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Free Gay Erotic Stories by Samer Bo!

Updated: Feb 14

Erotic Romance stands on the one hand for erotic stories, drama, and feelings of happiness, but on the other hand also for the right to freedom in love.

Especially under this aspect gay erotic novels play an important role. Long underrepresented, they now play an important role in the LGBTQ+ community, but also for all other curious fans of erotic literature.

We were lucky enough to meet a special author with a strong personal story: Samer Bo.

In addition to the interview we had the pleasure of conducting with him, he now shares a selection of his short, erotic stories with us here!

So without further ado: let's dive into some really sexy gay erotic erotic short stories!

By the way: you can find much more sexy free stories here on filthybooks! Just screen through our free story section - but after you read these sexy stories!

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Hot Gay Erotic Stories

Check out these three short, hot gay sex stories here on filthybooks:

#3 Hayseed - Coming Soon!

#1 The Painting Crew

During my last year in school, the painting crew was almost finished. They had been around our school for several days and had done a great job, causing minimal intrusion into our workday, while transforming the school into a brighter, more pleasant place in which to study. The teachers seemed quite satisfied. I was going to miss having those workmen around. I was immediately attracted to those two painters, Talal and Aiman, from the first day they showed up to paint the school.

Talal was a large, muscular guy, with short brown hair, square facial features, and hazel eyes that always seemed to look through me. Aiman had a leaner build. Although he was not as muscular as Talal, he was quite delectable looking with his longish dark hair, handsome face, and a broad smile. They had only been here for two days, but each night I would jerk off to visions of those hot studs.

On Friday afternoon, the teacher came to me and said that if I don’t come back over the weekend, then I have to stay after hours to finish my work. I knew that the painters will be working after hours too, so I thought to myself "How lucky am I!”. At 3 o'clock the school students all headed out and I sat at my desk working on some work. Talal was working at the far end of the school about thirty feet in front of me. Aiman was finishing up a small lunchroom off to my right side. It was partitioned off from the main class by large glass windows, usually covered with Venetian blinds. The blinds were removed and I could get a good view of Aiman as he worked in there.

Both men wore white bib overalls with a white undershirt beneath. Talal looked like he had been poured into his bibs as they clung deliciously to his muscular body revealing all his great assets. Aiman's were somewhat baggy, but I could tell he had to have a well-toned body judging by his flexing biceps and the glimpses I got of his chest whenever I had a side view of him. I tried to concentrate on my report, but found it difficult. Since no one else was around I felt free and compelled to gawk at those two hot studs as they went about their business.

About an hour later, Aiman came out of the lunchroom. He had gathered up the drop cloth and told Talal he was going to pack some stuff up. He carried that drop cloth and a handful of other stuff out back. Talal got down from the stepladder he was using.

"Shouldn't be much longer, will leave you alone to finish your work" he smiled back at me as he moved his ladder a few feet.

"No problem," I replied as I watched him climb back up.

His forearms and shoulders flexed and bulged enticingly as he continued painting some wood trim around the front windows. I wanted to dive into that firm, round ass protruding so invitingly beneath the taut overalls. For the next five minutes or so I ogled his magnificent backside. I almost jumped out of my chair when I heard Aiman's voice behind me.

"Yeah, that's some sight, ain't it?" I heard him ask.

I quickly turned around to see him leaning against a large support beam behind me. He smiled at my surprised face but didn't say another word. He then returned to the lunchroom and proceeded to replace the blinds and finish cleaning up there. Aiman again smiled broadly at me as he carried yet another load of stuff out back. Talal was finishing up when Aiman returned. Together they replaced the blinds on the front windows and lowered and closed them.

"Well that should be it," Talal said to me. "We'll just clean up a little and be on our way.“

"You've done a great job. Thanks" I said in return.

They both carried out the two stepladders they had used and Talal had an armful of another drop cloth. I looked into the lunchroom and was at the entry door when they both returned about ten minutes later. Talal and Aiman had both unhooked the tops of their bibs and let them hang down. Their undershirts clung tightly around wonderfully stacked torsos.

My mouth was agape as I got my first full eyeful of that portion of their finely chiseled frames. although Talal was bigger, they both had broad shoulders, well-developed biceps, and nicely built, jutting chests that tapered down to trim waists. They proceeded to gather up the remainder of their stuff and then carried that equipment out back. Those two hot studs both looked me up and down, smiling as they passed by. My heart skipped a beat and my cock sprang to life.

"Well, we're all done, now," Aiman said as they returned.

"We'll be going now unless there's anything else you need," Talal smiled as he lifted the tops of his bibs with one hand and seductively grabbed and squeezed his crotch with the other.



I gulped and looked over at Aiman, who winked at me. Then I returned my gaze to Talal's beaming face and glanced again at his crotch. He had removed his hands but continued to hold his bibs up. It was obvious his cock was now straining against the material. There was then an awkward silence. Then Aiman moved next to Talal, put his hand over Talal's crotch, and squeezed it himself.

"You know you want some of this, don't you?" Aiman asked.

"Yeah, come and get you some," Talal added as Aiman unbuttoned the sides of those bibs and slipped them and his briefs down to his knees.

My jaw dropped open at the sight of his huge cock. It had to be a good eight or nine inches long and looked nice, plump, and juicy as it hung heavily before me. Needless to say, I was on my knees in no time and fondling his huge cock. It was warm, silky, and cut, with a large mushroom head just begging to get sucked. I licked my lips as Talal chuckled.

"Yeah, you were right," he said to Aiman," we ain't done yet. “

"No, we ain't," Aiman added as he kicked off his shoes and began to take off his bibs.

