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FREE Erotic Story: Salvation - the 5th part of our Erotic Nurse and Doctor Story!

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

The fifth part of the Free Sexy Short Story "Filthy Nurse" which you can read online from!

Read here the 5th part of "Filthy Nurse" - an Erotic Doctor and Nurse story .

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Picture showing an erotic woman as a symbol for an erotic nurse short story

Chapter Eight

After Morrison left, Susan went to the bed and collapsed into it with a sigh. She had messed up when she did not mean to. She felt guilty and strange at the same time.

Had she done anything wrong?

At the hospital, after the time they had, she had expected Carl to speak to her at least. She wanted a sign to show that the man was interested in her, but the sign never came. He did not seem at all like he wanted her. Maybe she was not his type the same way he was not her type; that was where the madness lay.

She could not understand, for the life of her, how she got entangled in her heart with a man like this. He was tall, which was okay, but he did not have the body of men that she liked; the biceps, the abs, the road shoulders. He did not look like someone that could own her when he liked. But perhaps that was what attracted her to him. After the sexual experience with him, she knew he was no push over, but he was not the time to take her against her will and make her want him.

“Fuck, Susan,” she mumbled.

She wanted what she wanted, and she did not want it at the same time.


She was awake till the next morning, sitting by her window and staring down at the idle traffic that ran throughout the night. With the coming of the morning, dawn smiled upon the neighborhood again, and people started their business of walking all over the place. From her vantage point at her window, a level above the ground, she saw the traffic start to swell, like a river, any river, when it rains.

Another day, she realized.

But her urge to survive in the city where she hardly knew anyone was fast dying out. Maybe it was time for her to head home. She would not have to do much. Her parents were already alarmed at the way she had held out and would accept her back once she showed any little signs of repentance.

As the hours passed by and rolled into days, Susan discovered that it was difficult to move her body away from the window side. She did manage to eat once in a while, thanks to the stock of tin foods that she had in abundance. Her calls were neither answered nor returned. Her messages were ignored. Going for work was entirely out of her mind now. By now, she decided that the hospital would move on without her, after all she was the new nurse, the one without friends.

Then she heard the sound of a car pulling up in front of her apartment. It was like returning from a trance where she had been stuck. Looking down, she recognized the car and the lady that came out of it.

“Hey, are you alright?” Anna yelled from the ground.

Susan stared at her with a vacant expression in her eyes.

“I’m coming right up,” Anna finally decided when she realized she would get no answer from the woman at the window.

Her words barely registered in Susan’s mind. The feeling was strange for Susan. She had never felt the way before about any man, about anybody. It was hard to deal with because she did not know what to focus on.

Did she do something terrible by having sex with another man while she knew Carl was interested in her?

Would she feel horrible if she were in Carl’s shoes and had gone out of her way to find his house only to see him fucking someone else?

But then Carl did nothing to encourage the interest. He simply let her be, did not initiate any conversation. While she did not as well, at least she tried to look into his eyes. But Carl’s behavior could be excused on account of him trying to be professional.

Was that what she wanted? A professional business relationship? No.

Then there was this other feeling; the feeling of losing something that was barely within her grasp. She had grasped at it, but when she had almost gotten it, it slipped out of her hands. Carl would be feeling bad now, and she did not even know how to make it up to him.

Someone banged on the door, breaking her chain of thought. She started. She had forgotten that anyone was coming up to her apartment.

Mechanically, she walked to the door and pulled it open. Out there, Anna stood, her face lined with worry and concern. She sighed before she walked into the apartment and shut the door behind her. On her own part, Susan returned back to the window with a soft “hey Anna” greeting.

“Now, that is so unnatural,” Anna complained. “What is wrong with you?”


“I just stood outside the door for over two minutes, knocking even after I had told you I was coming up. You are not replying your texts, not calling back after you missed my calls. You didn’t even open the message I sent to you on WhatsApp.”

“I’m fine, Anna.”

“No, Susan. No, you are not fine. Have you seen the look on your face. What is wrong? You know you can tell me.”

“It’s nothing, Anna. You didn’t have to come.”

“Are your parents onto you again?”


“Were you sacked? Did something happen at work?”

“You should go.”

