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Erotic Short Stories to get you in the Mood

Updated: Jan 22

Have you ever heard the saying, "the movie does not do the book justice"?

Well, dear readers, what books are to film, erotic literature is to pornography.

A study conducted in 2016 showed that women who read erotic fiction had significant improvement in sexual desire, lubrication, arousal, orgasms, and sexual satisfaction.

Reading is also one of the best ways to reduce stress. Not only can stress interfere with your physical health, but it can also affect your sexual life.

That means you can put away the pornography and reach for some stories to turn you on instantly. There are so many steamy genres and racy categories to get you in the mood.

We've put together some tales that are sure to arouse, so read on to find out how you can access free erotic short stories.
Woman in sexy dessous who is turned on




What Is Erotic Literature?

Erotic literature consists of factual and fiction stories of sexual encounters. They are meant to stimulate and arouse the reader.

The literature comes in novels, essays, short stories, manuals, real-life recollections, and poetry. Erotica has been around for centuries though it has always been the subject of controversy and censorship.

In the 15th century, the creation of the printing press allowed for the distribution of erotic literature. Laws were created to address obscenity and censorship became more widely spread. Famous books have been banned for their racy themes about love, seduction, and lust.

Contrary to some beliefs, erotica is not meant to be pornographic: Though it can be risque and explicit, the aim of erotic literate is not just to describe the physical acts themselves but to describe the intensity and power behind them.

Pornography has been known to have a negative impact on its viewers. It can create body image issues, decrease sexual satisfaction, and increase sexual aggression.

Unlike pornography, where the sexual act is the source of arousal and can occur without any context or lead-up, erotic literature uses anticipation, build-up, sensuality, and slow reveal.

The journey to the sexual experience is erotica.

In many ways, erotic literature is a form of art. The writing evokes arousal and stimulation out of the reader. It transports the reader to another place and time and allows for sexual exploration sensually and intimately.

Why We Love Erotic Literature

There are so many reasons to love sex stories. They can be romantic and tasteful or naughty and vulgar. Either way, they transport us into a private sexual fantasy land that allows us to explore our deepest fantasies.

Here are some of the reasons we love to read sexy lit:

It Creates a Grey Area Between Fact and Fiction

This fun and exciting genre is literally boundless. There are no limits on what you can write about to create steamy cliffhangers and titillating sagas.

With so many different subgenres, you can blur the lines of reality and turn a sexual experience into any imaginable scenario.

There are mythical creatures seducing human women. Even erotic romance is set in the past or the future.

If you can fantasize about it, you can read about it!

It Is Available in Different Forms

There are many avenues to enjoy erotic stories to get you turned on.

There are many websites offering free short sex stories.

You simply access the website through your phone or laptop, and you can read to your heart's content.

Even if you are on the go and still want an erotic fix, there are options for you. There are also audio alternatives for you to enjoy your favorite literature.

It Broadens Your Sexual Horizons

With erotic stories, it is possible to explore your fantasies and even push your own limits.

When you watch pornography, you likely stay within certain categories or the boundaries of your comfort zone. Watching another genre might feel intimidating.

Literature can help you open up your boundaries more gently.

Reading a story and craving to find out more about where the story is headed can help you explore a new sexual fantasy.

Perhaps you discover that you want to try a little bit of bondage. Or maybe you are intrigued by the idea of a third joining you and your partner.

Wherever your exploration takes you, this is a fun and easy way to safely discover your sexuality.

It Helps You Connect With the Character

We all swoon over the hero or heroine of an engaging story. Or perhaps the villainous characters are more your speed.

Either way, connecting with your favorite fictional character is a great way to get invested in a storyline. This connection is what helps evoke emotion out of you while reading.

Add sex into the storyline, and you've got yourself a healthy obsession over your favorite leading lad or lady.
Erotic Couple having sensual sex




What You'll Find Inside Erotic Tales

Erotic short stories are creative and inclusive. There is something to satisfy every sexual appetite.

Whatever your genre or fantasy, there is an erotic tale for you!

Of course, there are endless options, and erotica can get as imaginative as one's own sexual desires. However, there are some classic and popular categories to get you hot and heavy.

Here are some of the subgenres that you can find within erotica:

Old and Young / Age Gap

Free E-Book Age Gap Erotic Romance Forbidden Complication

This genre is all about sexual encounters between two people with a considerable age gap. This includes a younger woman with an older man or vice versa.

You would like to get an instant free Age Gap Erotic Romance Story?

Download Forbidden Complication from Filthybooks!

Barely Legal and Virgin

This category explores a character losing their virginity. Generally a young girl, but there are tales of boys as well.

Sex Toys

These stories include depictions of using toys during intimate play. Whether the character is pleasuring themselves or there are other involved, the toy is bringing great pleasure to its user.


This is a broad genre with so many storyline directions. There is something to satisfy every odd and niche fantasy in the fetish genre.


The BDSM genre, also known as bondage, dominance, sadism, and masochism, is a trending and popular genre in literature. These stories range from dom/sub relationships to humiliation and pet play. BSDM always includes a lot of fun whips and chains, making for racy reads.

Interested in a light BDSM short story, completely free to read in online?
Then check out our sexy story "Filthy Nurse"!





The LGBTQ+ community is a hot and trending erotica genre. Accepting and embracing love in all forms aligns with erotic literature as a whole. You can read all about sexual escapades involving gay, trans, and queer relationships.