I darted out my tongue and licked the tip of Talal's huge cock as my hand grasped tightly around its base. I then opened wide and sucked him in. My lips and tongue worked the end of his huge cock, quickly and instinctively. It wasn't long before I had covered the end of that baby in saliva. It had grown another inch or two. My hand was pressed up against my lips now as I used my mouth and fist to work on stroking that monster cock.

"Ah, yeah, suck that cock. Oh yeah, work it, baby," Talal said as he put his hands on my shoulders.

I greedily worked that delicious slab of man meat. It was soon rock hard and straining for more. With a determined gulp, I slowly pressed my face forward and felt the cock head poking at the entrance to my throat. Suppressing my gag reflex, I took him in deeper. Slowly, steadily, I inched forward as that huge cock sunk down my throat. When my face was finally pressed up tightly against Talal's crotch, he moaned, grabbed my head, and held me tightly against his crotch while grinding his hips up against me.

"Ooooh, man, this is one hot cock sucker we got here," he said to Aiman.

"Yeah, suck that cock, man. suck it good," he then directed me as he loosened his hold and I began to bob my head over his full length.

For several minutes I sucked him in deeply. the saliva-soaked cock was now pummeling my mouth and throat. I grabbed onto Talal's thighs as his hips began to thrust into me. he continued fucking my face for another five minutes and I eagerly sucked and gobbled him down.

"Well, you gonna hog that baby all to yourself," Aiman then said as he moved in next to Talal.

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"Naw, get on in here and get you some," Talal answered as he pulled away.

"It's time for me to get some of that hot man pussy, anyway, man.“

Talal and I quickly tore out of our clothes while Aiman stood by fondling his delicious-looking cock. while Talal was putting a condom on his engorged cock, Aiman sat down at one of the desk chairs.

"So what are you waiting for," he said to me. “Come on over and suck on this baby," Aiman directed as he fondled his cock.



I crawled over and knelt before him while Aiman stretched his legs out and allowed me to scoot in between them. I grabbed onto his thick cock and gently squeezed and fondled it. I lowered my face and lapped at its full length with my tongue. I then took him into my mouth as he sighed in pleasure. within seconds I was bobbing up and down and another thick, juicy cock. my mouth and throat were soon working overtime, gobbling down Aiman's hot cock.

"Well, hope your ass is ready for some cock, too," Talal said as I looked up and over my shoulder.

He had put on the condom and was now greasing it up with a packet of lotion he obviously also brought with him. as he knelt down behind me, I returned my attention to Aiman's stiff rod. wrapping my lips around his throbbing cock again, I felt Talal's hot cock poke up against my puckered hole.

"Open wide baby, cause here I Come," Talal said and pressed up firmly against me.

With a slight grunt, his cock head entered my willing ass. Aiman grabbed onto my head and began to pull me up and down on his throbbing member. Talal was, meanwhile, pushing his delectable cock inside of my other fuck hole. Within a few seconds, I was being ravaged deliciously from both ends.

"Yeah, take that ass," Aiman encouraged his partner.

"Oh, yeah, buddy this is one tight fucking ass," Talal wailed as he began to fuck me in earnest.

I was in heaven! Then, Aiman pushed himself up and out of that chair. I knelt up, opened wide again and he immediately began to flail his hefty cock down my throat. two hot studs were feeding me their wonderful cocks in a flurry of activity. Aiman’s hips went into overdrive just as Talal began to wildly pound my ass. Talal was now long-dicking my ass with full, hard thrusts of his ass-pumping power tool. my own cock was aching for attention and I reached down and began to jerk off.

"Yeah, I'm gonna fill this ass, baby. I’m gonna cum up in this hot man pussy," Talal moaned as his cock plowed into my ass, drilling me as I've never been drilled before.

“Eeeeyyyiiiiaaaahhhh...... “he then wailed as his cock pumped his heavy load of cum up my anxious hole. “Oh, man, buddy, you gotta get you some of this," he said to Aiman as his last load spewed out and he pulled away.

"Well, let me on in there," Aiman quickly responded as he pulled his cock away from my hungry mouth.

Aiman pushed me over onto the chair he had been sitting in earlier and got behind me to mount my ass. with a flesh-searing plunge, he dug his cock in deep and moaned in pleasure. he immediately took over where Talal left off and began to plow his luscious cock into me like some wild animal. this was all too much for me and in seconds, I was shooting a load of cum in small pools on the tile floor beneath me.

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"Damn, this is one tight, hot ass," Aiman grunted as he continued to thrust his heavy cock up my fully stretched hole.

"Yeah, ride that ass, man," Talal chimed in as he stood beside us fondling his now-spent cock.

"Yeah, fuck me, Aiman. Fuck me good!" I groaned as his cock felt so hot and wonderful plowing away at my burning ass.

And he rode me good. for almost another ten minutes of so, Aiman's body slammed his cock balls deep, in quick, successive jabs. his strong hands held on tightly to my hips and yet another cock drove me over the edge once more. my head began to swim in the glow of the pleasure his hot cock was providing. then with a final wail and ball-busting thrust, Aiman's cock exploded up my ass, sending gobs of his warm, gooey cum into my very bowels.

I continued to kneel, gathering my composure as both of those hot studs were already pulling on their clothes. I looked back to see them both smiling down at me.

"Well, thanks for letting us get off," Talal said.

"Yeah, thanks. You got one hell of a great ass, buddy. “Aiman then added.

Without a further word, they were out the back door I felt a rivulet of their mixed cum leaking out of my well-used ass. I slowly got up, cleaned up, and left the school. I never saw those studs again, but I've been thinking about having my house painted.

Hopefully, the teacher still has their number!

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