot inside your body to do anything but dream.

Do you have other favorites in Mind Control Romance than the books we suggested above?

Let us know!

We will be happy to adjust or extend our list of the best Erotic Mind Control books.

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