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Voyeuristic Erotic Stories That Will Be a Revelation to You

Updated: Nov 16, 2023

If your intimate life has become a routine, a boring one at that then you’re in the right place. We’ll cover the best erotic stories that will be a revelation to you over all different genres and here, we show you some really sexy Voyeuristic Erotic Stories.

Rest assured, once you finish reading you will be in the mood for more.

Often in marriage or a relationship, having sex with your partner becomes a chore that just needs to be done. You might even reach the point where even recalling the good old days full of spark seem a bit dull.

Introducing a bit of kink in your sex life gives you the dose of the spice to reignite the fire and boost your sex drive.

Picture showing a sexy woman through a window used in an article about Voyeuristic Erotic Stories
Picture by Edward Torres

What is a Kink?

Kink is a bit hard to define. It is not necessarily a medical or technical term nor does it have any description as such. However, simply put, it is mostly about any sexual practice that is unique from conventional sexual activities.

On the other hand, a kink can be as simple as a loving touch, a kiss, or going solo. You can even pump it up further to extremes such as BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism, and Masochism).

A kink is an exciting way of realizing your fantasies. A fantasy role-play of your favorite characters is the most common example of a kink. Then again, the adventure involves spanking, handcuffs, choking, erotic massages, hair pulling, and much more.

To sum up, kink is a general term that embodies traditional acts of intimacy and those that fall out of conventional sexual activities.


Moving onwards from kinks, voyeurism is something that falls out of traditional sexual activities. In the simplest terms, it involves the person being sexually aroused by watching an unsuspecting person engage in sexual activity.

Now, this isn’t conventional penetrative sex. To clarify, the “unsuspecting” person is engaging with another female or male while the “observer” gains pleasure and reaches orgasm only through spectating.

Regardless of the dark stuff, you might have come across. Voyeurism is merely a kink. However, just as anything else, if practiced inappropriately, it is bad.

Without further ado, let’s dive into a voyeuristic erotic story that will blow your mind.

The Giant in My Bedroom

My name is Dave. When I was about 19 - 20, I had all these wild fantasies just like any of you. I would have the drive of a lion with hormones on fire. Every time I would imagine having sex, I’d think of lasting for hours and going for all sorts of positions.

I spent some time watching porn as a daily routine. However, I wasn’t doing that just for the fun of it. I was learning, and exploring all these brilliant activities and positions I wanted to try with my partner.

Soon, I met a special someone. She was a beautiful blonde with glowing eyes and a radiant smile and a sexy name, Mikayla.

Her smile would melt my heart and turn me on. She was innocent as a flower. After dating for a few months, we got closer and one night while watching a movie, she rests her head on my lap.

That was it, in less than a second I was getting hard. Before I could apologize or tuck it back, I felt her hand moving over my little man. No words were spoken and before I even noticed, she unzipped my pants and was holding my knight in her hand.

The feeling was and remains unrivaled. I cannot emphasize how ecstatic I felt at that moment; nothing in the world would be a good enough distraction.

A few seconds forwards, she wraps her lips around me and starts sucking me. I felt electricity surging through my fingertips and toes.

From there onwards, the inevitable happened, I was on top and sometimes she was on top. We did it for a few minutes before I reached climax. It wasn’t bad, she was satisfied and we were cuddling.

However, it didn’t go as I expected. After all these years of learning and anticipating, I barely lasted 5 minutes and couldn’t do much. I just assumed it’s a first-time thing and will fix it eventually.

Two years into our relationship, we were having sex when we felt like it. She was happy, we both loved each other a lot and things were going well.

But it just didn’t click, the fantasies I had when I was 19.

There was one good thing, my girl was communicative and she would even discuss things she’d like to try in bed. Therefore, I had the opportunity to open up to her about how I feel. So, I did. The conversation escalated to something I did not anticipate after I told her I need to talk to her.

“What do you want to talk about?” she asked.

I explained to her how I fantasized about things and how my expectations were not met. In my case, she had the same sex drive as me, so I wasn’t surprised by her answer.

“I think I have an idea if you are up for it?” she said.

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously.

She explained to me that I might have a kink of voyeurism and we should try that.

Hearing the idea, I objected as a natural reflex but then I got quiet. We aren’t married, we don’t know how things will turn out. All these questions circled my head and opened up my mind.

Ultimately, I agreed. She then told me she’ll text me about a week from now and I already had the key to her place.

Time flew by and on one fateful Saturday night while I was at home working on my computer. I get a text from my girlfriend. My hands were shaking but I picked up the phone and saw the text.

“I have something I want you to see. Come over.” She texted.

I’m not going to lie, my pants got tighter instantly and I felt my penis surging blood like a canon ready to blow up. This was the moment I realized; this is what I wanted.

I rushed to her place and using full stealth mode, I unlocked the front door. I closed the door quietly behind me and walked upstairs to where the bedroom is. The entire house had lights off, with only candles dimly lighting up the bedroom and I hear moaning.

I peeked from the door gap and saw this about 6’5 mountain man behind Mikayla as she bent down on the bed and he was ramming her as if he wanted to blow her guts out. I gulped and my eyes popped wide open.

I recognized the guy, he was Mikayla’s ex. A waste of human life with no future and no real job, so Mikayla broke up with him. There was no time to think about who or what he was.

At that very moment, I was holding my penis in my hand and masturbating. He picked up Mikayla as if she was a light pillow and flipped her hard on the bed, he got on top of her and choked her while thrusting her fiercely. Mikayla wasn’t moaning, she was screaming with joy.

At that very moment, I felt the same spark I felt when I was 19 and in an instant, I made a mess on the edge of the door. I felt happy as I zipped back up and slowly and carefully walked out.

All in all, I came to the realization sex has much more to it than I ever thought. I was satisfied finally after two years to have explored my kink and happy to have met the right person. I sat back in my room and saw a gift from Mikayla.

As I unwrapped it, it was a penis pump with a note.

“Knock yourself out. Love, Mikayla.”

Final Thoughts

Voyeurism is now becoming more common in our current times. There was a time when BDSM was something people would search for in secrecy. Now it is a common practice among many couples.

Sex is fun and not restricted to only penetration and concluded with climax. There are so many things you can do to spice it up. For those, who are still exploring, there are numerous gadgets and toys available on the market.

Moreover, there is a crazy range of toys available for you to explore your sexual desires and what gets you satisfied. A lot of couples prefer butt plugs but if you are alone and want to try something on your own, there are fleshlights and penis pumps available on the market.

However, just as with any regular purchase, always go for the best product that would deliver quality. Otherwise, there is simply no point to it. Having the best penis pump will help you both explore new levels of climax and maybe help expand a bit down there.

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