Even good old-fashioned romance can be baked right into an erotic story. For some, it is actually what sets erotica apart from pornography. Many readers like to connect with the emotional connection between the characters that are intimately involved, e.g. a loving wife discovering her sensual side.

And of course we also curated a list of our most loved Erotic Romance Novels for you.

Erotic Mind Control

Mind Control ist the ability to focus another person’s mind so that things like control, inhibitions, and consciousness take a backseat to the wants and whims of the controller. In Erotic Mind Control Stories this leads to steamy tales in which someone is taken past their warning signs and expand their subconscious world safely. That doesn’t mean that everything is kosher. But more often than not, those who get experience mind control decide to enjoy their controller when the veil isn’t there any longer.

So if you love sexy stories which are a little on the edge, Mind Control Stories could a perfect reading fit for you!

Group Sex and Gangbang

This steamy category involves sex with more than two people. These can be straight or bi-sexual and can involve the trading and swinging of sex partners. It can also involve one individual receiving sexual acts from several people at once.

Mythical and Paranormal

There are so many varieties and themes in this creative genre. There are popular science fiction themes, including creatures such as vampires, werewolves, monsters, fairies, and dragons. In these titillating tales, the mythical creature is usually fornicating with a human.

An easy way to get started into this fantastic genre of Erotica: have a look at our Paranormal Erotic Romance Must - Reads!

Historical and Western

Erotic tales can take you to another time and place in the world. Historical erotica includes stories set in the past, such as the Victorian Era. Cowboys in the wild west are also a popular historical theme.

Sexual Thrillers

Combining sex with suspense and mystery gives this genre a seductive edge. Here, you get to enjoy the intensity of a gripping storyline while enjoying the sexual encounters between the characters.

Must-Read Stories to Turn You on Instantly

We've got some of the raciest stories, along with steamy cliffhangers and tantalizing characters. These stories are sure to get your juices flowing and leave you begging for more!

Cheating Stories

Stories that involve affairs have always been highly arousing.

The character is doing something forbidden, and even though their mind is telling them no, their body cannot resist.

Whether or not you are married, it can be tempting to have an affair. A great way to explore a cheating fantasy is to read a saucy story about just that. The sex scenes bring raw intensity, and emotions run high with feelings of betrayal and guilt.

Reverse Harem Stories

A traditional harem applies to a man with an endless supply of women for his sexual gratification.

These stories have a sexy twist. The reverse harem genre provides sensual stories about one woman with many men. These stories have complex relationships between the woman and the main character and one of the men.

Polygamy and gangbang fantasies are satisfied with these titillating sagas. You can fulfill these fantasies as a woman being devoured by the many men or as a man participating in such a raw and animalistic act.

Doctor and Nurse Stories

Picture showing a sexy Doctor

There is something inherently arousing about the dynamic between a doctor and a nurse. The intensity of the job, or maybe it's the uniforms.

The sexual tension between doctors and nurses is palpable with desire. The way that they can save lives gives us sexy hero vibes. Not only that, crossing the line with a coworker just adds fuel to this already roaring fire.

You look for a sexy Erotic Erotic Doctor and Nurse Story which you can read FREE online?

Cuckold Stories

This is considered one of the naughtiest and steamiest categories of erotic short stories.

Cuckolding is not your average swinger or polygamous couple. This involves a man forcing his wife to engage in sexual activity with another man - usually while he watches.

This genre is still taboo for the average reader though there is something to be revered in a man so arrogant and controlling. If you've ever fantasized about watching your partner with someone else, these stories are for you!

Raw and racy, cuckold stories are sure to leave you breathless.

Where to Read Free Erotic Short Stories

We've got a page dedicated to free and accessible erotic literature with stories to get you really turned on.

For all of your reading pleasures and sensual desires, provides a wide range of literature options. With a free selection of stimulating short stories and recommendations for the raciest erotic novels, they have literature for all sexual cravings.

You can find stories that are flirty and humorous or stories that are raunchy and intense if you have fantasies about BDSM, fairytale creatures, voyeurism, and more. There are options that suit all preferences.

At, we provide you with insight into what erotic literature means to us and why we support the art behind it.

Sensual Couple kissing

We also help you to get to know our Erotica authors. With author interviews, you can learn about the inspirations behind their fictional (or personal) stories. This also allows you to learn about new and hot authors on the erotic literature scene.

And last but not least: Our own section of Quality Erotic Short Stories you can read Free on Filthybooks! Stories to turn you on instantly!

A Short Story For a Happy Ending

We all want our sexual passions fulfilled. Exploring those fantasies through short stories is a safe and fun way to tap into those desires.

Erotic short stories take you as far as your sexual exploration allows, and the options are boundless.

From fetishes and thillers to age-play and period pieces, there is a genre for every sexual fantasy.

If you want to read stories to turn you on instantly, be sure to visit our website for all of your naughty literature needs!

For even more tales to arouse, we also find links to erotic books online.

Vintage Sexy Woman in red Dessous

Want to get into sensual mood with your Partner?

Are you looking for a new way to bring some excitement and arousal into your partnership?

In that case: you really should try to read Erotic Poems or, depending on your preferences, Lesbian Erotic Poems!

Read them out to each other:

They will turn you both on instantly!




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