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Free Gay Erotic Story: Gas Station Fillup!

Updated: Feb 14

Erotic Gay Stories play an important role in the development of the LGBTQ+ literature. Gay stories are often more than purely focused on sex, but tell a picture of desire, doubt, drama, but also liberation.

That's why we are so proud to be able to share the stories of Samer Bo, an Egyptian author, who grew up in a country where homosexuality is still stigmatized.

So without further ado, let's dive in the world of Samer and enjoy the 2nd short Gay Erotic Fiction Story: Gas Station Fillup!

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But after you read this sexy story!

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#2 Gas Station Fillup

I used to stop at a gas station on the side of the way I took to college every morning. it was easy to get into and back out because it was there on the right side and I didn't have to play any left turn or loop-the-loop traffic games. besides, it's a small station and usually has only one attendant, an older man. it doesn't get a lot of traffic, so I can be in and out rather quickly.

One morning when I stopped, the guy who previously worked the pumps was missing, and there in his place was a really attractive young man. he was about 5'10" and probably weighed about 150-160. he was wearing a khaki uniform, which set off his naturally light brown complexion and dark hair perfectly, and showed off what appeared to be a nice body underneath. You could see the very top of a mat of dark hair on his chest peeking above the unbuttoned collar of his shirt.

As he walked toward me to ask what I wanted, I gave him quite a good once-over (maybe a twice- or thrice-over). You couldn't really see anything around the fly-and-crotch area, but I looked it over there as thoroughly as I could -- in hopes I might pick up some clue as to what lay behind the cloth.

As he approached my window, I said: "Fill it with regular, please. “

He smiled and nodded at me and went to the pump near my rear fender. I used the outside rear-view mirror to keep my eye on that most important and most intriguing spot just above the top of his pants legs. when he had inserted the nozzle into the tank, he leaned back against the pump.

I crouched down in the seat so I could look farther up and see the reflection of his face. it was a really handsome face, a nice masculine jawline, and a large, but not flat or fat, nose. hmmm, I thought, a large nose, which probably means a large dick. I looked up further and saw his eyes. they were incredibly dark and piercing and seemed to be staring into space like he was deep in thought.

I glanced back down toward his crotch just in time to see him rub over it slightly, sort of an "adjustment" type move. when he did, I could see the cloth was now covering a slightly rounded lump lying to the right. as soon as I saw that, I couldn't take my eyes off it. I just kept hoping it might "show" a little more.

About that time the pump clicked off and he reached down for the handle and topped-off the tank to the next half-dollar. he put the nozzle back into the pump and turned to me saying: "That'll be forty-eight pounds, sir. “

I handed him a fifty and held my hand out the window for my change. He straightened up to fold my money into his roll of bills and extract two singles. as he did, his fly almost grazed my outstretched hand. I was very tempted to move my hand the inch or so over to where it would be only a hair's breadth from the slight bulge to the right of his zipper but decided not to.

He placed the two bills on my hand and then reached into his left pocket to get the two pounds. as his hand went into his pocket, it stretched the cloth across the front of his trousers and there was an unmistakable outline of his manhood on the right. it seemed to be about four or five inches long at the time, and obviously firm, it still appeared to be soft enough that there was definitely more growth left in it.

He dropped the money on top of the bills in my hand and said: "Thank you, sir.“

I looked up, straight into two of the deepest black holes I have ever encountered, and muttered, "Thank you. “I could barely speak; I was so entranced by those eyes.

Pulling my hand back into the car with my change, I just reached across and dropped it on the passenger's seat. then reached down to adjust the hard rod that had somehow sprouted between my legs and gotten twisted in my boxer's leg.

I didn't really think about it then, but Reda (that was the name on his shirt pocket) was still standing next to my window and must have witnessed what I was doing. he finally turned and stepped up onto the island where the pumps were, and reached down to lightly cup himself, then stuck his hand in his pocket.



I wasn't sure then whether or not there was any more to it than an involuntary movement. I’d just have to check it out the next time I needed a fill-up.

It was about three mornings later (I think the first time I saw him was on a Tuesday and this was Friday) when I next pulled in to the station for gas. sure enough there he was -- looking just as good (no! even better!) than before. We nodded in greeting each other, as before, only this time it seemed just a bit friendlier.

My car at the time was fairly recognizable -- not unusual or striking, but not a plain grey Toyota either. I was hoping he might have remembered me from the few days previous.

We went through the same "Fill it with regular, please" routine as before, and again he put the nozzle in the tank and leaned back against the pump. I was watching his every move in the rear-view mirror. my eyes were focused on the area around his fly, just hoping.

This time, however, he straightened back up away from the pump and moved forward of my car to the pump near my left front fender and leaned back against it there. now he was in full forward view --no need to slouch down and use the mirror.

