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FREE Lesbian Erotic Story: Emma's Awakening - Part 1

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Read the 1st part of our Free Lesbian Erotic Short Stories Series "Emma's Awakening" now!

You can read the full series here on online for free.

So take a cup of tea or coffe and dive in to the first part - we wish you a lot of fun reading

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Picture showing a lesbian couple kissing. Symbol of the free lesbian erotic story Emma's Awakening

Chapter One

It was a Sunday evening and Emma had just finished making dinner. She was still in the kitchen when she heard a knock on the door. She turned towards it and listened. She was very beautiful in every sense of the world. She was petite, with big grey eyes, brown hair, shapely, full, red rosy lips, with a little sprinkle of freckles on her nose and cheek area. It was almost as if she was sculptured like an hourglass with her hips tapering up to a tiny waist. Standing at about 5.5 inches tall, she had flesh in the right places.

As she listened, the knock came again, and she rushed out of the kitchen to check who it was; it was Stephan. He stood there with a smirk on his face and a red bouquet of roses in his right hand; it was Emma’s favorite.

“Come in, don’t just stand there,” she said.

He came in and kissed her on the forehead. Then placed the flowers on the sofa.

“How are you?” He asked.

“I’m good, and you?” she replied.

Without waiting for a response, he kissed her deeply and passionately. While kissing her, his trembling hands were undressing her. When he noticed that she had only her panties left, he lifted her from the ground and carried her all the way to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. Then he started licking and nibbling at her wetness while squeezing her boobs. Emma was quivering and moaning at the same time. When he was done feasting on her, he slid his hardness into her and she let out a loud scream. His swollen hardness filled her as he thrust into her wetness from behind. She was screaming and shaking from the intensity of the love making.

It was obvious, Emma was a receiver when it came to things like this. Stephan on the other hand, was an expert when it comes to lovemaking and no one could take that away from him. He was clearly the giver.

After thrusting her non-stop from behind, Stephan flipped her around, placed her right leg on his shoulder and pushed his entire length inside her. He did that with so much passion in his eyes, she could see it. He thrust about six more times before he placed her left leg on his shoulder as well and continued pounding her pussy. He groaned at regular intervals out of extreme pleasure, in between heavy breathing.

When he figured her body was getting used to that position, he raised her from the bed, lifted her to the level of his hardness and slipped it into her wetness.

She shivered out of intense pleasure, closed her eyes and screamed.

Emma was enjoying every bit of it, but something kept getting in her way, preventing her from reaching orgasm. Something that was lodged in her mind.

He threw her to the bed afterward, and she laid on her belly panting. She thought he was done, but no, he wasn’t through with her. He squeezed her round soft ass, spread it apart and slides his hardness inside her. He knelt over her, fucking her slowly, and sensually. The intensity increased; his movement became faster; he was groaning louder now, he knew it was time, but was waiting for her to cum before he does.

She knew what was preventing her from reaching orgasm deep down inside her, but she just refused to accept it. It was her mind; it was somewhere else.

In no time, Stephan slipped out of her and exploded all over her, leaving her hanging. She was seeing the finish line, but couldn’t quite get finished. They both lay there panting and gasping for air. When Stephan caught his breath, he turned to her, held her in his arms and asked,

“How was it?”

“It was mind-blowing," she replied.

They laid there in each other’s arms without saying anything else, both exhausted. Then sleep took them, and time transported them from dusk to the break of light. The meal She had prepared earlier was lying in the kitchen, untouched.

The next morning, she woke up to a voicemail from her mother.

The voicemail read:

Emma, how are you and your studies? I hope it’s not too demanding and challenging. I got a call from Jeffery yesterday; he’d be back home this weekend. It would be great if you could come home as well. It would be great if we had a family dinner this weekend. Jeffery would be coming home with his friends. It would be nice of the whole family to welcome her into our home.

Emma thought about it for a while. Deep down, she knew she wasn’t going to make it. She had become so distant from her parents and her entire family after traveling out of town and getting into college. She disliked her parents because she thought they were vindictive. She decided she would text her mom later in the day, telling her occupied she’d be this weekend.

She didn’t always go home on most holidays. She would stay back in the city and take a part-time job sometimes. Other times, she would travel around the world with Stephan. She preferred this to going back home to her family. College was the perfect escape for her. It was exactly what she needed. Despite this, she still got to see her parents once a year; during Christmas. It was like a ritual in her family and she didn’t have the balls to go against it just yet. She would leave home before the new year, so she could get into a new year with Stephan. It had been going on for some years now.

