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Hot Sex Stories - First Time of fresh Couples

Updated: Feb 14

What's better than to get inspired by a hot sex story from time to time! That's what filthybooks stands for: We bring you the best stories - short free sexy stories or inspiration for the next hot romance book, we have you covered. Free yourself, make yourself comfortable, look around and above all: enjoy and get inspired!

In this episode we focus on the best Hot Sex Stories: Couples first time Sex!

Hopefully each of us remembers the excitement and thrill of being with a new partner for the first time. And if you are in a longer partnership: who has not remembered the feeling of the first time from time to time? And wished for it again?

And we all now that the first sex is the most important of all "first times" of couples.

So read on, dive into the exciting world of the first time and let yourself be seduced.

By the way: you can find much more sexy free stories here on filthybooks! Just screen through our free story section - but after you read these sexy stories!

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Hot Sex Stories of Couples' First Time

Check out these three short, hot sex stories here on filthybooks:

#1 Nothing prepares you for this!

Dinner at my place? That was the last thing he said to me before the call dropped. As expected, I agreed to the date.

Stephan and I had been seeing each other for quite some time now. It was summer, and Stephan was hot. He had a dark grey set of eyes that made him look mysterious, but sexy at the same time. I did not know much about his routine yet. But he looked like he visited the gym a lot. He was well-built and tall. He had brown curly hair that he parked up sometimes, other times, he just let them fall, giving him a different look.

“How may I be of service to you ma’am.” That was the first thing he ever said to me.

I was in front of the counter, and he was behind it. From the minute I heard his voice, something sparked inside of me. That was the first time I was seeing him in the bank.

“You are new here, right?” I asked him.

“Yes ma’am. I just got transferred here.” He said.

“Well, welcome.” I smiled at him.

“Thank you, ma’am.”

“No. Call me Silvia instead.” I told him.

After he had attended to me, I left my card on the counter for him, hoping that he would call me, and he did. Two days after that day. We went on several dates. The first one was when we visited the museum, then the cinemas, then the park, and then a fancy restaurant around my apartment happened to be the last

The sun was almost disappearing from the sky when I began to prepare for my date. It was going to be exciting; just like the rest I had had with him. I was sure about that. A black dress, a red heels, a red purse, and a red bra and panties, that was it. They were all lying on my bed. These should do, I finally decided. In less than an hour, I was all done and set to leave for my date. My phone buzzed just as I was about to put it in my purse.

“24 Weston street.” The message read.

It was a text from Stephan. I smiled. I looked out my bedroom window and there my ride was, waiting for me. The moment I got into it, he zoomed off.

“You look really beautiful.” He smiled at me the second he opened the door.

“Thank you.” I smiled back.

“Well, can I come in?” I asked, interrupting his stare.

"I am sorry, please do, come in."

The lights in his room were dim shades of brown and yellow. It looked like one of those fancy private restaurants in movies. Without even tasting what he had cooked yet, I was already impressed by the aroma, the flowers and the setting of the place. Everything was screaming, “ romantic.” And that was exactly how I felt.

"Please sit." He said as he pulled out a chair for me on the dining table.

Everything was already set when I got there. In less than an hour, we were done eating. I loved the food he cooked, but I wanted to eat something else; him. I was sure he could see it from the way I had been looking at him all evening.

He cleared the table as soon as we were done and came back with a bow of ice cream for dessert. He was already sitting beside me when he said,

"Oh. Shit! I forgot the smaller bowls."

"No need for those. You could lick the ice cream off me." I told him.

I pulled him closer and placed a kiss on his lips. He took my lips in and kissed me even harder.

I did not see that part coming.

Though he looked tough and sexy, Stephan had been a perfect gentleman, I was seeing another part of him that night. He ran his hands through my hair, pulling it, while he kissed me even harder. Then, he's hands moved to my boobs. He squeezed them and each one of my nipples while we still kissed.



I was almost naked when he placed me on the table, making me lie down on it. Slowly, he undressed me while he was still completely dressed. Then, he put some ice cream on my boobs and licked them off with his tongue, while he suckled on my boobs. Slowly, he moved to my navel. Suddenly, he left me there on the table and went into the living room. In less than a minute, he was back. He stood in front of me naked, with his dick as hard as a rock. His dick was the biggest I had ever seen. But he did not use it just yet.

He spread my legs apart and opened them as wide as they could go before he placed his mouth there, eating me out. He sucked my clits at regular intervals while he licked my pussy with his tongue. He removed his mouth from my pussy and crawled up to my face, and kissed me. I tasted my wetness in his mouth, it was so tasty.