My eyes were back on the target zone, and, yes, there was definitely something going on in there. I could see the cloth slowly start to lift and the outline started to form under it. he was definitely starting to show an erection.

I could feel the tension rising in my body. I could feel the electric-like currents beginning to run up my spine and run into my groin. I reached down to adjust what was now growing in my own trousers and gripped myself enough to show what was there if he was looking down.

He must have been looking because he reached down, and with his thumb and forefinger, he traced the outline of the bulge pointing across the right side of the front of his pants. that was definitely a signal!!!

Just as I was about to say something, the damned nozzle shut off with a loud clunk! He turned and went back to the pump to finish the fill-up.

This time, as I handed him the money and he made the change, I stuck my hand further out and he "accidentally" allowed it to touch him right on the rubbery, hard tube next to his fly. I was just about to make a move on it when another car pulled off the way and drove up right behind me.

Reda dropped my change into my outstretched hand, said, "Thank you, sir," and backed away hurriedly. reluctantly, I started my car and drove away.

It was the next Monday morning when I needed gas again. I had driven on past the station and looked over long enough to see that that good-looking young stud was still there.

I pulled into the station and up to the pumps as I had before. This time, instead of just a nod, I got a big, bright smile. the white of those teeth against the dusky skin and dark eyes was electric!! He didn't have to do anything this time to make the tingling sensations start to rise in my groin and the back of my neck. I wasn't going to waste time this time. I was going to go for the gold!!

As he came up to my window, I leaned out and said: "Fill it with regular, please.“

As usual, he went back to the pump and started to fill the tank. this time, however, he came back and stood right next to my window. he obviously wasn't going to waste any time either.

His right hand went directly to his crotch and started to slowly rub himself. the growing bulge was unmistakable! I reached out and he moved his hand away so that I could rub it myself. as I touched it, I felt a pulse and swell under my fingers! Hot damn! This was some nice meat! and I wanted it bad!!

Several cars went by on the way, but we were shielded by a post on the pump island so he just stood there as I gently ran my hand back and forth over the ridge line that had formed over his right pocket. a small wet spot was now seeping through the khaki cotton of his trouser front.

I still couldn't tell just how long it really was, maybe five inches or so, but you know how that it when it's trapped in so much cloth! I had to figure out how to free that toy snake!

Just at that point, the pump thunked off again. he backed away and went to take care of that for now. when he had put away the nozzle and closed my gas cap, he came back, asked for forty-two pounds, and gave me my change. this time, though, instead of just standing there, he walked around the front of my car and went inside the station building.

"Well, shit!" I thought to myself. "Another chance at it blown to hell!“

That’s when I looked over and saw him standing in the doorway with the big plastic square and key that I knew must have been to the men's restroom.

I started my car but didn't put it in gear right away. sure enough, he walked out the door and along the front of the building, turning down the side toward the restroom doors. as he got to the men's door, he hesitated, looked back at me, and then inserted the key, opened the door, and stepped inside.

This time I didn't wait. I put the car in gear and turned in to park on the side by the door he had gone into. Quickly I got out and made my way to the door. when I pushed against it, it opened and I stepped inside.

There he was. he was standing in front of the urinal with the front of his pants open and the elastic top of his shorts pulled down and tucked under a set of balls that made my mouth water.



That previously hidden joy rod was now fully visible in his right hand. it was about six inches long and not very wide – just what I really go for (I'm obviously not a size queen!). it was uncut -- again my preference -- and even as hard as it was, the foreskin still covered the entire head and there was enough to form the dark-skinned puckered lips that turn me on so much.

He looked up and smiled as I walked in, reaching behind me to remove the key and its huge tag from the slot in the doorknob. From what I had in mind, I sure didn't want any surprise visitors!

Without slowing down, I was across the room and my hand was now wrapped around that gorgeous tube steak! I loosened my grip and moved my hand up to where it was over the head. then I tightened it and pushed the skin down the shaft until the dark, purple, bullet-shaped head was fully exposed. it shone in the light like a mirror from all the natural juices that had been trapped inside the skin with it.

I pulled my hand up slightly and another drop formed at the tip - - a shiny glint reflected off the drop of man dew. I bent forward and took it on the tip of my tongue. then I reached up with both hands and lifted his shirt front up to his shoulders, burying my nose in the mat of soft, fine black hair on his chest. he smelled of man!!

Quickly I moved my head to the side and caught his left nipple in my lips. I nibbled and sucked on it for only a moment before it stood out hard as a pencil eraser. he sucked in his breath and moaned lightly.

I ran my hands around to his back and pulled him to me as I moved my mouth over to the other side and began to lap at his right nipple. he moaned again.