“I would be damned if I do. You are my girl, and you are going to tell me what the hell is wrong with you or I’m not leaving.”

At the window, Susan sighed. Maybe Anna would know what to do with a case like this. Again, she might not understand.

“There is a man, Anna,” she whined.

“I don’t know what is wrong with me.”

“Pining over a man? No, that’s a no, no,” Anna said, frowning.

“Did you call someone back? Did you call the Morrison back? I told you, mind how you call them back. Shit can be addictive.”

“It is not Morrison.”

“But it is a man, right?”

“Yes, it’s a man.”

“Come, go take your bath. I have to take you somewhere.”

“No. I don’t feel like going anywhere.”

“I got the Morrisons together for you.”

“What? What do you mean?”

“They will take you any way you want.”

“I don’t want sex!”

It took a little more frowning, screaming and insistence to get Anna out of her house. Her insistence on not wanting sex seemed to particularly rattle Anna.

She was at the window when she heard the car engine start. She watched the car pulling away and felt at once that everything in her life was pulling away from her.

First, Carl. Now, Anna.

She must have said something that annoyed Anna. She could not remember and most certainly could not put a finger to it. Maybe when she was calm, she would have the time to think.

When the car joined the traffic, and continued up the road towards the intersection till it disappeared, Susan turned her attention to something else. She watched cars blankly, before she turned to the lone telephone in her room.

It was time to make the call.

The phone rang the first time without anyone picking up at the other end. Susan was already exhausted from trying too much and had half the mind to stop trying, to lie in bed and waste away all for the rest of her life. But she called again. The time, someone picked the receiver at the other end.

“Hello, who’s this?” her mother’s voice came over the phone.

She sounded impersonal and cold, the way she had sounded most of Susan’s life. Susan ignored her body bristling at the sound of her mother’s voice. She had already made the decision, and there was no going back on it.

“I want to come home,” she said.

Chapter Nine

At first, Carl felt fulfilled. The neighbor had touched his ego and pampered it back to life. For all he cared, Susan could go and fuck all the macho men in the city.

His first day at work was a nervy one. Seeing Susan after they both had gone through bothered him. But he went to work resolute, walking through the hallway without looking at anybody, ignoring greetings and unable to act like he was normal. It was difficult.

At the nurses’ post, there was no sight of Susan. As he made his rounds, he half-hoped, half-dreaded bumping into her. But he did not find her.

The first day passed, and Carl settled into his unease. He was getting used to it, getting used to not being able to tell give Susan a piece of his mind.

The second day passed by, and there was still no sign of Susan.

She was not picking her calls according to the nurse in charge of staff welfare. Carl did not know if it was wise to find her at the address she gave. If anyone was to go check up on Susan, it would not be him. They had history, and he did not trust himself to keep it professional.

The third day, he left from work early, unable to stay in her absence. Thoughts, other thoughts, started to crowd around his head. Maybe he had been hard on her. Maybe he was the cause of whatever she did. But that was because he did not know how to feel about what they did in his office. He had taken the immediate reaction, to pretend he did not know her. If they were going to have a professional relationship, then they had to be smart about it.

Then he went home and he could not even call her on her. He imagined her then, waiting patiently by the phone, while he battled with himself. He had done this before, and it did not end well. The thought of office relationships left a bad taste in his mouth. So he had has argued and argued, and when he finally got a verdict, it was too late.

Remembering the man at the door again peeled open the wound in his ego that he thought had been healed. With it came the realization that they both needed to see. They were both at fault, or not.

“Fuck, humans are so stupid,” he decided, sitting in his office on the fourth day.

People would be sent to her address today to find out what was wrong with her. Carl could not believe he was getting worried.

What if something bad had happened to her? What if she was dead or worse? The man in her room that day looked like a ruffian.

Someone knocked at the door, and he quickly looked up, jerking from his thoughts. His face was pale as colors drained from it.

Bad news? He wondered.

“Come in,” he said.

When the door opened, he was surprised to see her standing there. She walked in quickly, shutting the door behind her and walking up to his table. It was like déjà vu, like the beginning. But instead of walking up to kiss him, she stopped before the table and dropped an envelope in his table without saying any word.