"Ah!" I screamed and he suddenly drove his hard dick into my wet pussy.

I did not see it coming. Slowly, he sent thunderous strokes of pleasure into my body. The intensity at which he fucked me suddenly increased. My legs were placed on his shoulders, there was no escaping for me. He stared deeply into my eyes and he sent a hard and quick thrust into my wet pussy.

I could no longer take it. My legs began to shake from the too much pleasure, but he was not yet done with me.

"Ah! Oh! Yes!" I screamed while he groaned in a deep voice.

He turned me around in a doggy position on the table, while he stood on the floor, behind me. Slowly, he slipped his hardness inside me again, screwing my pussy with no remorse. I could feel my ass giggling uncontrollably as he did.

“Please!” I screamed when I was about to cum.

“No”, he groaned.

He squeezed my nipples and spanked my ass from time to time. I could no longer take it, I reached an orgasm and came. He dragged me down from the table and carried me up to his shoulders, again, he slid his monster cock inside me and kept fucking me. Finally, he exploded inside me.

I had expected a lot of outcomes from that night, but nothing prepared me for that. We both lay on the floor, panting.

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#2 Bumpy Ride

The two of us were in the car when it began to rain. We were in the middle of nowhere, and there was no shelter in sight. Earlier, we had heard the weather forecast about the rain, but we decided to ignore it.

"It should not go past a mere drizzle." She said softly.

We laughed about it and headed out.

Camila was her name. The color of her eyes was blue, just like the sea. Her hair was long and black. She was on the petite side, but there was nothing petite about her boobs and her ass. They were obviously visible. Her lips were rosy and full. Her nose was small and straight, standing in the middle of her face. All those features could not take away the innocent look that always rested on her face.

I looked down at my wrist watch and it read, "seven o'clock."

Shit! It is getting really late. I should have dropped her off at home by now, I thought.

I met Camila about a week ago in a coffee shop. She was somewhere at the corner, reading, while she took sips of tea from her cup.

“What are you reading?” I had asked her.

“Oh. Never ending race.” She said, smiling.

“Interesting. I too have read it.” I told her.

“Can I sit here?” I asked here

“Sure.” She nodded at me affirmatively.

We talked for a While before I finally took her number. From all that we talked about, I got to find out that she was twenty years old. Also, she was in her second college. The tone of her voice and the sweetness it left in my body lingered there for days until I saw her again. We had been going out for a week now, and it had been the best weeks of my life.

To prevent any form of accident, I parked the car in the middle of nowhere, by the side of the road, while we waited for the rain to stop. We talked for a while before she suddenly got quiet, looking out through the windows. One would have thought she was admiring the beauty of the rain, maybe she was.

She was already halfway through zipping my pants when I bent my head down to see what was going on.

“Holyshit!” I exclaimed in my head.

I was in total shock. Where did the shy girl I had been with a week go to? I asked myself. My dick began to harden from the surprise and the excitement. When she successfully brought it out, she quickly wrapped her mouth around it, sucking it hungrily. I could feel my cock hardening and stretching out. Gradually, she had the whole seven-inch length of my cock in her mouth, choking on it.

I could not just sit there and do nothing. I pulled her body-hugging dress she had on up, leaving her ass bare. Then, I pushed the panties she had onto the side with just one finger. Her pussy was the fattest, softest, and juiciest I had ever seen. It was already dripping in wetness when I slid one of my fingers into it. She began to moan lightly when I stuck the other finger in it, finger fucking her. My other free hand went to her boobs. I squeezed the succulent full breasts, and her nipples too.



I slipped my fingers out of her juicy pussy. She removed her mouth from my cock and placed them on my lips, kissing me. In no time, she lifted herself up just a little from where she had been sitting on my laps and sat on my hard cock instead. I could feel her pussy stretching out as the welcomed my dick into it.

“Ou!" She moaned as the entire length of my cock got into her pussy.

“Oh! No.” I groaned when she started bouncing on it.

She was sending thunderous waves of satisfaction into my body while taking me to a place I had never been before. This is paradise, I thought to myself. I could no longer stand the sight of her boobs bouncing on my face, so I released one of my hands from where they had been resting on her ass, and squeezed the boobs.

“Yes. Yeah. Baby. Ah.” She kept moaning, and it was like music to my ears.

She stopped bouncing and started grounding on my cock.

Shit. That was mind-blowing.

I Squeezed her boobs into my mouth and sucked them while she grind on my dick. I could not keep my hands away from her ass, I kept sending strokes on spanks to it.

