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Hot Seduction: 8 Tips on how to look irresistible

Updated: Feb 14

Seduction is an art - it can awaken desire and feel wonderfully tingly.

Wish you could be seductive, but don't know where to start?

True to Filthybooks' motto, we've studied many books and tried a lot of them. Here are our 8 favorites on how you can improve your seduction skills, whether freshly dating or in a long-term relationship.

The important thing to remember is that there is no one-size-fits-all guide to seduction, and it takes practice - including experimentation, trial and error, and having fun.

Remember that you should only do what you feel comfortable with. Besides, it's super individual what your sweetheart or date finds attractive. Clearly, seduction is not about persuasion, but about adding an extra facet to your sex life and using an erotic invitation to enhance or rekindle the allure of your intimacy.

Are you ready?

Here follow our 8 favorite tips for a hotter sex life.

Hot sex woman, woman in a hot seduction pose, woman showing on how to be seductive




First things first: When you feel confident, seducing will come easier.

Confidence makes you sexy.

Feeling comfortable in your body and confident are the ideal conditions for all the following steps. Of course, being a little nervous before seducing someone is perfectly normal.

Therefore, priority number one is: stay yourself, relax and keep your ease. After all, seducing should not feel tedious, but fun!

And remember: sex and body positivity always starts with yourself. If you still need help or inspiration, there are very helpful books on sex positivity.


Show enthusiasm for the person you want to seduce and compliment them - be sure to stay honest.

It's not about manipulation, but about creating an authentic, good feeling in your counterpart.

If the other person feels understood by you, you can trust each other and you respond to them, this can be very attractive and a nice step towards seduction.


Lingerie and hot underwear

A classic and yet always one of the most exciting ways to get in the mood.

Hot lingerie!

It gives you a confident, seductive aura and boosts the imagination of your counterpart.

Ho seductive woman in sexy lingerie, how sex lingery improves your seductivness



Besides, admiring your own body in lingerie can be a great self-love experience.

There are many types of sexy lingerie (from lace thongs and corsets to negligees, stockings and bodysuits), so there are many exciting options for you to experiment with.

Try out what you feel really sexy in - this charisma is contagious and makes you want more.

Of course, this applies to both women and men.

And while experimantating: Smile!

If you're spending quality time together and having a lot of fun, chances are you'll be laughing a lot.

All the better: you always score points with a smile!

It's seductive, because it signals that you feel good. It also gives you a positive aura - in a relaxed, humorous atmosphere, this is the best way to get closer.

Common erotic hobby

There are many possibilities to do something erotic together. From a candlelight dinner, to a weekend trip to a nice hotel, to erotic games or calendars with toys.

One of our favorites, however, costs nothing, and still offers you and your partner something exciting, sensual and partly something wicked:

Why not read erotic poems and sexy, horny stories together with your partner?

Or send your sweetheart a filthy dirty Quote via WhatApp or even a short sex poem at work?

The effect will surprise you!

Parfumes and Scents

Play with your senses!

A sexy perfume can increase your partner's desire for you and acts as a lust booster. If you can smell each other well, you will feel your mutual attraction almost magnetically.

Tip: Do you have a perfume that you and your counterpart associate with a particularly positive experience, such as the first date?

Then look for it, buy it and put it back on as a surprise for your sweetheart. Trust us, it will rekindle the butterflies in your stomach!

Another option to create a seductive atmosphere via the sense of smell: Light scented candles - they not only smell great, but also create a romantic mood with their light, preparing you for an intimate experience.

Our tip: Scents like rose, jasmine and sandalwood can have an aphrodisiac effect.


How about an intimate, deep conversation?

You could cook a romantic dinner to set a nice scene. During the candlelight dinner, ask your significant other what she or he finds seductive, what might be unspoken sex desires. Maybe it's touching, specific situations (like a tantra massage), new, special sex positions or rather certain words in everyday life.

By sharing your desires and sexual fantasies, you get to know each other's needs, become emotionally close, and through the mental cinema, desire can slowly build.

Perhaps you will continue the conversation later in bed with dirty talk....




For all those who have never had any help: Toys are not only fun alone, they can also give you an extra kick when you get down to business with your sweetheart in bed.

And the selection is huge these days, so that a suitable sex toy can be tried for all preferences.

To get started?

Clit sucking vibrator from Tracy'y Dog which is a great way to seduce your partner, sex toys help to fire up your sex life, importance of sex toys in a relationship

Typical vibrators and especially the more "modern" clit sucking vibrators are a good choice.

They are easy and intuitive to use and have an almost built-in orgasm guarantee, whether you're having fun alone or as a couple.

And here's a special tip:

We love the book Oh Joy Sex Toy!

It's a nicely done, comic style book where you'll find an incredible amount of great and exciting tips for fun with toys for him and her.


Honestly, one thing is true for all tips: If you think about a master plan for seduction, this can give you security in advance, but in the situation you will then realize that you are too cerebral.

Let yourself get involved in the moment, approach it slowly and look flexibly at what is appropriate without rushing into anything.

It needs tact, tenderness and the right timing. It is important that there is no pressure, because that kills the desire.

If you take your time, you will develop a sense for what fits well.

After all, the best experiences and most beautiful moments arise spontaneously!

You are not alone - enjoy the freedom

As you can see, we who love romance and sexy things in all its forms are far from alone!

At Filthybooks, we follow the mission driven by Amanda: We love erotica in all its forms and are always here for you so that you always have the right reading at the right time!

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