Then he reached for my belt buckle. I let go of him and helped him to open my trousers and free my rigid cock. he reached down and grabbed it and pulled it over to his. he rubbed them tip to tip, and between what was already on his and the flow of precum seeping through my own piss slit they slipped and slid against each other like they were both heavily oiled.

Looking down I made a quick mental comparison -- he was sporting around 6 inches -- about an inch shorter than mine -- and his cock was also thin and narrow, while mine was quite a bit wider and fuller. there was a real contrast -- not just in size -- but his dark shaft with its glistening, smooth deep red, almost purple, head (that look that is so definitely from being uncut), was totally offset by the nearly stark white shaft, and the dull, grayish red head of my cut tool.

He stopped for a moment and holding them together like that, he slid his foreskin forward over both heads and began to slowly stroke over them. where it was pulled over my wider head, his foreskin was much thinner -- almost transparent -- and you could see the tiny blood vessels clearly as blue lines running around over it. It was incredible!!

My knees were so weak I could hardly keep standing. I felt like I was going to shoot a load right then! I backed away to cool down.

He came up to me again and this time pushed his rod between the top of my thighs and under my balls. my breath stopped. my mind was on fire! I couldn't think! I just knew I wanted to have that wonderful piece of meat all the way inside me.

I pushed my trousers further down until they were riding the middle of my thighs and turned, grabbing hold of the edge of the sink. spreading my legs slightly and bending forward, he got the idea right away.

Moving over behind me, he began to rub the slick end of his steel- hard tool into the crack of my ass. he held it in his right hand as he moved it up and down between my cheeks and the top of my thighs until he was satisfied that he had transferred his sweet lubricating juices to me. then he stopped with the tip of his steel-hard rod pressing against my entryway as if it could see exactly where it was.

As soon as it was over the target, I moaned and gasped, "Yes!!"

He didn't hesitate. he just pushed. and it slid into me like it had been custom-made to fit the lips of my man pussy.

As he pressed into me, those electric sensations began to shoot all over between my legs, into my balls, and up my spine to the base of my skull. I pushed back and hilted myself on that incredible prong!!"Oh, god! Yes!" I managed to get out between my clenched teeth.

Sexy man with a bandana in an article with free sex MM Romance Stories

“Oh, yessssssss!!!!"

He began to pull back out and then thrust into me. slowly at first, but rapidly increasing in tempo. we both knew we didn't have a lot of time. someone could drive up to the station at any time. this was not going to be a slow, erotic climb to a climax. It had to be hard and fast!!

Within a minute he was pounding my ass like there was no tomorrow!!! The fit was perfect! It rode across my prostate like it had a mind and knew what to do!! I was spiraling up into the clouds.

He grabbed me on each side at the top of my legs and began to pull me and push me in time to his thrusts and retreats. the rhythm was absolutely perfect!! I was being fucked by an expert!! And I was in heaven!!! That kid could really pump ass!!

I could hear his breath getting short and coming in gasps. I knew he wasn't going to last much longer. I reached down and grabbed my own raging hard-on and started to pump in concert with his ass pounding.

Then I heard it -- a high-pitched keening sound was coming from behind me. one more time he slammed into me -- this time lifting me right up onto my toes!! He held me against him so tightly I could feel his pubic bush scratching into my crack.

He started to gyrate in a circular motion, stirring my hot insides, and then he blew!!! I could feel his cock jump and swell and shoot each wonderful volley of his lava-like cum. deep inside me it splattered on the walls of my love tunnel. I could feel it all -- every sensation was magnified to overwhelming!!

Each time it shot, I heard him make his grunt-like rutting sounds. he was going to give my ass as much of a fill-up as he had earlier done to my gas tank. he just kept shooting and shooting and shooting.

I was so intent on what he was doing to me; I hadn't even noticed that I had already shot a load myself that was now dripping down the wall to the right side of the sink. all I know is that I felt incredibly well-fucked -- and drained.

We stood still for only about a minute as we both regained our composure. then he withdrew his now softened cock from my hungry hole. I didn't want him to stop yet. I wanted him to leave it there until it rose again and he could give me another championship ride, but even as I was wishing, I heard the sound of a car coming into the station.

Without a word, he put himself away, zipped up his fly, and walked out the door. I spent a couple minutes cleaning off myself, and the wall. I had to put some toilet paper into my ass crack to keep the quarts of cum he had shot into me from leaking out and soiling my pants leg.

When I left, he was busy at the pump with the car that had driven in. I dropped the key on the desk inside the door of the station, got into my car, and backed out of the parking spot. as I turned and drove toward the way, he looked over toward me and winked!

I didn't go to work on Tuesday, and when I stopped on Wednesday, another older man was working the pumps. I’ve never seen Reda there again, but every time I drive past that station, I think of him and wish I could run into him again and get another good reaming and fill-up!!!

A special Thank You! to Samer for sharing such a steamy story with us!



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