Her parents and entire family probably knew she was distant, but didn’t have the slightest idea of what to do to bring her closer to the family. They had tried everything at their disposal except being less vindictive, and, of course, all their efforts were futile. Maybe they had plans to speak to her concerning her change of attitude this weekend, but it wasn’t going to happen. She was not going to honor the invitation. In her second year now, she was no longer a freshman at college, and she had to start acting it.


On Monday morning, classes had just ended, so she sat in a quadrangle in the school, the one under the red maple tree, very close to the fountain and away from the heart of the school. It was her favorite spot because it was always quiet, calm and serene. It helped her think better, reminisce, concentrate and focus whenever she needed to. It was her safe space, a place she went to when she wanted to be left alone, away from the world and just get lost in her thoughts.

She sat there, staring into space with a book in her hands, thinking about last night. From the moment she opened the door for Stephan and asked him to come in, to the moment she woke up, without finding him on the bed, to a note under her cell phone.

Babe, last was great, you are exceptional. Sorry, I have to run. I love you, so much. I would call you as soon as I get the chance to, as soon as this meeting is over. Stay safe for me.

That was the note. It reminded her of the sex, last night. It was good, very good, but she could not figure out why she always felt so empty afterward. This happened every time. She loved him; she knew she did. Who wouldn’t? Stephan was kind, caring, adorable, successful, and handsome with an athletic body. He was every girl's dream man, a perfect gentleman. But still, Emma could not help feeling that something was missing. He had done everything right from the start up to this very moment. He was perfect, almost too perfect. She wondered if she loved him or if she is in love with the idea of being loved by him or rather adored by him. He worshipped the very ground she walks on. He loved her more than anyone should be permitted to love. But still, the emptiness remained.


They had met when she had just gotten into college and was a freshman. They met at a restaurant during his lunch break. She had taken up a part-time job in order to be able to keep up with the rent bill of her new apartment. She hated the idea of having a roommate and had refused to live on campus. She was willing to do work harder to keep up with the bills.

When Stephan first saw her, he was instantly drawn to her polite and calm nature and her beauty, of course. She was a waiter in the restaurant. He tipped her after her service, but didn’t say a word about how he felt to her.

He came back the next day, same time. When she asked what he wanted to have, he smiled and answered, “your number.”

She replied, “it is against the rules around here, but a little bending would hurt no one, would it?”

He was a dream come through to her, very likable and charming. He would be regarded as “Prince Charming” in a fairy tale story. So there, that was how they had met, and things sped up fast, almost too fast.

As she sat on the quadrangle lost in her thoughts, someone tapped her on her shoulder. The hands were warm, soft and instantly made her feel at peace. It was supposed to startle her, but it didn’t. Instead, it placated her.

“Hello! I’ve been trying to get your attention,” said the strange voice that interrupted her thoughts.

“I’m Alex, a freshman,” the girl continued.

“Can I borrow your book for a few seconds? I just want to get the title on the cover.”

A thousand and one thoughts were running through Emma’s head, melange of emotions flowed through her, her words couldn’t come out freely. But she managed to stutter the word “sure” out.

Alex was beautiful, it was obvious, but there was something about her that made Emma puzzled or rather, hungry to know more about this person. The first thing she could figure out about Alex was the fact that she was too bold, too confident to be a freshman.

Emma could still remember her fresh man-days. She was shy, timid and also scared. It was the urge to run away from her new reality that led her into discovering this spot which is now her haven. She didn’t have many friends, and was lost somewhere in the background of the whole excitement and change, she wanted all of it to stop and pause for a little while. She was lucky to have met Stephan on time. In his arms, she found solace and all the company she’d ever needed.

But the girl before her was her very opposite. There was something about the way she smiled when she spoke to her. It seemed she was flirting even when she wasn’t, when she could not possibly be flirting, and the thought of that sent chills all over Emma’s entire body. The thought of a girl flirting with her.

Her teeth were perfect; sparkling white and neatly arranged, and that increased the quality of her smile. It was contagious.

“It looks interesting, can I borrow it?” the girl asked.

Emma hesitated.

“Sorry, what’s your name? I’m talking too much, I think I should stop,” Alex added.

“Emma,” she replied.

“That’s beautiful, you are beautiful,” Alex said with a smile on her face.

“Thanks,” Emma replied, feeling her cheeks burn.

She took the whole of Alex in. She starting from the way she looked. Alex had short hair, blue eyes, tanned skin and slightly high cheekbones on a heart-shaped face. Her brows were arched towards the end, and her long and full lashes complimented her looks. Her lips were not so full, but they fit into her face perfectly. She was putting on a loose denim Jean, an oversized T-shirt and a black sneakers. She had a melodious but hoarse voice texture. It cracked a bit when she spoke. Emma realized that she found this sexy.