Carl watched her face. She looked tired and spent. There were circles around her eyes, and her face was puffy, yet she was beautiful.

“What is this?” he stammered.

It was the only thing that he could say because there was so much to say that he was overwhelmed.

“My letter of resignation,” she replied. Then she turned around and was walking towards the door.

“Wait!” Carl shouted before he realized what he was doing. He jumped over the table, moving towards her.

She halted, close to the door.

“What is the meaning of this?” he asked.

“I don’t understand.”

“Is that what you have to say to me? You are resigning? You are running away?”

“It is the best thing to do.”

“No. I cannot accept your letter.”

“You have no choice.”

She still had her back to him, and he was fighting the urge to turn her around and plant kisses on her face. He was supposed to be angry, enraged even. She had hurt him deeply even if she did not mean to.

“You don’t have to go,” he said.

“It is already settled. I’m going back to my family.”

This time she spun around and they both stared into each other’s eyes. He had not for once, forgotten how blue and bright her eyes were. There was something in the air, something that raised the air at the nape of his neck. He could feel it, almost touch it. He had gotten so close to her that if he moved his face, he would capture her lips.

“Why are you leaving?”

“It is the best thing.”

“You hurt me. Won’t you even make things right before you leave? Why are you acting like you did nothing?”

Susan took a deep breath. Carl watched her eyelids flicker as she took a deep breath.

“Do you want to talk about what we did or did not do?”

“What was he doing in your house?”

“That is none of your business.”

“You knew I wanted you…”

“Fuck you, Carl! Fuck you! How was I supposed to know you wanted me? Did you expect me to read your mind? Did you even call me? Did you look at me at work after that day in this office? I saw the look in your eyes as you looked away. It was empty, impersonal, distant.”

Carl had reminded her of her parents. They did not have the time for her, but she was going back to them. She had to.

Carl was silent now. He knew that she had said the truth. He was the one who had set what was hurting him in motion. Ignoring her in the hallway and trying to push her out of his mind was the wheel he had set in motion. All she did was because of him. He did not even call her before going to her place. He was speechless.

“Yes, Carl. It was all you. I’m not some fucked up person that you push aside and bring back in whenever you want.”

Still Carl was unable to say anything. Susan turned and tried to open the door again. The spell tumbled out of Carl’s eyes. He pulled her hand, spun her around and pinned her to the door.

Then he planted a kiss on her lips.

She struggled against the invasion. There were so many forces at work in her body, forces that betrayed her. Gradually, she settled back, feeling his passionate kiss set her on fire. It was like Carl was another person. The want was clear. He continued kissing her like his life depended on it, and in no time, she responded. His lips were doing things to her body that she thought was impossible. The embers were being fanned, and the flames were leaping up.

When he was done kissing her and pulled back, he stared into her face with the most earnest of looks. His mind was laid bare in his face like a book with big fonts, easy to read. The want was clear, bold.

“Don’t go, Susan,” he pleaded. “I want you.”

The words sailed around the room like they were alive, ringing like an age long music that she had wanted to listen to for a long time. She had never heard them, not even from her parents.

“I… I don’t know,” she said.

“Don’t you want me too, Susan?”

“I don’t… I mean, I do, but I have to go.”

“You don’t have to go. You can stay here with me.”

“To what end?”

Carl paused. There were many things that he wanted to say to her. One of it was he wanted her to be his. It was frightening like he was living out of his own body, but it was also an exciting, new feeling.

“I want you to stay here with me. I want you to be mine…”

Carl was babbling, but he did not mind. As long he kept her here while he struggled to processes his thought.

“I have been foo…”

He felt her hand on his lips. It was her index finger bidding him to be quiet. The room became silent. There was the beginning of a smile playing around Susan’s lips. It was heartfelt, not like the first seductive smile he had seen on her face the face day she seduced him in his office. This one was something else. But as he watched, it slowly metamorphose into the face he knew before, the one that made him lose control.

“I want you to own me here,” she said. “Now.”

He would be a fool if he did not. With strength borne entirely of desire, he lifted her onto his office table. It was going to be a memorable day.

Susan’s phone rang, but she ignored it. The only thing that mattered was then, the moment that they both shared.

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