Again, she started stopped grinding and started bouncing on my dick. I could no longer take it. She too was already at the climax. She squirted all over the places just before I lifted her from my dick so I don’t cum inside her pussy. Immediately my dick came out of her, she wrapped her lips around my cock, sucking all the cum that came out of me until I was completely dry.

“It was such a bumpy ride.” She said as I dropped her off in front of her house that night.

She kissed me and walked towards her door. Her ass still giggling as she did.

"I can not believe I'm going to fuck that ass again." I smiled.

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#3 Movie Night

His living room was dark. I could barely see things clearly. The only light in the room was the one from the flat screen tv that hung on the wall. It was big and wide. It felt as if I had just stepped into the cinema. But I had not, I was in his house.

“You came.” He said as his brown full lips spread into a smile.

“Yes. I did.”

“Come in, please.”

I looked around the room, perusing it. His living room was large and spacious. His couch had been pushed into the dining room to make space for the bed which took their place. It was directly in front of the tv. There were a lot of snacks, and drinks on the tables beside the bed. That was not the part that impressed me. What impressed me the most was how lovely his room smelled. I tried to place the smell, but I could not. It was an aromatic mixture of different pleasant fragrances.

"Please sit." He pointed at the bed in front of me."

"Ok." I chuckled lightly before sitting at the edge.

I was not too comfortable with the arrangement. I agreed to the movie date when he mentioned it without flinching. The bed was what I was not too comfortable with. I would have preferred the couch.

David and I had met on the bus a couple of weeks ago. We had seen each other in different places, but never in his house, or mine. He was not too tall, but he had the perfect body any girl would want her man to have. He was strong, muscular, extremely neat, and handsome. It was that charming face of his that pulled me to him the first time I set my eyes on him.

“I can see you are not so comfortable.” He noticed.

“No. Why? I am.” I lied.

He moved closer to me, took my shoes off my feet, and placed my feet on the bed. Then, he placed a fluffy pillow on my back, making me relax better. The movie had not begun playing still, it was still paused.



“So, how are you?” He asked me.

“I am fine.” I replied.

I was still a little uncomfortable. He moved down to my feet and began to give me the best foot massage I had ever had in my life.

"Tell me about your day. How was work today?" He looked at me with those deep brown eyes of his.

"It was great."

“How was yours?” I asked him.

“It was ok too.” He replied.

In less than five minutes, I was completely relaxed.

I became very comfortable and calm. I grabbed the yoghurt on one of the tables beside the bed and began to sip while we talked about things he had never talked about before. His hands were still on my feet and I was getting really turned on, but he had no idea about that. My feet were the most sensitive part of my body. And that was a secret I had never told anyone before.

I became quiet. I just watched him as he rubbed my feet. He was skilled in the art too.

Slowly, I began to feel my pussy getting really wet. I bit the lower corner of my lips slowly as I looked at him. He looked at me, but then he looked away. I moved closer to him, pulled his head closer to mine and kissed him. He kissed me back, biting my lips lightly as he did.

I took his hands and placed them on my boobs, urging him to squeeze them. He did exactly what I wanted. I pushed him to the bed and zipped his pants open. His cock was already rock hard by the time my hands touched it. I took it in my mouth and began to suck it.

“Ah.” He groaned.

“Is this really what you want?” He managed to ask me.

“Yes.” I nodded affirmatively.

He immediately removed my mouth from his cock and threw me on the bed. The first thing he did was strip me naked. When he got to my panties, he took them off with his mouth. Then, he began to eat me out. But that did not last for too long. He turned me around and placed me on my four in a doggy position. He ate me out some more right before he slipped his hard dick into my pussy. That was exactly what I had been waiting for.

"Ha!" I gasped the second it entered my pussy.

I was already dripping wet. So, it entered me easily.

“Fuck!” He screamed as he fucked me as hard as he could.

It was almost as if he had read my mind, because that was exactly how I liked it, hard and tough. He kept slapping my ass as he fucked me. Minutes later, he pulled me out of the bed and dragged me to the wall. He commanded me to place my hands on the wall and I did exactly what he had instructed me to do.

Again, he slid his dick inside my pussy and sent hard pleasurable strokes from his dick into my wetness. He pulled my hair as he did. There was nothing I could do from there, I was helpless. The only thing I did was scream. My voice was so loud and I was damn sure the neighbors could hear me.

As his groaning got louder, so did his thrust get faster. He was about to cum and I could feel it. I too was close to the climax.

“Damn it!” He groaned.

“Ah!” I screamed.

Immediately I came, and he filled my pussy with his hot cum. That was the best part, the two of us came together. That had never happened to me before.



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