Her stomach hurt a bit. There was this churning movement inside it, and a certain lightness like her heart was about to fly away from her chest.

"This is not possible. It can’t be," she thought to herself.

She was not supposed to be all tingly inside while this girl’s eyes made her blush.

“I’m sorry, I hope I’m not bothering you,” Alex said.

“No… no, you’re not, and yes, you can have it.”

“Thanks,” Alex replied.

“You are welcome,” Emma said.

She turned around and was about to leave before she turned back again.

“Er… you don’t look like you are new here,” Alex said.

“I’m not,” Emma replied and discovered that she was smiling.

“Can you show me around, maybe, when you are free? I would like to see what the place looks like… with a guide if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind,” Emma replied, too quickly. “I don’t mind at all.

“Can I have your contact then?”

Alex held her phone out to Emma, and waited while she dialed in the digits. Then Alex waved and left.


That night, Emma lay in bed replaying the scene from her encounter with Alex. She thought about the way she spoke, the way she smiled, the sound of her voice. She thought about everything concerning this strange girl and realized that she wanted to see her again. It seemed she was taking a liking to her, a liking, which seemed stronger than one she should normally have.

“This is crazy,” she said to herself as she prepared to sleep.

Then the thought came into her mind, as a joke of course, but she remembered it clearly. It was three years ago. Her paternal male cousin had been sent out of home by his parents because he opened up to them about his homosexuality. She didn’t feel sorry for him at the slightest, but here she was, thinking about another girl with a very strong urge to see her again and… she did not know anymore. But she knew she wanted to see the girl again. There was something about the girl’s lips that flashes of that red softness pressed against her zoomed through her mind. It was insane. She had never thought this of herself, but she could not help it.

That night, she had a dream about Alex. When she woke up the next morning, she could not remember what the dream was all about. All she could remember was the presence of Alex in her dream. She woke up on the right side of the bed, filled with life, vigour, and excitement.

When Stephan called that morning, he noticed that there was a certain excitement and life in the way she spoke. He told her he’d love to take her out on a dinner date that evening, and she agreed to see him without any hesitation. She dropped the phone feeling so vivacious and enthusiastic.

Chapter Two

It was already 7 pm and Emma kept looking down on her phone at regular intervals, expecting a call from a strange number and wishing it would be Alex. She was spellbound, Alex had done something unexplainable to her. She had touched her life greatly even without being in it yet.

It amazed her how someone she met a day ago could have such a strong effect on her.

It was appalling, forbidden even, these thoughts that she harbored, and she knew it was.

But she wanted to see what would become of it. Something told her that there was a lot that Alex knew

When nobody called, it left her dismayed and weary. Her state became worse, worse than it was before she had met Alex. She wished she had not met Alex at all. It was like tasting candy for the first time and being deprived of it for the rest of your life.

That evening she met with Stephan at a fancy restaurant in town and was so sad it showed on her face. She tried to cover her sadness up behind the makeup and fancy dress she was putting on, but it showed regardless. It would take more than makeup and fancy dress to hide such a level of sadness.

“What is it? You look pale,” was the first thing Stephan said.

“I’m fine,” she replied curtly.

Every other effort to get her to talk proved abortive. She did not want to. How would he feel knowing that she was this sad because of a girl and her wild thoughts?

When she got home, she undressed, got into the bathtub and sat there for almost an hour, moping into space while sipping red wine from a champagne flute. She got out of the tub, dried her body and sunk into the bed to observe her regular nighttime skincare routine. She wanted to snap out of it, this mood, but she just couldn’t. It was a herculean task to her.

Stephan had asked her to spend the night with him, but she had politely declined, telling him she had an assignment she needed to attend to and get done. He probably knew she was lying. She was bad at it anyway, but he let it slide.

He drove her home after, stopped in front of her apartment, kissed her lips, watched her walk into her house and drove off to his.

Her phone rang, as the last of the night’s events washed through her. She reluctantly picked it up and squinted her eyes to see who it was, but there was no name, just a number, a strange number.

“Hello, It’s Alex, I’m sorry for calling so late, but I was wondering if you could point the director of the school’s library to me tomorrow after your lectures?” she said.

Emma felt a smile spread across her cheek as she replied, “we would see about that.”

“How is 4 pm tomorrow?” Alex asked.

“4 pm it is then,” Emma replied.

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